no lacing

-flops over and melts into the floor-


“Thursday” more like “Sunday” Art Challange: I chose the prompt of favorite food. 

I chose waffles cause I always think about having it with friends, which I thought would be great start to the art challenges ahead :3 

Waffles + Berry Creme + Berries + Maple Syrup = YUM

I am the new addition to the awesome group with: @chikao-art , @sheilkuroi , @crimson-chains , @kaizuart Please check out there art and be amazed :3 

Extremely easy lace!

So I’ve found this method of making an extremely easy lace pattern and since I was trying it out I wanted to share my results with you!

And if you can’t read Japanese here is what needs to be done! This is made using PaintTool SAI!

1. Draw anything!

I drew a random Yuto doodle, but it can be absolutely anything! You can even just write “anything”!

2. Copy and paste, then go to Layer -> Horizontal flip

3. Merge down, copy and paste, then go to Layer -> Vertical flip

4. Merge down again, then copy, paste and go to Layer -> Rotate 90°

5. Merge down, copy, paste and rotate 45° (since SAI does not have such an option you’ll have to do it manually)

And done

Drawing those is super easy and a lot of fun :D


history: cleopatra vii

her story resonates, too, because of what she represented in such a male-dominated society. in an era when egypt was roiled by internal and external battles, cleopatra held the country together and proved to be as powerful a leader as any of her male counterparts. (insp)