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The Creators of Yuri on Ice
  • Episode one: let's make the gay really subtle and not distract from the story line
  • Episode two: Just make the opening a little gayer and have Viktor touch Yuri a bunch, but in a teasing flirting way. We don't want to go overboard
  • Episode four: Let's just straight up have Viktor ask to be Yuri's lover. That should get everyone on the same page
  • Episode seven: Make them kiss ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Episode nine: They're still??? not??? convinced??? After that? Ok, so this time do like a really big dramatic airport scene where they run at each other and Yuri uses the same words as a proposal to ask Viktor to stay with him. But still keep it subtle. We're going For sub-context here to let the audience figure it out.
Bath Time ~ Josh Washington One Shot/Imagine~

Fandom : Until Dawn

Character : Josh Washington x Reader

Word Count : 1,930

Warning: Contains swearing and some very badly written smut (sorry)

Also please request for more imagines/one shots here , I would love to hear what kind of one shots you would like to see!

Also this is set a year before the accident with Hannah and Beth.

It’s freezing in here!” Ashley whimpered beside you.

You nodded in agreement, rubbing your arms with your hands vigorously in attempt to warm yourself up. You jumped slightly when you felt someone place their hands over yours, tugging you backwards. You glanced over your shoulder to see your boyfriend Josh, his arms wrapping around you from behind as he copied the motion your hands had been doing a moment ago.

“You ok Ice Princess?” Josh whispered in your ear.

You laughed at the fitting nickname, “Yeah, I just wish I bought a thicker jacket.”

“It will warm up soon.” Josh reassured you, placing a kiss on your cheek.

“Do you two have to be so cute and make the rest of us feel depressed?” Chris teased; although you noticed his eyes flickered to Ashley. Everyone but Ashley knew he had a huge crush on her; he had only admitted it you and Josh but the rest of the group knew just by the way he acted around her.

“Sorry Cochise, I just can’t keep my hands off my girl.” Josh shrugged, making you beam with happiness. You loved how Josh was so open about his feelings for you; it reassured you that he wasn’t ashamed of you. You always felt that you were punching above your weight; that Josh was too good for you.

All through high school you had heard Emily, Jess, Ashley and Sam gush about how hot Josh was. He was really good looking - tanned skin, black curly hair and a smile that could light up any room. You knew for a fact that Sam and Jess both had a small crush on Josh, Jess had admitted it in a game of Never Have I Ever and although Sam had never admitted it to you, you still knew by the way her eyes lingered on him sometimes.

You and Josh had gotten together a few months ago; when Josh had kissed you out of nowhere when you had been tutoring him in English around at his house. You had been speechless, you couldn’t believe out of all the girls, he had chosen you.

“Come on guys, let’s get the party started!” Jess whooped, dancing around the cabins living room in excitement. You rolled her eyes at her childish antics but chuckled, you were excited about the trip to the cabin too.

“Let’s get some drinks.” Beth suggested.

“I’ll get them.” Sam offered. She began walking to the kitchen before she paused and looked back at Josh and you, “Do you mind helping me Josh?”

You gritted your teeth in attempt to contain your irritation. Sam could have asked anyone to help her; Mike, Chris or Matt would have jumped at the opportunity, yet she had to ask your boyfriend.

“Yeah, sure Sammy.” Josh grinned.

You looked down at the ground, your stomach dropping as you felt Josh’s arm slide away from your waist as he went to join Sam; who was grinning at your boyfriend. You resisted the urge to scream at the blonde and instead turned around and headed towards the stairs.

“Hey,” Hannah’s gentle voice sounded from behind you, “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.” You answered bitterly.

“Just ignore Sam, she’ll get over her crush soon.” Hannah tried to reassure you but you shook your head; you knew Josh, girls were hooked on him forever. “Come and sit with us.”

“I’m gonna take a bath,” You said; in no mood to sit around and watch Sam flirt with yor boyfriend. “I’ll see you later.”

Hannah sighed from behind you but let you go. You knew she was trying to help but right now you just wanted to be alone. You insecurities bit at you as you ran upstairs, comparing yourself to Sam who in your eyes had always been prettier, skinnier and nicer.

Yes, you really needed a nice bath.

You sighed and rested your head against the bathtub. The water was warm against your skin, the steam clouding the bathroom as you felt your whole body relax. The bathroom was illuminated in the warm and gentle glow of the candles you had lit and the stereo was playing some soothing music on low volume.

You closed your eyes and tried to rid your mind of the toxic thoughts. You didn’t want to be the jealous girlfriend who didn’t trust her boyfriend, but you couldn’t help it; you were only human. You jumped slightly when you heard a knock on the door. Your eyes flitted to the towel on the other side of the room as you remembered how you hadn’t locked.

“Hello?” You called out nervously.

“Y/N.” Josh called, his voice slightly muffled behind the door, “Are you in there?”

“Yeah.” You confirmed, “I’m having a bath.”

“Are you ok? Hannah said you were upset.” Josh questioned in concern.

“Damn it Hannah.” You hissed, “I’m fine Josh.”

“Just tell me what’s wrong Y/N.” Josh pressed.

“I’m fine!” You protested unconvincingly.

“Tell me or I’m coming in.” Josh threatened.



“Josh, it’s nothing-”


“Josh, no!”


The door flew open and Josh stepped inside, closing the door and locking it behind him. You pulled your knees up to your chest, sinking down into the bubbles in attempt to cover your bare skin. In the months you and Josh had been going out he had never seen you naked, whenever you had a hot makeout session you would either be interrupted by your Mum and Dad or his parents or his sisters. The most Josh had seen was you in your bra.

Josh turned around, halting immediately when he took in your appearance. His eyes dragged over your figure, his eyes lingering on your collarbone, thighs and face. Despite your knowledge Josh thought you looked stunning in the gentle light from the candles, your hair trailing down the side of your neck, your skin shiny from the water.

“Jesus.” Josh swallowed, his eyes dark with lust.

“Just turn around, I’ll get a towel-” You started to say but Josh shook his head repeatedly.

“No, there is no way in hell you are moving.”

“What? Why?” You questioned in confusion.

Your eyes widened when Josh started unbuckling his pants, revealing his tight black Calvin Klein boxers.

“Because I’m getting in with you.” Josh stated huskily, his mouth lifting up in his handsome smirk. Your heart stuttered as you watched him tug off his jumper, revealing his tanned chest. You couldn’t stop your eyes from sweeping over the taut muscles, the broad shoulders and the deep v-lines.

“You’re…You’re getting in?” You stuttered.

Josh grinned, “Try and stop me.”

You glanced down at the bubbles as you glimpsed Josh pull down his boxers. You tighten your hold around your knees as you heard him walk towards the bath; his bare feet slapping against the tiles.

You shivered when you felt him lean behind you, his breath hot at your ear, “budge up baby.”

You shuffled forward, the water sloshing around you as Josh climbed in behind you. His legs came either side of you and you froze when you felt his warm hands against you shoulders.

“You don’t need to be nervous around me Y/N.” Josh reassured you, his lips grazing your neck, “You’re gorgeous.”

You hesitantly loosened the grip on your knees before you allowed yourself to relax into Josh, your head falling in the place between his neck and collarbone and your legs straightening as you laid down. Josh’s hands rested on your naked stomach as his lips pressed against your forehead.

“Tell me why you’re upset.” Josh begged, his voice a rumble against your wet hair, “Talk to me.”

“It’s stupid.” You whispered.

Josh’s hand stroked your hip causing your heart to malfunction slightly, “It’s not stupid if it’s upsetting you.”  

“I just…” You sighed before allowing the words to tumble from your mouth, “I know it’s stupid but I hate how the girls look at you, it makes me feel like shit. And I know you don’t encourage them and you’re not trying to flirt with them because that’s just who you are, but I don’t think you understand how much other girls want you.”

“Who are you talking about?” Josh frowned.

You rolled your eyes, “Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed how Sam and Jess fawn all over you.”

“They do not.” Josh denied.

“Do you mind helping me Josh?” You imitated Sam, making sure to flutter your eyelashes for effect.

“Sam’s just a friend.” Josh protested.

You scoffed, “Yeah sure.”

“I’m serious Y/N.” Josh said, his tone serious, “I’m not interested in Sam, or any of the other girls, the only girl I’m interested in is the one in my arms right now.” His lips brushed against your neck, his hands trailing lower down your stomach. You jerked slightly as they dipped between your legs, the movement causing you to arch your back and bang your head against his collarbone. “How could I be interested in anyone else when you look the way you do.”

His hand moved against you, causing you to bite your lip to stifle the moan that was dying to escape your lips.

“Do you know how long I’ve been dying to see you naked?” Josh whispered in your ear, pausing to take your lobe between his teeth and nibble gently, “To admire that beautiful body.”

One of his hand moved upwards before cupping your breast in his hands, “You have beautiful curves.” He moaned appreciatively, his hand moving harder between your legs and causing a moan to escape your lips, “Moan for me again Y/N.”

You couldn’t help yourself as he slipped a finger inside of you, his thumb circling the little bundle of nerves between your thighs. You arched your back further, your lips parting as you panted and moaned at his touch.

“I don’t want you to ever feel insecure.” Josh mumbled before trailing kisses and bites down your neck, his hand that wasn’t busy between your thighs squeezing your breast and causing your breath to hitch. “You’re the only one I want.”

“Josh.” You breathed as he slipped another finger inside you.

“God, say my name again.” Josh growled, his fingers moving harder and causing you to moan out loudly.

The heat was building inside your stomach and you pinched your eyes shut, your legs trembling as you became a mess of moans and whimpers. You whispered his name as he bit into your neck, his lips sucking the tender skin to ensure he would leave his mark on you.

“Jesus Christ Josh.” You panted when he finally allowed you to calm down.

Josh chuckled, his hands stroking your hair, “Did it feel good?”

“Yeah.” You breathed, turning around slightly so you could kiss him. His lips captured yours in a passionate kiss, his tongue grazing your bottom lip as his hands tangled in your hair.

You both jumped when a knock sounded at the door.

“Hey guys…” Sam’s voice sounded from behind the door, “We’re gonna watch a film if you wanna come down?”

“But we’ll understand if you don’t want to,” Chris snorted, “It sounds like you two have been having a hell of a time!”

You blushed at the thought that everyone had heard your moans, but a part of you aso didn’t care, the experience had been amazing and you would definitely not regret it.

“Oh sorry guys, but me and Y/N will not be down any time soon!” Josh shouted efore his lips captured yours in a searing kiss once again.  

Dessert, Interruption & Walks With Ice Cream

It had been a long couple of months, with back to back cases causing the team to be on constant travel and alert. Finally the team had been told to take off three days after finishing any outstanding paperwork, the bull pen could now be found full of rushing agents sitting at their desks trying to finish up as quick as possible.

Much later after most of the agents had gone home, the only two in office was Hotch and yourself. The two of you have been dating for around 9 months now, but with the sudden increase in cases, you both haven’t had the time until now to spend any time together. Calling it quits after signing the last of his files, Hotch got to his feet grabbed his briefcase, shut off his desk and office light before exiting and locking his office door. Turning to walk down the catwalk stairs Hotch saw you still at your desk, feet propped up on the desk top, reading whatever was showing on your tablet, smiling softly Hotch wondered over to you.

‘What you still working for?’ said Hotch smiling at you softy.

'Trying to get as much done as I could’ you replied with a shrug dropping your feet to the floor, placing the tablet on the desk.

'Why don’t you call it a night? There’s a new dessert place down the street, and we haven’t seen each other except at work, I’ll treat you to coffee and whatever dessert you want’ said Hotch.

'Hmmm well when you say that’ you teased as you got to your feet placing the tablet into your bag, switching off the desk light you placed your hand in the hand Hotch offered you, both of you making your way out the bull pen happy that the building was quiet.

When the two of you had deposited your bags in your respective cars, then made your way up the street to the dessert bar, you were both now sat in a corner booth side by side. Hotch’s arm was wrapped around your side tucking you into the side of his body, both of you had cups of coffee and a slice of chocolate cake that you both were sharing.

'It feels like forever since we were last alone together’ you sighed snuggling into Hotch’s warm body.

Hotch pressed a kiss to your head before saying 'I know and I’m sorry sweetheart, I just wanted to get back to Jack after and between cases as soon as I could’ said Hotch slightly defensive. You pressed a hand on Hotch’s leg, squeezing it to reassure him.

'It’s ok Aaron, I’d be worried if you didn’t, I was just referring to our case load that’s all’ You hushed Hotch pressing a kiss to his jaw. 'How is Jackers anyway?’ The use of 'Jackers’ Hotch’s eyes sparkled in amusement.

'He’s doing great, he’s above his grade for reading and seems to be really enjoying school, he keeps asking to see you again. I think he may have a crush on you’ Hotch teased you pinching your side causing you to giggle. Before anything else was said, the unmistakeable voices of the team could be heard.

'I texted them both, but got no response from them’ you both could here Garcia’s voice from your seat.

'Baby girl, Hotch has probably gone home to Jack and Y/N probably wanted some time to herself’ said Morgan, his reply making you and Hotch smile.

However the voices slowly began to get closer to where the two of you were sat, you knew the two of you were about to be discovered you pressed your face into Hotch’s body.

'What are doing?’ laughed Hotch.

'I’m testing a theory’ You mumbled from Hotch’s side

'Oh really and what theory is that exactly’ asked Hotch in amusement. You brought your face away to look at him.

'If I can’t see them, they can’t see me’ You said weakly.

Hotch coughed out a laugh smiling fondly at you, he dipped his head and pressed his lips to yours before coaxing them to move with his own. Your eyes fluttered shut as you kissed Hotch, both of your lips moving softly together, the moment was interrupted by a gasp. You both broke apart turning to face the startled team, Hotch’s arm still wrapped around you.

'How long has this been going on?’ demanded Garcia immediately.

'9 months’ You answered smiling at Hotch’s reassuring squeeze.

'Why the secrecy?’ Morgan asked his eyes narrowing.

'It isn’t like that…'Hotch started before being cut off by Morgan

'It isn’t like what? Sneaky? We are a team or did you forget that?’

'You know Morgan we are together so much as it is sorry if we wanted to keep something for ourselves, and don’t act like you have never kept anything from the rest of us’ You exploded, not liking the way Morgan was judging you.

When Morgan went to reply, this time Hotch cut him off.

'Leave it Morgan, we were going to tell you we just…’

'Got distracted by each other’ Rossi suggested smiling softly at you both. You smiled back gratefully knowing Rossi was happy for you.

'Yes thank you Dave’ replied Hotch rolling his eyes. 'Well we are going to get going, enjoy the rest of your evening.’ Hotch squeezed your side indicating for you to slide out of the booth. You both made your way to the front Hotch’s hand settled on the small of your back. Reaching the front of the bar Hotch approached the counter making you look at him quizzically. At the counter Hotch ordered two small ice cream cups, receiving them Hotch passed one to you and you both made your way onto the street.

As you both made your way up the street, you enjoyed your treats in comfortable silence. After a few minutes of walking you suddenly felt Hotch’s elbow nudge your side. Looking up at him you found a smirk teasing you on his lips.

'What?’ You questioned.

'Your little rant to Morgan’ said Hotch his eyes sparkling in amusement.

Reading his face you knew he was teasing you, you couldn’t help but laugh.

'Yeah, maybe I went a little overboard’ You said sheepishly.

'No you were defending us, Morgan just has…’ started Hotch

'Trust issues’ You suggested throwing your cup into the nearby trash can, Hotch did the same before wrapping his arm around your shoulders pulling you into his side.

'What’s really bothering you’ asked Hotch softly.

'It just felt like everyone besides Dave were judging us’ You said wrapping your arm around Hotch’s waist. Hotch slowed you both down until you stopped.

'Then let them, I love you Y/N, nothing that the team says is going to change that’ said Hotch making you smile at him.

'I love you to Aaron’ You said pressing your lips to his.

'Why don’t you come and spend the next few days we have off with me and Jack?’ suggested Hotch as you both began to walk down the street.

'I’d love to’

Just Like The Leaves Change In Colors

Pairing: Mikey Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @rydentrash03. “A fluffy one where the reader wears Mikey’s sweater.” 

You’d wanted to spend time with your boyfriend today, but the photoshoot he and the other members of My Chemical Romance were doing this afternoon was taking forever. The photographer, who worked for a very prestigious magazine that the band was excited to be featured in, had decided that the falling autumn leaves would be the perfect backdrop. You had to admit, Mikey looked incredibly cute surrounded by all the reds and browns and yellows swirling in the October breeze. But, it was so cold outside.

Mikey was posing next to his brother against a tree when he suddenly looked over at you, seeming concerned about the way you were shivering.

“Mikey, I need you to look at the camera!” the photographer directed.

“Actually, can we take five?” Mikey requested.

“Make it quick,” the photographer sighed, and, with this permission granted, your boyfriend walked over to you.

You immediately grabbed him and pulled him close, pressing your cold face to his chest. “Hey,” you said, your voice muffled against the fabric of his striped sweater.

“Babe, are you ok? You look like you’re freezing over here,” Mikey frowned. “Listen, I’m going to be a while longer. If you want to just go home, I’ll understand.”

“No, I want to wait for you,” you insisted. “You said when this was over, we could hang out.”

“Yeah, I still want to do that,” Mikey nodded. “But, I don’t want you to catch cold while I’m over there taking pictures with Gerard and the boys.”

“I wish I hadn’t forgotten my sweater,” you chided yourself.

“Here, you can wear mine,” Mikey offered. He removed his glasses first, so they wouldn’t get bent, and then slipped the white and black stripe sweater off over his head, revealing the Joy Division shirt beneath.  He put his glasses back on and handed the sweater to you.

“Are you sure you won’t be cold if you give me this?” you asked.

“No, I’ll be fine,” Mikey assured you. “It gets a lot colder back home in New Jersey, so these California winters are nothing.”

“Ok, if you’re sure…thanks!,” you smiled, and put on the sweater. It was a little big on you, but that just turned the sleeves into warm, floppy mittens.

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anonymous asked:

Can i request a senario where Deku gets kissed by a senpai reader? (in a developing relationship)

I assume by developing relationship you mean that they haven’t gotten together yet. Reader is one year older than Deku. Warning for swears below

The first time you two had met, you met by chance, some time before Midoriya was accepted into Yuuei. You had been walking home from a weekend training session when you saw him. There was someone bullying him, some blond boy with spiky hair holding his notebook above his head and jeering at him. You later learned his name was Bakugou, a childhood friend of Midoriya’s, much to your surprise. Despite your height and thanks to the training you received at Yuuei, you were able to take the notebook from his hand. Unfortunately, you weren’t able to grab it before he used his quirk on it to burn parts of the notebook. You could only give Bakugou a cold stare, “You know, it’s not nice at all to bully others. Having a strong quirk doesn’t make you a better person.”

Bakugou could only glare at you, “Why the fuck do you care!?! I’m just showing this bastard the differences between us!” He looked over to Midoriya, getting threateningly close, “Isn’t that right Deku? I’m just showing you why you can’t be a hero, not without a quirk.”

Midoriya could only whimper, causing you to feel more sympathetic towards him. You grabbed Bakugou by his shirt and pulled him back, “Oh, leave him alone! You have no right to say that to him!”

Thinking you weren’t worth the fight he only scowled at you before leaving. You could only sigh, shaking your head before turning to Midoriya a sympathetic smile on your face, “Deku, was it? I’m ___. Sorry I couldn’t save your notebook.”

He could feel a blush growing on his face and he found it hard to respond, “T-t-thats all right…I’m use t-to it…”

That only caused you to frown, “It isn’t fair that people like him have such powerful quirks. I only saw him use it this once but that was enough to confirm it. You know, you seem like you would have been a good hero.” 

Midoriya could only stare, unable to respond. You ruffled his hair, which only caused him to become even more flustered, “Well, see you around, Deku.” 

It would be a year before you two saw each other again. 

The next time you saw him, you were both at Yuuei. Aizawa had requested some second years from your class to help with 1-A, as you had survived that class a year earlier. You and some friends had been summoned to a training session to guide the first years, mostly just give advice and the like. When you had all walked in, the first years stared for a second before looking away but occasionally threw glances at you all. Midoriya had quickly spotted you and, remembering that he never actually thanked for what you had done a year before, he rushed over to you, Iida and Ochako following him close behind. You easily spotted him, you were pleasantly surprised to see him and smiled, “Deku! I’m glad to see you here.” 

Midoriya smiled shyly, glad that you remembered him, “_-___, thanks…Ah! I forgot to thank you for last time,” he bowed quickly, “Thank you so much for your help, ___!”

You playfully ruffled his hair, “It’s no problem, really, just glad I could help.” 

A blush slowly grew on his cheeks but before he could say anything Aizawa spoke up, “Midoriya, is that any way to speak to someone of class 2-A? Your senior?”

Midoriya looked shocked before a look of horror passed over his face, “I’m so sorry, ___-senpai! I-I didn’t know…!”

You only scratched the back of your head, embarrassed, a light laugh escaping your lips, “That’s all right, I never told you when we met after all. I wasn’t wearing my uniform either so how would you have known?”  

The rest of the day went off well as you and your friends helped the first years. Of course you found out about Bakugou, which displeased you immensely, but the fact that he got into Yuuei in the first place, in class 1-A no less, proved he had the potential to be a great hero. So, you decided to give him a chance and see how he would grow through his time at Yuuei. Though, if he tried to hurt Midoriya, there was no doubt you’d do something about it. 

Months passed by and you and Midoriya grew closer, helping each other in your classes. Although, you helped him more than he did you, but it wasn’t your fault you were a year ahead and had done what he was currently doing already. Plus, you didn’t mind as you always found it fun to help him and his friends when they were struggling. 

One day, as you two were walking home, talking about your favorite heroes and how you couldn’t wait to join their ranks, Midoriya spoke up. “___-senpai?”

The honorific still felt strange but Midoriya never dropped it, no matter how much you asked as he believed it was too disrespectful. You looked over to him with a smile, “Whats up, Deku?”

“I’m going to become the best hero, s-so just wait for me, ok?” He looked a little flustered as he declared that to you. 

You could only feel your smile grow, he was just too adorable, “Of course, I swear on my life I will.” 

An adorable smile grew on his blushing face. Unable to resist, you pressed your lips to his cheek in a sweet kiss. Midoriya could only feel his face grow extremely red as he set his hand on his cheek, much too stunned to respond. You pressed your finger to your lips, a teasing smile on your face, “Lets keep this promise between us.”