no leave him alone he was protecting all of you


#I don’t know why this fucks me up so much. Lydia is completely scared, Stiles puts his hands on her shoulders to reassure her that she’s safe, that they’re not gonna take her if she gets away from him. But that’s not why she’s scared at all, she’s scared for him, and she’s not gonna leave him alone just because his first instinct is always to protect her. For a moment, Stiles is surprised. It’s the freaking same expression he makes in season 2, “You see, that’s the problem, you don’t care about getting hurt” and the truth is that when it comes to the people that she loves, she really doesn’t care about her safety, and she loves him. And oh crap, she’s so brave and stubborn and smart and beautiful that he loves her too with all his being. It’s just a second tho, then Stiles looks at the rider and back at her and then decides to respect Lydia’s choice to put herself in danger but he’s still scared for her and he holds her constantly by the hand as they run together. :’)

I don't want you to go. Tate Langdon x Reader

A/n: fuck so much angst I can’t , but I had to , I’m so sorry

You moved out of the murder house against your will. Your parents didn’t like it there anymore , after all that kept happening around the house they decided to move.

You were against it , for many reasons. But the mane one wat that you didn’t want to leave Tate all alone.

The day you moved in you felt a pair of eyes always watching you , and at first it creeped you out but you soon got used to it. As time passed you met the boy sitting in the middle of your room like nothing was wrong with it.

You soon became friends with him. He protected you from the other spirits in the house while you kept him company. You soon grew close together. Seeing him offer a long and tiering day at school was always the best part of day for you.

You won’t deny that you were scared when he told you what he is and what he has done. But hearing his voice crack as he called your name as you ran out of the house made your heart break. You cried in the backyard for hours before coming back to the house. You didn’t say a word as you walked in to your room where Tate sat in the dark corner. As he looked at you , eyes red scared , of you leaving him , he wanted for you to say something.

You didn’t say anything. You just fell in to his arms, hugging him , pulling him as close to your body as possible, fearing he will disappear. At Tate , while still in shock , with shaking hands hugged you back. You didn’t let go for a long time , just sitting there in his arms , before you spoke “ don’t ever keep such secrets from me Tate, ok ? I love you too much to lose you ” you said as you slightly tilted your head up to see him. His brown eyes stared at you , he didn’t say a word as if waiting for you to say it was a joke and you didn’t mean it. You slightly wiggle up so you were at his eye level.

“I love you Tate. More that anything.” You say again , a gentle smile on your lips. You felt his grip on your waist tighten and a small smile tugs at the corners of his lips. “I love you too (Y/n)” he said before he kissed you.

That’s how it started.

You loved that boy to bits. Spending every waking hour with him , yes hi couldn’t leave the house but you still had small dates of your own. Movie nights were a must as well. He was your first in everything, from being your kiss to being your first in bed with you. You loved him with all your being and he loved you just as much.

That all came to an abrupt end when your parents said you were moving.

That night you cried your eyes out while Tate was holding you as close to him as he could, knowing he didn’t have forever with you as you always wanted. You wanted to die in the house, to stay with Tate, forever. But he didn’t let you. He wanted you to live for just a little bit more.

“Hey , hey (Y/n) look at me . Babe look at me . ” he said as his hands were rubbing small circles on your back. You looked at him , eyes red and still crying, you saw he didn’t hold back the tears as well. He oh so slightly smiled at you “As much as it hurts me that your leaving it won’t be forever right ? Promise me you will come back. Please (Y/n)?” He begged as more tears fell down his cheeks. “I promise Tate , I love you so much ” you said as you layed your head down to his chest as he slowly rocked you back at forth , slightly calming you down .

That was 3 yeas ago and your feelings for him were just as strong. You were a young adult now , and now the new owner of the murder house and couldn’t be happier. As soon as you bought the property you ran to pack your bags .

You stood in the drive way with your bags , looking at the house that was now yours. You looked at the window that was once your room. You looked a bit closer as saw a shadow .

With a smile on your face you grabbed your bags and ran to the front door , unlocking it you ran straight in to something , arms wrapped around you as you felt the familiar warmth. Your legs felt week and gave in and you tumbled to the floor, not letting go of the figure , you didn’t need to look to know its him .

You felt tears drop to the top of your head as Tate held you closer to him “is it really you ?” He asked, voice shaking. You looked up the same smile an your face “Yes , Yes Tate its me, I’m back and here to stay , forever ” you smiled again as he started to kiss you all over your face .

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Chapter 13 made me think that Sangwoo really killed his mother although he didn’t plan it. I think he planned to kill his father but killing his mother… I think it catched him by surprise. I think that she told him she’s leaving but by herself only because he was old enaugh to take care of himself? or he resembles her of her husband too much? Or maybe she tried to protect her husband when Sangwoo tried to hurt him and that made him so mad that he lost control, because how could she, after all these years of abuse, defend him? I think that would be also the reason why he’s still thinking about her, hearing her, seeing her when he’s alone or in distress and his thought keep coming back to: why, why you did this to me?

Dating Enjolras would include

Dating Enjolras would include!

  • Listening to his rants willingly
  • Agreeing with most of the things he says
  • Him always asking your opinion before proposing a new plan to the others.
  • Telling him he’s great after every speech he makes.
  • Him being really protective.
  • Not wanting to leave you alone with the others
  • Because he gets jealous as fuck ok.

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  • You always play with his hair
  • The other barricade boys teasing him for it
  • “Forgot to take your braids out again?” Grantaire would laugh.
  • Being there for him when he can’t sleep at night
  • Being there for him when he doubt himself
  • and his plans for revolution.
  • Being there for him when he wakes after a bad dream.
  • You’re his shoulder to cry on

Originally posted by fili-maximoff-lehnsherr

  • Him making sure you’re by his side at all times when you all take to the streets.
  • falling in love with the passion in his eyes.
  • More and more every day.
  • Enj not being a fan of massive PDA but whenever he catches another staring at you, he makes it clear that you’re taken.
  • His arm is often found around your waist.
  • Cuddled up together after sleepless nights thinking you were alone only for everyone to turn up, laughing at your tangled limbs.

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  • he tells you he loves you every single day
  • more than once
  • because he’s always scared he’s going to lose you.
  • Lots of forehead and cheek kisses.
  • And so many neck kisses when the two of you are alone.
  • making out in the empty meeting room.
  • Him always talking about you without realising.

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  • You reading to him, helping him fall asleep after a long day.
  • Him being a cute cinnamon roll around you, I don’t care what you say, Enjolras had his fair share of soft moments.
  • Late night convocations
  • Him nuzzling his face into your neck when he doesn’t want either of you to get up in the morning.
  • Playing with his hands, which he secretly loves.
  • Giving you cute hugs from behind.

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  • Forbidding you to join the battle.
  • But you going anyway
  • Not leaving each other’s sides.
  • After you both make it out alive (Sorry but in my world he, not dead lmao)
    Saving each other.
  • Taking care of Enjolras for however long it takes for the grief to lighten
    and him taking care of you.
This Secret I Keep// Sherlock Holmes

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Me? Fifth most popular Tumblr for Sherlock imagines? Seriously? I really never did expect that to happen, let alone have nearly 700 followers. You guys keep it up, by my birthday I’ll be at 1K. Unbelievable. 

Here’s Sherlock oneshot 1 out of 3 for the night!

Requested by Anon: There aren’t many people that Sherlock Holmes finds himself extremely protective of, let alone drawn to. When you leave 221B for a date, he can’t help himself to plant a bug on you. We all know that never goes well. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

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“Would you leave me alone already.” You say in annoyed tone when Bjorn follows you outside. Somehow he always had to get mixed up in your problems and it was beginning to bother you. You could take care of yourself just fine.

“No I’m going to stay.”

“Seriously I could have handled that on my own, I don’t need you to protect me all the time.”

“I know.”

“Really because it does not look like you do.”

You pick up a training sword nearby and face him. If he insisted on protecting you he should prove himself first. You knew he could fight but so could you. Bjorn tilts his head, giving you a doubtful look before getting a sword himself.

“Really? You know I’ll win.”

“Oh you did not just say that.” You growl angrily and storm towards him while raising your sword. You’re not bad but he’s better. He has you lying on the ground in no time, hovering above you with a satisfied grin.

“See? Told you so.”

You jump off the ground and angrily stomp away. He really, really got on your nerves sometimes. Today was one of these days.

“Shut up…asshole.” You mumble as you walk away. Bjorn catches your wrist before you can leave and pulls you back.

“The sun could burn out, and the whole world could die, but I’d still be utterly in love with you.”


“I love you, idiot. Why do you think I insist on watching out for you.” He gives you a genuine smile this time, not the smug face from before.


“Yes I know…you love me too.” He says before pulling you in for a kiss.

critical role relationship week: day 1

(scanlan & cassandra)

Scanlan has acquired several children in his many years, only one of whom is actually related to him by blood. Oh, sure, none of them are children children, but they are, nevertheless, his kids, because he’s the oldest member of Vox Machina and none of them have anybody looking out for them. One lonely old gnome with a fondness for crude jokes and even cruder limericks has to be better than nobody at all, if only slightly.

Which is why he’s not entirely surprised to find himself looking at Cassandra sitting alone with her shoulders slumped, and thinking, oh. Another one? Alright then. It’s the same sense of fierce familial protectiveness, the part of him that can’t see an upset child and leave well enough alone. It’ll get him killed (a third time) someday, he’s sure.

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Dating Theo Raeken would Include..

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  • Fighting over the silliest things.
  • Theo getting frustrated whenever he doesn’t know that you’re safe at home.
  • Always protecting you during pack fights.
  • “Leave her alone!”
  • Always telling you how good you look.
  • Him constantly being turned on whenever you wear something exposing.
  • Going to clubs all the time.
  • Him peeking whenever you tell him to look away when you’re dressing.
  • “Fuck you look so hot.”
  • Him always winking at you.
  • Flirting constantly.
  • Biting your lips when caught up in a hot makeout.
  • Understanding him like no one else.
  • Defending him whenever the pack threatens and accuses him.
  • Encouraging him to join a sports club/team.
  • Him taking you to romantic dates then having rough *smut* after.
  • Always jealous whenever he sees you with other boys.
  • Hugging you tightly and giving you kisses on your forehead.
  • Going to the gym together.
  • Admiring each other.
  • “Who do you think you’re looking at? She’s my girl.” “Theo, stop.”
  • Theo giving you piggy back rides around the school and park.
  • Going out for coffee in the mornings.
  • Him driving you in his car wherever you want to go.
  • Him whispering the things he would do to you in your ear during pack meetings.
  • His arm wrapped around your shoulder during those meetings.
  • Checking you out constantly.
  • “You look so hot tonight, babe.”
  • You forcing him to join you during your shopping sprees.
  • You two being the ‘it’ couple at your school.
  • Holding hands most of the time.
  • Smacking yo’ booty in public.
  • “Theo!” “Save it for me tonight.”
  • You always forgetting how dirty and flirtatious he could be.
  • Always getting it on ;) (ahahah)
  • Him learning how braid and curl your hair so he could get used to it in the ‘future’.
  • Him believing that you two would die together, hopelessly in love.
  • Looking deeply into each other’s eyes when lying next to each other.
  • Sleepovers.
  • Staying up all night talking about any thing you wanted, and him listening.
  • Theo placing a strand of hair behind your ear when you ramble.
  • “You’re so beautiful.”
  • Him doing anything he can to impress you.
  • Going out to the park to play sports.
  • You taking selfies with him and him getting annoyed, “My hair doesn’t look good!”
  • Play fights and play wrestling.
  • Letting you take his clothes and comfy baggy jumpers.
  • You being reminded of him when wearing his clothes.
  • Smelling his cologne when hugging him.
  • Always laughing when around him – he’s funny!
  • Laughing whenever he trips or makes a mistake.
  • Him gaining some confidence whenever he’s around you alone.
  • You telling him all about your make up and books and him listening, smiling at how adorable you are.
  • “You’re mine tonight.” “As always.”
Being Glenn Rhee's younger sister would include :

(Wooo more prompts! Wooo Glenn :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him always taking your place whenever the group suggests to you to go do something for all of them

-You teasing him when he first meets Maggie and telling her all of his awkward childhood stories

-Him always telling you to dress appropriately for whatever the weather is because he doesn’t want you to get sick

-You and him speaking Korean whenever you’re both talking about whatever or whoever is bothering either of you

-Him having the urge to tell any guy to back away from you but stopping knowing that you can handle yourself, unless if Merle is the one, he’d instantly tell him to leave you alone

-Him protecting you during runs and you doing the same for him

-Him always comforting you whenever you would think about your parents by hugging you and promising you that he’ll always be there

-Him teasing you by pulling your hair whenever he walks pass you

-You and him having a good laugh about your days delivering pizzas together and making everyone else laughing as well

-Him still pranking you every week just as when you were children

Dating Derek Hale Would Include...

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  • Being his anchor
  • Wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist and him carrying you like that
  • Neck bites
  • Being best friends with Cora
  • Overprotectiveness
  • Falling asleep in his arms
  • Making him smile
  • Bringing out his soft side
  • Watching him work out
  • Him opening up to you
  • Hot make out sessions
  • Calling him Sour Wolf
  • Him getting jealous
  • Getting punished
  • Making him frustrated when you don’t listen to him and get into trouble 
  • “My boyfriend’s going to kick your ass if you don’t leave me alone” 
  • Him driving you to school
  • Him loving you unconditionally
  • So much sarcasm
  • The pack teasing him about how much he smiles when you’re around
  • Wearing his leather jackets
  • Rough sex
  • Him cheacking you out 24/7
  • Flirting with Stiles to see Derek’s reaction because you find it so funny
  • Promising you’ll never leave him
  • Promising he’ll aways protect you
  • Wearing his shirt after sex
  • Being a “mom” to the pack
  • Asking him tons of questions about what it’s like being a werewolf 
  • Tracing his jaw with your finger when he’s trying to concentrate on something 
  • Distracting him all the time by walking around in only your underwear
  • “You drive me crazy, you know that?”
The Talk...
  • Ponyboy: (Walks in the room with sodapop looking at darry) Hey Darry Soda and I heard you have a Girlfriend!
  • Darry: Yes I do ponyboy you have known about that for a month know.
  • Pony: Well soda and I think its time you know how to protect yourself.
  • Darry: Ponyboy Im 21 I know to where a condom please go do something and stop bugging me. Go read a book or something.
  • Sodapop: where not talking about an std or pregnancy darry! Where talking about cooties! Their dangerous you need to stay away from them.....
  • Darry: My life was a mistake just stop soda just leave me alone I work all day and now this (Leaves)
  • pony: I think we scared him.
  • Soda: At least we know he will be safe and not get cooties.
Come Back To Me

My first big story, from my imagine of seeing Dean for the first time since he became a demon. I’m getting alot of inspiration from here :) hope you guys like!

from my imagine

“SAM!” you scream as you enter the bunker like a bat out of hell.

It had been a normal day, as far as normal had been these past months. Ever since that night Dean disappeared leaving the not saying let him go, life hadn’t been all that normal.

The first week you and Sam had been in shock. The second week was when all hell broke loose. Sam became a man obsessed, determined to hunt Dean down and bring him home. You had a plan to go with him, find him together but even that went to hell.

You woke up one morning in the bunker alone, no sign of the youngest Winchester anywhere. You found a note in the library saying he’d gone alone to protect you. He’d left you too.

It was the first time in many years you’d been alone. Days turned into weeks with little to no contact from Sam except from the odd update finally you got the call from Sam you’d been waiting for

“Hey Y/N” he says sounding in pain and a little worse for wear.

“Sam, gosh you sound…” you don’t get to finish

“I know, and I feel worse…so much worse” he lets out a deep sigh and you know something terrible is coming

“Y/N its Dean, He’s…he’s a…demon” you don’t reply, not believing a word your friend had just said. He knows you don’t believe him. He explains what he found out. What Crowley had told him, and you begin to cry.

He was a demon? Sam went on but you couldn’t focus on his words. Your heart was tearing in half. All you heard was he wouldn’t be too much longer, and that had been 4 days ago.

This morning you’d gone out on a supply run, as you returned to the bunker and pull your car up, you see a welcome sight.

She looked run down and unkempt. “Oh baby, what happened to you?” you say to the silent fifth member of team free will as you cleaned some grime from her emblem.

You run for the door, supplies forgotten as you tear through the bunker screaming for Sam.

You hear the hunters boots jog to the entrance of one of the rooms, pulling you into a hug before pulling you away from the room he emerged from.

You frown up to him. “Stay away from there Y/N, he’s not our Dean”

“Sam he needs our help!” you say freeing yourself from his grasp.

“And we are going to help him, I’ve started a ritual but it’s not going to be pretty” he explains about the treatments but it’s not enough for you.

“I want to see him Sam!” you practically shout

“Just wait till I’ve done the treatments…”

“We don’t even know if it’s going to work!” you wipe away a stray tear

“Sammy I have to see him” you plead “I just….”

Sam always knew how you felt about his brother, hell probably the only person who didn’t know was the man himself. Even Cas had told you to tell him! But you never built up the courage. The fear of destroying your friendship if he didn’t feel the same was too big of a risk.

“Don’t get too close, and he’s probably going to say some things Y/N, he can’t break his chains but…I’ll be by the door”

You quietly walk up to the entrance, Sam on your heels. You take a breath, and walk in the door.

He was tied to the chair, in red shirt and his hair a little different. Dean lifts his head, but what stares back at you shakes you to the core. Black. Black eyes meet Y/E/C ones. At first a look of shock crosses his features at seeing you. Hope rises in your heart that you Dean is still in there somewhere, that the treatments are really working, then is a split second it all falls apart.

He lets out a demon screech; you jump in shock, never believing that a sound like that could come from Dean. He throws his head back in laughs at you.

“Aww, did I frighten little Y/N/N?” he questions in a teasing voice, evil smirk on his face. “What’s a matter baby? Scared of the big bad wolf?” you stare at him in shock, Sam was right this isn’t your Dean.

“You know I hoped with you not being here that you were finally gone! But no, here you are all worthless and doe eyed” you swallow a lump in your throat

“Enough” Sam growls from behind you

“Poor Y/N, no family, no friends, no one who LOVES her” He smirked at the last part. “That the only reason we let you stay, pity…we pitied you. You’re just a lost little girl. Pathetic really” your throw on your best glare

“If I’m the pathetic one asshole, how come you’re the one tied to the chair?” your turn away as he lets out another growl, you close your eyes at the sound. “Finish it Sam” you say as you pass him to wait outside.

You stay outside the room for a while, listening to the screams and taunts being thrown at Sam. But you couldn’t take anymore. When Sam came to check on you, you told him you couldn’t listen anymore and he told you to take a walk around the bunker and he’d call if he needed you. As you walked away he said Cas should be here in a few hours and if you see him first bring him here.

After walking a while you ended up in your room, sitting on the bed when you get a call from Sam on your cell.

“WHERE ARE YOU?”he whispers down the phone

“My room…Sam what’s…”

“Hide now! Get you knife and hide, he’s out” the phone clicked dead

You being to panic, you grab your angel blade that Castiel had given you and that’s when you hear footsteps getting closer. You jump into the closet, pushing yourself into the corner where you can just see through the slats but are out of sight due to the clothes.

Suddenly you see the outline of a red shirt; you clamp your hand over your mouth

“Here Y/n/n, come out and play” he looks under your bed, he turns to the closet. You tighten you grip on your blade, when the lights go out. He hear Dean growl.

“SAM!” he shouts heading for the door. You couldn’t leave Sam to face him alone. Not with his arm…you decided to head towards the electrical room as that’s obviously where you friend was last.

Slowly making your way towards the room, your blade held in front of you. Your finally see Sam’s tall frame before you and you latch on to him, making him jump.

“You should have stayed hidden!” he whispers sharply

“I couldn’t let you do this alone Sammy” you say gripping his hand, he pulls you behind him. That’s when the light came back on and Sam runs for the door locking Dean inside.

You catch up to hear Sam ask Dean to let him finish the treatments.

The sound of the axe hitting the wooden door makes you and Sam both jump back.

“You act like I wanna be cure, personally I like the disease” he chops away at the door. Sam tries to reason with him but all you can do is watch Dean look at you both with hatred.

“Dean stop it! I don’t wanna use this blade on you” Sam begs

“That sucks for you don’t it? Coz you really mean that” you chops again, each bang breaking your heart a little more. Your Dean wouldn’t want this

“If you come out of that room I won’t have a choice!” Sam shouts as he shields you from the flying splinters of wood

“Sure you will! And I know which one you’ll make” his eyes from to yours as he prepares to swing again “Ain’t that right Sammy? But you see, here’s the thing. I’m lucky, hell I’m blessed as there’s just enough demon in me to kill you” he turn his gaze to you “and you” he smiles “and there aint no choice at all” he hits the door harder as tears escape your eyes.

Sam pushes you and shouts “Run! RUN” you do as you were told as you hear the door totally break apart.

“Sammy….Y/N” you hear from behind you, Sam takes the lead and you follow, unable to focus on where you were going through the grief at the idea that the man you love is going to try and kill you.

“Come on Sammy, let’s have a beer and talk about it” you hear him mocking “You too Y/N maybe we can cuddle up a little” you feel sick at his words. You just want your Dean back. “I’m tired of playing, let’s finish this game!”

You let out a silent sob at his words you follow Sam, moving to the opposite side of the corridor the check the hall for Dean. You nod at Sam to give him the all clear from you way as you both move back to take a breath you see Dean swing at Sam the same second he does.

Sam ducks in time holding his knife to Dean’s throat. You come to your senses joining Sam holding your blade ready to move if you’re needed.

“well look at you” Dean said releasing his hold on the axe that is now buried in the bunker wall. Sam breathing deeply, fear taking hold of him. He didn’t want to hurt his brother, tears clouded your vision again but you blinked them back. This wasn’t how things were supposed to have gone.

“Do it” Dean taunts pushing forward on the blade slightly “it’s all you”

You close your eyes and send a silent prayer to Cas *Cas please if you can hear me, please help us I don’t know how but please* you didn’t want Sam to have to do this; you didn’t want to have to do this.

You open your eyes and see Cas standing behind Dean unnoticed. Sam lets out the breath he had been holding and drops his knife.

Dean smirks eyes turning black and moved towards You and Sam. Cas jumps forward and encircles his in his arms

“It’s over, Dean its over” he says in his gruff voice eyes flashing blue with his grace, something you’d ask him about later. Dean begins to scream but can’t break the angel’s hold.

You turn to hug Sam who looks as heartbroken as you feel.

“I’ll take him to the room” Cas said from behind you. Sam nodded

“We’ll be right there” in a flash Cas and Dean are gone and you and Sam are jogging back to the holding room.

You all secure him in his chair, Cas standing guard. Dean’s head hangs forward

Sam injects him with more blood and you all wait. Sam and Cas talk about what we’re doing to him. But you don’t listen, you what Dean.

He begins to shift and you grip your blade, Sam unscrews the cap on his holy water and Cas stands ready.

Dean’s eyes open and they are black, your heart shatters, but then they fade back to normal, and his beautiful green eyes stare at you all. He shakes his head as if to clear it. He lets out a deep breath

“you look worried fellas” he said with a small smile, he catches you in his peripheral vision sitting on the desk in the corner “what’s wrong y/n?” you frown, he must have seen that you were scared.

Dean looks back to Sam and Cas when he didn’t get an answer. Sam throws some holy water at him. Nothing…nothing happened. He was Dean. Your Dean. You let out a sigh of relief.

“Welcome back Dean” you hear Sam say, a look of confusion taken over Dean, before its replaced with realisation.

Everything Seemed to happen in fast forward after that. Cas untied Dean, Sam embraced his brother and you watched from the side lines, from you little perch, replaying the night’s events in your head. You were brought back to reality by a tap on your arm. It was Dean. Sam and Cas had slipped out without you even noticing.

“Hey” Dean said his voice quiet, withdrawn. So much different from the cocky, arrogant tone you heard earlier. This was Dean, your Dean. Tears fill your eyes. Tears of relief, tears of joy, tears of fear at how close you came to losing him.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry y/n, please don’t cry” he said moving to hold you before he stopped himself making to move backwards. Before he could pulls away too far you launched yourself from the desk into his arms, tears spilling down your face. He whispered calming words to you, you begin to calm yourself. You pull away apologising for getting upset.

“No don’t be sorry, I just hate to see you cry” He says wiping away a tear from your cheek tenderly. You lean into his hand; he moves forward and presses his lips against your cheek, where your tear fell moments ago.

You shift your head so your eyes meet his. You both stay there for what feels like forever, you drowning in green pool. He shifts forward slightly and you do the same.

“I shouldn’t be doing this” he says stroking you cheek “after everything I’ve done, I tried to kill you” he swallowed what must have been a lump in his throat.

You shook your head “that wasn’t you” you say instantly “Dean…” you whisper, begging him, you’ve waiting so long to be this close to him.

His eyes drop to your lips, before throwing caution to the wind and dipping his head. His lips lightly slipping over yours. You let out a whimper which seemed to be all the encouragement he needed. He deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue passed your lips to meet yours.

Wrapping your arms around his neck to pull him closer. he backs you up against the desk you were previously seated on, hands dropping over you rear as he dipped to grab you thighs and lifted you onto the desk, stepping between your thighs to get as close to you as he could.

You parted after what seemed like a life time, kissing Dean clearly time lost all meaning. He rested his head on yours breathing heavily.

“we need to stop” he says taking a breath, he sees the hurt on your face. You think he’s rejecting you. He grips your hips pulling you closer to him so you can feel the effect you’ve had on him, he growls quietly at the contact.

“I meant we need to stop, before I can’t” You blush a little but hold his gaze “Y/n after tonight, after everything. We can’t. Not yet” he added. You nod understanding. You reach up and kiss his jaw.

You move in and rest you head on his chest, breathing him in. you feel him let out a sigh.

“I love you Y/n” your head snaps up “God I love you so much, why did it take me to turn into a demon to tell you” he says stoking you hair.

You grab the back of his head and pull him down to claim his lips again.

Dean Winchester loved you!

Pulling away just enough to speak you reply “I love you too, so much Dean. God I thought I lost you before I could tell you” he kisses you lightly again.

“We’re idiots” you laughed at his attempt to lighten the mood.

“Come on, we better go and find your brother and Cas before they come looking for us” he steps back and you jump from the desk.

Dean takes your hand in his, intertwining your fingers before kissing the back of your hand as your walk to find the rest of team free will.

He looks happy, but sad and guilty. This would be a long road, it would take him time and then there’s the mark. But for now you try to enjoy the moment, you had Dean back. Your Dean, and now he really was yours.

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If it's not a bother, may i request a scenario? Prompto's s/o father discovered he is an MT. When Prompto goes to his partner house is welcomed by an upset and fiercily protective father who threat him, yelling to leave them alone. Even if Prom s/o are crushed by this revelation, they still want him in their lives and their father has to understand that.

Oh my gosh you’re all trying to break me aren’t you.

S/O’s father finds out that Prompto is an MT:

  • It’s unclear how exactly his S/O’s father finds out about it. Maybe he sees Prompto’s codeprint under his armband, or hears a rumour. But when he does, he is horrified.
  • He will call Prompto’s S/O and tell them immediately. If Prompto had already confided in them, they would go over to their parent’s house to try to calm their father down. If not, they would be shocked but still go over to try and smooth things over.
  • Prompto would come over there to find their father in his face, demanding that he leave and never come back.
  • Prompto would just feel his heart drop into his stomach; this kind of reaction is exactly what he fears, that people will see him as a monster.
  • He would hardly be able to keep tears from his eyes as he listens to the tirade from his S/O’s father- how can he say anything, when these are all things he has thought in his own darkest moments?
  • But his S/O would step in, insisting that it doesn’t change who he is and that their father will have to learn to live with that.
  • Hearing his S/O defend him, that more than anything brings tears to his eyes. He cannot believe that they would be willing to stay with him, defend him even, despite what he is.
Dating Yesung Would Include
  • although he’s the most unappreciated member, you made sure that he always felt loved.
  • he was a bit cautious when letting you meet the members, he was afraid you’d leave him.
  • of course you’d reassure him and kiss him to make him feel better.
  • the members were delighted to meet you, they tease him a little bit you’d just smile holding his hand.
  • his grip was tight on your hand you could tell he was a bit tense from all the attention.
  • when you guys were alone you’d make him sing for you, and you’d eventually join along.
  • when in public, you guys would get harassed by paparazzi his first reaction was to protect you.
  • he’d shield you with himself as he pushed through the crowd of people.
  • you’d hold on to him tightly clutching his jacket as you followed him blinded by the lights.
  • when you needed to stay up to study for exams, you’d tell him to tell you stories to keep your mind awake.
  • holding hands, and cuddling was a definite yes to the both of you.
  • it was like you couldn’t sleep well without being in his warm grasp, it was uncomfortable without him.
  • you guys were like best friends, who told each other secrets and stayed faithful to each other.
  • when he was busy he’d try to make time for you, if he didn’t the next day he’d make it up to you.
  • his attention would one hundred percent be on you, and only you.
  •  of course you wouldn’t mind because it’s work and he’s trying he’s working hard to achieve his dreams.
  • overall your relationship was pretty good, you only needed each other’s support to go on.

if you want me to describe what dating (person) is just ask! c:


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Sakamaki: chubby bunny. Requested.

It started off as a game then it turned into a challenge and you sat in the corner regretting telling them about it.

He was the overall winner, none of his other brothers could beat him. Not even Subaru, who glared with annoyance as he spat all the marshmallows onto the floor and the maid hurried over to clean it up.
You smiled as you got up and kissed Kanato on the cheek causing him to blush a light shade of pink as you snapped a picture of it.

“Give it up brother, you can beat me.” He smirked as you took a marshmallow out of the bag of marshmallows and pop it in your mouth.
“Oi!” Ayato growled, “you can do that we need them!”
“Leave her alone big brother.” Laito’s tone held a bit of a protective growl.

Even though Kanato had beaten him, Subaru did look like a chubby bunny. With his white hair and red eyes, though he did look a bit angry. It was cute.
“Awe!” You cooed as you came up behind him and slipped bunny ears on him.
He turned red all over.

Wedding Crasher

You smoothed the silky white dress, glancing at the picture of you smiling in your fiancés arms, on the small desk in front of your mirror. His eyes were green, but not the right shade of green. 

His jaw line was strong and dusted with stubble and his arms were strong and protective, but no matter how hard he tried he wasn’t Dean. You sometimes felt guilty, you ran away shortly after Bobby’s death, leaving Sam and Dean alone with each other’s recklessness. The worst part was that your fiancée swept you off your feet and you thought you loved him.

You were marrying him after all. No doubts, you were quitting the hunting life and settling down, until you saw that damn Impala. You ducked round a corner but you were pretty sure Sam had seen you over the top of the car. You saw Dean two more times but chose to ignore him.

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On one hand, I’m going to be super angry if my baby Xavier isn’t on Raw tonight. He doesn’t deserve that. On the other hand, I’m going to be super angry if he is on Raw tonight. He doesn’t deserve this crowd chanting bullshit at him.

I’m already hating this tbh! I feel so bad for them! 😞 I absolutely love Chris and I really, really like Melissa so this is pissing me off so bad! They just want their privacy! Especially Chris is a very private person actually, he’s not used to creepy ass paps following him around everywhere and you can see how freakin uncomfortable he is on all these pics!! He’s already hating this too! My poor babies 😭 Just leave them alone!!
(But Chris being all protective is actually super adorable 😍 I just wish he didn’t need to do this! Damn parasitic paps 😒)

Taehyung strikes me as the guy who acts cute but knows everything about what’s happening around him. That’s why I think he’d be a secretly protective boyfriend. The type that if an ex bothers you would let you sit and rant, rave and cry to him without saying anything violent or angry. But would be fucking terrifying if he saw aforementioned ex, not in a super macho intimidating muscle way but in a creepy I will fuck up your entire life and soul unless you leave her alone way. All the people that hurt you would slowly disappear from your life and you’d never think it was him as he smiled with his strawberry milk moustache