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Kaneki’s Accident Date

I got a little obsessed with finding out the exact date Kaneki went for a date with Rize and I think I have it. Special thanks to @coromoor and @inthesweetmadness for being just as obsessive over this (we originally freaked at the idea of Furuta killing Rize on her birthday)

First the photo from the tkg movie’s twitter. I consider the movie to be an accurate source given how dedicated the director was and all the other details included.

Zooming in we determined his date was on the 23rd so definitely not her birthday. The next clue is that Kaneki mentions he was in the hospital for weeks. 

And we know for certain he was released on October 21 because of Hide’s congratulatory text. That erases any last chance of the accident being October 8th because Kaneki mentions weeks up to his release and the 8th would make it just shy of 2 weeks.

The timeline places the accident between late June/Early July but I wasn’t sure how they got there, but I trusted the meticulous analysis of @randomthoughtpatterns and @smthold when making the timeline. (Thank you for all that work)

I originally zoomed in again on the live action calendar vainly hoping for a 06 or 07  月 on top, but then I noticed there were only 30 days on his sheet. That makes it to be either June or August. At this point I checked the kanji beside the dates and quickly realized his date was Saturday the 23rd.

I quickly plugged in June 2012 on my phone’s calendar and yup you guessed it

The dates match.

So I think it’s now pretty safe to say his date was Saturday the 23rd of June, 2012.

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