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The oh so powerful cured vampire - Klaus Mikaelson imagine

Request – Can you do a imagine with Klaus protecting one of his long time witch friends daughter and he feels in debt to the friend for helping him break his curse but he falls in love with her. From  @wes1wifey

I’m so sorry that this took so long and I sort of added a lot more details into the friendship so I hope you enjoy it.

Warnings – 3 different POV’s                            

Y/M/N – Your mothers name

Y/L/N – Your last name



It had been a while since I had last saw my best friend, Klaus Mikaelson. Maybe a couple hundred years at least. His sister, Rebekah turned me into a vampire a few years after they had learnt all their different trick and treats that they had acquired once their mother turned them into the people they are now. Ever since i turned, I was around at least one Mikaelson. I was there the many times that Klaus daggered his siblings and I was also there when he undaggered them, watching him face the hatred that they had for him in that moment.  I always found it weird that I never developed any romantic feelings for any of the brothers as I spent my whole 1000 years of life with them. Maybe this was because I always felt like they were my siblings too, as I did grow up with them.  

Although I love being a vampire, I miss what I never had. Every day I wish I had children or that I could do magic again. Yes I was a witch, which is one of the main reasons as to why I did grow up with the Mikaelson’s; their mother taught me the magic I still remember to this day.

Klaus’ POV:

“Y/M/N, where are you!” I roared. I could feel the walls moving in reaction to my loud voice.

“Yes Niklaus” She smiled at me. She knows I hate it when people use my full name. Just call me either Nicki or Klaus, it’s not that hard to understand. “I’m joking, yes Klaus”

“I need you to gather some witches. We’re going to break my curse”

After a few weeks of rivalry’s and unusual friendships, I managed to break my curse thanks to Y/M/N’s witch friends and the last human doppelganger.  My and my family decided to stay in Mystic Falls for a while as it was a nice town that we all felt comfortable in. About 6 months after I broke my curse, all the supernatural residents of Mystic falls learnt about a cure for vampirism and after a long journey to get it with a lot of betrayal within, my best friend ended up taking the cure after it has passed through a couple of people. And she left to start a new life.


~20 years later~

After a long thousand years, I finally got my wish, I was a witch again. The past twenty years have been amazing although I did have to move away from the Mikaelson’s as I had the cure running through my veins so I had to cut ties with all vampires. Shortly after I moved across the country, i fell in love with an amazing man a few years after I got cured and fell pregnant shortly after. My daughter is one of the best things to happen to me, she is perfect. The only problem is, I haven’t told her my past yet. She doesn’t know anything about me being alive over 1000 years, being a cured vampire and she doesn’t even know about me being a witch. I’ve been protecting her for as long as I can but im afraid it is impossible for me to do so now.  

A few weeks ago, as I was picking up some groceries, I had a weird feeling that I only used to get around vampires. As I was driving home that day, I noticed a car following me and ever since that day, the same car has been following me around wherever I go. There is only one thing to do.

“Honey” I say to my 17-year-old daughter, Y/N. “pack your bag, we’re going to see my old friend in New Orleans”

Y/N’s POV:

I always knew there was something not normal about my mother’s childhood stories or just her in general. I always had a certain vibe about her, like magical or something like that. Although that’s silly, there’s no such thing as magic.

Right at this second, I am packing my bag for god knows how long of a stay with my mom’s old friend in New Orleans that she has never mentioned before. I need to know how long we’re staying for otherwise I wont pack as much as I need, maybe more.

“Mom, how long are we staying? I don’t know how much to pack” I shout out to her, thinking she was in her bedroom next to mine.

“I’m right here you don’t need to shout” She says chuckling to herself. “You don’t need to pack much and if we end up staying longer than planned, we can just go shopping. There are some amazing shops in the area that we are going to”

“How come you’ve never talked about this ‘old friend before but now we’re going to stay with them for a while?”

“Sweetheart, just hurry up and pack and ill explain everything you need to know in the car” She explained to me. This got me worried, what else wasn’t she telling me?

I nodded, signaling to her that I would do just that and wait till the car ride to find out what I needed to know.

The car ride to New Orleans was weird. I ended up learning way more than I half expected. I learnt my mother was a witch, who was a vampire and was born over 1000 years ago. I also found out that im a witch and the bracelet my mother gave me when I was 5, stops my magic from working. It was a lot to take in.

Klaus’ POV:

As usual, Kol had brought in a sea of bodies as his search to bring back Davina still continues to fail. It’s been 18 years and he still loves her. I’ve got to say he has dedication.

Its been over 20 years since I last saw or heard from my best friend, Y/M/N. For all I know she could be dead.

As I walk down the stairs of my home, I catch sight of Rebekah and Elijah standing facing me, with 2 women in front of them. I couldn’t tell who they were but my siblings looked somewhat over the moon to see these people. I wonder who they could be.

“My darling brother and sister, care to introduce me to our guests” I say walking up to them smiling while they look over the two womens shoulders like something out of a movie.

“My my, its been a long time since I’ve heard Niklaus’ voice” There is only one person who dares to say my full name.

“Y/M/N?” I questioned my best friend as her and the other women turned around.

“Yes, its me and the latest generation of the Y/L/N witch bloodline. Meet Y/N”. She said and oh my god, I have never saw a more beautiful woman in all my life.


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Howdy hey there my homie! I'd like to request Saeran spotting his demon mother when he's out and about with MC one day. (Let's say she's alive because otherwise this wouldn't work;;;;) Whether or not she sees him is up to you. I know this'll be HELLA angst and I already feel like 'hello satan' over here so if possible could it end on a reasonably sweet note? Thank you and I'm sorry in advance(;´Д`)

holy shit my first saeran request i think ive been blessed by the gods okay look

ps i made her look kinda like the twins but not exactly. i hope this is okay????

i love this boy. and he is the Angst Queen okay

here we go. shit.


“Saeran! Are you ready to go get ice cream?”

“Yes, MC. Be there in just a sec.”

Saeran ran his fingers through his now-tomato colored hair, completely different from the white with cherry tips from merely a month and a half ago. He glanced up to the mirror in front of him, looking at his softened features. Electrifyingly blue eyes gazed back at him, and his eye bags were extremely prominent from his complete lack of sleep. He had so many nightmares, it scared him sometimes to sleep at night. He knew you noticed it, but you were completely silent.

The cracks in the mirror were also prominent from where he used to ram his fist against it.

He looked down to his scarred knuckles as he had a minor flashback to the times before he had reunited with his twin.

Saeran shivered. Not a good time.

Grabbing his jacket as he left his dark room, he headed to the front door to meet you.

You smiled as he reached you, and you held out your hand for him to take. He looked to you, blushing faintly, but he took your hand anyways. With you leading the way, you walked out the door.

You guys ended up staying out for a while, just eating ice cream at the closest parlor. Saeran had opened up a good bit in the last hour or so, laughing at few jokes here and there, and even making a few of his own. He’d never actually admit it, but was having a great time.

When you had decided to leave after filling up on chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, two sundaes and three cookies (you saw him slip one away for later), Saeran was still being more lighthearted than usual.

It had been a good day for the both of you. You did admit, you spoiled the hell out of the boy, but it was worth it. He deserved every bit of it.

The two of you were just making small talk while walking in the park the parlor was located in when Saeran suddenly stiffened.

“MC. We need to leave. Now.” Saeran immediately stood, pulling you up roughly and practically dragging you to the park’s entrance.

“Saeran? What’s wrong, are you alright-”

“MC, just please trust me, we need to-”

“Did I just hear Saeran?”

Saeran’s eyes visibly darkened with anxiety and his entire composure tensed with the woman’s voice that said his name. He held your sweater sleeve tightly, knuckles turning white, his face unreadable.

“I’m sorry, you’ve got the wrong person.”

“I don’t believe I do. I know that face when I see it, I know that name, I know that cursed red fucking hair when I see it, you fucking idiot. I can’t believe you’ve actually made it this far in life, I thought you were long dead by now with that weak-ass immune system of yours.”

You immediately whipped around, standing face to face with the ugliest bitch you’d ever met. You stood a few inches shorter than her, and she had extremely choppy shoulder length dark brown hair. Her eyes were golden but dull, and she had a smaller build and an ivory skin tone.

“And who might I be speaking to?” You put your hands on your hips, staring her down. She rolled her eyes.

“Sun-young Choi.”

Your heat rate immediately quickened. This was his mother. After hearing the name, you recognized her features immediately. You looked to Saeran; he had turned now, looking to you with the pleading to leave.

In all honesty, Saeran was so afraid she’d hurt you like she hurt him. He didn’t want anything to happen to you. He was so afraid, god, no please don’t hurt them, don’t-

“This man may be your biological kin, but you are in no position to interact with him. You have no right to interfere with his life right now, you didn’t have that since the day you decided to use them for blackmail and abuse them.” You poked her right in the chest, pushing her backwards as you spoke. “I’ll have you know that ‘that fucking idiot’ is one of the smartest people I know in my life, right there next to his twin brother, who is a genius, by the way. They both have higher intelligence than you’ll ever have. And Saeran has done so well, you wouldn’t even begin to imagine.”

Saeran watches in amazement as you verbally assault his abusive mother, going on and on about him and Saeyoung. It made him so happy that you would defend him in these types of situations.

God, he knew he never says it, but he loves you so much.

“I hope you’ll look back on your life and regret everything you did to these two wonderful boys. We’ll be taking our leave now.”

MC grabbed Saeran’s hand and started to walk off, and he stumbled along behind as you once again led the way towards the car.


“Yes, Saeran?”

“T-Thank you…so much. I don’t really know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t been there…”

“Saeran, don’t even mention it. She’s hurt you before. She still sometimes hurts you mentally, I can see it. Please, I don’t want you to think of her anymore, okay? I’m here to protect you. Saeyoung is here to protect you. The RFA is here to protect you. We love you, Saeran.”

“I-I love you too, MC.”

MC simply smiled at him before lacing their fingers with his.

“C’mon. Let’s go home and watch some movies, yeah?”


That night, Saeran didn’t have any nightmares when he finally fell asleep under five blankets and an arm wrapped around you. 

And the next morning, you watched as Saeran handed Saeyoung the cookie he had saved for himself and mutter a very quiet ‘I love you.’ Saeyoung just smiled and gave his brother a not-too-overwhelming hug.

What wisdom? ( Reader X Jughead)

Reader X Jughead

Request: no, my plot

Warning: none, well it does get a bit “sexy?” ( not really ) But you’re safe 😂

A/N: I wrote this because I just had my wisdom teeth removed yesterday and let me tell you.. IM DYING! And yes I tried rolling off the bed… tried to kill myself while I was numb.



Well today is the day that Jughead gets his wisdom teeth removed, I got all four of mine removed a couple of months ago and jughead was a pain. Coming out of the surgery room he took videos of me trying to roll off my bed considering I was high on the medication . So boy was I going to enjoy this moment.

“Y/N, does it hurt? I mean they are going to removing my wisdom.” He chuckles at his own joke.

“Juggi you won’t feel a thing! Your going under general anesthesia so you’ll be passed out and being woken up under one bright light, and no don’t think it’s heaven. Sorry Jughead but what wisdom, you have none .” I reassure and joke with him

“But Y/N, after the surgery you were in pain and all you had was soup, yogurt and jello! I’m going to starve to death.”

“Juggie you’ll be in pain yes and you won’t eat solids for a week or more, depending on how fast you recover but I’ll help you.” Once again I reassure him as we wait for the nurse to sign jughead into a room.

When Jughead has his room they give him a hospital dress with the weird underwear that they provide.
“Y/N, what on earth is this? The thing is practically transparent.” Jughead lifts the underwear that I was talking about.

“Juggie, stop being a pain and go change I’ll be here waiting.”

Jughead walks away into the bathroom as he changes and just as he closes the door my mom comes in, who is also the one that did my wisdom surgery and who will do Jughead’s.
“Y/N, remember calm him down, don’t scare him. Oh, and make sure he’s comfortable.”

I nod at my mom and she leaves me once again alone in the room. Soon later Jughead walks out with him holding the back of his hospital dress together.
“Y/N, could you help me and tie the dress? I don’t plan on showing the world my private parts and reacting Marilyn Monroe’s famous part.

I laugh and walk towards him. once he releases the back of his dress, his butt that’s covered in that weird underwear is in full view.
“Oh my gosh, JUGHEAD! why did you let go of the back, my poor virgin eyes.” I laugh and quickly grab the strings and tie his dress together.

“Y/N, please my butt is a blessing.”

I laugh and shake my head and tell Jughead to lay on his bed until they call him for surgery. Time passes and it’s finally time for him to go and get his wisdom teeth removed.

“Y/N you’re going to be here right?”

“Yes,Juggie I’ll be here waiting for you.”

“Y/N you said it doesn’t hurt.”

“ the surgery doesn’t hurt, the aftermath does but you’ll be fine. Remember you’re one Strong cookie.”

“Bye Y/N I’ll be back.” Were Jughead’s last words before the nurses rolled him out of his hospital room. I quickly say a fast prayer and hope everything goes well.

An hour and half later Jughead is being rolled back into the room with the nurses laughing.
“ you better tell your boyfriend to keep some private things to himself.”

Before I could even respond back the nurses left.

“ Juggie how was the surgery and what did you tell the nurses?” I lean down by his side.

“ Y/N have I ever told you that you have amazing breasts?” Jughead blurts out

“ Juggie what did y—”

“ Oh I’ve seen them, perky little things. I was once climbing up to your room from your window and you had the curtains open.”

I’m in shock not knowing what to say because he was literally telling me that he saw my breasts… but that wasn’t the only thing he saw.

“ oh and once you asked if I could get you a shirt from your drawers but I opened your underwear drawers instead and you had this super revealing underwear just spread out and boy did that turn me on. You know Y/N I’ve always liked you but never asked you out because I didn’t want to ruin the friendship we have.”

After Jughead long muffled rant, I was sure my face was red! I was so embarrassed and in shock to even express my feelings. But decided to take advantage of his confused state while it lasted.

“ Juggie, how did the underwear look like.” I asked him hoping he’s not talking about the one that Veronica and Betty got me as a joke, but of course it was that one that he saw.

“ it was a white with flower lace, it was practically a thong and it had this cute little bow at the back, could you model it for me?”

At this point I was just dying from inside…
“Juggie please just go to sleep, okay? I’ll be here when you wake up.”

It took Jughead a few minutes until he passed out and I was left feeling fuzzy, embarrassed and confused all at once. When Jughead was discharged I guess he forgot everything he said because he acted normally. When we arrived back to his home at the drive-in , i made sure he was in bed with a basket by his bed and told him I would be back with the soup and jello that I’ll make back home.

When I reached home I made the soup and jello that he’ll be eating and grabbed my pjs and extra clothing,face wash and toothbrush that I’ll use when staying over. But before leaving I ran to my underwear drawer and grabbed the underwear he spoke about.

After feeding Jughead his food and gave him his painkillers, I grabbed the underwear and everything else beside my pjs to tease Jughead a bit…

I walked into the bathroom to do my business and wore my underwear and walked out without a shirt or bra and just covering my breasts with my arm.

“Hey Juggie, can I borrow one of your shirts? All of my shirts are tight fitting.”

When Jughead lifted his head to face me, I swear I think his eyes popped out of his eye sockets. His eyes scanned me from top to bottom as if I was his laptop screen.

“Jughead, can I borrow a shirt? I don’t plan on sleeping without a shirt.” After my last comment he nodded and his head and I walked and grabbed a shirt from his.

I spun around so that I’m not facing him and put on his shirt and I know for a fact that he was staring at my butt. When I was done I walked over to him and leaned down and whispered.

“Jughead make sure to keep what you saw and wished to yourself, hope you enjoyed my modeling of my underwear but sorry I couldn’t flash you my chest.
And how about we go out on a date after you recover? Good night.”

Once I pulled back I could see the hint of red covering his cheeks and shock that overtook his eyes


Request: Ive had this idea but idk how to write it so Im giving it to you. Its where y/n is in love with Bucky but he is dating and in love with someone else. However the girl broke his heart and finally realizes a year after his heartbreak that he loves y/n.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: angst (?), fluff (I like ending things on a happy note I’m sorry)

A/N: this will probably hurt my soul. Also, if there’s any mistakes, I’ll fix ‘em later :)

Giggling erupts in the hallway and you sigh, closing your eyes for a couple of seconds. Bucky and his girlfriend were back from wherever they had went. With a frown now etched on your face, you grab the container of Oreo’s and your glass of milk and make your way into Steve’s room where you would be watching some Disney movies.

“Took you long enough, I nearly started the movie without you.” he joked as you went to sit on the floor beside him.

“Yeah well I had to wait a while. Bucky and Ella came back and I didn’t want to run into them in the hall.” you respond, placing the Oreo’s between the two of you.

Steve looked at you and frowned. He knew how you felt about Bucky, hell, the whole team did, except Bucky of course. You had admired him for so long. He was perfection in your eyes but you were always too scared to ever make a move, worried that he’d reject you. When you finally decided to tell him how you felt, you discovered that he had a girlfriend.

He had barely started dating Ella and it crushed you. Steve would always tell you that it wouldn’t last, that he’d break up with her soon because Bucky just wasn’t the type for long term relationships. It’s been 2 years now and they’re still going strong. You pretend to be happy for him but deep down you want to be her. She gets to hold him and kiss him; you want that. You want to be the source of his happiness, the reason he smiles all the time.

But we don’t always get what we want.

“They’ll end it soon Y/N. Bucky isn’t the-”

“Long term relationship type of person.” you finish for him. “You’ve been saying that for two years Steve.”

“Well it’s true.” he shrugged, turning his head towards the tv where The Little Mermaid was playing.

“I think you’re wrong.” you say, grabbing an Oreo and dipping it into the milk.

“And why’s that?” he turns back to you.

“Because he looks at Ella the way that I look at him. With-”

“Love!” Bucky suddenly bursts into the room. “I’m in love!”

He waltz over to Steve’s bed and plops down behind you with a sigh. You bite the inside of your cheek before stuffing the Oreo in your mouth and turning to Steve who was already looking at you. He felt bad for you; everyone did. You loved someone who didn’t love you back.

“What are you guys watching?” Bucky turned to lay on his stomach. “Ooo The Little Mermaid, I love this movie.”

You sighed and closed your eyes, leaning your head back on the bed. When you opened them back up, you were met with Bucky’s face. He smiled at you, that goofy grin making your heart melt.

“Hi Y/N.” he spoke.

“Hi Buck.” you sighed out, lifting your head back up to watch the movie.

The rest of the night consisted of Bucky playing with your hair and stacking Oreo’s on top of your head.

1 year later

Exactly 4 months after the movie night in Steve’s room, Bucky had his heartbroken. He had found out that Ella had been cheating on him for a while. He broke things off instantly. He stayed cooped up in his room, crying and wondering what he did to deserve such a horrible thing. While he did that, you were moving out of the tower and into your very own apartment. You decided it was about time to move out. The rest of the gang helped you move, all of course except Bucky.

He didn’t even know you had moved out until he walked over to your old room for some advice. He remembers it like yesterday.

Deciding to get out of his room and go to you for some advice, Bucky made his way over to your room. He was exhausted, eyes burning from crying so much but he was determined to go and talk to you. You always had great advice which made you an amazing friend.

Bucky opened up your door, expecting to see you sitting on your bed watching a movie or browsing the web on your laptop but instead he was met with nothing but an empty room. Confused, he walked over the common room and walked straight up to his best friend.

“Where’s Y/N?”

The blonde turns his gaze to the brunette and smiles. “Hey Buck, you’re finally out of your room. How’re you doing?”

He ignored the question. “Where’s Y/N.”

Bucky had now gained the rest of the team members attention and they watched as Steve broke the news to his friend.

“She moved a couple of days ago, Bucky.” he spoke softly.

That night he went over to your apartment, asking why you left and begging you to come back as it ‘wasn’t the same without you’. You declined but said he was welcome at your place anytime.

It had now been a year since the breakup with Ella and Bucky sat on the couch in the tower with Steve and Sam. Somehow you came up in the conversation and they had been talking about you for a while.

“I don’t think she ever had a boyfriend while living here.” Bucky comments, leaning on the couch.

“Of course she didn’t, she was in love with you.” Sam chuckled, saying it as if Bucky had known all this time.

The soldier sat up quickly. “What?”

Steve glared at Sam who ignored his friends look. “Don’t act like you didn’t know. She made it pretty obvious.”

“I didn’t know.” Bucky said. “Steve, did you know about this?”

The blonde put his head down in a way of silently giving Bucky an answer but Sam spoke up.

“Of course he did, everyone did.”

Bucky scoffed. “And no one decided to tell me? She didn’t think to tell me something this serious?”

“She tried to Buck.” Steve sighed, lifting his head to meet eyes with his friend.

“When was that because during all of our conversations not once did she tell me that she was in love wi-”

“She tried telling you the day you told her about you dating Ella.” Steve cut him off and Bucky slowly leaned back in the couch, mentally replaying that day.

Bucky had barely began dating Ella but the both of them decided to keep their relationship a secret. It had been a week and Bucky wanted to tell someone - anyone about him and Ella but of course, he kept his mouth shut. So he sat on his bed, thinking about Ella and when he’d be able to see her again. He was head over heels for her.

A knock on his door tore him away from his thoughts and he yelled a ‘come in’. There stood you, hands clasped in front of you as you shut the door behind your figure.

“Hey Bucky, I have to tell you something.” you spoke softly. On the outside you looked calm, but on the inside you were freaking the fuck out.

“Y/N! I have to tell you something too!” he shot up from his bed and walked over to you. “Me first.” he then grabbed you by your shoulders, a smile upon his lips and you almost thought he was going to kiss you until he started shaking you. “I have a girlfriend!”

Your heart dropped instantly and Bucky continued. “I actually wasn’t supposed to tell anyone because we’re keeping our relationship a secret but I couldn’t hold it in any longer!”

“That’s.. That’s great Buck.” you say. “When did you two start dating?”

“A week ago. We’ve been talking for a while though. Her name is Ella. Isn’t that such a beautiful name?” he was practically drooling at the thought of her.

“It is.” you nod, forcing a smile. “I’m happy for you, Bucky.”

“Thanks.” he flashed you a goofy grin. “What is it you wanted to tell me?”

You had almost forgotten the reason why you came to his room in the first place. “Uh.. I just wanted to tell you that dinners almost ready.”

Bucky nods and thanks you before you exit his room, instantly making your way to your room where you broke down in tears.

“Oh my god.” Bucky breathed.

Something clicked inside of him. There was a reason why he always came to you for advice, a reason why he’d always go to you when he felt down. He loved you - he was in love with you. He couldn’t believe how long it took him to realize this but he decided to not waste anymore time.

“Where’s Y/N? Is she at home?” he questioned the two men sitting before him.

“She should be. Why?” Steve answered.

Bucky jumped up from the couch and ran over to his room to put on his shoes before grabbing his car keys and rushing out of the building, heading straight for your apartment. He couldn’t believe how stupid he was over the years. There you were, always there for him when he needed you, in love with him and he chose someone else who ended up breaking his heart.

Upon making it to your apartment, he parked his car and instead of taking the elevator, he dashed up the stairs in a hurry. Out of breath, he knocked on your door repeatedly until you swung the door open, thinking it was that annoying kid who liked to knock on your door then run away.

“Oh hey Buck.” you say. “Sorry about how I answered the door. There’s this kid that-”

He shut you up with a kiss. He put everything he had in it. It was rough, but soft; needy to be more precise. You pulled away first, confusion written all over your face.

“Bucky, what the he-”

“I’m in love with you.” he blurts. “I always have been, I was just too stupid to realize it back then. I thought Ella was the one for me but really, it’s you. I can’t believe it took me this long but Y/N I’m so madly in love with you, it’s unbelievable.”

“Bucky, where did all of this come from?” you question, that obviously not being what Bucky expected you to say.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean just the other day you were telling me about some girl you met at the bar the night before and now you’re telling me that you’re in love with me.” you say before groaning. “Oh my god did Steve tell you about how I feel about you?”

“So you love me back?” he smiled, full of hope.

“Of course I do you giant idiot! I made it quite obvious.” you respond.

“Am I really that oblivious?” Bucky nervously chuckled as he scratched the back of his neck.

“All signs point to yes.” you nod, causing Bucky to groan.

“Are you gonna keep bashing me for being stupid and idiotic or are you gonna let me in so that I can make out with you?”

You tap your chin for a bit before answering. “I think I’ll go with the first one.”

Bucky laughs, stepping forward and taking you in his arms. “Stop being mean and kiss me.”

You let out a laugh, lips connecting with his as he moves the two of you inside, shutting the door behind him.

“Took you long enough.” you mutter throughout the kiss.

“Shut up.” he chuckled, attacking your lips once more.



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Best friend Jaemin

Request: best friend jaemin? 💘

A/N: im sorry if this is short!!

  • ooh it’s been a long time since i did a best friend! series
  • plus it’s been 939383 months since we last saw jaems
  • this is to all my jaemin stans
  • i hope you all are staying strong
  • without further a do, let’s start

  • so how you all actually became friends in the first place

  • back then in middle school while you were both 10
  • you were pretty quiet then and rather introverted
  • only had like 2 close friends? but you wouldnt talk to them unless they started the conversation
  • until one day teacher changed your seating arrangement because you ‘weren’t participating enough’
  • which was why she decided putting you beside one of the most talkative students was a good idea
  • and he was none other than na jaemin
  • this bright kid greeted you while a big big smile everyday
  • and every lesson he’d ask you lots of questions so you’d speak up more
  • “ooh that’s a pretty pen! where did you get it from?”
  • “did you understand what the teacher just said? could you explain it to me?”
  • “yay it’s time for pairwork!!”
  • and he’d try his best to make you smile
  • be it through jokes or funny stances
  • and thanks to him you managed to open up more
  • soon enough he was joining you during break times
  • and he was your tablemate for the following years
  • and luckily, the two of you managed to get into the same high school
  • by then you two were already very close friends
  • but only knowing each other in the new school amongst strangers helped to closen the relationship
  • and after weeks both of you are inseparable
  • probably calls you by a nickname he gave you back when you two were younger
  • and has no plans on changing it
  • loves teasing and pranking you but does it in a way where it’s funny
  • like you cant stay mad at him because the both of you end up laughing
  • like that one time he offered you a drink of sprite
  • but he secretly put in vinegar instead
  • hyuck im watching you
  • and when you drank it you almost spitted on his face
  • while he was at the side dying of laughter
  • but a few minutes of laughing he forgot and took a sip too
  • which he immediately choked on and started coughing
  • causing you to burst out laughing at his reaction
  • can get really clingy
  • and doesnt mind skinship at all
  • since he’s usually the one suggesting it
  • he has his arms slung around your shoulders all the time
  • 24/7 poking your sides or pulling your cheeks to annoy you
  • he loves tickling you too
  • always seems to have memes or jokes to send you
  • it’d probably be 2am in the morning and you get a text from him
  • probably a meme
  • “hi best friend i cant sleep so you shall not too”
  • and he wont stop spamming until you actually reply
  • which after 15 minutes of chatting, he says he wants to go to sleep
  • and every single time that happens you want to punch him because he deadass woke you up during midnight to chat for 15 mins
  • jaemin wyd???
  • okay but
  • despite him being really dorky and funny all the time
  • he gets serious when he needs to
  • and becomes extremely protective when it comes to you, your health or your safety
  • after all, you’re his best friend and he wants to take care of you
  • like that one time some creep kept pestering you to give him your number and he wouldnt leave
  • until jaemin showed up and acted like your boyfriend
  • and you could tell he was 👌 close to beating that person up
  • but luckily you stopped him
  • after he calms down he pats your head and gets all sweet like “you’re fine right?”
  • and he’d smile brightly when you say yes
  • “anything for my best friend”
  • high school was also the place where you two met the other boys
  • specifically jeno, mark & hyuck
  • but yall also know jaehyun & taeyong because they used to be seniors
  • the five of you would always hang out together
  • which gains a lot of attention because many wonder how you even got close to this good looking bunch of boys
  • but knowing jaemin he probably goes around shouting that you’re his best friend
  • which embarrasses and makes you happy at the same time
  • for some reason he’d always tease you and jeno
  • and you’d be all clueless like “what? why jeno huh?”
  • while jeno’s at the side trying to hide his blush
  • but as time went by you found yourself falling for jenk because he’s always so sweet and kind to you??
  • and when you told jaemin he straight up screamed for one hour straight
  • “yOU LIKE JENO???? WOAH”
  • “number one fan of couple ship name of you and jeno
  • and he wanted to tell jeno right away but of course you’d stop him
  • by treating him to meals, like always
  • but it would all go to waste because
  • two weeks later you receive a text from jeno
  • “so… uh Y/N, jaemin has been pushing me for days to say this but i actually like you too”
  • and you’re all shookt and you dont know what to reply
  • “he told you??? when??”
  • “two weeks ago, i think”
  • and you take a mental note to remember to slap jaemin because that was the day you told him
  • but also thanks to that, you and jeno finally got together
  • which made jeno 100× happier
  • would probably scream again
  • “jeno, if she ever bullies you tell me, i can handle her”
  • and to you
  • “good luck to putting up with jenojAM, it’s been tough on me these few years”
  • apart from all that
  • back to his actions
  • he’s also always willing to listen to your problems and help you out
  • even though his advice may not be the best, he still tries his best to cheer you up and help
  • encourages and supports you a lot
  • like a real fan
  • and he always has that big bright smile while looking at you
  • and you feel so blessed because he’s honestly such a great friend??
  • and he never fails to make you happy
  • he can be super sweet and nice one moment
  • and the other it seems as though he’s got something up his sleeves
  • but nonetheless he makes you laugh and smile a lot
  • and without him you wouldn’t be where you are today so
  • shout out to the bestest friend!!

Requested by anon: Can you do a married!au with Seokmin where he asks you to dance with him after a long day? Like super romantic and stuff? Thank you! 


warnings: super romantic, super cheesy, super fLUFF THAT I ACTUALLY HAD TO TAKE A BREAK FROM WRITING BC IT WAS SUPER SWEET!!!!

  • i hope yall enjoy this piece as much as i loved writing it <33333333
  • The sizzling of the stove and soft BTOB melodies crackled from your speakers, the only sounds that drifted from the kitchen
  • You were humming along to the harmonies, the cute pastel pink apron Seokmin bought for you last month wrapped securely around your waist as you twirled with a spatula in one hand but u didnt twirl that much ok pls dont burn the house down
  • You were about to reach the peak of the song when the familiar bell rang
  • You glanced at the clock and smiled to yourself
  • “7, just as expected”
  • You quickly wiped your hands on a nearby towel and scurried off to the front door
  • “Welcome home, honey!!!” you chirped
  • He had a slightly worn out smile but the second he laid eyes on you, his eyes lit up and the tired grin became the embodiment of the sun and blinded you lmao i luv death!!!

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anonymous asked:

idk if you've already done this or not but something with solangelo being pranked on April Fools

boy dang im sorry this took so long im real bad with pranks and i was told to watch the parent trap but i had no motivation to??? but luckily i got this idea a few days ago so here u go i hope this is what u were going for

  • So will and nico are together but dont really act like it all that often like they kinda just seem like really really close friends who hold hands on a rare occasion in public and sometimes sleep in the same bed when one has a nightmare
  • Anyway so theyre together and really really like each other and they know it but like a lot of other people dont really know it like?? Will’s friends are like “bro when r u gonna make a move” and wills like “we’ve been together for six months???” and theyre like “so start acting like it??” but like theyre cool how they are like they dont need to act super coupley bc that’s not the kind of people they are with each other
  • So lou ellen and cecil work together to make some kind of potion that theyre super secretive about like they won’t tell will anything about it and then one day while he isn’t looking they pour some of this potion in his drink and like he can taste the difference but lou and cecil refuse to tell him when the potion was they’re like “you’ll figure it out soon enough
    • Will’s like “if i die from this then i’ll get nico to bring me back just so i can kick ur asses so u better watch urselves” and lou and cecil are like ‘yeah uh huh sure’
    • we’ll just say this happened on april fools since thats what ur request was
  • will gets kinda anxious about it bc hes seen some of the potions lou and cecil make together and they never really end well but nothing bad happens to him like,,, maybe seeing nico brightens his day a little bit more than usual but like even that’s not all that different?? so he doesnt get it
  • nico goes with will to force lou and cecil to tell them what the potion was supposed to do and cecils like “r u kidding me!! why can’t we ever make one potion that works right!!” and lou’s like “drinking that potion was supposed to make you fall madly and uncontrollably in love with the first person you saw ((nico)) but obvi it didn’t work”
    • will’s just like ?????? bc????? but like hes so relieved that he’s not About to Die that he just shouts “Ha! Jokes on you, i’m already madly in love with nico!”
    • and like nico’s super flattered but also super embarrassed bc its the middle of dinner and literally everyone in the room is looking at them now so he shadowtravels them out of there but as soon as theyre back on solid ground and away from people nico kisses will and tells him he loves him too

this was also possibly the fastest list that i wrote since i started this??? like that sounds fake bc this has been in my inbox for like close to a month probably but thanks for waiting and i hope you liked it!!

my inbox is empty so maybe give me an au for me to write a list for in math tomorrow??


A/n I don’t know why this was so hard to write. Sorry anon who requested its a bit late. Happy is coming and then a small color soulmate one shot. Requests as always are open!

PS Im in school so I don’t have as much time but its all coming I swear. 

REQUEST- Hi! Can you do a imagine where the reader, Sebastian and Chris are always playing during the scenes of Civil War and Tom Holland is jealous because he likes her?? Thank you! - @mimisari234

Originally posted by rowdy-redhead

“I’ll race you to the green screen”   

“That’s not fair Chris!” you screamed was as he took off without warning you ,but you followed behind him even though you wouldn’t catch up.

“That’s not fair Evans, I demand a rematch” you said, breathless and punched his arm. 

“Sebastian, did I not win?” he called to Sebastian who was on break but watched you both from afar. 

“Yeah, why? Is Y/n being a cheat again” he said standing up to come join you.
“I’m not a cheat Seb, I won fair and square that time”

“Yeah, right after you tripped me”

Soon you all started to accuse each other of cheating and were causing a ruckus.The loudness of your argument reached everyone on set. Even Mackie joined in, calling Evans a cheater (which he was). The whole ordeal was childish but you lived for these moments. Everyone seems to enjoy the joyful atmosphere. 

Soon you were all called to set again. You were filming the airport scene with Chris and Sebastian and were waiting for Tom to get done with wardrobe to continue. With all the waiting you all soon got to gossiping. 

“So, y/n how’s it going with Tom?” asked Chris giving you a smirk. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about” you answered turning away from him so he wouldn’t see the blush on your cheeks. To be completely honest you were completely smitten with the young actor but you had no chance with him. You learned to accept that a months ago. After this you probably wouldn’t see him until the next Avengers movie where you would resume your role as a SHIELD Agent working alongside Captain America

“Oh look how cute you are,” Chris said poking one of your cheeks clearly noticing your blush and Seb laughed alongside him.

“Y/n I wanted to ask you something, before we started filmi-“ you heard Tom say from behind you but he stopped as he noticed the two men standing behind you. 

“Uh I’ll ask you later” he said and got in place for the scene and you did the same.

After the scene you grabbed your things and started to leave as your phone screen illuminated with a message from Chris. 

So how’d that scene go with lover boy * winks face*

You laughed as you saw the text because Chris was having trouble using his phone. He hadn’t figured out how to add the emoji after you had taken the setting off as a joke. 

It went fine Thanks for asking 😝

You only added the little emoji to spite him. You’d fix his settings soon enough, but for now you’d let him wallow in his emoji-less life. You heard footsteps that belonged to Tom as you put away your phone. 

“Hey y/n long time no see” he said and you grinned in response knowing you had both gotten off set a few minutes ago.  

“I know right, we should totally hang out to catch up”  you joked knowing you meant every word even though it may not seem that way. Tom gave you a smile and opened his mouth to speak but your phone interrupted him.There was a constant buzzing and vibrating for your phone.

“I’m sorry let me just” you said to Tom and he only nodded in response. 



🙃 R u happy now 

There was an endless stream of single emojis, all from Chris. Then the occasional message from Seb begging you to make Chris stop. 


You quickly typed out to Chis and gave Tom a small smile. 

“So what were you going to say” the buzzing continued until you shut it off. 

“Was that Chris and Seb” he asked a sudden glint coming to his eyes.

“Yeah- wait where are you gong” you asked as he suddenly turned around.

“Well, since you only have time for Chris and Seb I’m going to just go” he said with a scowl and you were confused until you finally realized.

“Tom are you jealous” 

“Don’t repeat the story” Tom whined as you told the cast of how you ended up together. 

“I’m sorry you were just so cute” you said pecking his lips as he rested his head in your lap as the cast cooed at how cute you were.

“Was, I don’t know what you’re talking about. Im still cute as heck” he said making you giggle.

“Why would I be jealous it’s not like I’m completely in love with you” Tom clasped a hand over his mouth as he realized what he had just said. 

“Tom your- what?” you choked out as you realized what he meant.

Tom let out a groan, “ Okay, yes I’m utterly in love with you. The way you can make anyone smile and how you put people above yourself, and God your so pretty and I don’t know I just know I really, really like you.”

“I don’t know what to say” your eyes going wide.

“Hey I understand if you don’t feel that way I kn-“

“Hey, Tom?” 


“Shut up so we can go out to dinner yeah?”


“And then he asked me to be his girlfriend very the next day” you said grinning as you looked down at Tom.

The memories but a soft small to your lips and for Tom as well. He mouthed an ‘I love you’ when the cast wasn’t looking so you leaned down to kiss him.

“I love you Tom Stanely Holland you jealous cutie” you whispered to him.

missing | part two

part one

calum + reader
word count: 1659

writing masterlist | request/ask/feedback

summary: calum is mia on the most important night of your life


Apparently, it took Calum almost a month to ‘stop being an asshole’, which I later found out was his idea of ‘giving me some space’. 

In that time, I’d tried to listen to my best friend’s words of advice and move on. I even tried going on a blind date.

The guy was nice enough at first, opening the car door for me, pulling out my chair at the restaurant. It all seemed fine until he brought up.. Calum. 

“So I heard you were with that bassist from that band a while ago..” I raised an eyebrow at him, slightly shocked that my date would bring up my ex-boyfriend.

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Pietro Maximoff Imagine: Help Steve
Warnings: Swearing (oops), Bit Violent,
Words: 4.5K
Masterlist: x

There was a large amount of love in you heart for Steve, by no means was it passionate and true love, it was more family. Steve, he was your family. He was truly the brother you never had, it was like every emotion he felt, you unknowingly replicated, and watching him truly devastated hurt you like hell. You couldn’t just sit by and watch this.  You wanted to see him happy again, you wanted the smiley, joking Captain back but right now he was just a shell of a man he could be. As much as the way you said it sounded selfish,  all you wanted was for him to be happy.

It wasn’t hard for him to work out the cause of Steve’s emotional numbness; ne needed Bucky. Bucky was the only person in the world who filled the hole in Steve’s heart; Bucky was his best friend. For as long as you have known Steve, he had always been trying to find Bucky once again, to bring him back, take him to SHIELD; to help him.
It must have been a month ago, Tony and Steve and you were all scooping out what looked to be an abandoned looking HYDRA base. Except it wasn’t abandoned, there was a faint crying in the background, it sounded like whoever it was, they were in pain. The look on Steves face said it all. You knew straight away what he thought. Steve thought that voice was Bucky. Steve ran as fast as his feet could take him, you using your power to run as fast as lightning but the cried were coming from a large metal box with no clear entry.

That’s the last you can remember, Fury told you the room was filled with knock out gas, and by the time you had all came round, the box was gone. Fury sent his best men down there but they couldn’t find where on earth the box went. You and Tony had began to doubt yourselves the box had existed, I mean you knew it was there but how could it have just disappeared like it did.
Steve on the other hand, couldn’t let it go, the cries and screams wouldn’t leave Steve’s head, they tormented him daily, he couldn’t go more than a minute without once again hearing his best friend’s screams echoing through his ears, piercing his ear drums making him shiver. It got to the point where Steve couldn’t take it anymore.

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ohmyprouvaire asked: HELLO SWINGS IN ASEXUALITY FIC WOULD BE GREAT ESP WITH OT6 AND THE BOYS NEED TO SHAPE UP THEIR LEARNING CURVE ok calming down but ace!ray (at least a little sex repulsed por favor?) and the boys having to kinda figure it out too because ray is too nervous to actually outright say it and instead makes.excuses and stuff!! So yes drama!!! A little angst!! Happy end!! :D (its late hahA IM SORRY FOR MY ATTITUDE)

Hello! And yes, get excited about ace!Ray! I hope this is what you wanted, I’ve never really written ace!characters before. 

Just a little note, there’s a mention of one joke about asexual reproduction in plants, but apart from that, there’s no slurs or anything. I hope you like it!

Word count: 1581

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anonymous asked:

yo its ur girl joy. i want soap to write this ok. so like hi admin soap ily. gimme some of that kuroo booty jk- i want kurOO ANGST- YES GIMME THE ANGST- rolls eyes bc ur here rn right in front of me- why- anYWAYS I WANT KUROO ANGST WHERE S/O FINDS OUT THAT HE'S CHEATING ON S/O & OFFFFF- SHE ENDS UP GOING OUT WITH LEV & THEN LEV MAKES HER MORE HAPPY THAN KUROO- & HE TRIES TO GET BACK TO S/O BUT SHES LIKE NO huSSY ( wink wonk ) IM WITH LEV- & then leV IS LIKE BACK UP KUROO- K THANKS ILY BABE

So this was requested by a person who I’ve known for a long time. She has her own blog and she writes for Haikyuu and Kuroko no basket so go check her out if you have the time and you like those things. And it’s also her birthday today(or yesterday because I finally got to post this at 11 at night). I’m so sorry it’s late but you know what I broke my heart writing this.


-Admin Sophia

“I wonder what’s taking Kuroo so long?”

(Name) was walking up the empty staircase, trying to find her missing boyfriend. School had ended a while ago, so there was no one around. As she reached the top, she heard a thud, like someone just crashed into something. She approached the door and slid it open.

There was Kuroo, making out with a girl who was sitting on the table. His hands were on her bare thighs, slipping under her skirt.

“Kuroo?” (Name) called out hesitantly. Kuroo barely glanced back at her before locking lips with the girl in front of him.

“Huh? Oh, it’s you (Name)” His voice was muffled. “I’m kind of busy right now, could you come back later?” (Name) could feel her heart breaking. What happened to them? Was all the times he said ‘I love you’ a lie? Was this just a giant joke? Was he never serious about her at all? (Name) slammed the door shut, not wanting to let him see her tears.

(Name) ran down the steps, bag in hand as she wiped the tears off of her face.

“Hey (Name)-senpai! Practice was canceled so…” Lev trailed off as he saw the tears. “Are you okay (Name)-senpai? Do you need a hug?” He opened up his long arms. (Name) took a small step forward, dropping her bag before falling into Lev’s chest, sobbing. She wrapped her arms tightly around his torso, pressing her face against his body. Lev hugged her tightly. He didn’t like the tears in his senpai’s eyes.

When (Name) stopped crying, she took a step back, rubbing her race dry with her sleeve. “Sorry about that Lev…” She looked away in embarrassment.

“It’s okay (Name)-senpai! Let’s walk home together!” Lev picked up her back and grabbed her hand, pulling her away from the school.

Kuroo slammed his face into a pillow. It’s been a month since (Name) had found him with Mikoto, and she’s been avoiding him ever since. He had asked her out as a dare, and she took it seriously. But as time went on, he actually began to like her. She was sincere and pure, something that he wasn’t. And that was probably why he agreed to ask her out in the first place. She somehow wormed her way into his heart and now that they were over, he wanted her back now.

Kuroo eventually got up at and got on the train with Kenma, the journey to school quiet. As they walked through the front gates, they could see (Name). (Name) with a bright smile on her face, holding hands with Lev. He clenched his fist at the two laughing together. But he knew that he was too late. He lost his chance.

Blast from the past. (Michael Clifford imagine)

AN:really proud of this one and i actually proof read it this time so enjoy!

word count:2K

LA California may 19th 2006, I was 9 and it was my first holiday to America, I remember being on a plane with my parents and sitting next to a strange boy with blond hair who in my opinion now looked high as fuck. The one thing I remember the most was the shirt he had on it was a bright yellow one with pikachu and ash on it too, “hi Im Michael” he said sticking out a sticky hand for me to shake “hey Im Y/N” I said shaking his hand and smiling at him. That whole flight we talked about pokemon, played on our Gameboys battling each other and telling really stupid jokes. When the plane landed my mum and his mum swapped numbers so me and Michael could keep in touch. For the first 6 months we talked on the phone everyday but as time went on and we both grew up it was more a phone call every 3 months just to catch up and then 2 years later we weren’t talking at all I was 12 and he had just turned 13 at that time I guess school and his friends took over, but I never ever forgot him and often thought about how he was doing. Now I am 18 and in university studying journalism and living with my friends but Michael? He is touring the world with his band who have just hit it BIG and I’m standing from row at (your city stadium) about to watch him play and hoping for him to notice me. As the show went on which I must say was an amazing show they were going to playing the second last song when I see Michael look directly at me and all he dose is stop everything he is doing and is frozen. I give him a small wave and smile and he dose the same back but he gives me a big smile. “Right this is our second last song its called good girls” Luke says into the microphone just then a big tall guy came up to me and said “miss you have to come with me” “okay why?” “Michael has requested to see you” he simply says helping me over the barrier and into a small stage door at to a room full of clothes and said “the boys will be here soon you can sit on the couch” “okay thanks” I say feeling nervous.

10 minutes later I hear 4 loud Aussie accents coming from down the hall and I know it them so I stand up to greet them “dude that was such a goo-” ash started then stopped when he saw me “Y/N” Michael says and hugs the shit out of me “what are you doing here” “well I heard about this band call 5 seconds of summer on the radio and they said your name so I looked you guys up to see if it was really you and when I found out it was you I got very exited and bought tickets for the show and here I am” “I cant believe this I havent seen you in like 8-9 years this is crazy” he says hugging me again “I can’t believe you your fucking famous now your not the 10 year old boy I met on a plane any more” I say looking him in the eyes “yeah I grew and so did you holy shit you’re not nine anymore you have boobs” he says like he’s never seen boobs before “well that is what happens during puberty” I say laughing then the rest of the boys laugh “so Michael are you going to introduce us to your friend?” calums says “oh sorry guys how rude this is Y/N a friend form a long time ago” “Y/N this is calum, luke and ashton my band mates” “well it was really cool to meet you Y/N but I think we should leave yous to catch up so we’re going to go get changed and go to a bar, see ya” luke says waving out the door and then the 2 other boys follow “okay bye nice to meet you” I shout when they leave. Me and michael were now on the bus couch catching up on the last 9 years. “I really cant believe this its so crazy” he kept saying “so now you’re all famous and very hot and have cool hair do you have a girlfriend?” I ask confidently after taking a drink of my beer he had given me earlier “no I haven’t found the right person yet” he says looking away from me “so what about you since you’re all hot and very smart do you have a boyfriend?” he asks hesitantly “oh yeah of course I have a husband and 2 children” I say looking at him sarcastically “ha ha funny” he says pushing my shoulder “no I don’t have a boyfriend” I say looking at the floor to scared to look at him “why?” he asks getting more confidant “well I never found the right person and I havent really have a spare moment this year because of school but now the year is over I might find the right one” I say taking a chance and looking at him while probably blushing my ass off “yeah maybe you will” he says back smirking like a little boy “so anyway how is school going?” he asks changing the subject “yeah its okay I just feel like im not ready for it not just yet so Im thinking of taking a gap year and traveling” I say smiling because of how fun it sounds “yeah that sound like a good idea” he says smiling at me in ‘that way’ (I know you know what I mean)(lovey dovey eyes btw) blushing like hell I quickly say “I need the bathroom where is it” I ask as he points me in the direction. When I come back I hear Michael talking on the phone to someone saying “man I actually think I could fall in love with this girl it feels so good to see her again and when we talk it isn’t awkward it just feels so natural, you know” omg, all of a sudden I open the door like I heard nothing “oh sorry man I have to go” he quickly says ending the conversation and putting his phone in his pocket “hey” he says smiling at me in 'that way’ again “hey” I say walking over to the couch sitting on it next to him and taking my beer again “you didn’t hear any of that did you?” he say looking concerned “no why?” I say innocently “nothing doesn’t matter, do you want to watch a movie?” he asks standing up to get more beer “sure what do yous have?” going over to the cabinet he opens it to revel a shit load of films “well we have most of the disney’s erm big hero 6, cinderella, beauty and the beast etc” “big hero 6 I love that film” I say getting exited. A wee bit into the film when tadashi dies I feel tears streaming down my face and some hit michaels arm “are you okay” he asks pulling me in for a hug “yeah Im fine its just so sad I hate that bit” “I know  do to” he says smiling at me and then I see his eyes flicker to my lips, dose he want to kiss me? omg what do i do? so then I pluck up the courage and say “you know if you want to kiss me you just have to do it” right after saying that he leans in and kiss my lips with every ounce of passion in his beautiful body, after a long make out session he says “stay the night in my bunk we don’t have to do anything I just want to lay with you and hold you” “of course” I say giving his lips one last peck before he picks me up bridal style and carries me to his bunk. “Here have one of my shirts to sleep in” he says handing me his iron maiden shirt “dont worry thats a clean one” he says laughing before stripping down to his boxers and I taking off all my clothes but my panties and bra and then I put his shirt on the taking my bra off under the shirt. After getting into his bunk we just lye in silence looking at each smiling and once in a while michael would kiss my lips or my neck leaving hickeys along the way. “michael I lied I did hear what you said on the phone” I say looking him in the eye “I don’t care anymore, a part of me wanted you to hear” he says pulling me into hug. That night I fell asleep in his arms and I had never felt more comfortable.

The next morning I wake up to hear the boys laughing so I get up pull on my jeans and go to the door to be nosey, “so what happened last night when we left” ashton asks “nothing we talked cuddled watched big hero 6 the made of for like 30 minutes then went to my bunk and kissed some more and fell asleep in each others arms” he say proudly “aw is mikey going soft” calum says “I actually think I am I really fucking like her man” he say smiling through his words “good for you man, she seems really lovely” luke says patting him on the back “yeah she is, I should probably wake her” he says getting up “no need im already up” I say walking in the room blushing because of how intimated I feel, Michael comes up and hugs me then whispers in my ear say “come to the back with me I have something to ask”.

following him through to the back he sits on the couch and I sit next to him “what up” I ask  "well you know how you were talking about going on a gap year?“ he says "yes” I say confused “well I talked to our tour manager and asked if I could take someone along for the next year and she said yes so would you like to join us on tour and travel the world with me?” “YES oh my god i would love to” I say jumping to hug him “great” he said pulling me back and kisses me.

going back into the lounge michael says “boys we have a little hitch hiker coming on tour with us” in a american school girl voice the rest of the boy scream “omg yessssss” and running and hugging me “this is going to be one of the best tours yet lads” michael says pulling the boys off me “yes it will now miss Y/N would you like some breakfast?” luke asks as if he was a waiter “yes please what do you have?” “well we have bacon, egg, toast, yogurt and fruit salad” he said back “could I please get some fruit salad that would be great right now” “of course” “I will get it for you” michael says pushing luke on the the couch next to me. this would be good, I thought.

one week later and now in (whatever city) michael had asked to see me in the back…again. “Y/N I think i slowly might be falling in love with you so will you please be my girlfriend?” I quickly rushes out “of course I would be honored” I say hugging him and then kissing his lips, “oh and I think  might be falling in love with you as well” I say with a big smile and him smiling at me with an even bigger smile. I fucking love this boy and the other boys and this will be one of the best years of my Life!

in love with my best friend - Ashton Irwin imagine

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A/N: Hey guys =) Im sorry that it took me so long to write something but I had a lot of trouble lately so I hope you like this one =) keep on requesting. Love you guys xxx

Ashton’s POV – Six months. Six months since my life changed. We were having a concert, which was one of the greatest nights of my life, and it happened after the show where we met our best friend. Y/F/N Y/L/N, the most dorky, crazy, lovely and beautiful girl, I’ve ever seen in my life. Well, she almost killed us back then. We were about to go off stage and she managed to spill her drink all over the stairs next to the stage, during the show. All four of us almost fell down on our faces but thank god nothing bad happened. I guess, she had a very bad conscience, cause she waited like two hours outside the stadium for us. As we walked out she was standing there with a very guilty look and shy smile.


“Hey guys. Im so so sooo sorry, that I almost killed you. I swear it wasn’t on purpose. I just kinda rocked so hard to your music, that I’ve lost control over my cup. I hope you’re all okay!?“ She didn’t look at us and I just smiled at the boys. They chuckled and she looked up.

“Don’t worry sweety. Nothing happened to us. It was pretty funny actually. You should’ve seen Calum’s face.“ Luke spoke up and made her smile and chill a little bit. God her smile was so perfect.

“Could we, at least, know the name of our ’almost killer‘?“ Michael joked.

“Sure. My name is Y/N. Nice to meet you guys. Im a huuuuge fan and to be honest, Im dieing  right now. Im so nervous.“ She blushed and looked to the ground. Somehow she made me nervous as well. I couldn’t say a single word.

“Well Y/N. Since you know us, and your a big fan, would you like to go for a drink with us?“ Calum asked her and she smiled from one ear to the other.

“I’d love to guys.“ She looked into my eyes and I swear, I felt a lightning strike through my body.

~End of flashback~

Since that night, we’re best friends. I didn’t know how it happened actually but we exchanged numbers and kept in touch. It was hard, at first, cause we were on tour and stuff but when we got days off, we spent them always together.

Me and the boys were chilling at the pool after some song writing and I knew Y/N was coming around to hang out. I was so nervous but I tried to hide it infront of the guys. They didn’t had to know about my feelings for her. About the way she made me feel, everytime she looked or smiled at me. About all the nights, she visited me in my dreams. She was the first and last thought of my days. There was nothing I wanted more than to be with her 24/7.

“Where are my four favorite punks?“ I heared her voice shouting through the house. I couldn’t help but smile. There were butterflies, going crazy in my stomach.

“We’re outside Y/N. Did you bring your bikini?“ Michael shouted back and a few seconds later, she stood infront of us.

“Of course I did. Im your best friend just because of the pool Michael. What did you think?“ She acted all sassy, wich turned me on so bad.

“Oh god, I forgot how mean you can get. Can I at least have a little kiss?“ Calum said and got a kiss on the cheek. She took off her clothes so damn slowly, that it was painful to watch her. I tried my best to distract myself and not to jump up and take her to my bedroom. Y/N was my weakness, no doubt.

“Ash? Could you please put some suncream on my back? That would be so sweet.“ She smiled at me and I just noded. I sat behind her and started to rub her back and shoulders.

“Hey that’s so mean!! I wanted to do that!!“ Luke yelled out of the water. We both laughed at his pounting face.

“Sorry Luke but she likes me more than you. Get over it.“ I shouted back and she giggled again. After I finished, she turned around to look at me. She slowly moved closer to my ear and whispered.

“It’s not even a lie. I really like you more than the others Irwin.“ After that, she stood up and took a dive into the pool. What did she just say? She liked me? I swear my heart stoped for a few seconds. I was in love with my best friend and she liked me back? I had to know. I steped to the edge of the pool.

“Y/N can we talk for a second?“ She looked up at me, noded and made me help her out of the water. I walked around the corner with her and took all the courage I had inside.

“What you said before, was that true? You like me?“ It was hard for me to concentrade, with her wet body infront of me and her hair, falling perfectly over her shoulders.

“Maybe Ash. Why?“ She blushed and bit her lip. I took a last deep breath.

“Because I really like you. Like a lot Y/N. Since we met six months ago, I can’t help but fall more for you every day. You drive me crazy and I don’t want to hide it anymore.“ She looked at me with a smile that could end wars. I waited for an answer but she just stood there in silence.

“Oh please Y/N just say something about it. Im freaking out right now.“ My hands shaked and my heart went crazier than my drums. She chuckled and took my hand.

“Well Mr. Irwin, what can I say? Im in love with my best friend and you don’t know how happy you made me right now.“ She threw her arms around me and crashed her lips on mine. Her wet body, tight against mine and my hands around her waist. This was just more than perfect. I couldn’t have been happier. All out of a sudden, I heared the other three jerks cheer for us.

“Yeeeah finally Ashton admited his fucking feelings for Y/N.“ Calum yelled.

“It was so damn obvious Ash. Glad that you’ve found your balls and told her.“ Michael laughed.

“Just keep it clean around us guys. We hate this couple-ish things, so please, take a room or something.“ Luke joked and claped my shoulder. Y/N just giggled and kissed me again. I was the happiest man on earth. I had my three best friends and the love of my life right beside me. I wouldn’t change a thing about that, because I was in love with that moment and that girl.