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Is it just me or is “where on the spectrum are you” just a fancy way of saying “are you low functioning or high functioning?”

The idea of autism being a spectrum simply communicates that everyone experiences it differently. There are no numbers, no sliding scales, no categories on the spectrum. It’s just an idea.

A better question to ask, if you have to ask one, is “how can I make this more accessible to you?”

i don’t know how likely it is that the video dan was talking about will be a coming out video, but it makes sense considering his views on sexuality, especially in current years. he’s gone on a number of rants about it not being important to self identify and how societies obsession with labels is dumb, but also hasn’t tried to hide his attraction to boys and mentioned how important it is for representation in the media. it makes sense for him to make a video about his experiences with crushes on boys or something like that rather than a serious ‘here’s how i identify’ video. if he decides to do this, i’ll be really proud of him for not only using his name to represent the lgbt+ community, but for just being open with himself too


“Light and Dark, Love and Hate,

“They’re two sides of the same coin.”

Wow angst. Why do I draw this crap?? Alright alright, so, my friend who sits next to me in math really wanted to see me draw some sad stuff in my sketchbook and I was like; “Aw sure, why not” MISTAKE very bad mistake. I cried drawing this and people thought that I was crazy because I kept on crying and laughing. I don’t even know why I was laughing ok. I used a mechanical pencil and copic markers/copic multiliner to draw/color/ink this garbage. I only inked the colored ones btw. AND, the little scribble with the date next to it is the signature that I use in my sketchbooks

girl with ferociousness, with courage, with
eyeliner sharpened by too many generations
of anger. leather jackets and boots to match,
darling, watch and label this ‘GIRL: FIERCE’.
these collarbones shoulder blades jaw lines are
here to kill. they insult and girl sets the world
on fire, girl watches as it burns. girl leaves
catcalls bloody and in a heap on the floor,
babe, she’s the person that you’ve always needed.
—  girl (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)
secret valentine prose for @giulswrites
Ranting kadi related

Watching kadi moments is such a bless n the fact that it happened right in front of my eyes, damn i feel so giddy. KS lingers his eyes on JI very subtly it makes me happy? JI seeking for KS’s attention w his gwiyeomi, squid dance n whining to be fed w water from KS’s bottle. KS was very concious w people’s stare tho n it hurts me :( Can i say that when their popularity lowered down i wish kadi would be able to spend their time more together? It sounds selfish though. But still iam happy w their interactions :)


“You wanna look smart? Then answer their question with your own question, then answer that question.”

As corny the dialogue was and how ehh most of the characters were besides Billy (blue Ranger) power Rangers was an actual decent movie. Like I had fun the whole way through. It felt like a power Rangers episode. Near the end it felt like they needed to crunch in so much. But besides that it’s a fun watch. Definitely fun for power Ranger fans I think.

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“I really hope Tyrian isn’t gay, because that’ll put such a bad label on the homosexual community !!!!!!!!”

No, it’ll label you a judgemental fuck. It proves that, no matter who you are or what you do, doesn’t deter the fact that you can be a homosexual.
Besides, anyone with real common sense will know that homosexuals aren’t psychopathic, murdering scorpion faunus, who want to tear out a child’s eye, for the sake of their accomplice.

stardom is the worst

hello i used to be a topp dogg fan in korea and i have a lot of sources for information, i don’t want to out ppl who helped me or stuff i overheard but if u use ur mind i’m sure u can put it all together yourselves.

im just really sick of stardom’s shit.  this really is maybe the worst ent company in korea and because td members are stuck there they dont get an opportunity to showcase themselves, they’re constantly stuck with the “nugu” label and i guess watching yano and kidoh be not only swept away but spat on by former stardom trash themselves i have had it up to here with their shit.  yes it is worse than you think it is, even if you already think its bad.  i tried to highlight the real red flags instead of just the general side eyeish nugu fare like pimping the members out on dates with fans and seogoong and the whole under dogg thing so yea those also happened but the things im gonna talk about are like driving down the wrong side of the highway concerns that truthfully scare me

i was inspired to write this not just by mino on smtm, former stardom trash who now seems to think he’s better than people stuck behind the bullet he dodged so shoutout to mino…u piece of shit… , i was also inspired by the ticket sales for their european tour leg which is in dire straits.  i am so sorry if this hurts their fans or hurts the boys although it really shouldn’t, i hope exposing how shitty stardom is panders for sympathy and ends up helping them.  no one from stardom is explaining anything to anyone so maybe its time for me to share what i know..

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Our intention with the last scene was to make it as clear as possible that yes, Korra and Asami have romantic feelings for each other.
—  Mike DiMartino