no just keep wearing that leather jacket of course

Clony Headcanons With Protective!Tony

A/N: Hey! So this is my first request (thanks anon) and I’m honestly not sure how I feel about it. It’s a little more jealous than protective at the start… I usually have a different writing style to this, where all my dot points are separate, but in this they all seem to lead on to one another. If you don’t like it feel free to send me the request again and I can redo it for you :)

Clony Headcannons With Protective!Tony…

  • Okay so Clay has absolutely no idea how good looking he is

  • Like literally everyone in the school knows it except him

  • And Tony knows that everyone sees what he sees, and he also knows how many people flirt with his boyfriend

  • Tony is quite a level headed guy, so he doesn’t jump to conclusions

  • But he knows flirting when he sees it

  • And he’s not possessive, but Clay is HIS boyfriend

  • For a short guy he is pretty feisty

  • It’s never about Clay and being possessive over him, it’s always about the other person involved

  • Tony has a death stare that could make a murderer flinch, and he doesn’t hesitate to use it

  • His arm will always end up around Clay’s waist

  • And he’ll give him the ‘lets go’ eyes

  • And meanwhile Clay is totally oblivious

  • But not oblivious enough to miss his boyfriend being hot as hell

  • Clay will always lean into Tony at this

  • And they’ll smile at each other before they walk away

  • Tony once again glaring at whoever had been with Clay

  • Then for the rest of the day there will be so many more kisses in the hallway than usual

  • Tony making cute stuff pop out of Clay’s locker every time he opens it so that everyone notices

  • He also gives Clay his leather jacket to wear

  • And of course Tony just always happen to be there. All. The. Time

As for Tony’s protectiveness that doesn’t involve another person:

  • Clay’s clumsy as hell, so Tony is used to reaching out and stopping him falling on his face

  • He keeps a first aid kit in his car

  • He questions every last bruise on Clay’s skin wanting to know where it came from

  • And kisses them each night before he leaves

  • He drives Clay around everywhere to get him off that bike that seems to always get him injured

  • He asks Clay about every single one of his emotions, always making sure he’s doing okay

  • And if any kids at school are rude to him Tony will absolutely not hesitate to threaten them

  • Tony’s brothers all love Clay, and the group of them protect him with everything they are

  • Clay usually doesn’t notice how protective Tony is, because he just loves his boyfriend so much and it’s just the norm

  • Clay sometimes wanting Tony to be protective, and so he’ll grab his arm

  • And of course Tony knows what he means instantly

  • And he’ll be there for Clay in any way that his boyfriend wants

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Hcs for pastel boy Richie w/ his punk boyfriends (bill + stan)? Like, Bill and Stan being all protective over him when someone tries to mess with him, and they paint his nails pastel yellow for him and are just generally grateful for his existence? -L (PS: You’re the sweetest human ever and I love your writing a lot. That’s why I send so many requests, it’s like my subliminal way of trying to encourage you to keep going (: )

okay. HOLD THE PHONE…now give the phone back to me bc i’m in love w/ this prompt??? and like i said i love love LOVE all your requests!!! and of course i love youuuuuuu!!

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a headcanon that andrew takes neil shopping, and it’s not meant to happen, but neil finds a leather jacket. if you don’t see him in his exy gear, you definitely see him wearing the leather jacket. one night, when kevin and andrew arrives to their dorms, they spot neil, asleep, in one of the bean bag chairs. he’s wearing the leather jacket. (also imagine sexy times, and when neil’s about to shrug it off, andrew grabs him by the arms, stares him dead in the eyes and says, “no. don’t take it iff")

  • andrew notices that Neil literally wears the same thing every time they go to Eden or anywhere nice to celebrate
  • so he takes it upon himself to drag Neil shopping
  • the first thing Neil tries on is a leather jacket and he loves it
  • and he knows andrew loves it too because all he says is 215% when Neil models the jacket for him
  • the next time the foxes go to Eden Neil wears his leather jacket and gets compliments from everyone
  • Neil just loves the jacket so much that he wears it everywhere
  • he wears it to classes and causes a couple of the students to be very distracted
  • he wears it to exy practice, when they go grocery shopping or when him and andrew are sitting on the roof and it basically becomes his entire wardrobe
  • but no one is complaining because Neil looks fine as hell in the jacket
  • after a particularly long day Neil is sitting in the bean bag stilling wearing his leather jacket waiting for Andrew to come home but he ends up falling asleep
  • and that’s how Andrew and Kevin find him
  • Andrew has a small smile on his face as he scoops Neil in his arms and takes him to his bunk
  • another time when andrew and neil are on the roof making out
  • Neil is about to shrug off his leather jacket because he’s getting quite hot
  • but andrew places a hand on his arms and mumbles against his lips “no, don’t take it off”
  • Neil smiles against his lips but keeps the jacket on as he continues kissing Andrew
  • also if Neil is wearing the leather jacket Andrew is 100% more likely to push him up against a wall and make out with him
  • so one particular day Neil comes back from classes and of course he’s in his leather jacket
  • and Andrew can’t help himself he just grabs Neil and starts kissing him and Neil loves it
  • Neil wraps his legs around Andrew’s waist as Andrew pushes him against the wall
  • when they come up for air Andrew says in a ragged voice “the leather jacket really suits you”



It was a few hours later when you found yourself staring at your reflection in the mirror located in your hotel room. After three outfit changes, you finally found a dress that you were comfortable in.

It took you forever to try and figure out if you should dress super casual or a little dressy. Your hair was down and you let it dry naturally after your shower into soft waves.

You could feel yourself getting more and more nervous as it got closer to the time when Sebastian was supposed to arrive.

You had texted him you hotel room number and he responded that he was on the same floor just a few doors down. You wondered if he was as nervous as you were.

After you made sure that you had everything in the small clutch that you decided to bring, someone knocked on your door.

It felt like your heart flew up to your throat as you walked over and looked through the peephole. You could see Sebastian standing out in the hallway. He was wearing a black leather jacket with gray shirt underneath and jeans. He looked really good.

Opening the door, he smiled as soon as he laid eyes on you.

“Wow…. you look great.” He told you.

“Is it too much?”

Sebastian shook his head, “No, it’s perfect. You look perfect.”

“Thank you,” you smiled, “Let me just grab my bag and I’ll be ready.”

Sebastian held the door open while you went back inside and grabbed your purse. He glanced around the room noticing how tidy it was, “Still keep things impeccably neat I see.”

You chucked, “Of course. Cluttered life is a cluttered mind.”

“That’s deep. I’m going to have to use that sometime.” Seb joked.

You walked out of your hotel room, checking once to make sure it was locked before walking to the elevator with Sebastian.

He pressed the button for the elevator and a few moments later, one arrived. You both stepped inside and he pressed the button for the lobby.

“What’s the name of the place we are going to?” You asked him as the elevator started moving down.

“Gino’s. If my memory is correct, you used to love Italian food.”

“I still do. I can’t believe you remembered.”

“Of course I remembered. I also remember when we were little that you had an insane obsession with Mickey Mouse.”

“Hey! Mickey Mouse is adorable!”

The elevator doors opened to the lobby and you both stepped out.

“Hey Sebastian! (Y/n)!” The both of you heard someone calling your names.

Looking to your left you saw Chris, Anthony, Scarlett, Elizabeth and Paul not too far away. You and Sebastian walked over to them.

“We were just about to call you guys. We are all going to grab something to eat at the restaurant here in the hotel.” Chris told you, “Where were you guys going?”

Sebastian glanced at you, “Oh, well, we were going to get some food too.”

“Why don’t you guys join us? The more the merrier.” Scarlett suggested.

You didn’t want to seem rude by turning down their invitation. The next six months were going to be spent with these same people and you wanted to befriend them.

“If Sebastian is okay with that, I’m down.” You smiled.

Sebastian tried to hide the disappointment on his face. He wanted to spend some time with you and only you, but he could tell that you wanted to go with the others, “Yeah let’s go.” He tried to put a genuine smile on his face to show that he was okay with it.

You bought it and followed the rest of the group to the restaurant. There was a table near the back big enough for everyone. You sat between Chris and Sebastian as a waiter came around and handed you all a menu.

The waiter took the drink orders from everyone, you settled on drinking just a water with lemon. You had to be on set early the next morning and didn’t feel like drinking anything alcoholic.

“How do you feel after your first day of training?” Sebastian asked you as the others settled into conversations amongst themselves.

“A little sore but I’m good.”

Sebastian rested his left arm on the back of your chair. “You’re tough. I’m sure you are going to fit in just fine.”

“I’m hoping too.”

Sebastian touched your arm, “Don’t worry about it. You will.”

“Thanks.” You smiled.

The conversations at the table all merged back to one. You were happy to be able to hang out with most of the cast. It was fun to get to know them all and for them to get to know you.

The waiter came back and took your orders. You decided to get some pasta since it was the only Italian dish they had on the menu.

“Where were you guys planning on going tonight?” Anthony asked you and Sebastian once the waiter had left.

“We were going to Gino’s.” Sebastian answered.

“That’s the place you took me last time wasn’t it?” Scarlett questioned, “That place has great food.”

You felt a twinge of jealously. So it probably wasn’t a big deal that Sebastian was going to take you there. Apparently it wouldn’t be the first time that he wanted to bring someone there. You wondered how many other girls he brought to Gino’s.

“Yeah, that’s the place.” Sebastian said. He looked over at you and saw you looking down. He could tell that something was bothering you but decided not to say anything in front of the group.

You felt a tad humiliated of the feelings you had during the day. You thought that maybe him asking you to dinner was a little more than friendly. It had been so long since the two of you saw each other yet, you could still remember the way that he made you feel.

One of your favorite things that he used to do was when he would place his forehead on yours and stare deeply into your eyes. It was like he was staring straight into your soul.

And when you kissed… was like fireworks had gone off. Most people have a terrible first kiss. Yours was perfect because of Sebastian.


Snapping out of your thoughts, you realized that almost everyone was staring at you.

“What? I’m sorry. I zoned out a little,” you chuckled hoping that you didn’t make a weird looking face while you were daydreaming.

“It happens to the best of us,” Scarlett laughed a little, “I was asking if you were married or had kids.”

“Oh no, neither.”

“Boyfriend?” Anthony inquired. You noticed that he glanced at Sebastian for a quick second before looking back at you.

“Nope. Don’t have one of those either.” You chuckled.

Sebastian felt relieved. He had been wondering if you were seeing someone but didn’t have the nerve to ask.

The food came shortly after and the pasta was delicious. It had the perfect amount of sauce and was probably some of the best pasta you had in a while.

Once everyone was done, you all decided to go to the bar that was next to the restaurant and have a drink. At first you didn’t plan on drinking but you decided that one wouldn’t kill you.

Sebastian pulled out your chair for you and you thanked him.

The group left the restaurant with you and Sebastian close behind.

“Is something bothering you?” He asked once he was sure that no one else was listening.

You shook your head, “No, I’m fine.”

He chuckled, “(Y/n), you know that I can read you like an open book.”

“I’m okay, Seb.” You lied, hoping that using his nickname would make him believe you.

It didn’t.

The bar was practically empty since it was a weekday. Some of the group sat at a small table near the bar while the others sat at the bar. You decided to sit at the bar and Sebastian joined you.

“Have I told you that you look great tonight?”

You smiled a little, “Yeah, I think you have.”

“Have I also told you that I’m really glad that you’re in my life again?”

You looked up at him and felt your heart leap in your chest, “No, I don’t think you have.”

“It’s the truth. I wish that I would’ve somehow ran into you before or gotten your number. It’s crazy that we’ve both been in the same business for a while now and haven’t ran into each other. Maybe things would be different.” Sebastian said.

“What do you mean by that?” You questioned.

Before he could answer, his phone started ringing. He grabbed it out of his pocket, saw who it was and got off of his stool. “I have to go take this. I’ll be right back soon.”

You watched him walk away before answering his phone. Chris took his seat, “Where did Sebastian go?”

“He had a phone call. Seemed important.”

“Oh, that’s probably his girlfriend.”



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So in the Mystery Date AU, would there be a Boyz Crazy parallel with Jimmy and Stan?

Oh yeah. While Stan and Jimmy are still dating, Fidds spends a while trying to prove that Jimmy is housing a demon. Ford helps, both in the hopes that Stan will dump this obnoxious biker, and because he is so obviously housing a demon. Ford will get Stan to admit Jimmy is housing a demon if he needs to personally summon a lord of hell to identify him by name, rank and serial number.

Stan is comically oblivious the whole time, of course. (“You’re paranoid, Ford. Lots of people smoke.” “Not without cigarettes, Stan!”)

Meanwhile, Jimmy has bought Stan a present. It’s a new, cool leather jacket with snakes on the back, just like Jimmy’s! He keeps trying to get Stan to wear it (is suspiciously insistent about it, in fact) but every time Stan is about to try it on, something interrupts him.

Eventually Fidds and Ford get proof that not only is Jimmy housing a demon thanks to a deal he made a few years past when he and Stan were on the outs, but he recently made a second deal that will allow him to halve the centuries that he has to spend wandering the earth as a vessel for the demon by sharing it with Stan and making him a vessel too. 

(Naturally Jimmy had no intention of getting Stan’s consent in this, and that’s what the leather jacket was all about. If he’d worn it and gone off riding with Jimmy it would have sealed him into the contract, and he’d be trapped.)

Stan is angry and goes off on Jimmy, of course. Interestingly, he doesn’t care that Jimmy’s a demonic vessel. (”Gimmie a break, Jimmy. I play cards twice a month with two gnomes, a man-cow and Toby Determined who I’m pretty sure is some kind of sadness goblin.”) Poor, low-self-worth having Stan isn’t even upset that Jimmy was going to turn him into a demonic vessel without asking permission. He was angry that he was going to take him away from his brother. 

He’d spent so long, worked so hard trying to get back in Ford’s good graces…just hoping that he could see him again, talk to his family again, and now Jimmy was trying to take him away from his family to be some eternally wandering spirit of vengeance or some crap like that!?

After laying into Jimmy for a while, Stan dumps him and runs off (”Leave me alone, I’ve got brimstone in my eye!”) 

Ford, who by the way, heard the entire speech is really touched and kind of startled. So much so that he doesn’t even gloat or act vindicated about being proven right/getting Stan to dump Jimmy. After a minute, he goes off to talk to his brother. 

Fidds has more common sense than Dipper and knows to give Stan space before seeing if he’d be interested in dating (he ends up giving him too much space, since Stan ends up dating Rick before Fidds gets around to asking him out.) But he still feels a little conflicted at the end. Even though he knows this is for the best, Jimmy was no good, Stan is heartbroken and that tugs terribly at Fidds’s lil heartstrings.

Breathless, pt. 2

A/N: After I wrote Breathless, I had a whole lot of smutty headcanons based on the idea that Emma and Killian shared not just a heart but physical feelings as well, thanks to an unexpected side-effect of her magic. Endless thanks to @caprelloidea for not just her incredible fic-cheerleading and beta skills, but for headcanoning with me through this whole thing.

Part 1. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6Part 7. Also on AO3.

This is pretty much 5,000 words of straight-up porn. You’ve been warned.

Their connection definitely takes some getting used to, and it keeps showing up in unexpected ways.

Emma had always been amazed at how little Killian was affected by the cold, all unzipped leather jackets and exposed chest hair no matter how frigid the weather. But now he shivers just as easily as she does, eventually breaking down and making a habit of wearing the thick wool overcoat she bought for him  – black, of course. He draws the line at the beanies Emma is so fond of, but doesn’t protest when she drapes a scarf around his neck whenever they leave the house, probably because every time she does it she tugs him in for a kiss.

(“Why couldn’t you have taken on my penchant for wearing fewer clothes in the cold?” he grumbles. Emma just pulls the scarf tighter and kisses him again.)


The first time Emma says “bloody hell,” she doesn’t even realize she’s done it – she mutters the curse under her breath after spilling salad dressing on her sweater, standing up from the dinner table to grab some extra napkins. Henry’s eyes widen and Killian bites back a laugh, the two of them sharing a secret smile across the table.

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