no kings in gotham au

Jerome Valeska x Reader- My Good Girl (Rated M smut)

I got a request from Anon -  You are the crime boss’ apprentice, you do well on a task he sets you so he rewards you greatly.

An AU story where Jerome is the King of Gotham. You are his second in command and he is so pleased with your work he rewards you with a fantasy or your choice. Sorry for the repeat in story with video footage it just works nicely here too! OOC character portrayal.

Warning-  High Sexual Content, Roleplay, Kidnapping and Punishment Fantasy, (consensual), restraints, blowjob, penetration, vaginal and anal, selfish sex, Dom! Jerome, Submissive Reader

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I Need a Gangsta

Harley/joker au!

“They were the King and Queen of Gotham….and god help anyone who disrespected the Queen.”

NOTE: the canon Harley and Joker relationship is 100% abusive and unhealthy, and shoUld not be romanticized. However, Suicide Squad portrayed their relationship to be much more loving and rather obsessive in a twisted type of love. So, that’s what im basing this on.


Very light gore and yknow…burning alive



“She weighs like 100 lbs…and you’re telling me..s-she already took out 5 of my men?” A brooding voice belted to a small group of armed men.

“She’s insane! She’s like some whole other…being! She’s so fast and really scary!” An officer stammered with several others nodding their heads in agreement.

The chief let out a deep sigh as he watched her from her chamber.

Dangling from the bars of her cage, was the infamous Queen of Hearts. She lived up to her name, moving with such grace and beauty, holding her head high with regal superiority to anyone in the room. Even behind bars, she made you question who was really in control.

She looped and swiveled against her ropes with exquisite flexibility, causing anyone to fall in a trance with her natural flow.

Men or women, she could entice just about anyone with her beauty. And, if she wasn’t so insane, people would fall in love with her.

“God. How could a dame like that get so screwed up with a guy like…him?” One of the guards whispered towards the chief.

“You know rich girls…all they want is adventure..” The chief huffed, walking towards the bars.

Her big brown eyes snapped towards him, and a brilliant smile spread across her face.

“Hiya chief~ Sorry I played too rough with ya buddies! I guess I’m just too…” She began, slipping out of ropes to greet him at the bars.

“Eccentric~” She giggled.

“What’s the deal Heartfilia? You were such a good girl these few months.Why the temper tantrums?” He spoke, almost angrily as she was obviously ignoring his words.

“I’m just….excited is all….” She said, pacing back a forth between her caged walls.

“For what exactly?” He said.

She froze, back facing the squad of officers as they watched her begin to shiver.

Then, she let out small spurts of giggles.

Soon, she was cackling like a maniac.

“Heartfilia! Excited for what?” He said, slamming the bars.

“I’m getting a visitor chief…” She spoke softly, sinisterly as she faced him.

“You aren’t allowed to get visitors Heartfilia…” He spoke sternly.

“Oh but my visitor doesn’t follow the rules! He’s a bad bad boy~And he would do anything for his princess.” she teased as she swiveled her hips against the bars.

The officers shook at the comment, eyeing each other nervously.

“You heard the rumors…right fellas?” Lucy said, turning her glance towards the guards.

“How he has the biggest body count of any villian in gotham. Maybe the whole world? I’m not sure, but I know he likes to be the best!” She laughed, watching as their eyes widened.

“Mmhm! He likes to stab them, crush them, shoot them, bomb them, poison them-the whole 9 yards! His favorite? Oh his favorite, favorite in the whole wide world is to burn them…alive~” she said slowly, giggling with joy as they began to shake.

“You know what he did? What he did for my birthday? Oh it was so romantic~! He crashed my birthday ball, shot every person in the room, and then burned my daddy to a crisp as I watched!” She laughed harder, watching as they all became confused and horrified at her simplicity towards her father’s death.

“Oh don’t worry! I’m not a psycho, I wouldn’t LIKE watching my daddy die….I LOVED watching him die.” She said in a sharp tone, making them jump back in fear.

“How could you love a man who did that to you?” One the guards spoke.

“He freed me dummy! And he’s gonna. Do it. Again.” She punctuated as her eyes moved in on the chief once more.

“He won’t.” The chief scoffed.

Suddenly, the large concrete walls began shaking as a loud rumble was heard from outside.

The troops readied their weapons, lining up in formation as they headed towards the large metal door that encased the prison.

Then, the loud rumbling stopped.

“He won’t?…Chief?” Lucy said, twirling her long blonde locks.

Loud explosions rung against the concrete walls, causing the large chunks of rubble to come flying into the jail yard. The large debris crushed many guards in its path, while the explosion itself knocked many off their feet.

Thugs and other armed men came rushing in through the broken openings, shooting madly at the guards who were blocking the cage.

“Dammit!” The chief grunted, hurrying towards Lucy’s cage.

“Hahahahah! Come on Chief~ Come inside and end up like your other buddies.” She giggled, cracking her neck as she waited to attack.

Instead, a dart flew at her neck, causing her to scream in pain as she fell to the ground.

The Chief hurried inside while she was down, quickly throwing her over his shoulder.

“Alpha beta delta! Head further into the prison and gate off the yard!” He shouted, yet faltered as almost all his troops were splayed against the ground like party confetti.

“Cheif….you should never put your hands on the Queen..” Lucy rasped, digging her nails into his back.

“And why is that?” He scoffed, heading towards the bolted doors of the courtyard.

“Because…only the King can touch his Queen.” A gruff voice spoke behind him.

The Chief froze in place, feeling his blood run cold at the snake like rasp of the man behind him.

“Turn around and show me that pretty face.” He said.

His body moved without even thinking, meeting the face of his worst nightmare.

His green eyes pierced through his soul, almost in a trance as he quivered with fear.

Past the fancy clothing, was bronze skin that was littered with tattoos and markings.

His body was laced with rings and gold, most likely stolen without a second thought.

His hair was as pink as they say, yet no laughter could come from anyone who saw it as they would die in a second.

“There you are…” He said, eyes changing from hard and cold, to warm and passionate as he met gazes with Lucy.

“Puddin..” Lucy said lovingly, holding her arms out towards her savior.

Natsu held out his own strong arms, gaze shifting towards the Chief as he waited have Lucy in his embrace.

The man handed the girl over and watched in awe as the most terrifying criminal in all the world…smiled.

“Oh, how I missed that pretty face~And that laugh~ and those eyes! Could you get any more dazzling Luce?” He chuckled, nuzzling his forehead against hers.

“Honey, you know just what to say to a girl~” she teased, pressing her lips against his.

Natsu let out a satisfied groan, finally with his Lucy once more.

He happily kissed her back, gripping her thighs and back as she pulled at his pink locks.

They pulled away with a longing sigh, both smiling like lovestruck idiots.

“Can you walk princess?” He asked tenderly.

“No. That meanie shot me in the neck.” Lucy pouted.

Natsu’s gaze shot towards the chief in an instant, eyes growing very dark.

“What?” He spat.

“Oh baby! My whole time here was awful. Those guards..t-they would harass me all day! They would yell at me and force medicine down my throat….they…t-touched me…” She said.

Her soft whimpering caused Natsu to snap towards her once more.

“Nononono sweetie…I hate when you cry. It really boils me up inside! How can Daddy make it better?” Natsu cooed, placing her on the ground as he knelt beside her.

“Well…could you…do the thing you did on my birthday?” She sniffed as he wiped her tears.

“Of course…you twisted little lady~” he chuckled darkly, earning a eery giggle from her as well.

Natsu placed his coat over her shoulders before kissing her head.

He began walking towards the Chief, his loving gaze long gone as his eyes turned to a scorching blaze.

He pulled his glock from his pants and shot out the kneecaps of the man before he could even blink, causing him to grown in pain before falling to the ground.

Lucy clapped happily behind them, giggling like a child watching a puppet show.

Natsu whistled loudly, signaling one of his henchmen to his side as he held out a large weapon.

A flamethrower.

“Now, buddy, pal, friend,I really don’t want to do this! But! The lady always gets what she wants…” He said, towering over the man.

With a pull of the trigger, the machine burst out a flurry of flames that eagerly clung to the skin and clothing of the man beneath him.

There was an ear-piercing scream as the man felt his flesh sear away with the fire.

He quickly began rolling, yet felt no movement as his legs lay limp.

Natsu began whistling a happy tune as he sashayed towards his princess, watching as she snuggled in his coat.

Plopping beside her, they both watched as the man cried in agony for the sweet mercy of death, yet continued burning on the ground.

“You’re so thoughtful puddin’” Lucy smiled as she nuzzled into Natsu’s side.

“Anything for my girl.”

♠♦ C L O S E D ♦♠

continued with @imknxwntobequitevexing

Perhaps we can make this work’ - arranged marriage AU

    The Joker had not been impressed when he had been told that in order to keep his criminal kingdom, he should take on a wife, a Queen, to make him seem more approachable. He had allowed Frost to pick a selection of willing volunteers and he picked the one he had liked the look of most - Doctor Harleen Quinzel. He knew no woman could refuse him and she would be the same, she would just have to learn to live in a world like his, with a man who was not capable of love. When she was sat opposite him in his club, telling him that they could make this work, he smirked at her, looking away. 

   Tell me, Doctor Quinzel,” he said, ignoring her comment, “why would someone like you want to marry a man like myself?”

[FIC] Care (HushJason, BruceJason)

Title: Care

Pairings: Jason/Hush, Bruce/Jason

Rating: NC-17, Explicit Porn (intercrural woo woo). Warning for some humiliation.

Summary: Medieval-ish AU. Before sending him to the Royal Palace to enact a treasonous plot, Hush reminds Jason of his place.

Notes: Standalone fic. This is my first time actually writing in Ren’s and my No Kings in Gotham verse (very loosely inspired by Tamora Pierce). Don’t worry, there is no need to have read anything else, fic or headcanon or otherwise, to understand this. Just read the context before jumping to the porn. 

Context: Ever since meeting Sir Bruce as a child, Jason, an orphan living on the streets of Lazar, has admired and idolized the respected knight. Now an adult, Jason has been been hired as a bounty hunter by a mysterious man named Hush who wishes to execute a treasonous plot against the kingdom’s nobility.


“You’re not going to let your little crush get in the way, are you?” Hush smirked as he pushed the damp hair off of Jason’s forehead.

Jason scowled up at the ceiling and swatted his hand away. “Of course not. I don’t even know him.”

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No Kings in Gotham: Major Characters

 Sir Bruce of Gotham

Knight Commander of the Queen’s Own, an elite regiment of Lazar’s army. Known as “the Bat” due to his impressive presence and the Gotham coat of arms, which prominently features the nocturnal creature. 

→ Sir Richard of Gotham

Formerly Sir Bruce’s squire and now a full knight of his own. Was a member of a traveling performance troupe, but was adopted by Bruce after being orphaned.

→ Talia of Demon’s Head, Queen of Lazar

Ruling monarch of the kingdom of Lazar. 

→ Duke Ra’s of Demon’s Head

Former King of Lazar who abdicated in the interest of both allowing his daughter Talia to rule and focusing on his environmental goals outside the borders of Lazar. 

→ Damian of Demon’s Head, Prince of Lazar

10-year-old crown prince of Lazar. Son of Queen Talia. Not formally recognized as Bruce of Gotham’s son. Eager to become a knight, but not yet old enough to even begin his training as a page.

→ Lord Timothy of Drakesend

The very young and skilled Court Healer at the Royal Palace.

→ Jason Todd

Professional bounty hunter, later employed by Hush. Was orphaned at a young age and grew up on the streets of Lazar. Idolizes Sir Bruce ever since meeting him as a child.

→ Hush

A mysterious man who hires Jason to enact a treasonous plot and kidnap Timothy of Drakesend from the Royal Palace.

→ Lady Shiva of Bludhaven (formerly Shiva Wu-San)

Duke Ra’s’ confidant and personal bodyguard. Her title and fiefdom was granted by Ra’s while he was King.

→ Sir Cassandra of Bludhaven (formerly Cassandra Wu-San)

Lady knight and daughter of Lady Shiva. 

→ Stephanie Brown

In training to become a Healer and apprentices under Timothy. Daughter of Crystal Brown, a part-time assistant healer and part-time cook at the Palace.

→ Lord James of Gordon Point

The Lord Provost. His job is to lead and oversee the Provost’s Guard, the non-military police force in Lazar.

→ Barbara of Gordon Point

Royal Spymaster and daughter of the Lord Provost. Stephanie Brown’s patron for her healer studies.

→ Wendy Harris

Spy and special assistant to Lady Barbara.

→ Selina Kyle

Runs a mixed-gender brothel called the Cat’s Cradle. Frequently entertains guests at the Palace. 

→ Pamela Isley

Owner of Ivy’s Apothecary.

→ Colin Wilkes

Orphan and assistant at Ivy’s Apothecary. (Reds have to stick together!)

→ Mistress Helena Bertinelli

Damian’s tutor at the palace.

→ Sir Oliver and Lady Dinah of Queenscove

Knight; close friend of Lady Barbara, also potentially assists in combat training pages?

→ David Zavimbe and Kate Kane

Members of the Queen’s Own, serving under Sir Bruce. Kate is a non-noble cousin of Bruce’s, from a wealthy merchant family.

→ Princess Diana of Themyscira
→ Princess Donna of Themyscira
→ Lady Cassandra of Themyscira 

Visiting royalty and ambassadors from the island of Themyscira.

→ Lord Clark and Lady Lois of Krypton

I’d like them to be writers and/or scholars of some sort.

Hi! Thanks for asking. A more complete list of characters and their occupations can be found here, and the full masterlist is here.

No Kings in Gotham: Character Designs and Heraldry

 Sir Bruce and Sir Richard of Gotham

Black and Blue. Three bats. Sir Bruce’s helmet has bat ear-like projections.

 Lord Timothy of Drakesend, Court Healer

Grey and Red. Two swans over a castle wall.

 Duke Ra’s, Queen Talia, and Prince Damian of Demon’s Head

Green and Gold. Lion rampant with a crown. This is also the coat of arms of the realm of Lazar. Ra’s tends to wear something similar to his usual outfits in the comics, including that enormous, beautiful cape. Talia favors gowns unless she’s doing active things like horseback riding or combat training.

 Sir Cass and Lady Shiva of Bludhaven

Red and Gold. Lion couchant. Sir Cass! *swoon* Lady Shiva works as Ra’s’ personal bodyguard and confidant and should be outfitted accordingly. 

 Jason Todd

Non-noble, so no house crest. His bounty hunter “work outfit” includes a dark red hood shawl/scarf.


Ages 11-14; education and physical training at the royal palace. Outfit is reminiscent of the Robin costume and consists of a red tunic, green shorts, and tights. 


Ages 15-18; apprenticeship under experienced active Knight. Outfit is similar to this except personalized with the squire’s family symbols.

Oh no, I just saw this message — sorry for not responding earlier! And omg, you asked about NKIG! *w*

Talia became pregnant with Damian while Ra’s was still King of Lazar. At the time, Bruce was the Knight Commander of the King’s Own (later renamed once Ra’s abdicated and Talia became Queen), and he and Ra’s often butted heads on matters of strategy and goals. Obviously Bruce always had to ultimately defer to the King’s wishes, but Ra’s also respected him enough to trust his expertise and opinions and place him in the highest military position possible.

Talia and Bruce were wary of scandal and how the public would react over the news that the Crown Princess was courting someone — especially someone as well-known and respected as Bruce. They were also nervous about how that news would complicate their relationship with Ra’s, so they kept their actual “courtship” private. Or at least they tried to — I mean, have you seen those two around each other? Everyone can tell they have it bad for each other and have probably done it on every surface in the palace, I mean really.

Talia ended up getting pregnant, and the fact that the Princess was pregnant and unmarried was ~~SO SHOCKING~~, especially to the aristocracy. Talia was pretty pissed off at the gossiping, and in rebellion/retaliation chose not to reveal the father of her child and raise Damian on her own. Talia also makes it very clear that anyone who thinks that this is some horrible thing (because omg how dare she have a bastard child why isn’t she married how dare she have sex omfg our kingdom is going to be ruined~~) and denigrates the princess with idle gossip will get a scimitar to the throat. 

Even though Talia has never officially acknowledged her relationship with Bruce or revealed Prince Damian’s paternity, everyone basically knows that Bruce is her man and Damian’s father. It doesn’t help that they’re sickeningly ~passionate~ in public, especially when wine has been passed around. Bruce can u not.

To answer your original question, Damian (age 9) doesn’t yet know who his father is, although I suspect he will figure it out himself in about a year or two. At the moment, Bruce is just this really amazing, intelligent, strong, noble, brave man who gives him presents and hangs around Mother a lot. So he basically idolizes Bruce but doesn’t yet know he’s related to him. And Bruce respects Talia’s wishes by not pressing her for marriage (which would actually make him King Consort) or revealing Damian’s paternity.

oz-xiii submitted:

(What I think Tim looks like in NKIG)

Timmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy <3

So, I don’t know why, but I like him with a hood and a circlet. He’s practically got no armour on, and I feel like he would always be carrying a lot since he’s a healer, so like, medicines and herbs (hence the belts to hold his bags up) and maybe a big book of plant identification strapped to his back? I don’t know, I was just thinking while I was drawing. 

Plus, I totally give up, so just take ittttttttt.

I hope you like it though. ouo

SCREEEEE Tim carrying around a big book on his back is such a cute idea, omg!

The Ra'sTim shipper in me is crying over the embroidery which reminds me of the design of Ra’s’ cape. :D Which makes total sense since Tim is living under Ra’s’ protection at the palace and is dealing with his constant, creepy advances > >.

Thank you!

squidsickles submitted:

For the NKIG AU, the thought of Steph being healer and cook is too cute! <3 I bet she’d experiment with eggplants all the time… (As an ingredient in food and medicine)

Oh my God! Steph looks SO CUTE HERE omg. AAAAH her outfit, I’m going to cry she looks so adorable I can’t right now.

And YES oh my gosh I can totally picture Steph running around the palace between the kitchens and the infirmary, and I love the idea of her incorporating her culinary knowledge into her education! One of the underlying themes of the verse is class issues, actually, and the idea that Steph is knowledgeable about (or at least willing to experiment with) remedies and cures that Tim and other healers from the nobility wouldn’t be familiar with fits in perfectly.

Thank you Squiddy! This is so pretty, my goodness. <3

oz-xiii replied to your post: oz-xiii replied to your post: yesyesyes but Bruce…

Tim would grow up hearing about Dick and when they meet it’s like he’s known Dick all his life; he’d be all blushy. Dick would be awkward during puberty though bc growth spurts, and random boners WHILE sparring ofc tim overhears all this~

welp i just

/nosebleeds to death

oh god yeah i mean so the squires Dick sends to the infirmary would be all pissed off and talking smack about Dick and ranting about how much they hate him or are mad at him

and so they’d totally bring up the fact that dick POPPED A BONER WHILE SPARRING THE OTHER DAY how embarrassing or mention that time that dick totally got HARD when freaking SIR BRUCE CAME BY TO WATCH PRACTICE and snicker

and Tim would just be like

> > please continue this story > >

while patching them up, ehehehehehehe

thelittlestcrane replied to your photo: Oh no, I just saw this message — sorry for not…

It’s no problem, dearie! I finally got the chance to read NKIG so I had to ask :) Thank you for answering~ Another question; does anyone taunt Damian with the information? Or are they too afraid of what would happen should Damian complain to Talia?

YES. YES THEY DO. Damian’s like >:[ HOW DARE YOU, MOTHER IS BETTER THAN HAVING 10 FATHERS SO FRICK OFF. I think Damian would probably challenge them to duels TO THE DEATH and Dick would probably have to intervene a lot and drag Damian away from the other children whenever he sees him getting fussy. :’)

landofoz  asked:

yesyesyes but Bruce would just smile at his little antics, and Dick would use his tricks to cheat a little, like if he was practising sparring with another squire, he would use it to his advantage and it always frustrates the hell out of everyone because they can't tell him to stop if it helps him in combat


can we just talk about how cute this is

oh god yes little baby squire dick, using his performance troupe upbringing to bounce around the place even though it’s against the rules

because this is basically military training right so he’s supposed to not move around so much and follow knight protocols but if it’s an advantage during sparring no one can yell at him and all the other squires and pages are just like >:[ harrumph >:[ so jelly

and then he becomes one of the top of his class and EARNS his spot as Sir Bruce’s personal squire and shuts up all the haters who would otherwise be like u r spoiled bcz ur adopted by the Knight Commander, it’s just nepotism, etc.

aww bb :’) :’)