no joy in job


My beloved mom, dad, hyung, Gureumie
I should work harder but it seems like I can’t do it (for you), I’m sorry. I’m always grateful to you guys and I love you.

Bang Shihyuk PD-nim
Thank you for let me have the chance to say my thanks like this every time. The songs this time are really good too.

Vice President Choi Yoojung, the Vice President who guide us to the right path, I’m always grateful to you.

Director Seokjoon, every time we have a meeting together I can’t be excited like that, but thank you for making me feel excited.

Director Shinkyu, I have so much fun every time we have a meal together. Hope there’ll be more days when we eat together in the future too!

Director Chaeeun, thank you for letting us moving forward on the right path too. You give us a lot of strength!

Hobeomie-hyung, Sejinie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Sunhakie-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung, Sungseokie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung, all of our manager hyungs who always work beside us or from behind because of us, you worked really hard. Thank you so much and we’ll do better!

Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, Hyunji-noona, Bunhong-noona, Nayeob-noona, thank you for making wonderful stuffs that ARMYs love and make us and ARMYs inseparable. I’ll work harder and do better in the future! You’ve all worked really hard!

Hayan-noona, Jinah-noona, Hyeyoung-nim, those who have to work harder than anyone else whenever we have tours, fanmeetings or concerts! Thank you so much.

Heesunie-hyung, Kyungjinie-noona, Sungho-hyung, Hyojin-nim, I couldn’t see you around much but I know you all worked really hard. Thank you so much!

Sunghyunie-hyung, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona, Gabriel-hyung, you have all worked really hard so we can wear cool outfits, please make even cooler outfits in the future too. Thank you!

Pdogg PD-nim, Dohyungie-hyung, Joonsangie-hyung
You’re so awesome for making us cool pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pak songs, I respect you a lot. You’re the best. I’ll soon write a song too. You have worked really hard. The songs are so good!

Jooyoungie-hyung, hyungnim, you’re always laughing whenever I see you even though you’re tired ㅋㅋ It’s been really tired for you working from behind. Thank you.

Hyukki-hyung, Eunjung-nim, Eunsangie-hyung, Junho-hyung
Thanks to you helping us and giving us strength ever since we debuted, my worries seem to disappear little by little. Thank you!

Teacher Sungdeok, Gahunie-hyung who have to work hard physically, who are more exhausted and pained than anyone else, thank you for consistently working hard. Sincerely thank you so much!

Changwonie-hyung, Wooyoungie-hyung, the hyungs who make our songs shine, thank you and hwaiting!

Joowon-nim, Jooyeon-nim, even though I can’t see you much, thank you for helping us! Hwaiting!

Seolhee-noona, you have worked really hard and I hope your days will be filled with good things in the future too. Great job!

Seuli-noona, Yoori-noona, Joy-nim, Onnuri-nim
Thank you for doing things to deliver our love to ARMYs. You’re the best!

Sunjung-noona, Yeonhee-nim, Miryung-nim, Mijung-noona, Seungwoo-nim, Hyewon-nim, Yeji-nim
You have been working really hard to raise our successors! Hwaiting!

Jaedong-nim, Jungwook-nim, Junsu-nim, I can’t see you much but I know you always work really hard. Fire!

Hyunmin-nim haha, I can’t see you a lot but I know you work harder than anyone else. Hwaiting!

Head of Department Hajung, Hyesoo-noona, Seoyeon-noona, Jieun-nim
It’s really tired and cold having to go outside to find outfits but you still bring them and come on time, you’re all really awesome and worked really hard. I’m really grateful.

Head of Department Dareum, Hyunah-noona, Seolji-noona, Sojung-noona, you’ve worked really hard to do the makeup for me. I’ll get better skin ㅎㅎ You’re the best!

Head of Department Naejoo, Head of Department Jihye, Jinyoungie-hyung, Songhee-noona, Sekyungie-hyung, Sohee-noona, thank you for making my hair become cooler. Please take care of me in the future as well!

Director Lumpens’ crew and Director Hyunwoo’s crew, thank you for creating beautiful works for us this time too. Let’s continue to work together in the future ㅎㅎ!!

97line friends, Yugyeomie, Dokyeomie, Mingyu, Bamie, Myungho, Jaehyun, I want to meet you guys soon and have fun.
Jinwoo-hyung, ah I should quickly meet Jinwoo-hyung ㅜㅜ Let’s meet soon and go to eat spicy rice cakes ㅋㅋ
I should go eat together with Minmi-noona too ㅜ

Thank you so much to those who created the path for me to become Bangtan.

Bangtan hyungnims
I think we will slowly be more awesome. Let’s improve and grow everyday, and let’s go down in history. Bangtan Bangtan Bangbangtan.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ ARMY ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ARMY! We have come to find and see you again!
I hope you would like our songs… You like it right?!
Again, we have put in a lot of effort for this album!
Thank you for consistently waiting for us, we’ll continue to grow, improve and put in our strength as well as get bigger so you won’t get bored.
ARMY I love you!

Jin | Suga | J-hope | Rap Monster | Jimin | V | Jungkook


I want to have fun. I’m not interested in being a serious actor because I think it’s boring, and I think we’ve got plenty of them. So, I like to do stuff that has a sense of humour, and stuff that doesn’t necessarily take itself too seriously. But equally I’m also now yearning to explore the dark side of life a little bit. The joy of the job is the diversity and the variety – and, if you’re lucky enough, to have the freedom to do different things. I don’t like the idea of a box. It’s nice to kind of defy the idea of a box —- Taron Egerton

Season 4 will be the last season of SKAM. (via Julie Andem on Instagram)

julieandem: I don’t remember who it was that asked me, but it was very early on, during a shoot for the first season. “How big do you think this show is going to be?”, one of the actors asked me, a little skeptically. We were standing in the schoolyard at Nissen High School, a small, low budget production crew, one photographer, the sound engineer and me. “Who knows, but I think we should aim for world domination”, I said. We all laughed, ‘cos I was obviously joking. None of us understood then how big Skam would turn out to be. This experience has been completely unreal, and a joy to be a part of. 

Skam has been a 24/7 job. It has also been amazingly fun to work on, and I really believe that has given the series a unique energy, and ensured that Skam continues to surprise and entertain. 

We recently decided that we won’t be making a new season this fall. I know many of you out there will be upset and disappointed to hear this, but I’m confident this is the right decision.
Please don’t be sad, dear SKAM fans, the coolest fan base on earth! I’m moved by you all each and every day. The way you keep up with and defend Skam. The way you look for clues, interpret and analyze everything you see. If you only knew how I contort my brain to keep you on your toes. I’m touched by all that you share, and the way you look out for each other. 

Many people have asked me what aspect of working on Skam has left the strongest impression on me. you left the strongest impression. The comments under ”Vært litt spess i det siste” still make me *cries in Norwegian* 

A heartfelt thank you to all of you. I’m going to miss you when SKAM is over.
But first.
Are you ready for Sana?
Cuz shits bout to go down yo 


“The best moment of my life truly (being a part of The Walking Dead). It has been such a joy to work on this show. Not only do I love it, but I respect it as an artistic endeavor. It’s shot beautifully, directed beautifully, and acted beautifully. Everyone who shows up on set loves what they do. You don’t always get the opportunity to work with a crew like that. It’s not always like that. There isn’t always joy there. But everyone loves showing up and doing their job. I wouldn’t even call it a job. It’s like going to summer camp.“

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brutally honest ships: Rebelcaptain (i know what your gonna say but imma ask anyway)

AHAHAHAH. Bless you, anon. Bless you.

Well, to start, I did write this treatise on WHY I SHIP REBELCAPTAIN, but that’s more a technical breakdown than it is brutal honesty.

The brutal honest answer? I haven’t loved a ship like this one in a very long time. I almost never ship characters from a stand alone movie because the tension begins and ends within the span of those two hours. But Jyn and Cassian? They’re a different animal. I went in jokingly wanting to ship them based on the first trailer and general Diego Luna lusting, but on the first viewing, I was like oh ok, I guess I am probably not gonna end up shipping them, and that’s fine, that’s cool, that’s … what the hell is going on in that elevator scene. OH MY GOD BITCH DON’T YOU DARE OH GOD.

But here are some new hot takes I don’t think I’ve put down into words before:

My brain can’t comprehend that there’s another person in the universe that would make sense for the other. Other OTPs, other characters, I could be game with the “they could love someone else–maybe it would be the great love, but it could be love.” With Jyn and Cassian, I feel like they just wouldn’t be interested in anyone else. I think they both would rather be alone than be with someone else just to be with someone else. Cassian’s married to the cause when we met him. Jyn’s just trying to survive. Romance and love aren’t on the agenda. That is, until they meet each other, and like, something snaps into place.

I also believe that if they had survived, they’d be relatively okay mentally and emotionally, relatively speaking. Relatively, because these two have already been massively traumatized by their lives when they meet, and they’re still functioning. I think they are natural survivors and survivors who have learned how to cope. They’ve both learned to compartmentalize  Maybe they have nightmares, they probably have additional layers of PTSD and survivor’s guilt, but I don’t see them in my mind as withdrawing from each other, either? But then I’ve read fics where they’ve done just that, and I love those?

But one thing I do love about this ship is that I find that their dynamic is quite … healing for the other. It’s a pairing of equals, and though on the surface they are somewhat opposites (he’s careful and cool; she’s reckless and hotheaded), they’re also very similar in other ways, which is why I think they get one another, and why I think they work so well. In a span of a week they can communicate almost wordlessly. They trust one another. It’s beautiful and tragic.

Speaking of which. One upside to them being dead is that they can’t be ruined or torn apart. They exist forever in this perfect little bubble of what if and if only. I don’t know if I’ll ever get over it (and I don’t want to).

The framing of the question was a little insulting, honestly. But it’s probably  mostly because I hear it constantly from every single coworker I work with. It’s up there with “when are you going to get your Master’s??” I’m not that upset about it, just kind of… “et tu, Tumblr?”

But actually though, it’s not a bad idea to get your license as soon as you can? Even if you aren’t going to own or use a car. In case there’s an emergency, it’d probably be good to know how to drive. No harm in learning that early. Even better if your family can afford an additional car. (So, uh? Good job, first anon, it’ll probably serve you well.)

Personally, up to this point my job, my school, everything I’ve needed to get to has been easily accessible by public transportation. I’ve been bussing to classes for the last 6 years and I loved it.

I can’t help but see cars as money drains on wheels. Gotta pay for the car. Pay for the gas. Pay for the insurance. Pay for the repairs. Compare that to the $30 I spend on a monthly bus pass. Plus I can read, play Animal Crossing, cram homework, sleep for the entire commute. Feels to me like an unnecessary cost if you don’t have to do it.

…But now I have to! So. Now I’m getting it.

God and The Twelve Signs

And it was morning as God stood before his twelve children and into each of them planted the seed of human life. One by one each child stepped forward to receive his appointed gift.

To you Aries I give the seed first that you might have the honor of planting it. That for every seed you plant one million more will multiply in your hand. You will not have time to see the seed grow, for everything you plant creates more that must be planted. You will be the first to penetrate the soil of people’s minds with My Idea. But it is not your job to nourish the Idea, nor to question it. Your life is action, and the only action I ascribe to you is to begin making men aware of My Creation. For your good work I give you the virtue of Self-Esteem.

…. Quietly Aries stepped back to his place.

To you Taurus I give the power to build the seed into substance. Your job is a great one requiring patience, for you must finish all that has been started, or the seeds will be wasted to the wind. You are not to question nor change your mind in the middle, nor to depend on others for what I ask you to do. For this I give you the gift of Strength. Use it wisely.

…. And Taurus stepped back into place.

To you Gemini I give the questions without the answers, so that you may bring to all an understanding of what people see around them. You will never know why people speak or listen, but in your quest for the answer you will find my gift of Knowledge.

…. And Gemini stepped back into place.

To you Cancer I ascribe the task of teaching people about emotion. My Idea is for you to cause them laughter and tears so that all they see and think develops fullness from inside. For this I give you the gift of Family that your fullness

…. And Cancer stepped back to his place.

To you Leo I give the job of displaying my Creation in all its brilliance to the world. But you must be careful of pride and always remember that it is My Creation, not yours. For if you forget this, people will scorn you. There is much joy in the job I give you if you but do it well. For this you are to have the gift of Honor.

…. And Leo stepped back to his place.

To you Virgo I ask for an examination of all that humankind has done with my Creation. You are to scrutinize their ways sharply and remind them of their errors, so that through them my Creation may be perfected. For doing this I give you the gift of Purity of Thought.

…. And Virgo stepped back to his place.

To you Libra I give the mission of service, that humans will be mindful of their duties to others. That they may learn cooperation, as well as the ability to reflect on the other side of their actions. I will put you everywhere there is discord, and for your efforts I will give you the gift of Love.

…. And Libra stepped back in place.

To you Scorpio I give a very difficult task. You will have the ability to know the minds of the other people, but I do not permit you to speak about what you learn. Many times you will be pained by what you see, and in your pain you will turn away from Me and forget that it is not I, but the perversion of My Idea, that is causing your pain. You will see so much of humankind that you will come to know them as animals, and will wrestle so much with the animal instincts in yourself that you will lose your way; but when you finally come back to Me, Scorpio, I have for you the supreme gift of Purpose.

…. And Scorpio stepped back.

To Sagittarius I ask that you make people laugh, for amidst their misunderstanding of My Idea they become bitter. Through laughter you are to give people hope, and through hope turn their eyes back to Me. You will touch many lives if but for a moment, and you will know the restlessness in every life you touch. To you Sagittarius I give the gift of Infinite Abundance that you may spread wide enough to reach every corner of darkness and bring it Light.

…. And Sagittarius stepped back into place.

To you Capricorn I ask the toil of your brow, that you might teach people to work. Your task is not an easy one, for you will feel all of humankind’s labors on your shoulders; but the yoke of your burdens contains the Responsibility of your Brothers and Sisters, which I put into your hands.

…. And Capricorn stepped back into place.

To you Aquarius give the concept of the future that people might see other possibilities. You will have the pain of loneliness, for I do not allow you to personalize My Love. But for turning people’s eyes to new possibilities I give the gift of Freedom that in your liberty you may continue to serve humankind wherever they need you.

…. And Aquarius stepped back into place.

To you Pisces I give the most difficult task of all. I ask you to collect all the world’s sorrows and return them to Me. Your tears are to be ultimately My Tears. The sorrow you will absorb is the effect of people’s misunderstanding of My Idea, but you are to give them compassion that they may try again. For this the most difficult task of all, I give you the greatest gift of all. You will be the only one of my twelve Children to understand Me. This gift of Understanding is for you, Pisces, for when you try to spread it to humankind they will not listen.

…. And Pisces stepped back into place.

And the children left, each determined to do his job best that he might to receive his gift. But none fully understood his task or his gift, and when they returned puzzled God said, “You each believe that the other gifts are better. Therefore I will allow you to trade.” And for the moment each child was elated as he considered all the possibilities of his new mission. But God smiled as he said, “You will return to me many times asking to be relieved of your mission, and each time I will grant your wish. You will go through countless incarnations before you complete the original mission I have prescribed for you. I give you countless time in which to do it, but only when it is done can you be with Me.”

Source: unknown

julieandem: I don’t remember who it was that asked me, but it was very early on, during a shoot for the first season. “How big do you think this show is going to be?”, one of the actors asked me, a little skeptically. We were standing in the schoolyard at Nissen High School, a small, low budget production crew, one photographer, the sound engineer and me. “Who knows, but I think we should aim for world domination”, I said. We all laughed, ‘cos I was obviously joking. None of us understood then how big Skam would turn out to be. This experience has been completely unreal, and a joy to be a part of.
Skam has been a 24/7 job. It has also been amazingly fun to work on, and I really believe that has given the series a unique energy, and ensured that Skam continues to surprise and entertain.
We recently decided that we won’t be making a new season this fall. I know many of you out there will be upset and disappointed to hear this, but I’m confident this is the right decision.
Please don’t be sad, dear SKAM fans, the coolest fan base on earth! I’m moved by you all each and every day. The way you keep up with and defend Skam. The way you look for clues, interpret and analyze everything you see. If you only knew how I contort my brain to keep you on your toes. I’m touched by all that you share, and the way you look out for each other.
Many people have asked me what aspect of working on Skam has left the strongest impression on me. you left the strongest impression. The comments under ”Vært litt spess i det siste” still make me *cries in Norwegian*
A heartfelt thank you to all of you. I’m going to miss you when SKAM is over.
But first.
Are you ready for Sana?
Cuz shits bout to go down yo

Calm in The Storm - Yoongi (Suga) Fluff/Angst

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Request: Could you do a BTS Suga imagine where he’s really stressed about work and he starts snapping at everyone and the others called you to calm him down. Love your imagines 💕

Word Count: 2127

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Member/Group: Yoongi (Suga) of BTS

Summary: With a comeback coming soon, all the boys of BTS are more stressed than ever. Stress can bring anger with it, but there is always a way to get people to calm down.

A/N: Hi guys! I have a few drafts in the works, so multiple scenarios could possibly be posted this week. I am telling you guys, I may not post on Friday or Saturday because I have a few babysitting jobs lined up this weekend. (Oh the joy of being broke but too young to legally apply for a job in Texas… kms.)

 “Namjoon, what do you think about adding a piano section in right here?” Yoongi gestured to the bars displayed on the screen and pulled one side of his headphones off of his ears. Namjoon looked over the work that Yoongi had done and bopped his head as he tried to think of the lyrics that would be put over the beats and rhythms they were currently preparing. After a few seconds, Namjoon nodded and sent his sleepy eyed best friend a thumbs up.

 “I think it’ll work well with Jin’s solo vocals right here.” Namjoon walked back over to his spot at his desk and popped his earbuds back in as he continued to work.

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The Raid/One More Time, With Feeling

So, it’s official: Supernatural continues to be outstanding. I liked this episode a lot, and I like how they keep doing this - acknowledging there is a past in this show while developing new storylines and confirming stuff we’ve been saying for years. Because subtext - turns out it matters. Who knew.

Since I haven’t seen a lot of people talk about this, first things first: the BMoL’s (and Mary’s, and Sam’s) plan to eradicate and destroy all monsters - jolly good, but what does it mean for Cas? For Crowley? For Garth? Apparently they’re not working on a nuclear explosion spell or anything, and instead they’re going after specific groups of monsters one by one. And the thing is, they’ve got no reason to stop and ascertain who are the good guys and who are the bad guys, right? If they find Garth, Garth is dead.

(Is Sam okay with this? Mr Head Choice?)

And what about demons? I doubt you can kill every demon in existence, so the solution, surely, is shutting the Gates of Hell? And we know how Crowley feels about that, at least. As for the angels, again - seems unpractical and unfeasible to eliminate them, not to mention the cosmic consequences there would likely be if it could be done, so, again, is the idea to confine them all in Heaven? Mh.

As for the rest of it, here we go. 

Family Matters

Jesus Christ, what a mess. I know we talk a lot about how these characters have evolved so much they are almost verbatim the opposite of who they were twelve years ago (and how this was done so skillfully we barely even noticed), but with Mary back in the equation, you really see it. The alliances have now shifted. Where once we had John (emotional and barely hanging on and yet terrifyingly in control) clashing with his younger son who wanted a way out and a better life, and Dean was in the middle, trying to keep both of them happy, now we’ve got Mary pursuing a colder, more rational obsession, Dean who’s so done with all of it, and Sam acting as a mediator. Uh.

Now, it’s true we don’t know exactly what happened when Sam and Dean were teens (#season12wishlist). It’s likely Dean took John’s side out of some demented desire to be recognized and loved, and also so that Sam wouldn’t get hurt, but he believed enough in hunting that his brother getting out - that was a major falling out between them. 

But, well - the situation is hardly the same now. Sam isn’t a brainwashed, terrified teenager. He’s an adult, and, okay, there are rational reasons for the choices he’s making. At the same time, though, what’s going on is too close to whatever madness went down in their childhood for me to look with any sympathy upon any of it. Because at this point, Mary honestly scares me, and so does Sam. Him huddling with Mick at the end, saying those things about Dean - that was legit creepy, and more on this later.  

Dean 2.0

Just as an aside, I was very happy to see Mr Ketch doubling back to seduce Dean, because I’ve been saying this would happen for weeks and weeks. And if you write it down, just like that, what went down between them sounds very ambiguous: Ketch showed up with a bottle of scotch, they had a drink together, and then went to a hotel - a fancy place with a pool and a spa. 

The whole thing was coded like a courtship, because that’s exactly what it was (to the point they had to establish Ketch’s sexuality as a preventive #no homo); what made it uncomfortable is the fact Ketch didn’t really want to be there, and Dean - again, the woman in this scenario, as he so often is - was not the right fit for him. 

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My real life hero would definitely be my mom. She raised my brother and I as a single parent while also teaching hundreds of other students as a day job, and she hasn’t lost her creativity or joy. On screen, I love watching Tatiana Maslany go full clone-mode in “Orphan Black.” She is seriously an inspiration and insanely underrated for what she can do.

Denial (Steve Rogers x Reader)

does this angst reflect back on me cos i think it does


Song; Heavy by Linkin Park

Request; Ok, so this isn’t on your lyric prompt list, and I hope this is ok with you? Heavy feat kiiara by linkin park. I feel like this is a Steve song? Idk, thoughts on it?

Other characters featured; none 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; lotta angst, bit of swearing

Word count; 1331

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Recorded Laughter

Summary: Phone Conversations with Jimin 

Type: Fluff/Angst

Disclaimer: It ain’t real.

Recommended Listening: Grace Sarah - Underwater

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‘And what about the others…how are they?’ 

You grin at his heavy sigh as it travels through the phone, a whiny groan chasing the sound, and you cant stop the giggle that leaks from your lips as you blindly watch the traffic rolling by the bus-stop you were waiting at, too busy waiting for Jimin’s response to be bothered by anything else.

‘They’re fine. But why are you asking about them? Am i not more important?’ he asks with playful frustration, the slight elevation in pitch of his voice telling you he was smiling even as he complained, and the smile on your own face only grows wider, getting cut short when you see your bus rolling up.

‘Oh, my bus is here!’ you inform Jimin, intending on cutting off your conversation so that you dont become the awkward person talking away on the bus, but he continues speaking anyway.

‘Okay, i’ll wait, and then you can tell me everything else about your day.’ he says, the rushed edge to his words making you smile in bittersweetness as the bus comes to a stop in front of you and the long line that had been waiting begins to board in front of you.

‘Jiminie, i’ve got to go.’ you murmur quietly, bowing your face into your scarf as you listen to his sigh on the end of the phone, disliking the sound but knowing you’d get to talk to him later anyway.

‘*sigh*….okay, but call me before you go to bed…okay?’ he asks, his voice turning soft and loving, and the slight huskiness that strokes his tone tells you he wants to be there with you, the longing being a physical force that pulls at your heart despite the distance between the two of you.

‘Of course, Jiminie….I always do.’ you murmur back, stepping up to board the bus and smiling sadly at his response as you wait for the person in front of you to get on.

‘Okay, Jagi…I love you. I’ll talk to you later. …stay safe, beautiful.’ 

‘I love you too.’ you mumble into the phone, blinking away the tears stinging at your eyes, before stepping into the bus and finding a pole to hold as it takes off, closing your eyes as you slip your phone into your pocket and try not to cry…

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Perfection at it’s finest... (Jeff Atkins imagine)

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Prompt: Reader is more thicker than most girls, she is dating jeff and at a baseball games some girls pick on her and she begins to feel insecure, jeff comforts her.


Y/n cheered as she watched her man run for his life to get to home plate, it was the semi-finals and Liberty high was playing against one of their biggest rivals to compete in the finals. 

The game was tied 8-8 and when it was Jeff’s turn to bat he swung and smacked the ball so hard that the sound of the bat echoed throughout the field, the ball soared over the entire field and landed in the far right corner of the outside field. Quickly dropping his bat as the opposing team ran for the ball, he sprinted for his life.


Watching as he ran past first and second, the right fielder threw the ball to second so that he could throw it to third base, everyone in the stands were stood up and cheering loudly as Jeff passed third base and to home plate. The second base men threw to late and as Jeff slid on home plate the umpire yelled out,


The cheers intensified as the rest of the team ran out on the field and hugged him while jumping up and down with joy. 


She screamed along side the other students and parents, Jeff broke away from the group and pointed at her, mouthing ‘i love you’ while she mouthed the words back. 

The team ran back in the dug out and prepared to bat one more time since there was only a few minutes left and they only had one out. As Monty was getting prepared to bat, Jeff peaked his head out from the dugout and caught y/n’s attention.

“I love you baby!”

Y/n laughed at her adorable boyfriend and repeated the words back to him, as he put his head down y/n paid attention to the game. 

“How is he with her? She’s so fat and ugly.”

“Girl you already know that Jeff is only with her out of pity.” 

Even though she paid no mind to the rude and obnoxious girl, it still stung deeply. Y/n was never one for caring about insecurities, she knew that she was thicker than most girls and that she had a slightly bigger clothes size but she didn’t care. She had learned to accept and love herself, but now hearing it out loud and thinking about their cruel words really took a toll on her.

The boys ended up winning the game, but y/n stayed sitting down sulking while being in her own thoughts. It didn’t help anything at all when the same girls spoke again,

“Let’s go and leave the two fake love birds alone, don’t wanna see Jeff get suffocated by her.” 

Their laughs were loud and y/n tried her best to not let the tears make there way to her eyes and fall. 

“Hey baby, you ready to go?”

Looking up her eyes looked up to Jeff’s face, deciding not to say anything she stayed quiet and nodded. Jeff noticed her change in mood and frowned, picking up his bag and grabbing a hold of her hand, his frown deepened when y/n slipped her hand out of his and walked off the bleachers.

“Is everything okay?” 

He stopped in front of her but y/n sighed annoyed and gave an aggressive response.

“Everything is fine now can you stop asking me all these damn questions.”

Walking to his car she waits by the passenger door as Jeff walks up with a sad puppy dog look and unlocks the door. Opening the door, y/n freezes when she heard loud giggling and whispering, turning her head she sees the same girls and immediately turns back around and gets in the car.

Slamming the door close she buckles up and keeps her fist up to cover her mouth to not let any sound release. The tears came quick but she didn’t dare let them fall, she was angry, angry at those girls, angry at Jeff, but most of all angry at herself. 

Pulling up to his house, they both stay in their seat not saying anything for a moment. Finally, Jeff looks over at her and breaks the silence.

“Whats wrong? And don’t you dare lie to me y/n.”

Y/n shook her head as the tears slowly began to fall down her skin, Jeff immediately became concerned,

“Y/n, please tell me what’s wrong, it kills me to see you upset.”

It was as if all of her anger that was bubbled up exploded in that exact moment.


Getting out of the car y/n slams the door shut and begins to walk down the road to her house.

“Y/n, Y/n wait.”

Grabbing a hold of her arm, Jeff turns her around and takes in her runny face and sad eyes. He was truly disappointed in himself, how could he let her think like that he loved her.

“Y/n, I am absolutely one hundred percent not with you out of pity, I love you for you. How can you not see that I don’t care about what you look like and what size you are? My mother taught me better than that, screw those girls who said that you aren’t right for me or to thick for me. Just because you don’t have the perfect body that society thinks doesn’t mean you aren’t perfect to me. I fell in love with your confidence, your personality, your thick and amazing thighs, I fell in love with all of your perfections and imperfections.”

Pulling her into his body, he grips her waist and leans his forehead down on hers and stares deeply into her eyes.

“I fell in love with you for a reason y/n, you are perfection at its finest, and if you can’t see that then i will show you.” 

Y/n wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him in a deep long kiss, she had never felt this way about anybody, and she was glad that she had someone like Jeff. Pulling away she wraps him in a tight hug and hides her face in his neck. 

“I love you so much Jeff.”

“I love you to.”

A/n: I just ant you guys all to know that everybody is beautiful just the way they are, whether what size you are, embrace your beauty, you are not ugly, you are not fat, you are beautiful. All of you.

The job that I recently left didn’t allow me to be myself. I didn’t love who I was becoming. This week has allowed me more freedom to be myself. It has allowed me to be more active and healthy, to explore and do things that make me happy, and to pursue my dreams… ❤️  Remember to love yourself more.

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