no judgements...we've all been there

Clara Oswald has always been telling a tale, playing a character within her story. Now she’s breaking her narrative bounds, shedding her the images in which she made herself, to discover what is underneath… the amazing, the reckless, the wonderful, layers that will surprise and scare even herself.

Except, of course, Clara lives in a world of fiction. Within it, she is a person, a human being, shining bright with agency and potential. But beyond that she is a character, a story, and she plays a specific role: the companion. She cannot know the dangers which lie in shattering that, the way we do, cannot know she’s breaking a law larger than her own universe.

Clara is becoming real, beyond written words on a page. And we can only hold our breaths and wait how the story will retaliate.

  • Jurassic Park: We've decided to recreate all these dinosaurs on this island for people to interact with!
  • Jurassic Park : Ok, new plan! Didn't work out so well with the whole human-dinosaur interaction thing, that's ok. This time we decided to have fewer humans and more dinosaurs!
  • Jurassic Park : Alright, so having a bunch of dinosaurs on an island with minimum supervision was a bad plan, we see that now. Which is why we've decided to take apart the problem and fix it from there. First problem was the amount of dinosaurs, so this time it's just one. Second problem is those pesky raptors! So we've decided to only have a T-Rex this time. Much easier to see. Also, the dinosaurs kept outnumbering the humans, which is why we've now got just the one and he'll be absolutely surrounded by people. And finally the whole island thing was a mistake, so now we're gonna take that T-Rex and plop him on the mainland. We promise, this will be much safer.
  • Jurassic World: Alright, we know some poor judgement was used in the past, we know poor decisions were made. But now everything's going really well! Got all the dinos properly trained, even the Raptors are eating out of our hands these days, it's all going wonderfully. And with all this free time we've had from not getting eaten, we've been able to focus on making a whole new dinosaur! You know how the T-Rex's only few flaws are its over large body, small arms, and rather useless claws? Well we've decided to size him down a bit, lengthen those arms so they can finally grab things, and made those claws a bit more useful by making them resemble hands! It'll be great!
  • Jurassic World: Wait...
  • Jurassic World: Shit we did it again didn't we