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Aww anon. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of about that. I would tell you more, but I have a feeling that these guys (and babe) will portray my message better than I ever can. The Zen one is especially long just for you ;)

Is there anybody against long imagines? I hope not, lol

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  • Took him quite a while to find out, since you haven’t been going out for too long
  • You always had a way of covering it that it could still be deemed normal.
  • But one day, you were trying to change the light bulb while Yoosung helped by holding on to the ladder.
  • As you were asking for stuff, he had to look up to hand them to you.
  • The boy is trying his best not to blush and lose focus.
  • But then he notices this thick, pale line across your lower tummy.
  • He lightly touches it, and it causes you to yelp.
  • Thankfully, he manages to steady the ladder in time.
  • When you come down, you tug on the edge of your shirt and cannot bring yourself to look at him.
  • You tell him how you had surgery when you were younger, and it left this scar that never seems to fade out.
  • He has so many questions, but figures that now is not the time.
  • Instead, he pushes your hand away and pulls your shirt up a bit to see it more.
  • “It’s like a battle scar, you know?” He whispers softly as he continues tracing it. “It shows that you are strong and managed to go through it and lived.”
  • You smile at him and wonder how on earth do you even deserve an angel like him.


  • He noticed that you always wore turtlenecks.
  • Not that he was complaining; he loved you regardless of what you wore.
  • But when summertime rolled around, he could not bear to watch as you sat there uncomfortably in such constricted clothing.
  • One day, he surprises you by taking you out for shopping.
  • This made you a little wary, but soon enough you were having fun as well.
  • Zen has a sense of style; most of what he suggests is tasteful, and it adhered to what you usual wear as well.
  • But then he pulls out this sunny, cute sundress. Which you fall in love with almost immediately at first sight.
  • But then you glare at the spaghetti strap + sweetheart combination.
  • After a lot of nudging and “just this once” you finally give in and go into the changing room.
  • When you come out shyly, Zen cannot sit still. You were looking gorgeous, and those smooth shoulders-
  • But then his gaze settles on the marks trailing from your collarbone and disappearing into the dress.
  • He still insists on buying the dress, although you fought not to (although it was still very pretty)
  • The mood fell for the rest of the trip, and both of you decided to head home.
  • In your mind, your insecurities were eating up at you. What if he thought it was too ugly? Or was he going to pity you like all the others did…
  • Later that night, he sits you down and holds your hands. “Can you please explain what happened?”
  • And you did. About how you had contracted some kind of disease that required a surgery when you were very young. And that scar still remained, and people would always feel so sorry about it. You were crying as were remembering.
  • Zen then pulls you into his arms and rests his chin on your head, murmuring soft assurances of how beautiful you are and no mark could change that.
  • Later on, he loves to kiss along that line whenever he can, just to remind you that it is as beautiful as the rest of you.
  • On your birthday, he gifts you with that same dress from that day.
  • “If you want, you could just wear it only for me”


  • One day, Jaehee had gone out an entire day to deal with the place where they restock on their café supplies, which left you to tend to the café with another part timer.
  • When you had reached your shared home, you thought that it was the perfect opportunity to wear some shorts for a while.
  • You prepared dinner, and watched the television while waiting for Jaehee to come back.
  • It wasn’t until after midnight when she finally made it home though.
  • She felt very guilty to see the packed dinner and you curled up very uncomfortably in the sofa.
  • She made you lay down more comfortably, and gasped at the long scar that ran along the length of your thigh.
  • It woke you up, and you smiled at her.
  • You quickly notice where exactly Jaehee was looking and quickly grab a cushion to cover.
  • “I’ll go get changed.” You hurry off, leaving Jaehee to remain speechless.
  • Now dressed in comfortable pyjamas, you quickly explain over dinner how you had fallen off a tree when you were younger and had shattered your femur to the point that it needed surgery.
  • “The stupid things we do when we’re younger, huh?” you laugh humorlessly.
  • She reaches out and rests her hand on your thigh.
  • “If you want to wear shorts more around the house, you can. It’s your home too.”
  • She later looks up homeopathic rejuvenation techniques, and always makes various kinds of batches to lather on it.


  • The first time he saw you, when you had come over to his penthouse, he was slightly disappointed by the fact that your hair covered your eyes.
  • Later on, as he put you to sleep, he took the opportunity to brush the bangs away to be able to see more of your beautiful eyes.
  • You were half sleepy, so you didn’t think of it much.
  • Until he froze up when he saw the thin line arching from the top of your left eye to your forehead.
  • You turned around to face away from him, hair falling back into place.
  • He gently pulls on your shoulder and brushed your bangs away again.
  • “You are just so breathtaking, you know that?”
  • He kisses you on the forehead, right on top of the scar and bids you goodnight.
  • A few days after that, and still he hadn’t inquired about the scar and its origins.
  • You were so grateful, especially when there were other things to worry about.
  • After a while, he asks you if he should contact some doctors to help you get rid of it.
  • “I can see that it makes you very uncomfortable. Do you want to remove it?”
  • After a long time contemplating, you decide not to.
  • Jumin keeps asking you, but you keep telling him not to worry.
  • To ease him once and for all, you cut off your bangs.
  • The sheer happiness and surprise on his face to be able to see your eyes properly is enough to make you melt.


  • I like to think that he simply glossed over your medical his to see if you had a history with drugs or something.
  • And he was a decent guy; he wouldn’t look at the CCTV feeds until it was absolutely necessary though.
  • But one day, he couldn’t find you anywhere. So he had to look into the CCTV attached to the bedroom.
  • And there you were, changing into clothes right after a shower.
  • Thankfully, you had your back facing the camera.
  • This guy jumped so suddenly that his knee hit the desk, and he winced in pain.
  • He was going to turn the camera off now that he knew you were okay
  • Those horrific slashes all across your back were terrifying him though.
  • But for her privacy’s sake, he didn’t snoop through your medical records.
  • Would always cover for you whenever someone brought the beach or a pool.
  • Weeks later, you two had gotten intimate one night.nothing hot and steamy, jaysus.
  • You had shown it to him, and refused to turn around as you mumbled through the story of a car accident.
  • He wrapped his arms around your waist and dug his face in between your shoulder blades.
  • You were feeling ticklish and laughed when he tickled you further.
  • “It’s all okay now. You are safe right here.”


  • This man is blind, he can’t really do anything about it.
  • He noticed that you always seemed to wear full sleeves whenever going outside.
  • However, when you were asked, you simply said that you had sensitive skin.
  • One day, you two were enjoying some quality time simply nestled together and watching the storm from his glass walled balcony.
  • You were just wearing a regular tee with capris, and so he had taken the liberty of softly rubbing small circles with his thumb all over your arm.
  • He got to the bumps on your forearm and brought it up.
  • Stammering, you tell him of how it was simply a blood donation gone wrong as you try to move it away.
  • He continues rubbing his thumb over it and asks if it hurts when he does that. You refuse, saying that it’s actually kinda soothing.
  • He then whispers in your ear that there is no need to hide it, referring to the fact that you wore fullsleeves when outside..
  • From then on, very randomly, he would reach out to your arm and always massage it gently
  • It served as a stress relief for both you and him.


  • When he was recovering, he would often get into different kinds of withdrawal symptoms.
  • You would help him see through them whenever it happened around you.
  • Once he was shaking very vigorously, and the only thing you could think of was to grab his hands and try to calm him down.
  • He gripped on your hands very tightly, and you winced, but you tried to hum softly, hoping that he could listen and try to calm down.
  • After an arduous thirty minutes, he was calm enough to go back to sleep.
  • The next day, he heard what happened and thanked you when you came to visit again.
  • He wanted to look at your hands to see if he did accidently bruised you or something.
  • He was NOT expecting the tiny marks all over your hands.
  • He was genuinely scared for you and himself.
  • “I couldn’t have done this…” he mumbled breathily.
  • “Stop.” You said firmly, and rubbed his back. “You didn’t do this. It’s from a bunch of operations when I was a kid. Calm down.”
  • When he did, you explained how you were born with inverted hands, and you had to go through a lot for it to be functional.
  • He was still very worried, considering he had squeezed your hands very tightly, ant you looked physically weaker than him.
  • To his surprise, you took ahold of his hands and squeezed them gently.
  • Sometimes, he would trace and count just how many small marks there were spread around both of your hands.
  • It helped calm him and keep him focused on something
  • After a long time, when he got better and yout wo ended up dating, he would love grab your hands and kiss them randomly.

lukearnold  asked:

holly, what are the top three hannigram fics you'd recommend as a 'must read' for people new to the fandom?

Oh gosh, it’s so hard to pick just three because the amount of good fic in this fandom is astonishing. But if I really, really have to…

Ladders by @emungere is the very definition of a fandom classic. But honestly, check out all their fic because every last one is incredible.

A Great and Gruesome Height by @moku-youbi is a post-season 3 treasure. Again, read all of their fic because everything Thursday writes is amazing.

andddd Ravenous by @rageprufrock is a fic I don’t hear talked about nearly as much as it deserves, but do yourself a favor and devour it immediately. It is everything.

I have to walk away from this ask now because I want to rec you SO MANY MORE FICS but instead I will just direct you to my fic rec tag for when you’re finished with the above. :3


Tim Drake x reader

maybe I will continue this in the future, so if you want more tell me

Tagging: @solis200213

“I’m going out on patrol,” you said standing in the window looking at Tim, who was currently sitting in the couch, with his face glued to his pc screen as usual. He didn’t even look at you, he just grunted and nodded his head slowly. You giggled to yourself, and jumped out of the apartment you and Tim shared, landing on the roof of the building next to your window.

Climbing down the ladder on the side of the building you get a call from the big man himself.

“I was about to call you, have you got something for me?” you asked.

“There is soon going to be a drug arrival at the docks, go check it out,” you could feel a smile creep up on your face. “But don’t do anything mayor before I arrive and give further instructions,” Bruce tells you as you climb of the ladder and land onto the ground.

“Yes, boss,” you answered jumping on your bike, and immediately heading for the docks.

Arriving at the docks you climb up on a container and crawling forward to get a good look, but not get spotted.

A big boat filled with boxes was about to dock, ‘that must be it’ you thought. When the boat started docking, you noticed a big car driving towards where the boat were supposed to dock. The car stops, you pull your head back to not get spotted. A car door opens and just as you were going to take a peek you hear a voice calling.

“Little batkid you can come out now if you like.”

Tim had locked his gaze at the pc screen, he was investigating a drug deal that were supposed to happen down at the docks tonight. Then he suddenly discover something interesting, Black Mask was supposed to be there. “Y/n?” Tim ask, but there is no response. ‘She has probably gone out on patrol’ Tim thinks to himself, then he realizes that it is probably what you told him earlier. Bruce needs to know this, as well as you.

He calls Bruce. “Bruce, you need to know that Black Mask is supposed to be at the docks tonight for that drug deal you were talking about.”

“If that’s the case, then you should go there right now, I sendt y/n there a few minutes ago,” Tim’s jaw dropped, you couldn’t go there all by herself. He knows you’re not helpless, but he also knows that Black Mask is a big deal, and that you probably can’t take him all by yourself.

Time has never gone faster for Tim, he was running around the apartment looking for his gear and the next thing he knows, he’s at the docks looking for you. Standing on a warehouse he started looking out for you. But at the time he spots you it’s too late, the next thing he see, he’ll never forget. The picture of your lifeless body being held up by Black Mask and then tossed to the hard pavement below.

Tim could feel the anger consuming him, but he couldn’t move. What happened? Why weren’t you moving? Tim notice tears pouring down from his eyes, he quickly dry them off. No, he can’t give up now, there is still hope.

Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?

Pairing: Ohmtoonz
Word Count: 1333
Summary: “‘I’m a firefighter and you started a fire in your kitchen but you’re still flirting with me even though you’re not wearing pants and I’m carrying you down a ladder. Stop complimenting my muscles for fucks sake au’” Requested by @hammeredarmie (STILL ACCEPTING REQUESTS)
So as I started writing this, i realized that I don’t know a thing about firefighting so I just kinda winged it as best as I could. Also, there’s a lot of flirting in this and I suck at flirting so maybe it won’t seem too awkward!! Enjoy!! - Crest <3

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Y’all tickets for my Hamilton show at the library…

What is your Hamilton show at the library? That sounds awesome!

My coworker’s son happens to be the musical director of Hamilton on Broadway. He’s going to be in town, and has offered to give a behind the music look at the creation of the songs & score. He’s going to be accompanied by the associate director, who will also be in town working on fine tuning the Chicago cast. And we’re going to have two Chicago cast members there performing, as well (including the Hamilton alternate, Joseph Morales!)

This was a crazy show for us to coordinate – it took about three months, and went all the way up the ham creative ladder to LMM himself. We are very, very lucky to get to do this. We’re compensating the performers really well, as it’s their only day off, and we’re running it twice to accommodate as many of our patrons as we can. 

We’re also doing a few associated programs – Tribune theater critic Chris Jones is talking about the impact of Hamilton, NU theater professor Dominic Missimi will be discussing the shows that influenced LMM and Hamilton, and we had a theater historian speak last week about the 1776 (the original political musical.) 

I’m super super pumped about it, if you can’t tell. GAHHAHAHAHAH.

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Mooooooom! How about a skinwalker omega panther that lives in the trees and its wolf skinwalker alpha who gets upset when they can't get up in the tree due to the fact that the panther is more limber and the wolf has no ladder


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dylan sneaking into your window after you told him you werent allowed to hang out that night?

you’d be chilling on your bed, bummed over the fact that you couldn’t see dyl. and you’d be startled at the sound of rustling and banging coming from outside your window, and you’d get up a bit hesitant, it was a bit dark out, the sun was just starting to settle and you’d peak from behind your curtains to see what it was, to be met with a smiling dylan, who was standing on a ladder. and you’d quickly pull him inside before your parents see and he’d land with a huge thud causing you two to look at each other with a panicked look, and a knock from your door would startle you as your mothers concerned voice was heard from behind the door, and you’d tell her you were fine as you held your hand over dylan’s mouth as he giggled. and you’d remove your hand as you heard your mother’s feet faintly go, and you’d whisper to him why he was here and he would simply shrug, ‘i wanted to see you’ he’d say with a cheeky grin as laid down on your bed, pulling you by the arm as you sat on top of him, grinning as he pulled you down to place a kiss on your lips.

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playlist: lady love & soul music (for lesbian visibility day ❤️)

1. L'Amour Looks Something Like You - Kate Bush
2. It Must Be Love - Labi Siffre
3. Love To Stay - Altered Images
4. Young Hearts Run Free - Candi Stanton
5. Up The Ladder to the Roof - The Supremes
6. I Only Wanna Be With You - Dusty Springfield

Thank you so much!!

Imagine your found family helping clean the house. Who is balanced on the ladder precariously as they dust the house? Who is cleaning the floor and getting annoyed as everyone keeps tracking dirt all over the floor? Who is vacuuming with music on and jamming to it- scaring all the pets away?  Who is picking up all the miscellaneous items and just cramming them in the storage units? Who is cleaning the windows and getting very irritated because darn it why won’t it get clean and stay clean? Who had said they would be right back as they were going to get refreshments then never returned- only to be found hiding in the bathroom playing on their phone- and their punishment is to clean said bathroom? 


let’s be honest, jaal probably gets tongue-tied too :U