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EXO Reaction when their kids completely destroyed their mom’s makeup

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*He’s as worried as his baby* “Ohh noo.. what are we going to do now… she’s gonna freak out… baby… you don’t use these to paint… ahh…”


*Has a serious talk but always being the nice dad* “Baby, you know that touching your mom’s things without permission isn’t right. It’ll be okay babe, but next time ask your mom first, yes?”


*Trying really hard to not freak out* “Not even one eye shadow was left… you are really a mischievous baby… don’t tell mom but I’m a little proud.. not we need to fix this… somehow”


*Well… he’ll make the best of the situation* “I guess all we can do until your mom come is… to play and have fun!”


“They are all… gone… and so are we baby… we better go have some chicken before our end” *Overreacting dad xD*


*Trying to see if some could be saved* “Hmm… this might still work… I’m not sure… maybe we’ll have to buy her more… it’ll be okay but.. don’t do it again okay?”


*Not sure if he should be proud because his son is following the path of eyeliner or to freak out because wifey will be very angry, at him xD*


*Very cool dad* “Listen, you shouldn’t do this baby. Destroying other people’s things isn’t okay, even if it’s mom. I won’t ground you but… learn from this okay?”


*Gulps* “So… you are telling me.. all her make up was used on the walls…. but… this… next time use crayons baby… not lipstick” *Knows he’ll be the one who will have to clean everything xD*


“Baby… don’t do this again okay? We don’t want to see mom upset. Let’s clean this, go buy mom some flowers and make up… and when we come back you’ll apologize okay?” *Daddy goals*


“I’m just amazed that you thought make up would be great for your drawings… it actually looks good baby… but next time tell me so I can buy you your own special make up to do this…”


“I guess… we’ll have to go shopping again~ but first apologize to your mom and clean the mess” *$uho can solve anything xD*

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