no james in this :(


                                          ♪ I don’t care who thinks we’re silly ♪
                                                ♫ You be daffy I’ll be dilly ♫
                                          ♪ Well order up two bowls of chili ♪
                                                ♫ Settin’ the woods on fire ♫

A concept: Tony finds files that show that the Winter Soldier was supposed to kill him. He panics quietly about it for a few days before finally confronting Bucky. “Was it that you broke the programming first or Hydra just decided I wasn’t worth the effort?” he asks coldly. Bucky blinks at him before answering, “The one time I lined up a shot you bent over and I was so overcome looking at your fantastic ass that I almost fell off the roof.” “What.” “Hydra decided it wasn’t worth the risk since they figured you’d kill yourself as Iron Man.” “What.” “And to be fair I’ve always been an ass man.” “WHAT.” “Idk what to tell you man your ass is phenomenal.”

A concept: The Avengers play Uno and it finally ends with Steve and Tony. Everyone’s making fun of Tony because he was bragging about how good he was before they started and he’s one of the last ones in. At least Steve has the excuse of never playing before.

Tony makes very fierce eye-contact with everyone before slapping down all eight ‘Draw Two’s in a row and then all four ‘Wild Draw Four’s. Steve screams in rage and throws all the cards he’d been forced to pick up at Tony’s face.

(“He lost on purpose because he decided none of you are a challenge and he literally did this way just so he could grab all the ‘Draw Two’s and ‘Wild Draw Four’s,” Rhodey says snidely when Tony happily flounces away.)

I keep seeing “Lena deserves better” but you know who else deserves better too? James. James deserves better.

James deserves to actually have a storyline and not be just cast aside when he’s supposed to be one of the leads.

James deserves to, if they keep going with Guardiancorp, have his feelings fully hashed out and to have his growth from thinking of Lena as a Luthor to thinking of Lena as Lena be shown.

James deserves a relationship where he’s the first choice and not the convenient person a girl falls for because of Hero Syndrome.

James deserves to be cared about by the writers and the people in charge of the show.

James deserves to be shown as the man who’s trying his best like he used to and the man who can be a hero by exposing the truth instead of having to resort to vigilantism when he’s supposed to be one of the people in charge of the world’s largest media conglomerates.

James deserves better.