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Lion Emoji Reviews

Ugly gradient shading, and looks sad. Why is he sad…. :( 0/5

A good lion friend. Very simplistic and clean. You can trust him. 5/5

Some brownie points for trying to go more realistic, but doesn’t have cute whisker freckles like the others. 1/5

I do not like the two big snowballs on his face. 1/5

A small friend. It looks like a cub wearing a mane which is very cute. He will grow big and strong like his father. 4/5

The anime swirl in his mane is a nice touch. Will probably watch Dragon Ball Z with you. Very simple and executed well. 4/5

Simple and looks fine, though the mane could use some work. 3/5

A soft palette looks very nice. The small beard is a nice touch and he looks like he having a good time. I love the fluffy mane. 6/5

Good realism and cute lil whiskers. Probably the father of the rest. 3/5

lion emoji reviews


looks like a shiba inu with a wig on. its like they’ve never seen a lion before. he looks depressed and i relate


this one also kind of looks like a shiba inu with a wig on but i like the bigger nose and the minimalism so i’ll let it slide


best one so far, actually looks like a lion. the eyes are a bit soulless but its still cute. nice pink nose and fuller muzzle. 10/10


my initial reaction to this one was ‘no’. its… kind of cute in a last chicken in the shop kind of way. not a big fan. what is going on with that ball snout? where is his mouth? samsung i’m disappointed in this emoji


this is literally just the apple one but better. the coloring is better and more inviting. i actually kind of like him. he smiles for us


I really like this one. nice style, cute fur tuft along with friendly and caring eyes and a nice little diamond on its forehead. this is my new favorite for sure. i would kiss this boy. good job facebook! this is the perfect lion emoji


THIS is a good one. minimalistic, but easily identifiable. has a nice long face like an actual lion. i would invite this boy to my birthday party

Emoji One:

this one is fantastic. cute and cartoony but still looks like an actual lion. most realistic nose of the night too. he looks soft and gentle i love him


i have included the tiger emojidex emoji so you can see how badly the lion one turned out in comparison. who let this happen? really disappointing emoji. i never want to see it again

conclusion: most of them suck but some of them are cute. i’m fairly disappointed in the lack of variety between them though esp after looking at the tiger emojis


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(😭😿😓rip,, no llama nor lion emoji😡😤😵)