no jobs on a dead planet

im going all in bitch

mon-el is not a hero. and it doens’t matter how they try to put it, it doesn’t matter what ‘’great sacrifice’’ he’ll do in the end, he is still not worthy of being a hero. he’s a shit character. honestly, let’s go over mon-el’s story real quick here, bc he don’t even fit the ‘’bad guy who suffered so much and had a hard life so he did bad stuff but in the end redeemed himself’’ trope. nope, he’s not that. he doesn’t have a dark and painful past that haunts him and turned him into an asshole and he doesn’t ruin his own relationships and deliberately hurts people because he is in pain. nope.

mon-el was a prince. he lived it up, objectfied women (which is something that came directly from his mouth) partied and was so bad he was known by a 12 yo in another planet as ‘’the frat boy of the universe’’. he owned slaves, and he can say that he ‘’didn’t agree’’ with it all he wants, he was a member of the ROYAL family, and if anyone had power to change anything it was him. he benefited from the slavery from his planet. he had a great life in daxam with parties and women, a priviledge straight boy. then krypton was destroyed, and daxam also suffered the consequences. mon-el woke up that day and ran away, leaving the girl he had FUCKED the night before, begging him to not leave her behind. he started getting dressed and went, he didn’t look back. a coward. 

he got to the pod while people around him were dying. his people. the people he had a duty with. the people who looked up to their prince. he didnt care he left them behind. there were women, CHILDREN he could’ve put in that pod instead. but no. a coward.

then mon-el got to earth and its ridiculous how easy his life still is. he wakes up and immediately chokes the woman in front of him bc yeah thats a normal reaction and after some events finds out his planet is a wasteland. its scary how he doesn’t care. everything about his culture, his friends, people he should care about,  gone, and he just….doesn’t care. he looks constipated for 3 secs and that all he see from him, someone who just found out millions of his people are dead

anyways he arrived to a place where he suddendly had superpowers and some gorgeous and brave girl forced him to find a job and made him interested in becoming a hero to get in her pants. he slept around for a while, he got the easiest job he could find (where they even allowed him to leave during his first day) and then he fell in love with the girl and after a week of rejection she got together with him. he disrespects her, lies to her, annoys her to no end but he still got her. he still got a easy and priviledged life. when he was presented to a situation where he could show a little bit of a change of character, and go back to his planet to help his people and change how things are, he refused. bc thats not what he wants, and HIS wants will always come first, even if the cost is the pain and suffering of others. a coward.

so yeah, he’s just a priviledged manboy. he ain’t even a ‘‘bad boy’‘. he’s just an lazy, mysoginistic priviledged asshole. his existence is offensive. and he most definetly doesn’t deserve kara zor-el. mon-el is no hero and he’ll never be one.

Do you care about our planet?

The animal industry has done a really good job of paying off the right people to keep their mouths shut about their role in hurting our planet, because everyone only talks about cars and light bulbs.

However, animal agriculture is the number one cause of:

• greenhouse gases
• habitat loss/deforestation
• species extinction
• ocean acidification
• ocean dead zones
• coral bleaching
• climate change
• water shortages
• desertification

Earth Day is meant to celebrate the earth and bring awareness to how much we need to protect it. So in light of that, today would be a great day to go vegan!

Every day a vegan can save:

• 1100 gallons/~4167 litres of water
• 30 square feet/~2.8 sq meters of forest
• 45 pounds/~20kg of grains
• 20 lbs/9 kg of CO2 emissions
• 1 animal’s life

It’s one of the single most effective things you can do for our planet, and you can’t go fully vegan, it’s still helpful to cut back whenever you can. If anyone has any questions at all please don’t hesitate to message me.

Please leave all animal products off your plate, not just for the sake of animals and yourself, but for our entire planet. Happy Earth Day!

headcanons about The Martian universe:

-something goes wrong at NASA, or anywhere where Mark Watney frequents, blame it on mars. it started as him mumbling about it, and it spread. coffee maker breaks? “goddamnit mars.” somebody’s computer fucks up? “fuckin’ mars!” another rocket explodes upon being launched? "I BLAME MARS”

-the people in Watney’s household, his students, and the people at NASA when he’s around like to play disco music at increasing volumes. they see how loud they can get it till he notices.

-Mark Watney starts listening to disco music on his own sometimes. nobody’s really sure if its ironically or not.

-everytime someone fucks up at NASA, they are met with a (mostly) joking remark along the lines of, “Mark Watney, space pirate, colonized MARS, and you can’t even transfer files correctly!!!!”

-the above but with the next manned mission to mars. someone’s like “ugh i spilled the dirt sample i just took so now i have to recollect it” and their crewmate is overdramatically like , “ mA RK WATNEY, SPACE PIRATE, COLONIZED THIS GODFORSAKEN PLANET, AND U CANT EVEN COLLECT DIRT ?  U CALL URSELF A GOOD ASTRONAUT”

-”remember this, class, you might need it if NASA leaves you behind on a desolate planet someday”

-the crew with kids, at some point, all go to their kids school during “job day” or whatever where they talk about their jobs. the crews like “i was an astronaut! we accidentally left our friend on mars, but let’s not talk about that.” except Mark Watney and hes like “U WANT A JOB WITH A LOT OF EXCITEMENT? GO BE AN ASTRONAUT. THEY MIGHT LEAVE U ON MARS TOO, THEN PAY U A LOT BECAUSE THEY FELT BAD.”

-right after they found out that Watney was alive on mars, commander Lewis turns to Beck and is like, “uh huh. he’s dead, SUUURE” and cocks her eyebrow and beck is like “o H SHIT” bc hes the one that first plain out said that watney was dead and they had to go fast off the planet

-every year on his birthday NASA/the ares III crew/friends/family/fans send Mark Watney at least 80 different space/mars related things, including a card every year that says “sorry we left you on mars” with another sheet of custom made stickers that say “I SURVIVED MARS” with a lil thumbs-up astronaut

Supergirl: Mon-El

Mon-El was added to Supergirl this season, and he is unique among the main/supporting characters for a number of reasons. The first, and most obvious, was that he grew to adulthood on another planet, and the audience is seeing his character adapt not only to learning of his planet’s fate but also to living in a whole new planet.

Under the cut for length. Seriously - this is long and rambling.

Supergirl spoilers through 02x13 “Mr. & Mrs. Mxyzptlk.”

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Small Messages (bou din waa zuk)

Last fic for SpiritAssassin Week. Late as usual, because I kinda burned out yesterday & the day before, lol

Thank you everyone for reading. & many thanks to @fyeahspiritassassin for hosting. I had great fun doing this but man I’m so relieved it’s over. this was hands down the most difficult writing thing i’ve done lately.

SpiritAssassin Week 2017
Last prompt: celebrations

There are ghosts in Chirrut’s eyes.

He sees:

colour mostly, or the memory of colour. Jedha City, or the memory of it. When his eyes were still functional, when the world pin-bright broke into seven colours and flipped upright on the screen of his retinas. And that was sight for him.

Nowadays the only eyesight he has are old visuals. He sees with ghost eyes. Useless.

He remembers:

when he was still a novice at the Temple, when the Temple still stood, when his eyesight worked fine, and yet he kept missing things. Muddling up. And Baze would tell him where everything was, where to look.

Where are my prayer beads? In front of you.

Where is the datapad? You’ve been looking right at it for ten minutes.

Where did I put my shoes? You’re practically stepping on them.

I know I left my prayer beads here! You did, and they are still there. What is that saying you always use?

Gwai am ngaan! Ghosts covering  eyes.

When Chirrut lost his eyesight, he said: “Remember what I used to say?”

Baze never found it funny again.


The holopad powers up. A buzz. The harsh phosphorescence of the screen makes shadows spatter onto his grey featureless vision. Incoming message.

There is a crackle of interference and then the steady hum of a line. Connection. Nobody speaks. The silence is heavy with a familiar presence.

“You can start,” says Chirrut gently, “by telling me the time.”

“It’s early,” Baze answers. “Your time, that is.”

It’s strange that they’re far enough apart that they can split time between them. Yours and mine. Your half and mine.

“Have you eaten?” says Baze.

Chirrut remembers that he hasn’t. He hums a note in both reply and dismissal.

“Just because I’m not there,” says Baze, testily, “doesn’t mean you can forget to eat. Don’t pine too hard for me.”

“I was going to meditate,” Chirrut says. “There are other types of hunger besides the one that you speak of.”

“Who said anything about hunger? It’s basic self-care. But I forgot you know nothing about that.” There is a clatter of movement from the other side. A hiss and a sputter. Clacking. Something being dismantled. For cleaning. Perhaps a weapon. A shush of air, like an exhaust pipe.

“The Force–,” Chirrut begins.

“–will not feed you. You should eat something.”

Chirrut sighs. “It’s been three years. And you’re halfway somewhere across the galaxy. And you’ve gone right back to your nagging self.”

“I’ve lost count of the years,” Baze says. There is a lie in the falter of his voice. A flinty note of defiance.

“I’m going to meditate.”

“Wait,” says Baze.

Chirrut waits.

“Leave the connection running.”

“I don’t talk much when I meditate.”

“You don’t have to.”


There is a festival (there is always a festival) going on in Jedha City and people have begun lighting tapers and burning sticks of incense in the many street braziers.

You’re supposed to do acts of compassion. Pray for the dead. Feed the hungry. People bake bread, boil vats of porridge, distribute food to the homeless, to the pilgrims, to anyone who asks for food.

Chirrut sits beneath an archway on a back lane, running his fingers along the worn beads of his prayer necklace. Sandals shuffle, the scrape of fraying leather. The hems of robes touch his knees and ankles, stray butterflies of fabric. The crowds move and he feels their wingbeats and their edges. The wake of their movement. The rotund vowels of a muezzin’s call. A minaret in the distance. The wind snapping the tarp. The souk, a heaving organic entity of commerce.

There are more unwelcome sounds now. Heavy boots. The presence of Imperials, their conversations in staccato, voices standardised into a nasal flatness by the inbuilt vocoders in their helmets.

Someone presses a roll into his hands and a flask.

“Eat and drink, uncle,” someone says, performing their act of compassion for the day.

Chirrut thinks of Baze. Of course he does.


“Are you asleep?” says Baze.

“What do you think?”

“Sorry,” Baze says. “I need sleep.”

His voice is thick, like textile, as though he’s lying in bed somewhere, one corner of his mouth pressed against rough sheets. Perhaps he has lain awake all night. Is it night where he is?

“Will you tell me where you are?”

“On a planet. There’s a lot of water here. Marshes. The speeders here are shaped like dragonflies. I haven’t been dry in days. When I took the job I didn’t know I’d have to become amphibious.”

“The job?”

“Like any other job,” Baze says, evasive.

The connection sputters. But it holds.

“Night time on this planet is longer than Jedha’s nights. About three times as long. People sleep three times as long, too.”

“You should get some now.”

“What is that?” Baze says suddenly. “There, on the side of your face. Turn your face to the left.”

It’s a cut. Healing, though. It must have been just a thin smudge in the holographic display of his face, but Baze’s sharp eyes had caught it.

“I was cornered,” Chirrut admits. “In a cul-de-sac. By five Imperials.”

Baze swears. “You took on five Imperials without backup?”

“The Force was with me.”

“Of course it was.” Baze scoffs. “So you had no backup. You idiot.”

“So says the true fool, who is faithless,” Chirrut shoots back. “So gwaa.”


Chirrut passes through the forms of zama-shiwo, ghost-eyed, with the slow silk movement of his arms and legs. There is no end or beginning to the forms. Perpetual transition. Keep your mind still. Absolute. Nucleatic. The body is not yours. The body is your environment. You are part of a larger body. Only the negligible pinprick of Chirrut’s mind shimmers, edged with feelers, hungry for messages, for a grid of sense.

The sun, he remembers, is frail and dewy, angling away like errant vapour from the domes and the glittering mosaics in the murals. Useless light:  the city’s solar dishes had to coax heat out of it, old, old dying light.

But now that his mind and his body are sharp with the recent practice of zama-shiwo, he can feel the sun’s heat, amplified. The sun is a hot salty coin at the back of his throat when he tips his face upward. Sunlight is swallowing metal. The scrape of thirst.

Where Chirrut is standing on this rooftop, he should not be able to feel this much warmth. Not at this time of the day, because this time of the day, the shadow of the Temple would have stretched over it, blotted out the sun.

The spire of the Temple is no more, though. And its shadow fled with it.


The holopad buzzes as Chirrut puts the porridge to boil on the portable stove.

“Look,” Chirrut says when the transmission comes through, “I’m eating. Or at least I’m going to.”

Baze makes a noise of approval on the other end. There’s silence for a bit.

“There was–” Baze begins. And then changes his mind. “This marshland planet, it’s got a very high evaporation capacity. Whole lakes can vanish in days. Then it will rain and rain somewhere else until there are floods, and there’ll be a new lake. All within such a short span of time. They call this the planet of Leaping Lakes.”

Chirrut imagines it. The transient landscape of it. The lakes leap faster in his mind, faster than Baze, slogging through marshes that dry out as he walks, his skin old and cracked from sand. Unamphibious. Dragonfly speeders zipping over dead reed beds.

“I had to–the job involved–,” Baze begins.

“You don’t have to tell me,” Chirrut says. “About the jobs that you do. I can hazard a guess. Or three.”

“What if I want to talk about them?”

“Then tell me how you’ve changed. How they’ve changed you.”

The porridge boils over. Chirrut hisses and Baze lets out a long, slow sigh. Too long and slow to be sincere.

“Your fault,” says Chirrut testily. The porridge has thickened into a layer that clings to the bottom of the pot. A skin of rice. Carbon bitter.


Baze fled not long after the Temple was sacked.

“I will never put on those vestments again,” Baze told Chirrut all those years ago. “They have been burnt.”

Chirrut reeled. He’d known the slow crumble of Baze’s faith. But still. “I won’t let you. You can’t go. You are the most devoted of all the Guardians.”

The words broke out of him, splinters of pleas.

“Then come with me,” said Baze. “The Temple is gone. The kyber crystals are gone. There’s nothing sacred here any longer.”

“The Force is still here.”

“Yes it is,” Baze started to walk towards the gates of the Temple. Across the half-uprooted courtyard. “The Force is here and there and everywhere and it is dead. We breathe in its deadness every day. We celebrate its death in the deaths of everyone else. So. Are you coming?”

Chirrut steeled himself. “A match.”

Baze laughed. “I’m not a Guardian. I don’t play with sticks any longer.”

“If you beat me, you can go. You can leave.”

“And you’ll come with me.”

Chirrut didn’t say anything.

“Fine. Just to humour you, then,” Baze said.

They sparred in that ruined courtyard and Chirrut won.

He brought Baze to the ground, kicked his knees in, elbowed his throat and slammed his staff into Baze’s abdomen.

Baze lay on the ground, panting. How Chirrut would have liked to straddle him, lick away the blood from his teeth. He’d hit Baze on the jaw.

“Well,” said Baze. “I guess I stay, then.”

Chirrut hated the hostility of his laughter. He put the end of his staff at Baze’s neck, tipped his chin upwards.

“No,” Chirrut said.


“Are you still angry at me?” Baze asks. The sound of thunder in the background. But not thunder. Just a downpour in the marsh planet, in some distant corner of the galaxy.

The generator in the room that he lives in is old. It rattles. It smells like breath. There are probably small dead things caught beneath its casing, things like rodents and moths, fossilised inside.

“No,” Chirrut says. “Are you?”

“Not at you. Never at you.”


There are countless things to be celebrated in Jedha City. Apart from the big festivals. There are weddings, births, engagements, various milestones of growth. Deaths, sometimes, depending on what you believe in. Seasonal shifts. Phenomena like rain.

The Imperials have put a damper on many of the Holy City’s festivals, and declared that permits need to be granted for the rest.

But here’s the thing about people: they remember. They remember when celebrations are due, when rituals start calling to them, feast days notched into their internal calendars. The secret way which they measure time within themselves.

And so people find other reasons for celebration. New acquaintances. Extra rations. Finding lost things. Finding lost people. And so on.

The reasons for celebrating anything become smaller and smaller. Until Chirrut finds himself rejoicing at coins on the street. Or coins in an alms bowl. A call of a bird far out beyond the city walls. Clean washing brushing against his face as he wanders through the alleyways and courtyards. A day without the sound of blaster fire in some quarter of the city or other. A memory, an old visual of the inner sanctum of the Temple, stored in his ghost eyes. Still vivid. Preserved even after the destruction of the building.

He goes home in the evening, his stomach a whorl of hunger. The pot with the burnt crust of porridge is still sitting on the stove. The smell is thick and disheartening. Outside, wind. Sand scours the window.

The sting of saline. There are ghosts in his eyes. And sometimes they weep.

But then. Then he remembers something. He reaches for the holopad. Trusts in the Force. Prays for connection.

A crackle and a hum. There is transmission. There is a line, the thinnest thread across the galaxy, but steady. It feels like a celebration.


“I was finally getting some sleep,” Baze grumbles. But it’s a glad sound. Relief to be woken from the lonely press of sleep.

“So,” says Chirrut, “when are you coming home?”




bou din waa zuk - literally translates to ‘boil telephone porridge’. means when you talk for hours on the phone. except there are probably no phones in R1

Since you asked


Isn’t it illegal because of diseases and stuff? Bringing in a wild animal means all its contagious diseases get spread to the vet office. Same reason you don’t let your animals near living or dead wild creatures.

A) Pigeons are not wild animals. They are feral. And by that logic, stray dogs and cats would also be illegal to bring in (especially with the possibility of Rabies and Distemper!)

B) A vet’s entire job is to heal diseased and injured animals. If I saw a vet that doesn’t sanitize after every patient, I would NEVER go back! That is the literal BARE MINIMUM of office procedure.

C) Literally every other pet is more likely to spread zoonotic disease than a columbid. Parrots carry more diseases communicable to humans, and not an avian vet on the planet would turn a parrot away.

Salmonella and worms are the worst you are likely to catch from handling a feral pigeon. You could get the former from a raw chicken breast, and the latter from a dog or cat that’s skipped a deworming.

Bird fanciers lung (because it isn’t a pigeon or even columbid specific issue) is caused by one of two things: 
The accumulation of feather dust in the lungs (which takes years of living with a large number of birds and just not bothering to wipe the walls and cages down very often)
Or inhaling the spores off of poo that’s been left long enough to get moldy (2 days to pile up enough for a good culture environment and 3 more for the mold to grow to fruiting)

D) Because of how they are kept, all racers, performers, and show pigeons housed outdoors will have exactly the same pathogens present as a feral pigeon off the street. Better access to feed and shelter is literally the only difference between the two.

The reason wild animals can’t be brought to a vet is that they are protected by law in most states and illegal to possess.

All native birds in North America are federally protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Yes, that does include game birds like the Mourning Dove, which may be hunted in their season, but not kept in captivity with out a permit issued by the Department of Natural Resources.

Pigeons, being neither native nor migratory, do not fall under the MBTA, and cannot be legally turned away as wild animals. 

A vet may legally choose not to treat them, just as they can any species with which they are not familiar or comfortable, but they cannot claim that the law forbids them.

There are some cities that consider pigeons to be pests and will not allow them to be *released*, but none where a pet pigeon cannot legally be treated.

When I suggested that a feral pigeon be referred to as a homer mix, I am suggesting the equivalent of “This mutt dog is my pet.” not “Oh, this isn’t a coyote, it’s my dog.”

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Could you please do 46, 51, and 94 with Director Krennic?

Characters: Reader x Orson Krennic

Warnings: rogue one spoilers

Prompts: 46: “I thought you were dead!” 51: “I’m your husband. It’s my job.” 94: “Did they hurt you?”

Word Count: 448

A/N: first Krennic drabble !!

Want to request a drabble? Read this post [x]

You had to admit, Coruscant wasn’t exactly the best place to hide, but you had no other choice. If you went to some remote planet, Imperial troops would definitely find you and slaughter you without hesitation. At least on Coruscant, you could blend into the crowd. 

Hurriedly rushing to your street, you pulled your hood over your head and ducked into an alleyway. You sighed, wondering if you would have to live the rest of your life like this: living in fear and constantly hiding. 

It wasn’t always like this. You were once part of the Empire, working alongside your husband, Krennic. However, when he was killed on Scarif, you defected from the Empire, unable to forgive them for what they did to your husband. You had quite a high ranking, and the Empire couldn’t afford to just let you go. They feared you might join the Rebellion, so they did everything in their power to try and hunt you down. Nevertheless, they still weren’t able to find you. 

Opening the door to your apartment, you flicked the lights on and clamped a hand to your mouth when you saw a figure sitting in the armchair. Suppressing your scream, you reached for your blaster and aimed when the figure jolted to his feet and stepped into the light. You gasped, dropping your blaster.

“Hello, love.” Krennic smiled softly, standing in front of you. He looked tired, and he wore dark robes to cover himself. You backed away, shaking your head.

“Orson?” you whispered, and he nodded and stepped closer. “I thought you were dead!”

“Did they hurt you?” Krennic looked you up and down, and you shook your head, knowing he was referring to the Empire.

“They haven’t been able to find me.” you said, pulling your hood down. “How did you escape the blast?”

“I managed to get a ship and fly out of Scarif just in time.” Krennic explained, standing in front of you. “I tried to find you. I went back to the Empire but when they said you left I left too. They’ve been hunting me down ever since, but I needed to find you.”

“You idiot,” you sighed. “You should’ve just stayed with the Empire. Then they wouldn’t be chasing after you.” 

“I’m your husband. It’s my job.” he chuckled, and you raised an eyebrow. “It’s my job to always look out for you, even if it puts me in danger. I love you, y/n, I would never leave you behind.” 

You finally threw your arms around him, pulling him towards you and kissing him. He wrapped his arms around you, holding you tightly, as if he never wanted to let go.


Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Three

Excerpts from “The Doctor’s Tale” by David Tennant, as told to Benjamin Cook in DWM (#407)

Coming back this year, for these Specials, felt a bit like returning to the day job after a summer holiday doing something else. I was worried that it might take a while to get back into it, because this is the longest break that I’ve had between bouts. Is it eight, nine months [since filming The Next Doctor, in April 2008]? Yes, it is. I went off and did this play [the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Hamlet], which I knew was going to be tough - and proved to be - but also was challenging and exciting, something I’m proud to have done. But the level of scrutiny that it got was surprising, and I’m sure that’s because of Doctor Who. It’s been a constant reminder that I’m part of it and that I’m coming back to it. It’s never felt like I’m that far away from it.

At the readthrough for Planet of the Dead, I found it quite tricky to get into the mindset again. I actually felt that I couldn’t remember the Doctor’s voice. But getting on set, putting on the costume and being surrounded by everyone, is like slipping back into something very familiar. It’s like coming home… he says, basking in the sun in Dubai! A welcome return, really. Most of the crew is back. Yeah, it’s the same team. But obviously none of the other actors are back… well, yet.

I don’t think the break has altered my feelings towards leaving after these Specials. In a way, it was sort of the beginning of the end. I got out of the routine of being here, which is, of course, what’s got to happen in a few weeks’ time. Then this will be gone for me. It’s good to remember that there’s a world outside the structure of a nine-month shooting schedule, and I still think I’ve made the right decision. The break didn’t make me regret it, but it did remind me how much I’ll miss Doctor Who and how much fun it is here. It’s made me more appreciative that this is my last stint and I’ve really got to enjoy every minute of it. This show is fun, and it always has been, and I will miss that - but it’s nice to leave while I still feel that way, or I’ll still be here when I’m 80.

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[ Masterlist of all behind-the-scenes photosets ]

Thank you to everyone who shares set photos!

Alien: Covenant REVIEW

**warning there are loads of spoilers for both Prometheus and alien: covenant aka Neomorph**

-first off I paid six dollars to see this
-second holy shit the movie was 97 million dollars and made 124.6 million at the box office. Good job.
-this is ten years after Prometheus for anyone wondering.
-it’s rated r folks for a reason, like sex, cussing, human experimentation, religion, blood, vomiting blood you might wanna get checked out of that happens, intense moments yo.
-also two guys kiss, a brief chaste kiss.
-fuck was used 35 times and used very intensely thanks IMDb
-James Franco you were there for a minute then dead the next. R.I.P
-I liked the computer being called mother, “ mother would you turn the lights out.”
-why on earth would you go to a fucking planet you have no clue about, like you totally deserve the award for stupidest captain of the year.
-Listen to Daniels, she should have said told you so over your dead body. Gasp I totally called your death too.
-more aliens would have been nice….
-David has gone feral and insane
-Neomorph is such a big, mouthful word, why not Neo for short?
-the babies were so fucking adorable, I’m weird okay? Don’t kill them! #savetheNeomorph is a trend as of now.
-David you slick, lying, crazy man I adore you but really dislike you because you may have killed Walter, and I’m sad.
-I totally ship Walter and Daniels like OTP
-cabin by the lake nuff said.
-Walter NOO
-Michael Fassbender you look hot kissing yourself, like wow, that was a big turn for the movie.
-why only two eggs David, you had room to put more.
-how did David get reassembled together, after the engineer rip him apart in Prometheus?
-why did David kill all the engineers when he released the virus? Btw that was for earth to begin with. Like WTF why would you send that fast killing virus in the first place?!
-what’s going to happen to all of David’s proto-xenomorphs that was left on the planet? There are no more alive hosts to keep the Neomorph population booming.
-except there was one left alive….
-what really happened with Elizabeth and David?
-Did she figure out his plan?
-did they fall in love?
-did they have a falling out?
-did he kill her?
-did she agree with making more alien babies? I need to know, btw I ship her and David
-I want to know more about the technology used in the franchise
-why was the engineers going to destroy earth, and with a virus no less
-what the truth about religious in this franchise, that we’re going to die by aliens? Not to believe in God? Idk man.
-was the planet that David was on hiding on a cloaking device?
-what was the original message that brought them to the planet.
-Elizabeth was singing to herself like she sometimes did, but she( if you noticed) seemed like it was a message that seemed urgent.
-also if you noticed why was it sent so narrowly, hard-to-receive, badly damaged song from John Denver ?
-why does David save the crew in the end along with two thousand settlers? Breeding? Eating purposes for his Neomorph?
-what happened to Walter? #wherewalter #waltersnotdead #irefuse David said he had to make a choice, Walter was winning, David had a knife and that was the end of the clip.
-But what the fuck happened? It’s killing me not knowing.
-In the rule of horror movies, if there’s no body to be found it doesn’t mean the character(s) are dead, so here’s the conclusions I’ve came up with;
-did Walter agree to David’s plan and stay on the planet to continue David’s work?
- Did David just cut off his hand and run to the ship before Walter could get up?
-does this mean Walter will be seen in future alien movies in the franchise?
-does this mean Walter can get his own movie “the revenge of Walter vs David”
-overall it was an enjoyable popcorn horror movie not the best nor the worst but okay. I would watch it again.

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On the DragonBall Wiki page it said that Vegeta was taken by Frieza by an undisclosed agreement, was it ever explained what the agreement was, and why the King would agree to it?

I honestly don’t know what the official canon is regarding this issue.

I always assumed he wanted Vegeta to keep King Vegeta in check so he wouldn’t rebel against him.

After Planet Vegeta and its people got destroyed, I think Frieza kept the three last Saiyans left alive because they were good at conquering planets and doing his dirty job, but not strong enough to be seen as a threat to him.

Also, my personal opinion is that to Frieza having someone like Vegeta, the Prince of a dead race, was like possessing some kind of trophy, and seeing how sadistic Frieza was, he probably enjoyed having someone as proud as Vegeta under his rule.

TV Show Recommendation: KILLJOYS

Frigging Killjoys!!! Watch Killjoys!! Watch it!!!

Okay so basically if you like scifi, like proper actual scifi, badass woc leads, great fight scenes, well placed humour, amazing plot, stunning visuals and an excellent cast then watch this show! I can not express my love for it enough <3

Okay, breaking it down….

This is team awesome force (left to right: John Jaqobis, D’avin Jaqobis and Dutch):

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They are Reclamation agents, or RAC agents, or Killjoys (hence the title of the show). A Killjoy is an intergalactic bounty hunter, they are essentially a supposedly neutral party that works in and around the Quad which is run by the Company.

There are 5 Killjoy levels, the first 3 are generic jobs, 4 is a dead or alive warrant and a 5 is the highest level and a kill warrant.

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This is the Quad.

The main planet is Qresh, it is where the elite, upper class citizens of the Quad reside, namely the 9 families who control the ruling company and essentially the whole Quad. 

Then there is Leith, one of Qresh’s three moons. It is a tranquil looking farming moon with the more middle class citizens inhabiting it. 

The 2nd moon is Westerley where our badass heroes spend most of their time when they aren’t in space, it isn’t nearly as nice and on it resides the labouring force of the Quad, the less well off residents. 

Lastly there’s Arkyn, but it is very much uninhabitable due to an error when terraforming. 

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This is Dutch, the definite lead, she’s a gorgeous, smart, confident badass with a very troubled past that is one of the main focuses of the show. 

Dutch is played by the wonderful Hannah John-Kamen.

She’s the first and only ever Killjoy to start on level five, the highest and best level to be.

She very much asserts herself in charge and the boys know it.

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Dutch may be flirty, but she could quite easily kill you in high heels.

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These are the Jaqobis brothers, the other two members of team awesome force. 

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This John Jaqobis.

John is played by Aaron Ashmore who you may know as the adorkable Jimmy Olsen (Smallville) or Steve Jinks (Warehouse 13)

Johnny is an adorable, dorky, perfect human being who is Dutch’s bff after he tried to steal her ship and she tried to shoot him in the crotch 6 years prior to the start of the series. Fun.

Trust me, this is the most platonic friendship on TV; they know everything about each other and would happily lay down their lives for each other but are in no way ever romantically involved.

Johnny is also a level 3 RAC agent.

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Johnny also has a great sense of humour and is the definite cinnamon roll of the group. But if you hurt him, you face the wrath of both Dutch and his older brother.

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This is D’avin Jaqobis

He’s played by openly gay actor Luke Macfarlane (Brothers and Sisters)  

D’av used to be a military man, left home for over 7 years and didn’t see Johnny once. When you first meet him he’s got a level 5 warrant out on him which Dutch and Johnny have to set right. 

D’av is definitely damaged, very protective and would do anything for his brother. 

He is also a level 4 Killjoy and also a total badass, they’re all total badass’.

Minor but still important characters:

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This is Pawter, a stunning exciled Qreshe doctor who helps the team and is amazing in every single way.

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This is Delle Seyah Kendry, of one of the 9 families.

She’s a manipulative, cunning, crafty Qreshe with definite hots for Dutch.

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This is Alvis and his banter with D’av.

Alvis is a scar back monk with very deep resistance ties and a past with Dutch.

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This Pree: very gay, very fabulous, very judging you. 

Pree owns the bar the Royale in Old Town in Westerley where the gang goes to drink. 

Pree is precious and must be protected at all costs.

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This Khlyen, we don’t like Khlyen. 

Khlyen was Dutch’s tutor as a child, he’s a manipulative, possessive asshole. 

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There is also Lucy, the sarcastic lovable systems computer on board their ship that totally has favourites (*cough* Johnny *cough*). 

Everybody loves Lucy.

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This Clara, I’m only adding her because I love her, and Alice. 

She’s part woman, part machine, full badass.

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This ended up a lot longer than I expected it to, but in short: 


I Need a Hero

Shance week Day 4 - AU Day (also encompassing Day 1 - Pining/Confession, Day 2 - Hero/Villain, Day 3 - Confidence/Insecurity). Garrison freshman Shiro has it bad for senior Lance. AO3

Prompt thanks entirely to @ghostering/leporicide - commission them, it’ll be worth it! - then please have a moment of silence for me for being daft enough to try to incorporate all the prompts so far in one go.

Shiro had wanted him when he was nobody - a nobody who didn’t know his place, a cargo pilot who walked like he was fighter class and talked like a playboy despite leaving a trail of eyerolling irritation in his wake. At first, Shiro had seen what others had seen, had written Lance off as the tryhard senior everyone else saw, but all it had taken was one glimpse of Lance on the other side of a crowded room, alone against a wall with all the acceptance of one resigned to his solitude, and Shiro had fallen for him so fast he’d actually felt his stomach lurch. Lance’s face had been slack with sadness, usually-wide mouth small. In that one moment he’d seemed so quiet, so soft and fuck, Shiro wanted to destroy him.

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Haikyuu!! - another name for "home"

Title: another name for “home”

Fandom: Haikyuu!!

Pairings: Kurodai


   “i just want to go home” said the astronaut.  

   “so come home” said ground control.  

   ‘‘so  come  home’’ said the voice from the stars.


Space AU. Kuroo is mission status lost and Daichi just wants to find his way home. Also found here on AO3.

Word count: 3,810

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I FEEL SO HAPPY!!!! this time last year i was stuck in a degree at university that i hated and i can honestly say 2016 was the worst year of my life i wasn’t motivated to do anything but sleep and get drunk… which is so sad i never thought that would be happen to me. but a month ago i left my dead end job, moved back home, reconnected with old friends, got a new job working in mental health which i love!!, i’m going to see green day next weekend, i’m visiting my bestfriend in melbourne in july and also seeing LANY and possibly little mix (!!!!!!) while i’m there, i’m going to see matilda the musical live in september AND TO TOP THIS WONDERFUL YEAR OFF ON DECEMBER THE 2ND I AM SEEING MY FAVOURITE PERSON ON THE PLANET MR HARRY STYLES LIVE IN CONCERT!!!!! my life has done a complete 180 and i couldn’t be happier :)

eight by eight meme

tagged by… oh god I think like three people, definitely @distractedbylife @lunavagantt and @lordhellebore if anyone else did count yourself in the tagged group xD

Rules: Answer eight questions and tag eight people

Last Movie I watched: an East-German scifi thing named  planet of the dead or first spaceship on venus or the silent star idk it had fifteen different titles

Last Song I listened to: pachidermi e pappagalli by francesco gabbani (sue me I bought his record it’s good)

Last Book I read: heart-shaped box by joe hill unless you count a manual of administrative justice I read for a job I’m 99% not gonna get

Last thing I ate: breakfast? tea and bread with orange marmalade

Where would I want to Time Travel to: the seventies so I could see all the concerts I can’t go now because the people are dead. I WANNA SEE LED ZEPPELIN AND WARREN ZEVON LIVE GDI

Fictional Character I would hang out with for a day: eddie dean from the dark tower thanks

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be: somewhere chilling in paris

Current Fandom Obsession: still asoiaf, still asoiaf. tho I guess we can throw in iron fist and voltron tld?

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