no jesus no peace

I had a dream last night that carrie fisher handed me a letter that said “kids like you are why I have hope for the future…just relax!” and when I finished reading it she flipped me off…you can’t convince me that that wasn’t carrie fisher’s actual ghost chilling in my mindscape…telling me to chill the fuck out….flipping me off….

  • what I want my days to be : me waking up with the sun, smiling at a beautiful new day, getting my work done early, posting regular blog posts and getting ahead on work after that with a steaming mug of tea aka the perfect aesthetic
  • what my days usually are : waking up at 11 am, eating leftover pizza for breakfast, writing giant to-do lists, not getting anything done, wondering why am I such a mess and sitting on Tumblr for 25 hours a day
Oh God, give me a heart and a mind that knows You are in control. You have the future resting in Your hands. You are the author of time. You are the breather and creator of life. Fear has no place in Your truth. Help me to remember this when I can’t sleep because the future is daunting. Help me to remember this when my lungs are strapped down by the anchor of this world, and I can’t seem to see two feet ahead of me. You are in control.
—  a.k.