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Is it just me or is “where on the spectrum are you” just a fancy way of saying “are you low functioning or high functioning?”

The idea of autism being a spectrum simply communicates that everyone experiences it differently. There are no numbers, no sliding scales, no categories on the spectrum. It’s just an idea.

A better question to ask, if you have to ask one, is “how can I make this more accessible to you?”


Hello this is Sungmin.
Due to several situation, I’m here to greet you guys after a long time. 
Firstly, I’m sorry for worrying the fans.
There has been talks that weren’t nice these days because of me and because these are things that I cannot judge and take action on my own.. I’m sorry for giving such a late reply. Because of that, I’ve always felt sad and sorry about it.
Looking back from the process of preparing for my marriage, from a position as an idol who has grown from the love from many fans for over 10 years, it seems like I’ve disregard the fact that I should not (have handled it) in a general way.
To the fans that felt hurt because I didn’t manage to give more careful consideration and  a truthful position at the time when it is needed, and the people who felt  betrayed from the baseless misunderstanding and rumors which grew bigger like a snowball, I feel that there should have been a more active communication (between us).
Even though they are activities that I’ve wanted to do with the members that I’ve anticipated so much everyday while I was in the army, with the heart of earnestly hoping that this important album for Super Junior will do well, I’ve decided not to participate in the activities this time.
As a member of Super Junior, I want Super Junior to receive love for a long time. In order for that, with the current situation of my ongoing controversy, I think it is the right decision to think of Super Junior first and I think that me not participating in the album this time is for the sake of the team’s path. It is an important comeback for everyone this time round so I don’t want to make it as situation that because of me, our ELF will not be to support us with all their hearts.
Sorry to the fans who gave me love and supported me but I think I need to have more time and work harder.
ELF, I hope that you will support Super Junior’s comeback this time round with all your hearts and please continue to watch us.

Label SJ Respond:

Hello, this is Label SJ (SM Entertainment).
This is our statement regarding Sungmin’s post today about his activities.
Label SJ has decided to respect Sungmin’s decision not to participate in Super Junior’s album.
From the beginning, Super Junior was created as a group that could be flexible with its members, and as a result, Super Junior has seen love and success across the globe, able to promote in a variety of ways.
Super Junior is currently preparing for an album, with hopes to release it in October, and the label is doing its best to help Super Junior carry out promotions that are better than ever before.
Though Sungmin isn’t participating in the album this time around, Label SJ will fully support all of Sungmin’s future activities.
Thank you to all the fans who have loved Super Junior for so long, and we ask for your continued love and support for all of the Super Junior members.” © ©

Accidental Potion Slippage

IMAGINE: Draco knew there was something wrong when (Y/N) started fawning over a Weasley. Why the hell did she decide to like a Weasley when he was just about to ask her out? 

[gif is not mine. just a bit of fluff. once again from this prompt (x). a bit wordy once again.] 

warnings: swear words

words: 1.6k +

Draco looked at his best friend who was now currently fawning over a Weasley. A Weasley of all people! He stabbed his eggs viciously, then groaned when it fell off his plate. Can nothing go right? Since when did (Y/N) watch Weasley with stupid love heart eyes? And since when can he not eat eggs?

“Stop staring,” Draco grumbled.

(Y/N) turned to Draco, “Huh? Did you say something Draco?”

He rolled his eyes, “Stop staring at the Weasley, you might catch his Weasley-ness.” Draco scrunched up his nose at that thought. “Disgusting,” he mumbled under his breath.

“Isn’t he just dreamy?” (Y/N) placed a hand on top of the table and placed her chin on it. “I mean the way that he eats, it’s just,” she didn’t finish speaking, she just closed her eyes and smiled. And bloody hell was that a small moan emitting from her mouth?

“What the hell is wrong with her?” Blaise asked as he sat down in front of (Y/N). He followed her stare to the Gryffindor table. “A Weasley?”

“Like you can talk Zabini,” Theo piped up. He received a light punch to the arm by Blaise. “Dick.”

“I swear to god she’s been slipped a potion,” Draco muttered. It was the only explanation. She didn’t like the Weasley’s…the only ones that she can stand were the twins and they were long graduated, and the Weasley girl. Unless… she did really like Weasley. Draco shuddered. No, it definitely wasn’t that. (Y/N) disliked the Weasley’s, not as much as Draco but still.

“I’m right here,” (Y/N) groaned. “And I wasn’t slipped a potion. It’s just you know when you wake up and see someone in a different light, and suddenly they’re the only person you can think about?”

Draco sat there silently. Of course he knew, he’s been feeling that way towards her ever since fifth year. He was hoping to ask her to Hogsmeade, maybe join his family’s holiday to Germany, but (Y/N) taking a fancy to Weasley certainly put a damper to his plans.

“But he’s a Weasley,” was all Draco came up with. It sounded pathetic even to him, even though he would never admit it.

“Names are just labels.” They all watched as Ron walked out of the Great Hall with Potter next to him, then they turned to (Y/N) who started packing up her things.

“And where are you off to?” Blaise asked. “We have a free.”

“So does Ron, maybe I can catch up to him.” (Y/N) picked up her bag and ran towards the exit.

“For fucks sake, you’re screwed mate,” Blaise said as she bit into a muffin. Draco groaned and smacked his head against the table.

“Draco! There you are! I need help!” (Y/N) called out as she rushed to her best friend.

Draco placed the book he held in his hands into his bag, “What is it?”

Hold my hand so he gets jealous.(Y/N) pointed to Weasley who was laughing loudly with the other Gryffindor’s. Draco gritted his teeth, he had to pinch himself because he knew that he would do some serious damage to his mouth if he continued.

“Why me?”

“Because you’re my best friend, you’re extremely attractive and Ron hates you? Please?” (Y/N) pleaded, then turning on her charm -she pouted at Draco. She knew that if she did this action he wouldn’t say no.

Draco internally groaned, fuck, it was that pout. The one that made him want to snog her, the one that made her adorable as fuck. “Fine.”

(Y/N) smiled and intertwined their hands together. Draco had to rein his gasp when (Y/N) took his hand. Fuck her hands were dainty and small, and so soft. He relished in the feeling for a moment. Unconsciously his thumb rubbed her palm, she threw a curious glance in his way.

Draco could feel sweat emanating from the pores of his hand, all he could do was pray to the gods that she didn’t feel how sweaty it was. He allowed himself to be strolled to the Gryffindor’s.

“Hey guys,” (Y/N) greeted with a smile.

“Hey (Y/N),” Hermione spoke, her tone friendly. Then she turned to Draco, “Malfoy.”

“Hi Ron,” (Y/N) greeted bashfully. The red-head looked at the Slytherin and smiled. Out of all the Slytherin’s she was by far the nicest he came across.

“Hi (Y/N).”

Draco narrowed his eyes. He did not like that tone. He clenched his hands, forgetting he was holding (Y/N)’s. She returned the action by squeezing his hand, almost to the point that he squealed out in pain.

He stood there awkwardly, looking at the trees, the clouds, anywhere but the group. He managed to filter out (Y/N)’s disgusting love-filled talk to Weasley. Draco was too focused in not being focused that he missed Ron’s weird looks at (Y/N), Hermione’s curious stare. He also missed Harry’s eyes widening in understanding. He sighed in relief as he felt himself being dragged away.

Once out of earshot, (Y/N) removed her hand from Draco’s. “Ew your hand is sweaty.

How the hell was he supposed to reply to that? Sorry that my hand was sweaty, it was just I’ve been dreaming of holding your hand since fifth year when I found out that I love you, and I’m pretty sure I want to marry you and have children with you? And that mother and father found out that I love, so they’re now pushing marriage upon me? That my mother gave me a ring from the Malfoy vault, so when I got the courage to fucking ask you out and not fuck it up, I have the perfect ring for you? Unfortunately that was not how it happened.

“My palms get sweaty whenever I’m near something hideous,” Draco drawled.

(Y/N) shook her head, “Shove off, you git.” She laughed at him and linked her arms with his. “I got a date with Ron!”

Oh for fuck’s sake.

(Y/N) stormed through the courtyard, pass the Slytherin’s and once she reached where the Gryffindor’s usually sat, she slapped Ron as hard as she could. “What the fuck, Weasley?”

Draco, as well as the other Slytherin’s, ran to where the commotion was. Luckily, they came at the right moment, they heard the gasps and the laughter as Weasley stood there dumbfounded.

“Why the fuck did you slip me a love potion?” Her teeth were bared, her hair wild and her eyes furious. She began advancing, making Ron step backwards, finally Harry stood between them.

“I think I can explain.”

“You better have a fucking good reason as to why I was acting like an imbecile fawning over Weasley,” (Y/N) spat.

“That wasn’t meant for you,” Harry yelled. Afraid for himself and his best friend. “It was for someone else in your House.”


Harry looked sideways, “Potter, I swear if you don’t tell me right now, I’ll hex your balls!”

“It was for Parkinson!”

(Y/N) stepped backwards, she laughed, “Pansy?”

“Ron and Pansy had a bet going to see who could slip a love potion,” Harry explained.

“That has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever heard! And so illegal!” (Y/N) looked wildly at the red head, she walked towards him. “You better fucking hope that you didn’t ruin my chances!”

(Y/N) turned around, her hair hitting Ron in the face. She stormed past the Slytherin’s. Draco chased her. For someone so small she really could cover a lot of space. Upon reaching her, he noticed that they were in their secluded space that they discovered when they were in third year.

“Ruin your chances?” It was meant to be an ‘are you okay’? But all that was going through Draco’s heads was; what was the chance?

She lifted her head and looked at him, “What?”

He gestured behind him with his thumb, “Before you left. You said: ‘You better fucking hope that you didn’t ruin my chances’.”

(Y/N) shook her head, “For the love of Merlin, Draco! Are you really that daft?”


She rolled her eyes and made an annoyed noise, “I’ve been trying to tell you that I fancy you.”

Draco pointed at her, then himself, “You like me?”

“I honestly don’t know why,” (Y/N) mumbled.

“You like me?”

She rolled her eyes again, “I think we’ve covered this. Now it’s your turn; do you like me?”

“Uh-huh,” was all Draco could say. He nodded dumbly as well. He must have looked like a right twat. “Date me?” He could have really slapped himself right then.

She winced, “Oo, when though? My schedule’s a bit busy.”


“Merlin, I really hope that’s not the only thing that you’re going to say when we go to dinner next week.”

Draco shook himself out of whatever he was in, “Right.” He straightened his robes and looked at her. “Would you like to go to dinner with me next week?” He put his hand out to her.

She looked at it skeptically, “Draco, I don’t know if you know but dating isn’t usually a business contract. It’s usually not sealed with a handshake.”

He abruptly put his hand to his side, not knowing what to do he began side stepping. After doing that action for a couple of seconds, he gathered up the courage and looked at her. Draco saw as amusement was etched on her face, her biting her lip in order to stop herself from laughing at him. “How do you seal it then?”

She took a step forward, then another until she was in front of him. Grabbing him by the lapels of her robe, she pulled him close to her, “Like this.” Then (Y/N) pulled Draco, pressing her lips to his.


“Light and Dark, Love and Hate,

“They’re two sides of the same coin.”

Wow angst. Why do I draw this crap?? Alright alright, so, my friend who sits next to me in math really wanted to see me draw some sad stuff in my sketchbook and I was like; “Aw sure, why not” MISTAKE very bad mistake. I cried drawing this and people thought that I was crazy because I kept on crying and laughing. I don’t even know why I was laughing ok. I used a mechanical pencil and copic markers/copic multiliner to draw/color/ink this garbage. I only inked the colored ones btw. AND, the little scribble with the date next to it is the signature that I use in my sketchbooks

i don’t know how likely it is that the video dan was talking about will be a coming out video, but it makes sense considering his views on sexuality, especially in current years. he’s gone on a number of rants about it not being important to self identify and how societies obsession with labels is dumb, but also hasn’t tried to hide his attraction to boys and mentioned how important it is for representation in the media. it makes sense for him to make a video about his experiences with crushes on boys or something like that rather than a serious ‘here’s how i identify’ video. if he decides to do this, i’ll be really proud of him for not only using his name to represent the lgbt+ community, but for just being open with himself too


“You wanna look smart? Then answer their question with your own question, then answer that question.”

can you believe that yesterday even came home grinning while holding some sort of device and when isak asked him “what? what’s that??” even just took his hand and led him outside their front door and isak immediately noticed the ISAK + EVEN sticker next to their doorbell but before he could say anything even was already typing away on the device, which isak then recognized as a label printer, and isak watched even carefully rip off the little label and stick it to isak’s forehead. “what’s it say?”

“it says cute. cause that is what you are” and isak kissed his boyfriend right then and there in front of their apartment for everyone to see

anonymous asked:

what do you guys think of ace kara danvers? personally i think she reads incredibly ace (and maybe bi or panromantic), at least she did up until supergirl decided to make their entire show all about a white straight man she was getting paired with. the way she rejected winn, how she ran away from a healthy relationship with a man she was in love with the second it got serious because she was scared, how she seems to love food more than people, etc.

The Art of Bad Friends and Good Redemptions

Summary: Dan had never wanted to move away from home - no twelve year old did. But things look less bad when he makes a friend in the forest. And then they look way bad when this friend turns out to be a vampire.

Word Count: 6.4k

uhh i had like 6k of this written since halloween and just had to write the ending? talk about lazy assholes am i right

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i always find it funny people against aro/aces in the community because they’re “basically straight” also often float the idea that the “A” stands for ally so clearly it can’t stand for asexual/aromantic/agender


you’re going to let in actual straight people over aro/aces?????

Stunt Fatigue

I’m looking over my page and realizing it’s been ages since I posted ANYTHING. I think the Chernobyl stunt has been too much for me, and while I’ve been lurking and staying updated on my OT5, my Liam heart just hasn’t had the strength to create content throughout all this mess. And the fact that there are fans out there that will dissect the remotest wink from Harry to anyone that’s not Louis, but will just accept this disgusting bs narrative surrounding Liam drives me crazy.

 It’s so obvious none of them are “out free.” Even the ones with new management, or new record labels. Watching so-called Ziams slam Liam for these tiny pinches of shade thrown at Zayn is even more upsetting, because you guys should know who Liam is, and that everything we see from him right now is directed and approved by their demented overlords. So the next time you’re thinking about boycotting Liam, or Harry, or Niall (is there a jealous fuck out there that would boycott Niall? What is wrong with you? I don’t like slow hands either but the boy is sunshine incarnate), take a walk to the interwebs and google up modest management’s website. The second picture you see (after poor Nialler) is One Direction.

Still repped by modest. Still signed to Syco. And remember that this is only “hiatus” which means whatever they want it to mean. Which is probably this:

 One Direction will not be releasing any music or touring while Sony tries to push Harry Styles down your throats. In the meantime, expect the same stunt foolery you’ve come to expect from modest! management, as they’ve signed their souls over to us in blood. 

Since Louis already gave you “I knocked up a thottie at the club, but immediately started dating an actress because, hetero,“ our next trick will be Liam falls prey to the whole “sexy teacher wants a baby” storyline, because nothing sells hetero like an icky pedophilia-laced desperate woman scenario. It will be perfect to sell Liam’s new brand of teen pop. Meanwhile, Harry will write an album full of tired sexist tropes while promoting feminism, and wear a plethora of rainbows while reminding us all about him and Taylor Swift. Oh, and Niall’s gonna have brown hair now. It’s more manly.

So this is why I haven’t been posting. It’s all so gross. But at the same time, I love these boys so freaking much. I can’t quit them. And while I hate these disgusting narratives they are being forced to play out, I don’t believe them. And if I tuned out completely I would miss things like this:

Payne chain promo or not, I heart this with my entire soul. So eff you Simon & Co. you’re not going to ruin 1d for me.

girl with ferociousness, with courage, with
eyeliner sharpened by too many generations
of anger. leather jackets and boots to match,
darling, watch and label this ‘GIRL: FIERCE’.
these collarbones shoulder blades jaw lines are
here to kill. they insult and girl sets the world
on fire, girl watches as it burns. girl leaves
catcalls bloody and in a heap on the floor,
babe, she’s the person that you’ve always needed.
—  girl (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)
secret valentine prose for @giulswrites
Preference: CEOs

Summary: One (or both) of you is a successful CEO.

Warnings: swearing, (Y/L/N) means your last name.

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Ashton: As soon as you enter the apartment, Ashton knows that you’ve had a bad day. He can tell by the way your feet shuffle against the floor and by the way you don’t yell, “Ashton, how many times do I have to tell you not to leave your coat on the floor by the front door?” He watches as you plop down on the couch beside him, your eyes dull. He knows how hard being a CEO can be. You two had been rival companies until one day, you met and it was love at first sight. He knows by now that when a deal goes wrong, you take it badly. “Rough day?” He asks. You scoff. “That stupid fucking Washington deal fell through. They changed their minds.” You mutter, running your fingers through your hair. Ashton hums a little, leaning over to kiss the top of your head. “They didn’t deserve to be partnered up with you, anyway.” He says. You sigh, knowing he’s right but not giving in. “We really needed this, Ash.” You say. “Do you wanna take a warm bath? You’re looking a little stressed. And baby, you know I don’t like it when you’re stressed.” He says in a seductive tone, knowing you’ll melt on the spot. “Yes, please.” You whisper, closing your eyes. He pecks your lips and heads upstairs to run a bath. After a few minutes, he returns to drag you upstairs with him. A warm bath is running in the bathroom, full of bubbles. The bathroom is lit with vanilla scented candles. Ashton comes up behind you and rubs your shoulders softly. A small moan comes out of your mouth as the kinks in your neck and shoulders are released. “Do you want me to stay?” He asks quietly, placing a small kiss to the nape of your neck. You nod. He helps you get out of the uncomfortable business suit you’ve been in all day and into the bath. He sits on the sink counter as you relax, singing softly. “Ash?” You say quietly. “Hm?” He replies, scrolling through something on his phone. “I love you.” He glances up and smiles at you, but before he can reply, his cell phone starts to ring. “Damn it, I’ll be right back.” He says, walking out of the bathroom to take the call, which is probably a call from someone at his company. You sigh as you listen to him talk about budgets. As busy as the two of you are, nothing can dull the amount of love you feel for each other. By the time Ashton returns an hour later, you’re stepping out of the bath. “Sorry, love. It took longer than expected.” He apologizes, helping you put on a beige, fuzzy robe. “It’s okay.” You say softly, yawning. “Bedtime?” He asks, already knowing the answer. You both crawl into bed after you slip a tank top and shorts on. “Why do you think the deal fell through?” You ask, your thoughts refusing to settle. “Shh, go to sleep, baby. You’re exhausted.” Ashton murmurs, rubbing your back. You sigh and close your eyes, sleep pulling you in. The next morning, after Ashton has already left for work, you get a phone call. The people on the Washington deal have changed their minds, and they want to partner up with your company. You immediately know that Ashton said something to them or bribed them with some enormous amount of money, so you call him. “Ashton Irwin, you better not have-” You start, but he cuts you off. “Being a better company than yours has its benefits, love.” You roll your eyes and smile, knowing that he’s just playing around. “You’re not even going to say thank you?” He asks, a teasing tone in his voice. “Nah, maybe you’ll just have to spank it out of me later.” You end the call on that, smirking to yourself as you think of your now very frustrated husband who will probably come home earlier than usual.

Calum: “Mr. Hood, your wife is here to see you.” A secretary tells Calum from over an intercom. “My wife? What for?” Calum replies. “Do I need a reason to want to see my husband? This lady seems to think so.” Your voice barks back, the sound of annoyance (probably towards his secretary) in your tone. “Come on back, angel.” He says, chuckling. A moment later, you’re walking into his office. The office is clean and sharp looking, walls covering every inch of it so that no one can see in or out. “You forgot your key, again. And since I’m having a girls night with the other wives of your friends tonight, you’ll need them.” You say, holding up Calum’s key to the house you share. “So there is a reason you’re here.” Calum replies, smirking. You roll your eyes a little as he chuckles. “I keep forgetting to put it on the chain with the others. Thanks, gorgeous.” He says, getting up and walking over to you. He grabs your waist and tugs you closer, which erupts a giggle out of you. “Cal, I can’t stay long. I’m having lunch with your mom in twenty minutes.” You protest as his lips trail lazy kisses down your neck. “Mm, all I need is ten.” He replies. “Calum, not here.” You say, laughing a little. He frowns and pulls away. “I’m sure your employees are tired of hearing me scream their boss’ name.” Calum smirks. “See, I fixed that. This room is now soundproof.” You step away from him, grinning. “Still, I’ll look like a mess when I see your mom.” You say. He groans, running a hand through his dark locks. “You can’t just come here and expect me to not want you. You look fucking amazing.” He mumbles, eyeing your body hungrily. “Your secretary needs to go. She always says you’re too busy to see me.” You say, pouting. Calum reaches out and cups your cheek with his hand. “I am busy, that’s true, but I’m never too busy for you, darling.” You smile as his accent seems to thicken. “I love you, Mr. Hood.” Calum smiles at you as he walks back to his desk and sits down. “I love you too, Mrs. Hood.” He murmurs. “Do you mind saying that louder when you walk me out for your female employees? They look at you like you’re a piece of meat. And they do it in front of me!” You complain, pouting again. Calum smirks. “Someone jealous?” He asks. “Yes. I am.” You say sharply, biting your lip. “You’ve got nothing to be jealous of, angel. You’re the only one I want.” Calum promises, opening a drawer to his desk. He pulls out a little blue bag from Tiffany’s. “For me?” You ask excitedly, running over to his desk. “Of course it’s for you.” Calum chuckles, watching as you tear away at the tissue paper. You pull out a small, rectangle shaped box and open it. A diamond anklet lies inside perfectly, the diamonds shimmering against the light in Calum’s office. “Calum, it’s beautiful.” You say softly. He comes around and kneels down in front of you. He lifts your foot and removes your stiletto, kissing the arch of your foot. He moves his lips to the inside of your knee before putting the anklet on you, making you shiver. “You promise it’ll only be ten minutes?” You ask. Calum considers this. “No. I changed my mind.” He pushes the button for the intercom. “Julie, can you call my mother and reschedule her lunch with (Y/N) to another day? I’m afraid my wife isn’t feeling too well.” Calum lies. “Yes, sir. Anything else?” Julie replies. “Yeah, cancel all my afternoon appointments and meetings.”

Luke: Nobody really knew exactly what you and Luke were. All they knew was that everywhere he went, you seemed to be too. Everyone called you the “Power Couple,” since you owned a successful company and he was, well, a very successful musician in a band. Truth is, though, that you didn’t even know what you were to Luke. You enjoyed spending time together and had fooled around a number of times, but still, you both refused to put a label on it. Now, sitting at a large table at the annual dinner between all the boys and their families, you feel saddened by the fact that Luke may not be your boyfriend, due to the no label situation. You watch as Calum interacts with his girlfriend with bright eyes and a big smile. Luke notices you drifting from conversation, so he places a hand on your knee. “You alright?” He asks quietly. You nod, taking a sip of your champagne. “(Y/N), I know you. Something’s wrong. What is it?” Luke asks. You stay silent, moving his hand off of your knee. “Is it something with the company?” He tries. You look at him. His blue orbs have a sense of worry in them. “My company is fine.” You say quietly, not wanting to draw attention. “But my heart? Not so much.” Luke sighs as understanding sets in. You excuse yourself from the table and walk outside the restaurant, needing some air. You thought running a successful company was going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Instead, dating Luke Hemmings was the hardest thing. You groan silently as paparazzi spots you from across the street. You turn and walk in the direction of your company building, trying your best to avoid the cameras. You needed to do some extra work, anyway. Luke doesn’t show up at your office until a few hours later. “Lets go home, (Y/N).” He says quietly, leaning against the doorframe. “Why, Luke? Why should I go home with you?” You ask, setting your pen down. “Don’t do this right now. You know very well what I feel for you. I don’t think that needs a label.” Luke says. “Well, I think it does. And until you feel the same, don’t come back.” You say quietly, your heart dropping to your stomach. Luke sighs and shakes his head, then turns to leave. You cry all night and end up sleeping at your office. The next morning, you see a notification from Luke’s Instagram. It’s a picture of you, asleep in Luke’s bed. Your hair is sprawled out over the cotton pillows and you’re wearing one of Luke’s band tees. Your mouth is slightly open. Luke captioned the photo, “really missing waking up to this beauty today.” It’s the first photo he’s ever posted of you. Someone knocks on your office door, startling you. Your blonde haired, rock star boyfriend stands there, his eyebrows raised. “Can we just start there and then figure out a label?” He asks quietly.

Michael: “Ms. (Y/L/N), the people from Clifford Enterprises are here to see you.” Your assistant says, poking her head in the door of your office. “Ask them to wait, please.” You say quietly, looking at a sheet from recent pay outs. “There’s no way in hell I’m waiting on you again, lady.” A guy with rumpled, bleach blonde hair says as he pushes his way into your office. “Ah, Mr. Clifford, you’re a pleasure as always.” You say, faking a smile. Michael rolls his eyes. “Are you done trying to steal my company?” He asks, sitting in front of your desk. “I’m not trying to steal your company. I’m trying to merge with it.” You say. Michael grits his teeth. “We don’t want to merge with you.” He says. “You may not want to, but you need to. Your company is failing every day and it’s time to face that you need my help.” Michael sighs and runs his hand over his face. “I’m working on fixing my company. We don’t need you.” He says firmly. You lean forward across your desk. “You’re a lot meaner when I’m not sucking your dick.” You snap, referring to the annual Christmas party between local companies from last year where you both got drunk and had sex in the bathroom. “And you’re a lot less sexier when you’re not drunk and trying to steal my company.” Michael retorts. “For the last time, Michael, I’m not trying to steal your company! We can merge and run things together.” You tell him, annoyed. He considers this, biting his lip. “I get to be in charge more.” He mutters. “No, we would be in charge equally.” You correct. “You of all people should know how much I like being in charge, kitten.” Michael says seductively, making you squirm in your seat. “We can schedule a meeting to decide who controls what another time.” You say, regaining your composure. “Or you could come over and kneel across my lap.” He suggests. You feel your cheeks heat up. “Michael, I’d appreciate it if you would refrain from sexual comments.” Michael smirks and leans forward. “And I’d appreciate it if you would stop trying to steal my company.” You scoff, standing up. “I see that you’re still immature. You can go.” You say, walking over to open your office door. Michael follows, giving your ass a squeeze before he leaves the office. You let out a small squeal. Michael laughs as he walks away from your office. “Stop being such a prune, (Y/N). No deal, but I’ll pick you up at eight for dinner.”

Stuck in Translation

Hi guys! So, after my meta of this last episode, I got an anonymous ask about my take on Cas’ I love you, and I since I saw that some other people like @mijrake and @tinkdw had replied to my post and were wondering about this as well, I decided to look into it to see if my hunch was right.

As a recap, the question was -

That I love you - was it for Dean? Or was it a plural? 

- and my initial assumption was, yeah, definitely a plural, and not for Dean (or not in any overly romantic sense, anyway).

First, I have to say - I understand why other people’s interpretations will differ from mine, and I agree that the camera work on this show is completely Destiel-friendly, but what I also think is that camera work is not what defines what’s going for most people - actions and words is how the audience understands a story, because that’s the instinctive, ‘natural’ way to make sense of real life as well. The vast majority of viewers (and I’m including myself here, because I only know the very basics of how movies are made) won’t know anything about silent storytelling, subtext, camera angles, framed ships on the walls and beer labels. Plus, they’re watching this show like they’re watching dozens of other shows - simply because it’s fun, or because it’s on, or because yeah, I’ve missed a couple of seasons but holy shit, this looks good so let’s give it another chance. They’re not going to read meta online and watch gifs in slow-motion until they can’t function and turn and toss in their beds wondering what Cas really meant, which is why subtextual-only building of gay relationships is dishonest and queerbaiting if it doesn’t follow through. This is, after all, the main reason why most people aren’t even aware that Destiel is a thing - because most of it is still in the subtext. 

And coming to the language thing - I’m an interpreter and a translator, so I face this kind of situations every day. In interpreting, everything is generally way too fast to make informed decisions and educated guesses, so you simply do your best, but when translating I often agonize over what to say, especially when working on UK texts, because I know how understated people there can be, so I’ve normally got this text saying one thing but I know, I’m sure of it, that it actually means something else, and what the hell do I do with this now and just kill me

In this case - I’m sorry guys - from what I’ve seen most people don’t agree with me, but I’m not changing my mind. I would never translate Cas’ I love you as a singular. Never ever. It would be dishonest of me, and definitely an overinterpretation. A casual viewer wouldn’t even notice the camera pan to Dean, or would assume it’s normal in a platonic way - Dean’s the one Cas has the profound bond with, after all - he saved Dean from Hell, rebelled against Heaven because Dean asked him to, and is generally learning how to think and feel for himself from Dean. Most of the time when Cas is speaking we get a reaction shot from Dean, not Sam, but reaction shots in themselves are not enough to assume two characters are in love with each other and want to bang right, left and centre. And, well, I’m not a fansubber, but I like follow the work of the Italian fansubbing community and 99% of the time they do an outstanding job, so I’ve gone tinkering around on their websites and this is what they did -

Conoscervi…è stata la cosa più bella, per me. E tutte le cose…che abbiamo condiviso…mi hanno cambiato. Siete la mia famiglia. Vi voglio bene. A tutti voi.

- and, to me, it makes perfect sense. The verb to love in Italian - amare - is profoundly connected with romantic or sexual love, and it’d be beyond weird to use it with a family member. Voler bene is the expression we use for that, and is how Cas’ I love you - I love all of you is translated as.

Compare and contrast with Metatron’s taunts - He’s in love with…humanity - which was translated as È innamorato…dell’umanità: that was the right choice, because ‘in love’ is the unambiguous expression for romantic love, just like innamorarsi di qualcuno in Italian. In fact, all the most famous instances of I love you directed to family members were inevitably translated with voler bene.

Va tutto bene. Perche’ sei mio fratello. E ti voglio bene comunque. [5x11, Sam]

Lucifero…Tu sei mio fratello e ti voglio bene. [5x12, Gabriel]

In Italian, amare can be used with family members and friends but not as a direct ti amo - only in a kind of I love my friends way. This is recognized by the fansubbers, who do use the word when the context is more general:

Deludo le persone che amo. Ho deluso papa’ e adesso credo di aver deluso anche te. [2x22, Dean]

E quando cederai alla fine, e credimi, cederai, Sam…e tutti quelli che conosci e ami…potrebbero essere morti da tempo. Tutti eccetto me. [10x22, Cas]

Translating Cas’ I love you as Ti amo would have been incorrect, out of context and dishonest, especially since Cas just said all three Winchesters are like family to him.

So, look - what annoys me about stuff like that is that what we’re doing right now is the inevitable result. The whole point of inserting ambiguous scenes is to keep everybody happy and get people talking about what happened so we won’t lose interest in the show. Some people right now are elated because my God, Cas told Dean he loved him, while other people feel tricked and let down by the fact the scene wasn’t clear enough, and the thing is - there is no right or wrong answer because that’s how the scene was written in the first place - ambiguously. The words mean one thing, but the way they’re framed into the conversation means another. They could be directed at Dean, but Cas looks away from him, but we still get Dean’s reaction shot. And so on, and so forth. One could easily write a novel about how this scene was written, played and shot, and I’ve got no doubt we will do that, just as we wrote novels about all those other moments who meant everything and nothing, all at once.

Just for fun: here’s the work of the other fansubbers in romance languages.

French: Vous connaître…Ce fut la meilleure partie de ma vie. Les choses qu'on a partagées m'ont transformé. Vous êtes ma famille. Je vous aime. Je vous aime tous. [PLURAL]

Portuguese: Conhecer vocês…foi a melhor parte da minha vida. E as coisas que…as coisas que fizemos juntos, elas me mudaram. Vocês são minha família. Eu amo vocês. Amo todos vocês. [PLURAL]

Spanish: Conoceros…ha sido lo mejor de mi vida. Y las cosas…Las cosas  que hemos compartido juntos, me han cambiado. Sois mi familia. Os quiero. Os quiero a todos. [PLURAL]

So, please - there were a lot of significant things going on in this episode, and as a determined and obsessive and combative Cas girl, I was blown away by Cas acknowledging and accepting his place at the Winchesters’ side and formulating those human feelings that have been flickering on and off in his chest from the start, but personally, I’m also not going to kid myself here. This did not make Destiel canon: like many other choices they’ve made other the years, it made Destiel easier, believable, within reach and a natural conclusion to this story they’re telling - but for the moment, that relationship is still subtextual and it’s up to them to bloody get it out of the subtext, not up to us to drag it out - and that’s simply how the rules work.