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Opposites Attract (Youngjae x Reader)

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Genre: Fluff

Length: 824 words

“Careful, careful watch your step,” your arm was swung around his neck while the other blindly reached for the light switch. The two of you kept giggling and laughing, shushing each other so you wouldn’t wake the neighbors.

“Yah, Y/N, be careful! You’re going to fall!” Youngjae kept a firm grip on your waist, keeping as steady as he could so you wouldn’t get hurt. The two of you were still giggling like little kids, the alcohol from earlier in your systems.

“Shhhhhhh, I’m totally fiiine. I just uh.. Light. I need ligh- wHAT ARE YOU” Suddenly you were being carried bridal-style into the dark apartment.

“I’ll get the lights don’t worry!” He placed you onto the couch and ran towards the light switch, tripping a little bit as he did so. You listened to how his foot slid and squeaked on the hardwood floor and burst into laughter.

“A-Are you okay?” You asked through laughs.

“Oh yeah definitely! I just uh, I uh…slipped, haha.” A hint of embarrassment hid in his tone and you got up to make sure he was okay.

“No no it’s okay! Sit down I’m gonna sit anyway!” He sat on the floor in front of the couch, dropping his head back to see you. “What if we lived upside down?”

“What are you talking about Choi Youngjae?”

“No like what if we lived in a world where everything was upside down?” He picked his head back up and turned towards you lying on the couch.

“Like, opposites?” Your arm was swung over your eyes.

“Yes and no.” He laughed and inhaled sharply before continuing. “We could talk about that too though, what if the world was opposite?”

A giggle escaped your lips when you thought of an answer, “Jackson would be a mute.”

For about an hour, the two of you interrogated each other with “what if” questions, laughing and imagining different kinds of scenarios.

“What if I were opposite?” He asked.

“Hm.” It took you a minute to come up with an answer. “Ah, you and Jaebum would probably switch personalities.“

“But we’re practically the same person what do you mean?” Youngjae was now fully turned toward you and you sat up on the couch legs crisscrossed.

“You guys are nothing alike! You’re…sweet. Too sweet. And sunshine and funny and uh, yeah that stuff.” Inside you were hoping he wasn’t taking notice of the tiny blush in your cheeks. For a while you’ve been planning to confess to Youngjae about your growing feelings, but you felt stuck in the ‘best friend’ zone. “And Jaebum is, he’s more of the type that a lot of girls fall for- no that’s not what I meant I uh, girls fall for you too! I just mean that he’s more of the type that’s not as sweet. I-I don’t know how to explain.”

Youngjae nodded, taking in the information.

“I mean, I like that you’re sweet and you always make me laugh! And-”

Two seconds.

In two seconds, Youngjae had you cornered on the couch, his arms at either side of your body. It felt a little awkward. He looked stiff and laughed a bit when he saw how surprised you were.

“I have another side you know, I’m also a man!”

“Yeah, alright playboy you TOTALLY are.”

“YEAH bayybee I am!!”

You couldn’t keep a straight face. Hearing him say “baby” that way was the most awkwardly funny thing and you buried your face in your hands, unable to hold in your laugh.

“Youngjae, p l e a se don’t oh my god.”

“Why are you laughing? I’m serious!”

Three seconds.

After three seconds, he got closer to your face, so close that you could feel his breath softly hitting your lips. You didn’t notice at first, but you were slowly leaning back to keep the distance.

“What are- what are you doing?”

Next thing you knew he was hovering over you, eyes staring into you with a strong, foreign intensity.

“There are two sides to every person, Y/N.”

The only thing that could be heard was the beating of your heart, it was as if it were going to explode.

Your wrists were caught in his grip and he inched a little closer, his voice a little lower.

“And babygirl I’ve been waiting for the right time to show you.”

His lips, soft and sweeter than you imagined, matched perfectly with yours. His hands wandered into your hair, around your waist and down to your thigh. Whether it was the alcohol or the weakness you finally giving in to, nothing else around you mattered. Your only focus was the movement of his body against yours.

He gradually pulled away, studying your reaction and revealing that beautiful dorky smile.

For a minute he just looked at you, brushing his hand against your cheek.

“I really like you, Y/N. I didn’t know how else to-”

“Just shut up and kiss me.”


An Anniversary for You ~Day Party~  

The story starts out with you working in the Shields’ infirmary when Kirisawa comes over with a basket with a ring of roses in it and asks you to go find Kojuro and Masamune in their world. You go and end up having tea with them. You suddenly remember the basket and hand it over, but instead of taking the basket, Kojuro and Masamune put more rings of roses in and ask you to go find Joshua at his castle. 

You find Joshua, Iori, Subaru, Mitsuhide and Soryu at Joshua’s castle and they hand you even more roses… Then Joshua asks you to go find Akito at his bar (?). You go to Akito’s bar and he tells you to sit down and close your eyes so he can do your makeup. He says it’s for mission. After your makeup is done, he asks you to look in a mirror. You are astonished by how perfect your makeup is and say something like how skilled a makeup artist Akito is and how you’ve never looked this beautiful before! That causes Akito to blush.

Then Akito hands you a white ballgown and asks you to put it on. After you’re all dolled up, you find Yamato waiting for you all dressed up in a white tuxedo. You think he looks really handsome and your heart goes all doki soki! He’s your escort for the day and helps you into a limo waiting outside. 

You end up at the Cendrillon hotel where you find the Shields boys all dressed up and waiting for you in the ballroom. They all come up to you to add more roses to your basket. Then you’re told it’s an anniversary party for you to celebrate your joining Shields for one year. Edward then explains that there are now 50 roses in your basket and that they represent ‘a chance encounter’ and ‘eternity’. 

The party then starts and everyone talks about their highlights for the year. Roberto’s is the time they all played beach volleyball together and Masamune did his ‘one-eyed dragon attack’!! XD This makes Masamune blush and Kojuro is rather confused as he wasn’t there. He asks what’s wrong and Masamune is all ‘nothing, don’t worry about it’. 

Other highlights include when they all took part in the idol competition and when Yuzuki trained Mizuki and Ieyasu. Then Roberto suddenly remembers that Glenn is their youngest member and gives him some words of encouragement(?) which makes Glenn blush. 

The party goes on and you spot Yamato sitting alone, drinking in a corner. You go over and Yamato (who is perhaps slightly drunk) is about to confess his love for you when Roberto spots this and stops Yamato by loudly proclaiming how this is forbidden!! Looks like the boys have some sort of consensus about how none of them are allowed to make a move on you? Attracted by the commotion, the others come over  and they all begin saying how they love you the most! Yamato then says how you should decide on your favourite now (??). 

Suddenly, the lights go off and you feel yourself being lifted. When the lighs come back on, you find yourself in Ryoichi’s arms! 

And the story stops here for now and will be continued in the 2nd half of the anniversary event that begins on 12 April.

My friend learned the hard way to not answer the door to late night trick-or-treaters

by reddit user manen_lyset

We all have that one friend who’s not into the holidays. You know the one: won’t decorate, won’t dress up, won’t wish you a happy -whatever day it is-, and, though he’ll reluctantly agree to come to your themed party, he’ll stay in the back and scowl the whole time. In most cases, the hate is directed at just one holiday, whether it be Valentines, Christmas, Easter, or, hell, even arbor day. My friend Patrick? He hated Halloween with every fiber of his being.

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Caitlind BrownCloud (2012)

Conceived by Calgary-based artist Caitlind Brown, her project ‘Cloud’, a life-sized interactive light installation, engages the public to participate by standing beneath the structure and pulling lights on and off, creating the flickering aesthetic of an electrical cloud. Developed using steel, metal pull-strings, and over six-thousand illuminated and burnt light bulbs, the project reimagines waste and implements the excess in an interactive art exhibition.

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