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  • Lauren [about Camila]: I am not in love with her. She was very upset about something and I comforted her, as a friend.
  • Dinah: What do you mean comforted her?
  • Lauren: It was nothing. I just... gave her a hug.
  • Dinah: Ah, hah! A classic sign of love, THE HUG!
  • Lauren: It's also a sign of friendship.
  • Dinah: Yeah, not in your case lovey-loverson.
Life or Death (Hamilton x Male!Reader) 2

Words: 2200+

Warnings: blood, disapproval of same-sex relationships, sex mentions

A/N: by popular demand, i made a part two of this. i had no idea where the plot was going to go, but i guess this is okay? enjoy!

Part 1

You groaned, opening one eye. The sun was shining brightly down on you, burning your irises. You pulled yourself up off the fence, stretching your back from the awkward position that you were in all night. By the sun and the empty streets, it was probably around seven in the morning. You stumbled up, attempting to walk with your wobbly legs. You pulled your bag from the bench, and began proceeding in the direction of your house.

It took you a few minutes to get there, your grogginess getting the best of you. As you were walking down your block, you finally remembered why you were outside. “Hamilton!” You yelled, widening your eyes. You quickly touched your neck, feeling nothing but smooth skin. You looked at your clothes, blood staining them. “What the-ow!” You touched your face, the skin tender.

Oh right. Bruises.

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I'm not answering any more asks regarding the Lauren Zuke discourse

Because I feel like we’re running around in circles now. Everything that needed to be said, has been said.

To summarise where I stand on it, as my final word about it all:

- Lauren leaving does not mean Lapidot is dead. Storyboarders aren’t physically able to decide the fate of characters without approval from the show’s higher-ups. And even if they were… Lauren’s not the only one who’s storyboarded/hinted at/publically shown support for the ship.

- Lauren leaving does not mean that the “secret second blog”/“Rebecca Sugar hates Lapidot” nonsense is real. There’s still no reliable source on it - and besides which, why would Rebecca hate Lapidot? She’s allowed it to be in the show - because, guess what, that’s how the animation industry works. The “second blog” is still highly likely to be fake and should still be treated as an unbased rumour, not as a fact.

- Lauren leaving means nothing at all for the other ships, either - for the reasons stated above.

- Lauren leaving is a real loss for the show. Their episodes were great and their amazing art style will be missed.

- Anyone who thinks it’s ok to harass people over all this (especially Lauren themselves) and/or show gross disrespect for other people’s opinions, can unfollow me.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Lin makes it very clear that Laurens wanted nothing more than freedom, freedom for everyone. Now we can assume that we're just talking freeing slaves BUT NOPE. John Laurens wanted something deeper. He wanted freedom for Alex. Through their extensive time together and detailed letters, we can assume that Hamilton explained his past to Laurens. Laurens felt as if Hamilton had never been freed of the overwhelming burden of loosing his family, his town, and happiness. Laurens could relate because he had never been freed of his fathers chains, the ones that kept him from truly making history. However when Hamilton married Eliza, he knew her money, wealth, and social status would allow Hamilton to loosen his own chains. So like Angelica sacrificing her happiness for her sisters, Laurens sacrificed himself so Alexander could regain all that he had lost, so that Ham could 'loose his chains' while the chains around Laurens only strengthened.
  • Certain historians: The Hamilton-Laurens letters mean nothing. That's just how men wrote to each other back then. It's not like we have any other evidence that Laurens wasn't attracted to women or that Hamilton enjoyed the company of both women and men.
  • Henry Laurens: My son, John Laurens, born October 28, 1754, has shown no interest in girls whatsoever.
  • Philip Church: Uncle Hamilton, it seems to me that your interests aren't confined to the female sex, ifyouknowwhatimean.
  • Alexander Hamilton: ;)
  • Certain historians: It's just bawdy humor! That's just how men talked back then!!! Pics or it didn't happen!!!

Brad imagine, he cheats on you with Lauren pt.2; 

Part one

After not talking to Brad for a week, you begin to feel lonely and empty. You know what he did was wrong, and you know you shouldn’t go crawling back to him. But there’s a little voice in your head telling you to get him back. Neither of you actually broke it off; you just left him and didn’t speak to him. You’re not even sure if Brad still wants to be your boyfriend. For all you know, he could be dating Lauren now. You decided to stay off of social media for the time being, you know how dramatic and frantic the fans would all get. 

You chew your lip as you bring your fist up to Brad’s front door. Without further hesitation, you knock three times, then wait. You hear shuffling from the inside of his house, then the door opens. His mom is standing there, a small, sad smile forming on her face as she sees you. “Y/N, it’s so good to see you… Brad is upstairs in his bedroom. He hasn’t come out since last week, he didn’t tell any of us what happened, just that you two had a fight. If you want to go talk to him I won’t stop you. He’s been miserable” She informs you. You nod and thank her, then step into the house. After slipping your shoes off, you rush the stairs. You open the door to Brad’s bedroom and step in. He’s under a big pile of blankets, sniffling quietly to himself. “Brad?” You say. His head snaps up at the sound of your voice. “Y-Y/N?” He asks, staring at you with wide, pink eyes. “Hey…” You walk to his bed. He practically leaps out of his blanket pile and rushes to you. His arms go around your waist quickly, and his head buries itself into your neck. “Y/N I’m so sorry. I have no excuse for what I did. I was stupid, and rude, and mean, and a fucking dumb ass, and I’m sorry. Lauren means nothing to me. Absolutely nothing. I want you and only you. It’s always been you. I can’t picture myself without you, and I can’t imagine growing old with anyone except you… Please take me back, please… I need you” He says in a rush, fresh tears rolling down his cheeks. You frown. “Don’t cry… I never let you go, I just needed some time to think… I need you too Brad” You mumble. He looks at you. “Does this mean you’ll give me another chance?” You nod and peck his lips softly. “You have one more chance Brad. Don’t blow it”

The Artist and the Architect - “Working Overtime”

A/N: I haven’t written anything in a while and I’m excited to start up again with some new characters! This isn’t going to be a series exactly, but more of a universe that I’m going to be revisiting to fill prompts and explore new ideas. Hope you enjoy!

Pairing: Camren

Word Count: 5,715

Rating: Explicit (or should I say NSFW heh)

Prompt: hey kat could you do something with either of the girls edging? idc what the scenario is really but i want them to get really close to orgasm and not be able to cum. thank you xx

Lauren shouldn’t have been surprised, really. Camila was always looking for new ways to spice up their sex life. Not that they needed it, of course, she was just an open-minded free spirit with a never ending list of kinky new things to try. She was probably crossing off “get Lauren hot and bothered at work” right now. 

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“just don't want her to get wifed up and preg so soon.” Even if she does, how is this any of your business? Do you think she’ll be like “oh shit should i have sex without a condom before I ask the anon from exposingland for their opinion because they’re my age?” I’m so tired of y’all trying to find a needle in a haystack when it comes to TYren JUST so you could hate the shit of the fact Lauren is dating a man and not a girl. You being Lauren’s age means nothing. Let her live ffs.

oop. that’s the tea. and she said WHAT SHE SAID.
- taylor


Monroe X Bacall X Grable X 1953

“We had a great time on “How to Mary a Millionaire.” Pretty Grable, who was one of the funniest, most adorable women. I was crazy about her. And Marilyn who was just sweet. There was nothing mean about Marilyn.” - Lauren Bacall (2005/ Larry King Live)

Undone (Secret Agent!AU) - Chapter Eighteen


The room was filled with radio silence, Lauren shifting uncomfortably in her chair as she willed the session to be over already. She stared ahead at the carpeted floor, attempting to process her thoughts.

“I have nightmares.” Lauren murmured eventually, “About what happened. About… the torture.” her brow furrowed, “I go to sleep and I wake up in that room, with… him standing there, waiting for me. And I relive every thing he put me through.”

Dr. Reyes looked at Lauren with an unreadable expression, nodding her head, “Are these nightmares a frequent occurrence?”

Lauren shrugged, “Sometimes.” She responded, “Sometimes I’ll be fine and I won’t have one for days… and then other times it feels like the real dream is this. Right here. It feels like this is all just in my head, and I never actually left the room.”

“Do you often have trouble differentiating between your nightmares and reality?”

“I don’t know…” Lauren murmured, “I mean, I guess.”

“Do you have a way to ground yourself when this happens?”

The green-eyed girl ran a hand through her hair, leaning on the armrest of her chair, “I usually just wait until I calm down.”

“How long does that usually take?”

“I’m not sure…” Lauren said, “Sometimes I get over it quickly; other times, if it was a really bad dream, I’ll feel out of it for ages.”

“By ‘ages’ do you mean hours?”

“Days.” Lauren murmured, sighing, “I’ll just feel really detached. Like nothing around me is one hundred percent there. It feels…” a shaky breath left her lips, “Sometimes it feels like I’m losing touch of what’s real and what isn’t.”

Dr. Reyes nodded in understanding, jotting something down on her notepad, “You said when you were placed back on the CHERUB campus that you no longer had these dreams. Was that a lie?”

“No. I mean… well, yeah. I guess. They weren’t as common… I thought they would go away. I thought I could deal with them by myself.”

“And what changed your mind?”

Lauren shrugged, staring at the floor, “They never went away completely.”

“It’s a long road to recovery, Lauren. Nightmares are a common thing for someone who has experienced what you have.” The woman said gently.

“I know. I just… I thought they were going away.” Lauren’s voice was stressed, jaw tight, “I always think I’m over it and then they’ll come back worse than before.”

“Have you noticed any trends with the dreams?” Dr. Reyes asked, “Often when a person is particularly stressed that can impact their sleep patterns.”

“Well, yeah, I guess. I mean, I don’t exactly live the most chilled life.” Lauren huffed.

“So you would say you’re stressed?”

“Of course I am.” Lauren scoffed, finding the question stupid, “It’s been over six months since I was found and I’m still nowhere near my peak condition. If you didn’t know, it’s kind of stressful not being capable of half the things you used to be.”

Dr. Reyes ignored Lauren’s biting tone, “Would you say your frustrations with your recovery played a large role in the incident with Niall Horan yesterday?” she asked, pointedly looking at Lauren’s bruised knuckles.

“What do you mean?” Lauren shook her head, “That has nothing to do with it.”

“You were never known for violent outbursts before your abduction.” The woman responded, “In fact, most of your mentors over the years here have commended your ability to act responsibly under pressure.”

“I’m a good agent.” Lauren bit out, “That doesn’t mean things don’t get to me.”

“I’m not attacking you, Lauren. I was simply suggesting that your fight yesterday could be a result of your current instability.”

“I’m not unstable.”

Dr. Reyes paused, deciding to take a different route and looking down at her lap, opening to a page in Lauren’s file.

“The fight with Niall Horan yesterday… it was about Camila Cabello?”

Lauren frowned, “How do you know that?”

“The incident report was added to your file this morning.”

“Why would that be in my file?” Lauren scowled, feeling increasingly defensive, “That has nothing to do with my character as an agent.”

“When choosing agents for a mission it’s important to know if a person has a history in acting recklessly on impulses.”

“So what? I get in one fight and now it’s on my file forever?”

“Your history as an agent is exceptional, Lauren; one incident won’t impact your future. It’s simply CHERUB procedure to record such things.”

Lauren remained silent, glaring ahead and wishing the time would pass so she could leave already.

“So, Camila Cabello.”

Lauren looked up at that, narrowing her eyes at the woman.

“You’re currently in charge of her training?”


“And how do you feel about having her as a constant fixture in your life? I understand Camila was the person you were escorting when you were kidnapped?”

“It wasn’t her fault.” Lauren responded sharply, “So why would I care?”

“Well, sometimes having someone so close to such a sensitive topic can effect a person.”

Lauren toyed with her hands, “I don’t blame Camila for what happened to me.” She mumbled, “If anything, I failed her.”

“How so?”

The green-eyed girl shrugged, frowning in frustration, “I was given orders to escort Camila and her family to safety. But I fought Ian on them. As a result, when I arrived at their room I found Camila’s parents being shot down.” She sighed, a tired hand running through her hair, “If I’d done my job correctly, her parents would be alive. And I would have most likely gotten out of the field without being caught.” Lauren shrugged, “Everything that happened was my fault.”

Dr. Reyes watched Lauren, “So you blame yourself for what happened.” She concluded.

“I guess.”

“And why did you fight with Niall yesterday?”

Lauren’s brow furrowed, confused by the question, “He… he did something to Camila. I was standing up for her.”

“Do you often feel the need to protect her?”

“I… kind of-” Lauren shook her head, “I mean- I… I care about her. Of course I was going to do something.”

“Do you think that you might feel particularly protective of Camila because you feel guilty about her parents?”

“No. It’s more than that.” Lauren protested, “l’ll always defend the people I care about. It’s who I am.”

“Would you have acted the same had it been someone else in Camila’s position though?”

Lauren huffed, “I feel like this is an interrogation.”

Dr. Reyes smiled apologetically, “It’s not. I’m trying to help you process what you’re feeling. If I’m being too pushy we can talk about this another day.”

Lauren chewed on her bottom lip, “It’s just Camila.” She murmured, shrugging, “I can’t explain it. I mean… sure, what happened to her parents plays a part, I guess, but I don’t feel like this just because of that. I…” a defeated sigh fell from her lips, “I have feelings for her.” She stated, the admission feeling refreshing on her tongue, “That’s why I acted like that.”

The woman opposite her nodded, leaning into her hand and peering at Lauren curiously, “Have you ever admitted these feelings to Camila?”

“Kind of.” Lauren mumbled, “I mean, I think she knows. Things have happened and I… I kind of rejected her.”

“Why would you do that?”

The green-eyed girl shrugged, “I feel like after the role I played with her parents… I’m the last person she should be with.”

“Isn’t that a choice for Camila to make?”

“Maybe. But she doesn’t get it.”

“How do you know that?”

Lauren huffed, “She just doesn’t.”

“Maybe Camila does get it.” Dr. Reyes suggested, eyes trained on Lauren, “Maybe she just sees it from a different point of view. It’s amazing how perspective can vary among people, Lauren.”  

“She sees the best in people.” Lauren muttered, “She’s too forgiving.“

“Do you think she should blame you for the death of her parents?”

“Kind of.”

“It wasn’t at your hand, Lauren. You did your best in a stressful situation.”

“My mistake is what ultimately led to their deaths.”

“If you wished to run on that logic, couldn’t you in turn blame your superior for their deaths?” Dr. Reyes shrugged, “It’s easy to place the blame on someone, or in this case, yourself, if you search hard enough for reasons.”

“It’s different.”

“Is it?”

Lauren’s jaw tightened, feeling uncomfortable under the woman’s inquisitive stare, “I can’t just stop feeling guilty for what happened.”

“But Camila’s opinion should have an influence on you.” Dr. Reyes countered, “If you have her forgiveness, don’t you think you should stop blaming yourself?”

“That’s easier said than done.”

“Have you ever considered the guilt Camila may feel for her own hand in your abduction?”

“What’re you talking about?” Lauren frowned, “I already said, it wasn’t her fault.”

“Camila may feel differently.”

“She shouldn’t.” the green-eyed girl responded firmly, “Camila had nothing to do with it.”

“Okay, so because you believe it wasn’t Camila’s fault… she should also believe that? She should stop feeling any guilt over it?”

Lauren paused, realizing what the woman was getting at, “I…”

Dr. Reyes smiled sympathetically, “Maybe you should consider how Camila views the situation. While you may blame yourself for it all, she most likely doesn’t blame you at all.” She shrugged, “And who’s to say your opinion is the correct one?”

 Lauren remained silent, mulling over the woman’s words.

“Here’s what I want you to do before our next meeting,” Dr. Reyes started, shifting in her seat slightly, “I want you to try your best to look at the mission from a different point of view. Think about how Camila sees the situation, about how Ian sees it… and then reflect on how you see it. And I want you to keep a dream journal.”

“Are you kidding me?” Lauren frowned, “How is reliving the dreams again by writing them down going to help me?”

“Write about how they made you feel, write about anything. It’s important that you learn how to process your thoughts after the dreams. Many find keeping a dream journal helps with that.” Dr. Reyes shrugged, “Just give it a chance, and if it’s not for you, we’ll continue to find different methods.”

“Fine, I’ll try it.” Lauren relented, moving out of her seat and standing up, “Am I free to go?”

Dr. Reyes smiled, standing up, “Of course.” She said, leading Lauren to the door, “I’ll see you next week, Lauren.”

“Yep.” Lauren mumbled begrudgingly, walking out of the room.

“And Lauren?”

Lauren turned on her heel, eyebrows arched in question.

“Trust your gut.” The woman said, smiling softly, “Having feelings for Camila doesn’t need to be a bad thing.”


Lauren walked across the campus with a vacant expression, unsure what to do with her free time for the Sunday ahead. After her session with Dr. Reyes, she wasn’t exactly feeling the most joyous, now completely stuck in her head as she relayed the meeting. It hadn’t been as bad as she’d thought, but still, she didn’t particularly enjoy delving into her mind with a complete stranger.

Deciding to catch the last hour of breakfast she headed towards the cafeteria, noting the numerous eyes of her peers on her as she passed. No doubt her fight with Niall the day before had been a hot topic of gossip; and with the fresh stitches running along her right brow and her general beat-up appearance, Lauren was expecting the irritating stares.

Spotting Dinah and Camila at their usual table, Lauren went to collect some breakfast before heading over to the pair.

“Hey.” She murmured as she dropped down next to Dinah, sending an unsure smile Camila’s way. They were yet to speak about Lauren and Niall’s fight, and based on the appearance of the other girl she’d been up most of the night thinking about it. Knowing Camila she probably felt like it was her fault.

 “Hi.” Camila greeted softly, meeting Lauren’s gaze.

Dinah watched the pair, letting out a sigh and beginning to pack her things, “I’m gonna let you two talk.” She said, slipping out of her seat, “Glad you’re okay, Lo.” The girl nudged her friend jovially before stalking off quickly.

Lauren smiled nervously at Camila as they were left alone, fiddling with her cutlery.

“Did you sleep in?” Camila asked eventually, attempting to break the ice, “You almost missed breakfast.”

“No. I uh… I had an appointment.” Lauren responded, an embarrassed blush rising in her cheeks, “Ian set me up with a psychologist.”

“Oh.” The younger girl’s eyebrows rose in surprise, “That’s good, right?”

“Yeah, I guess.” Lauren shrugged, “I’m attempting to stay optimistic.” She half-joked.

Camila smiled at her, nodding, “Good.”

They settled into another silence, Camila pretending to be interested in the remains of her breakfast and Lauren distractedly stirring her spoon through her cereal.

“So…” Lauren started after a few minutes, letting out a shaky breath, “Are you mad at me?”

Camila peered up from her plate, brown eyes settling on green, “… honestly? Kind of.” she murmured, brow furrowed, “You shouldn’t have gone after him.”

“He deserved it…”


“What? He did.”

Camila let out a sigh, “Even if he did, which he didn’t… it was dumb.” She shook her head, “You’re literally in the middle of a recovery process… you could have been hurt.”

Lauren scoffed, “Please, I can deal with Niall Horan.” She protested, “The guy’s been trying for a Black Shirt for years and still hasn’t been promoted.”

“Lauren you guys weren’t exactly fighting fair. One bad move and you could have ended up with a broken bone. And then what? You’d end up benched for even longer.” Camila huffed, “You should have just left him alone.”

Lauren’s looking down at her bowl as a small smile tugged at her lips, chuckling softly.

“What?” Camila questioned, frowning, “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing.” Lauren shrugged with a fake nonchalance, “Just, I figured if you were mad, it’d be because I kinda beat up your boyfriend.” Her smile widened, “Not because you’re concerned about my welfare.”

Camila rolled her eyes, blushing slightly, “Shut up.” She mumbled, crossing her arms in front of her chest, “You’re so dumb.”

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” Lauren grinned, “You care about me.”

“Maybe I just don’t want to lose my mentor to a stupid playground fight.” Camila countered, “Maybe I just don’t want to be stuck with someone new to train with.”

“Believe what you want,” Lauren sang teasingly, “Fact is, you were worried about me.”

“I hate you.”

“Clearly you don’t.”


“Come on, Camz!” Lauren yelled out to the girl running down the track, eyes darting to the stopwatch in her hand briefly, “Almost there!”

Camila gritted her teeth as she pushed herself to run faster, exhaustion gaining on her as she neared the end of the half-marathon Lauren had decided to throw at her that afternoon.  

“And…. done!” Lauren said, pressing down the pause button of the stopwatch as Camila passed by her and immediately looking down at the time Camila had made.

Camila heaved, walking around in circles with her harms resting above her head as she attempted to cool down. Her knees shook underneath her, wanting nothing more than to collapse onto the ground.

“How fast was that?” she panted, looking over at Lauren with a desperate expression. Of all of their training, endurance days were definitely her most despised.

“Better.” Lauren nodded, “Ten minutes off last month’s time.”

Camila managed a triumphant smile, allowing herself to fall to the ground with a loud groan.

“With your times right now you’ll easily pass the endurance test.” Lauren stated, picking up Camila’s water bottle before sitting down next to the girl and holding it out to her.

“Thank you.” Camila huffed, accepting the bottle and taking a swig, “Remind me again why endurance is such a big deal?”

Lauren shrugged, “You never know what situation you might end up in.”

Camila groaned, turning her head to the side to peer at Lauren with a pout, “Can we please be done with training today? I don’t think I’m going to be able to move again.”

“Yeah, sure.” Lauren chuckled, “I need to get some work done anyway.” She sighed, “Apparently I haven’t been doing enough independent study.”

Camila scrunched up her nose, “Ew.”

“Yup.” The other girl nodded in agreement, “Personally, I think Ian’s just trying to find more reasons to punish me.”

“Is he still mad?”

Lauren shrugged, “Just disappointed, I guess. I used to be one of his favorites and now I’ve been handed punishments for months on end.” She smirked, peering over at Camila, “All of which are related to you, might I add.”

“Hey!” Camila protested, “I didn’t exactly want you to go and beat the crap out of my boyfriend.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Lauren chuckled, “I know.”

“He’s probably just worried about you.” The younger girl said, “Also it’s like talking to a brick wall with you sometimes, so…”

“Excuse me?”

Camila rolled her eyes, “You’re literally the most stubborn person I know. Ian’s probably just trying to punish you enough so that it will actually get through your skull and you’ll stop acting out.”

“I’ll have you know, my acting out was what got you the guitar that you like oh so much.”

Camila grinned at the reminder, “Okay, some good things have come out of it.”

Lauren looked down at Camila with an adoring expression, a smile tracing her lips. Dr. Reyes words floated through her mind once again.

Maybe she was right. Falling for Camila didn’t have to be a bad thing. Actually, it was when she was with Camila that everything seemed to make sense.

She was about to reply when she noticed Niall crossing the track, headed towards them.

“Great.” Lauren muttered, glaring at the boy as he approached and standing up.

Camila frowned at Lauren’s sudden shift in mood, following her line of sight to see Niall and letting out an annoyed sigh as she stood up next to Lauren. Did no one around here have good timing?

“Nice face.” Lauren smirked, eyeing Niall with a tense stare. She couldn’t help but feel slightly proud of his much more beaten-up-appearance in comparison to her own.

Niall’s jaw tightened, “You know you caught me off guard. It was unfair.”

Lauren let out a mocking laugh, “Aw, poor little Horan. I hate to break it to you, but there’s a reason you’ve never been promoted to a Black Shirt.” She scowled, “I’ll happily take you on in the dojo if you’re really that deep in denial.”

“Lauren.” Camila scolded, looking at Niall questioningly, “What are you here for, Niall?”

Niall’s huffed, forcing his glare away from Lauren and looking at Camila with a softer expression, “I want to talk to you.”

“Tough luck.” Lauren growled out.

“Uh, pretty sure I didn’t ask you.” Niall spat, “Do you have a problem with minding your own business or something?”

“Do you have a problem with respecting personal space or something?” Lauren quipped tilting her head, “Sorry if I don’t like the idea of leaving you alone with her.”

“You’re such a bitch-”

“Can you two please stop?!” Camila exclaimed, shaking her head in disbelief.

Lauren deflated, crossing her arms in front of her chest and settling for glaring at Niall in silence, waiting for Camila to send the boy on his way.

“I just want to talk, Mila.” Niall mumbled, “Please.”

Camila huffed, nodding, “Okay, fine-”

“Wait, seriously?” Lauren cut-in, “Camila-”

Lauren.” Camila looked at the green-eyed girl pleadingly, “You said we were done with training, right?”

Lauren gaped, looking between Niall and Camila, “But- I mean… you don’t have to-”

“I’ll talk to you later, okay?” Camila said softly, a hand squeezing Lauren’s hand reassuringly and praying the girl wouldn’t fight the situation further.

Lauren’s jaw tightened, the girl eventually nodding in defeat and muttering an ‘okay’. Watching Camila walk off with Niall her stomach twisted uncomfortably, dreading the outcome of whatever talk they were about to have.


After spending some time alone, attempting to beat her frustrations out on a dummy in the dojo, Lauren had decided to find another outlet in her friends. She stormed into Normani and Ally’s dorm room, the door slamming behind her and making her friends jump in surprise.

Jesus, Lo.” Dinah hissed, jumping in the beanbag she was sat in.

“What the fuck is wrong with her?!” Lauren barked, pacing the room.

“You’re blocking the TV and Beyonce is on.” Normani mumbled from her bed, glaring at Lauren, “I thought we’d talked about interrupting Queen Bey time.”

“There are more important things than Beyonce right now, Normani!” Lauren exclaimed, continuing her pacing.

“Uh, I beg to differ.” Dinah responded craning her neck to see the TV around Lauren.

“What’s going on?” Ally cut-in, watching Lauren with concern.

“Have you seen Camila?” Lauren bit-out, coming to a halt and looking at her friends.

Dinah shrugged disinterestedly, trying her best to continue watching the concert on the screen, “I dunno. She kicked me out of our dorm to talk to Niall like an hour ago.”

“They’re in her dorm room?!” Lauren almost screamed, “Why?!”

Dinah chuckled, “Well, I have a few guesses.” She responded suggestively, waggling her eyebrows.

Lauren glared at Dinah, turning on her heel and switching off the TV, infuriated gasps from Normani and Dinah following.

“Oh no you didn’t.”

Really, Lauren?” Normani whined, “All I wanted to do this afternoon was watch Beyonce.”

“Too bad, you’re being my friends instead.” Lauren growled out, “You’ve seen that concert a million times anyway.”

“Doesn’t make it any less flawless.” Dinah grumbled.

“Guys. Come on.” Ally said, sending a serious look to the pair.

“Ugh, fine.” Dinah muttered, “What’s got you acting crazy?”

“Camila’s talking to Niall.”


“And… and she shouldn’t!” Lauren huffed, “She should drop his ass and be done with it.”

Normani chewed on her bottom lip, “Lauren, I get that you’re not Niall’s biggest fan-”

“With good reason.” Lauren bit-out, “You didn’t see what Camila was like after their fight.”

“Yeah but that’s kind of… not your concern.” Normani stepped lightly, not wanting to end up with Lauren’s anger directed at her.

“She’s my friend! Of course it is! I can’t believe you guys aren’t angry about it as well!”

“Hey!” Dinah protested, “Don’t go there. I was mad as well, Lo. I wanted to give him my own Poly beat-down when Mila told me what happened but-” she huffed, “It’s not like he even did anything to her. They just had a fight. They’re in a relationship, it happens. If Mila wants to give him a second chance I’ve gotta have her back.”

“He tried to force himself on her!”

“Lauren have you met Niall?” Normani shook her head, “You know he’s not that type of guy. We’ve been friends with him for years.”

“Just take a breather, Lauren.” Ally said, “We’re not trying to defend Niall, but Camila was the person in the room with him. If he apologizes and she forgives him… we can’t really do anything about it.”

Lauren’s jaw tightened, the girl glaring at the floor as she mulled over her thoughts.

She couldn’t let Camila stay with Niall- not when she was finally beginning to make some sense of her own feelings. Camila needed to know before she made her decision. She needed to know where Lauren stood.

Making her decision, she looked over at her friends, “I need to go.”

Leaving little time for any response Lauren stormed back out of the dorm room, destination clear in her mind.


Camila let out a sigh as she turned the page of her book, barely able to pay attention to the words on the page after her talk with Niall.

As expected, he’d been upset when she’d told him she wasn’t interested in being in a relationship with him anymore. He’d yelled, and then simply gone quiet, pleading for another chance. Camila had almost caved, knowing that Niall was a good fit for her. He’d always been a good fit for her. But if their fight had told her anything, it was that being with someone else wasn’t going to get rid of her feelings for Lauren. And she couldn’t continue to lead Niall on while she was thinking about someone else. It was unfair.

When he’d asked if there was someone else she’d denied it, knowing saying anything would only hurt the boy. Besides, it wasn’t like she even had Lauren. 

So now Camila was here, in her dorm room alone, thoughts bouncing between what had just happened between Niall, and what was happening with Lauren.

A loud rapping on the door brought Camila out of her thoughts, the girl frowning at the urgent knocks. Dinah was off on a Beyonce marathon, so there was no way it was her roommate. Maybe Niall was back to attempt to plead with her again? Camila’s stomach twisted at the idea of having to turn him away once more.

As another round of knocks sounded Camila huffed, climbing off of her bed and moving to open the door, frowning when she found a jittery Lauren standing in front of her.

“Don’t stay with him.” Lauren blurted, her face flushed.

Camila mouth opened and closed, confused by Lauren’s sudden appearance, “I’m sorry?”

“Niall.” Lauren gulped, “Don’t- don’t be with him.” She looked at Camila, desperation shining in her eyes, “You don’t like him, Camila.”

Camila’s eyes scanned Lauren’s features, catching on to the girl’s outburst. She composed herself, straightening up and deciding not to mention her breakup with Niall just yet.

“How do you know I don’t like him?”

“Because I just- I know, okay?” Lauren huffed, “You deserve better.”

“Really?” Camila’s eyebrows rose, “What do you mean better?”

Lauren’s jaw tightened as she struggled to voice her scrambled thoughts.

“I mean… I mean he doesn’t get you, okay?” she breathed, “You deserve someone who knows- who knows how lucky they are to even have you. Someone who makes you feel like you’re the most important person in the world because- because you’re the only person they see.”

 Camila paused, attempting to process Lauren’s words. She let out a bitter laugh, eyes watering slightly, “Okay, great. And who exactly is this person?”

She was so over Lauren getting in her head, attempting to dictate her life. Who was she to say all this stuff to Camila now? She’d rejected her. Why couldn’t Lauren just let Camila do what she wants? Why did she have to say things like this when all she was going to do was reject her again and again?

Lauren looked at Camila helplessly, the words on the tip of her tongue ready to spill out as nervous adrenaline ran through her body.

“She’s…” she huffed, meeting Camila’s eyes and working up the nerve, “I mean me, Camila. I’m talking about me.”

Camila gulped, hating how her stomach jumped at the admission and attempting to remain distant.

“What about Celine?”

Lauren frowned, “I… we’re done. That’s over.”

Camila pursed her lips together, “So what? You don’t have Celine anymore so now you want me?”

“Wait- no,” Lauren shook her head, “No, it’s not like that.”

“You chose not to be with me, Lauren. That was your choice.” Camila persisted, “What’s changed?”

“Nothing’s changed- I- these feelings, they’ve been there from the start, Camz. I just-” Lauren huffed, her voice cracking slightly, “I wasn’t ready to accept it so I lied to myself and I tried to stay away from you but I- I can’t, Camila. I can’t do it.” her eyes bore into Camila’s, begging the girl to understand, “I’m tired of fighting what I feel for you.”

Camila peered at Lauren, torn between letting her guard down, and turning Lauren away. Swallowing the lump in her throat, she shrugged, “So what, Lauren?”

The green-eyed girl gaped, “So…” she huffed, losing her patience, “So this.

Before Camila could register what was happening Lauren had stepped forward, a hand grasping the back of Camila’s neck and tugging her closer, her lips crashing down on Camila’s.

Her lips moved against Camila’s passionately, the younger girl eventually beginning to reciprocate eagerly, hands gripping Lauren’s shirt.

Lauren pushed into the kiss, deepening it as her hands moved to cup Camila’s face delicately, pouring everything she had into the act.

Camila almost felt winded from the intensity of the kiss, the breath stolen from her lungs with every brush of Lauren’s lips. The kiss was firm, but not brutish. And as Camila’s tongue darted along Lauren’s bottom lip to deepen it, the older girl pulled away. A whine of protest almost left Camila’s lips, her eyes fluttering open and frowning in confusion at Lauren.

Lauren’s breaths were heavy as she peered down at Camila, face flushed and attempting to gather her thoughts, hands still cupping the younger girl’s face.

“I want to be with you, Camila.” She breathed finally, her voice shaky, “And… and I get that you might find that hard to believe because I’ve given you every reason not to trust me but I- I want to prove it to you, okay?” Lauren gulped, “Just one chance. I’ll make it up to you. That’s all I want, Camz. One shot.”

She let out a defeated sigh, hands falling from Camila’s face, and stepping back, “You know where to find me.”

Sparing her a final glance, Lauren turned on her heel and walked down the hallway, leaving a speechless Camila behind.


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