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The Wash House

The Wash House has been in Sal Romero’s family for years- his grandfather opened it when he first moved to Brindleton Bay. Like his father before him, Sal inherited the place. As the years went by, business slowed almost to a halt. People just didn’t care for laundromats anymore- especially not old, rundown ones. So one day Sal had a brilliant idea… turn his little corner of the bay into a hip nighttime hangout. He extended his hours, to be open 24/7, and he added on a kitchen, a coffee bar, and threw in a few tables. Within weeks, the local college kids had started flocking to The Wash House. He kept the menu simple- coffee and his mom’s best pie and cake recipes. The place was quirky, but the kids seemed to like it, and more importantly- business was booming.

20 x 20
CC Free

This build was inspired by one of my favorite books- Along For The Ride by Sarah Dessen (teenage guilty pleasure, sue me), where there’s a late night laundromat that serves pie and coffee, which the two main characters, who also happen to be insomniacs, hang out at every night.

Hope you guys enjoy it! 

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So… Black lightning is not shying away from the details huh?

  1. His dad was murdered by Tobias stuffing articles down his throat.
  2. Jennifer was in danger of being doped-up and forcibly passed around as a prostitute. 
  3. Cops arresting black men just because.
  4. Latavius being a total monster to that little boy and yet speaking truth in a warped up freaking way.
  5. Calling other vigilantes heroes but the black man is a vigilante and needs to be stopped.
  6. man being eaten by piranhas. (Yikes btw).
  7. Young woman (Jennifer) smoking weed and they don’t make it seem like its the most awful thing in the world. Real world- just weed, they didn’t blow it up.
  8. Acknowledging the prevalence of treating black students like they are hoodlums in school.
  9. Black men belittling black women. -Attitudes and toxic masculinity towards women who say no.
  10. That asshole was going to pull a gun on a school official for defending a student!!
  11. I think my favorite thing so far is the way they talk. Its colloquial! “Black Ass” was said multiple times. its awesome the way they sound just like regular people and NOT like a scripted tv show. Its organic.This show would sound stunted and fake if anyone else was writing it,
  12.  Showing how the regular people- the principal, police, laundromat people- they have to learn to live with gangs and find a way not t be swallowed up by them.
  13. bullets are real. you see blood.
  14. Black Lightning shocks the white guy in the motel. Why? cuz he knows most of those girls are there unwilling and he’s taking advantage of a product provided by gangbangers. 

This one is kind of a funny thing.. It’s Sunday night, I’m too tired to think of something to draw so I just started doodling and I drew a laundromat, then a character and then I thought.. Ha! What if that was Peter Parker doing his laundry? My wife saw it and said.. what if other superheroes come here too? So I added Daredevil( BTW.. totally off topic.. If you like great comic art.. go check out Chris Samnee’s work… he’s AMAZING!!)

So.. That’s how this one came about.
At least it makes ME smile!

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Sims 4 - Rêverie Abordable

Some time ago, I really enjoyed building my japanese bathhouse, La Source Émeraude, and I thought it would be nice to create some other similar lots (seeing this lot alone with nothing around was kind of sad !).

I decided to begin with a cute apartment, in a decaying building. I didn’t furnish the other apartments of the lot, or the traditional restaurant on the left, only the laundromat. It’s perfectly functional, and your sims will even go there to wash their clothes.

If you use one of my lots, don’t hestate to tag me, I’m curious to see your sims there !

Info : Residential, 20x30, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a bonus laundromat. 

Playtested as usual, use bb.moveobjects on before placing the lot.

Download the tray files : SimFileShare

Or use my Origin  ID simsontherope to find it on the gallery !

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