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Can you use some google reference when drawing in LINE webtoon or not? It's scary, but references help save time.

I use references all the time, references are vital! Using references when drawing doesn’t just save time it will make your art better :D

Of course, if you’re referencing a photo very heavily you can run into copyright issues. If you’re just referencing an element of a photo (a pose but not the person in the photo, the structure of a building but not the facade, the colour scheme of a forest but not the composition) then it’s probably okay to reference from any photo you want (especially if it’s for a personal project, not something commercial). But, if you think that your final image will vaguely resemble the original photo then you want to only use photos with permission so you don’t infringe on someone else’s copyright.

You can use google to only search for images where the creator has given permission for reuse:

You can do something similar when searching for images on flickr:

I think flickr is even better than google images search because it allows you to search for photos that are in the public domain (no known copyright restrictions) which means the original photographer doesn’t require credit if you use their photo as a reference - google doesn’t tell you this, so you’ll have to check for each photo you want to use and provide credit when required.

And the deviantart stock images section also has heaps of beautiful photos that you might be able to use as references, though you’ll need to check when using a photo what the terms of use are for each photographer (typically you’ll have to credit the original artist + notify them, but it varies, so please check!)