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Lion Emoji Reviews

Ugly gradient shading, and looks sad. Why is he sad…. :( 0/5

A good lion friend. Very simplistic and clean. You can trust him. 5/5

Some brownie points for trying to go more realistic, but doesn’t have cute whisker freckles like the others. 1/5

I do not like the two big snowballs on his face. 1/5

A small friend. It looks like a cub wearing a mane which is very cute. He will grow big and strong like his father. 4/5

The anime swirl in his mane is a nice touch. Will probably watch Dragon Ball Z with you. Very simple and executed well. 4/5

Simple and looks fine, though the mane could use some work. 3/5

A soft palette looks very nice. The small beard is a nice touch and he looks like he having a good time. I love the fluffy mane. 6/5

Good realism and cute lil whiskers. Probably the father of the rest. 3/5

Lion Emoji reviews

a gradient hamster/bear with a mane. he looks frightened and unhappy. 1/5.

soulless eyes stare into me. this lion has seen the void and has not yet returned from it. still, his face is cute and simple. i’d let him still be my friend. 3/5.

what did they do to his mane?? this looks like a skeevy ceo lion. i don’t trust him. 2/5.

……..where is his mouth. where are his ears. this boy is a mess. 0/5.

a much better version of apple’s!! still got the hamster look going on a bit, but it makes up for it in cuteness. one of the best boys. he is my friend. 4/5.

a fluffy boy!! look at the extra floof piece on his forehead. i like the detail. truly the king of the savannah. 5/5.

he has a nice shape to him. there’s nothing that really stands out, but at least he looks more like a lion than some of the others. 3/5.

a wonderful boy. looks like a natural-born leader. simba would be proud. 5/5.

kimba the white lion is not orange 0/5.

when you realize zarkon interrogates shiro in the first episode and through that he must’ve learned of a planet called earth, the inhabitants of this planet however, do not appear very strong. through the interrogation he would’ve also learned one other thing, that shiro is the best pilot on earh; so his plan must of been to send, or multiple shiros, to capture earth for the galran empire


Despite a second night of bad sleep (I’m wondering if Loa has acid reflux😖), I dragged me ass to the gym. You can’t wait for perfect conditions, right?

Day 1 of Go! I need a new start 🏋🏻‍♀️
Warrior princess braids @serena-theresa @aubernutter 👸🏻

Since I’ve been asked twice 😉here’s my outfit. My pants are navy and silk. They feel like pajamas. 🦁🙌🏼

Happy Wednesday. 🤗🌈

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tO CONTRIBUTE SORTA TO LUNA'S LAST ANON okay like councilor max teasing david the entire day?? little gropes, whispering in his ear, dirty comments. and david's so horny and tired at the end of the day that he just drags max back to the cabins and begs him to fuck him right there. ~ Lio🦁


i have never watched voltron in my life but i know everything about it
  • pidge is nonbinary
  • “shaladin” and “sheith” discourse
  • lance and keith are gay
  • allura is a goddess
  • everyone loves hunk
  • galra keith funny joke
  • shiro died?
  • mustache guy in his youth was a funny and cool edgy dude
  • lance shares a birthday with the emoji movie
  • the lions ship klance
  • someone posted leaks and wouldn’t take them down til the creators made klance canon
  • klance is a “love-hate” ship
  • the old voltron series is funny as shit
  • the most “ship what you want” discourse of any fandom i’ve seen ever
  • unfunny racist jokes about lance by fanfiction writers
  • the five (5) small lions can make one (1) big lion
  • everyone is sad about shiro
  • there is a disappointing lack of “pidgey” jokes

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tO THROW EVEN MORE ANGST ((i'm sorry, angst is my specialty)) hanahaki au where max is hiding his feelings for david but he doesn't want to say anything, out of fear of being rejected and he keeps on pushing his feelings away, but then he starts coughing up dandelions. he stays more secluded from neil and nikki so they don't guess what's up when they find dandelion petals all around ~ Lionne🦁

Aaawe, poor baby ;-;