no life for the next month


Yeah, I bet Chuuya is a little shit during pregnancy. I still love him tho.

  • He’s not needy at all. He’s the antithesis. Dazai read somewhere that physical affection was helpful, but everytime he tries to cuddle Chuuya the redhead sends him flying into the wall.
  • Chuuya finds out he can’t technically have wine,  but he read somewhere that a glass of red wine is fine, and manages to get away with it.
  • Chocolate. Soooo much chocolate.
  • He radiates heat and ends up kicking Dazai out of bed
  • Kouyou visits a ton. Like, has anyone seen Gilmore Girls? You remember how Miss Kim was trying to actively involve herself in Lane’s life? Yeah. That happens. She lives on the couch now. 
  • Chuuya can’t drink coffee for nine months, so now he’s on the verge of strangling someone.
  • Akutagawa comes over and next thing he knows there’s an emotional redhead sobbing in his lap.
  • Aku is the godparent of their kid
  • Dazai is so tired all the time because Chuuya can’t sleep and he’ll be damned if Dazai will
  • Chuuya wants lots of italian food. All the time. Every meal is italian. Dazai might just strangle this beautiful man because of food fatigue.
  • Atsushi asks a lot of questions
  • The only person Chuuya wants to see is Yosano, because she brings alcohol.

Ask me for some headcanons?

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imagine: otabek and yuri being super Softe after they move in together. yuri is in disbelief that its THEIR bed now. that otabek doesnt have to go back to almaty in a week. otabek is so thankful that he gets to wake up next to his beautiful boyfriend every day. when their training isnt kicking their asses, they can finally just be dumb teenagers in love.

i am imagining it and i am crying. these boys finally getting to relax a little bit and be lazy and dumb and in love to their heart’s desire because before otabek moved to st. petersburg everything in their life was about countdowns (how many more days until otabek had to leave? how many more weeks until yuri had a break to go to almaty? how many more months until their next gpf event together? how many more minutes could they stay on the skype talking to each other before one of them would have to go to sleep so they wouldn’t be dead for morning practice the next day?) but now they can just relax and be domestic and self-indulgent to their heart’s content?? anyways i’m still crying thank u

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What made you finally realize that you had an addiction problem, that you needed help and what prompted you to decide to embark on the road to recovery?

It took me a while to come to that realization. Even though I was using hard drugs, I graduated college while those around me were dropping out. I got a steady 9-5 office job while my friends were getting arrested. I thought I had it all figured out. But I was miserable all along, always trying to stop and not managing to for longer than a week or two. I ‘fell out’ and lost consciousness many times and rationalized it away somehow or other. Eventually I overdosed, badly, at my parents house and could no longer deny the fact that I really needed to stop. So now I’ll be clean a year next month and life’s been pretty good. Not always, but mostly.


binnie will always be better at 4-cut selcas than me

my favourite time of the month has arrived once again, so here I am, next to the most beautiful boy alive!! why am I still comparing myself to moonbin, i don’t understand

also catch me wearing bin’s colour!!


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As a transguy i love this headcanon. I can imagine Mr. Stark being the father figure letter never had.

okay guys i love tony stark as much as the next guy but can we please stop erasing uncle ben. he fathered peter for 15 years of his life, and he’s only been dead for like 6 months in the mcu. mcu tony stark is a mentor to peter, and over time he may take on a fatherly role, but peter had a dad and that was uncle ben and his impact on peter isn’t gone just bc he died.

Day 1: Arrival

I am volunteering in Inawashiro, Fukushima for the next month at an animal shelter. Today I arrived at it, and although the house itself is remarkably maintained, the cleanliness of it leaves a lot to be desired.

Word to the wise, if you’re ever thinking about going abroad and living in a sharehouse or any kind of temporary lodging, PLEASE don’t leave behind extra food or toiletries under the assumption that other people will finish your half-eaten food or use your half-gone shampoo. We won’t. Your junk just piles up and makes a gross mess for everyone who comes after you. If you’re not taking it with you, physically hand it to someone else, or toss it.

Suffice to say, I am going to spend the next month cleaning like my life depends on it.

Thank goodness I’ve got a month to work. Tomorrow’s mission: The kitchen.

Sorry to clog up your dashes with this, but I have to say something:

Thank you.

Thank you to every single person who has contacted me through asks, DMs, texts, etc over the last few weeks.

You seriously don’t realize what every single one of those messages mean to me.  I’ve been teetering on the edge of completely losing my mind over the last few months.  I finally reached that point a few weeks ago, so I walked away from the one part of my life I could actually walk away from (writing).  I needed some time to think about everything that’s been going on and figure out what to do next, how to get back what used to make me so happy, and how to survive my own anxiety about every single aspect of my little world.

At the moment, I’m working on a literal inspiration board for a project I’m planning on really diving into in August.  On it I have quotes, pictures, and some of the sweet messages I’ve received over the past few weeks.  As I was pining them, I re-read them, and it just hit me so hard just how many kind souls there are in my little corner of the fandom.  Reading them has filled me with so much joy, so much inspiration, and so much EXCITEMENT about everything.

I’m not going to make promises I can’t keep.  I’m still not sure what I’m going to do about Elysian.  I’ve kicked around the idea of maybe condensing (throwing out) some of the plot points so I can shorten it and maybe finish it so I don’t leave anything unfinished, but every time I think about posting, I feel this wave of nausea (not to mention the fact that I don’t really want to cut any of the plot lines out which honestly might cause more problems for me in the fandom), so I’m not sure if I have the energy to even attempt it. 

But then I think about some of the words of encouragement that you guys have sent me and I honestly didn’t think anyone really cared that much about that fic until now.  Like, I thought I could just stop posting and maybe one or two people would have noticed.

Anyway, that’s not the point.  The point is that I wanted to thank you guys for every single kind word you’ve thrown my way (especially over the last several weeks).  They have seriously meant so so so much to me.

teeny tiny life update: i got funded. which means that i’ll have a job, and my scholarship, and i’ll be able to actually, y’know, pursue my career. i’m going to think really hard abt whether or not i need a year off, but at least this way, it’s all out of my hands, and i’m so relieved.

but FOR THE NEXT FEW DAYS, I AM ONLY HERE FOR IC STUFF. i have been so stressed out the past several months and i barely have the energy for any of that. i’ll be around to help out and offer support and give advice only if it’s an emergency, and i’ll be around overall in a few days, but i really, desperately need a break. i don’t have any energy left. i’m so exhausted. i just need to relax and enjoy my victory.

in addition, a small reminder about etiquette under the cut. 

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why are all prompts from those shitty writing prompt blogs always the same. its always some shit like “every person is born with the taco bell logo tattooed on their forehead. the logo changes colors like the tumblr logo during pride month when the person who is going to t-bone you in a 4 way intersection is nearby. one day your taco bell logo starts flipping its shit when you wake up next to the love of your life. you feel betrayed.”

every person is born with the taco bell logo tattooed on their forehead. the logo changes colors like the tumblr logo during pride month when the person who is going to t-bone you in a 4 way intersection is nearby. one day your taco bell logo starts flipping its shit when you wake up next to the love of your life. you feel betrayed.


I don’t want this to be my last artwork before minding my real life. final exam is next week and I have a ton of assignments also internship for 2 or 8 months idk ;;_;;
I’ll try to draw whenever I have time

Ok so I really love how special The Foxhole Court is, but sometimes I get kinda sad that it’s “"only”“ self-published(even though I’m grateful), because it is truly a fantastic, beautiful Netflix quality story but it doesn’t get the marketing attention it potentially could. So many people wouldn’t know about it without tumblr, including me. It is truly Good Quality™ fiction in that it doesn’t adhere to all the typical cliche tropes and it doesn’t hold back in telling the story it needs to be in order to attract a wider audience. I don’t know what I’m trying to say all I know is aftg is truly one of a kind. Never let it die.

what I found in you | 01

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jungkook x reader slight angst, smut

12,820 words

a/n: remember that time i posted a long list of fic ideas n stuff i was writing and this wasn’t on it? oops! this was originally gonna be a oneshot but things got way out of hand so, please forgive me for taking two months to write a 12K part one, i know i’m garbage. the next part will have a lot more angst so prepare yourselves, and once again thx @mysoftae this would never have come to fruition without you ;(

~ in which your ridiculously hot, annoying brat of a roommate keeps you up at all hours of the night, takes up all your space, is essentially trying to ruin your life, and is intent on sticking his dick in you

     You had always liked living alone.

     There were no one’s dishes to wash but your own, you could play your music as loud as you wanted, the only person you had to worry about your cat liking was yourself, nobody could complain about what spices you stunk up the place with, and most importantly, you never had to wear pants.

     You would have been content to live alone for the rest of your sad, lonely life enjoying nothing but those small pleasures.

     Then one day there was Jeon Jungkook, on his knees, hands clasped beneath his chin, looking up at you with those wide, glittering brown eyes of his. Maybe you would have said no if he hadn’t been blocking you up against the door to the library, if there hadn’t been a line of people building up behind him complaining about the two of you being in their way, if he actually would have moved when you grabbed his shoulder and tried to shove him to the side with all of your strength. That kid had been working out a little too much.

     Also, he was begging. That might have had something to do with it.

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Katie’s Graduation Present

Katie’s Graduation Present | Phil Lester has missed the majority of his daughter’s high school years because he’s spent the last four years in the military. When Dan finds out he’s going to miss her graduation, too, he throws a fit, and doesn’t even say “I love you,” before hanging up on him. So who’s the military guy in blue at the bottom of the bleachers? | Phan | Teen and Up | Reunion fic, light angst, happy ending, Parent phan | 1,849 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

I may have spent a good portion of the morning watching military reunion videos and I cried so hard I wrote a fic with my tears.


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