no la robes


A fine striped robe à la polonaise, French, 1770s 

Cinnamon and ivory satin stripes, with double engageants, English back, the interior with tapes and loops to form polonaise folds; with ivory satin stomacher covered with pinked ribbon rosettes; and a finely quilted ivory satin petticoat with overall lattice design and flowerheads within triangles to the hem; together with a modern choker made to match from Valenciennes lace and ribbon (4) 

Kerry Taylor Auctions


dans l’ordre. au retour, je baille. c’est gris, c’est grand, la robe remonte à cause des courants d’airs. je sens les regards sur la poitrine, pas assez ronde. la fatigue qui s’étend s’étale. on l’attend longtemps. je m’ennuie déjà. on insiste pour passer la soirée ensemble. je dis que j’aimerais rentrer pour être seule. “j’en ai besoin” “je comprends” - sourire


A Robe a la Française from the Museum of London. At first glance I thought it was maybe a costume from the movie “Dangerous Liaisons”, using a green version of the Wishing fabric. But this is an extant 1770s creation showing the type of fabrics the Wishing one was inspired by.