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Ashley Judd performs “I am a Nasty Woman,” a piece by Nina Donovan*, at The Women’s March on Washington, 21 January 2017

to see the writer perform her piece, please follow this link; thank you to Ms Donovan for writing this and allowing it to be shared at the Women’s March on Washington!

I don’t blame Mary for leaving, not even a little bit.

She definitely needs time to be by herself and figure out how she fits into this world now. As far as she’s concerned she’s the mother of a cuddly four year old and a 6 month old baby, not two fully grown hunters.

She’s a loving wife, except now she’s a grieving widow to a man who lived a life she never wanted for him. The things Mary lived for don’t exist any more; those children don’t need her even though they want her desperately in their lives, and her husband is gone

All that’s left is two hunters who stare at her like she’s everything they’ve ever wanted and who treat her as if she’s made of glass and the hunting life Mary wanted out of so badly as a young woman.

It’s obviously going to mess the boys up though; their whole life was based around the loss of their mother through a freak event that she had no control over and then when they got her back she chose to leave. But sometimes you have to put yourself first, and that’s what Mary’s doing and I’d like to think that eventually when she settles back into herself she’ll go back and they can start to build their relationship again rather than stand on the wobbly stilts of the old relationship.

mochi-mochi-cosplay asked: know you have a lot to write, but maybe for something in the future,I had a cute writing idea! OTP getting married and rival/friend interrupts because they live the bride! I wanted to tell you before I forgot it :)

Omg not gonna lie. Totally cried while I was writing this. Lord help me. I wanted an excuse to write this story for so long so thank you! It’s actually based off a dream I had, and I wanted to write it ever since. So it’s very different than what I normally write, but I really enjoyed doing it (and it’s fairly lengthy whoops). It was a nice little challenge! ^^

Eren didn’t know what he was doing here. All he really wanted was a cigarette but that would require him to go back inside the venue to ask Jean, and that would require him to remember why he even came to this God forsaken wedding anyway. He leaned up against the side of the brick building, his head hitting the stone, hands shoved in his slack pockets.

What was he doing here? Well, he supposed it was because he was invited. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the thought. He always wanted to see Mikasa dressed in a simple white dress that suited her perfectly walking down the aisle but not like this. He was the one who was supposed to be standing up at the altar, not forced to be sitting in the audience watching the girl he loved for so long marry someone else.

Eren really did wish he had that cigarette.

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