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It was requested a bit ago to have Klance tickle fights and then conversations with an rp partner led to the inspiration to finish it. Keith has really sensitive hips and Lance knows this. Keith is absolutely defenseless to the attack. I love these two so much…

Also why are there not actually space windows in their rooms? I would request a space window. Klance deserves a space window to be cute and aesthetic in front of in private.

So @eddiesbadbreak and I were talking about Mike, and all the emotional turmoil he’s had to keep pent up for so long, and were just thinking that it’d be really great to actually see him open up to someone about it all and just let everything out. 

For example, we can totally see him sitting in El’s room one day and talking to her about it. And at first he tries to play it down and act all unfazed because he’s Mike and he likes feeling and seeming like the strong one at all times, but eventually (as the conversation goes on) he slowly starts to lose his composure and just can’t stop the tears from coming. He’s been repressing everything for such a long time, and so to actually be talking about what’s bothering him out loud hits him in a way that he didn’t think it would.

 And so before he knows it he’s full-on sobbing, crying with the type of force that rattles your ribs and robs the air right out from your lungs. El’s concerned, of course, concerned and scared because she’s never seen him like this and she still doesn’t fully understand why he’s in so much pain. And Mike becomes so frustrated with himself because he can’t even get any words out anymore, and he’s afraid that he’s making himself look pathetic, so he just begins to regret everything. That is, until Hopper comes in. He’d been in the living room making them something to eat when all of a sudden he’d started to hear sobs filter through the half-closed door. At first he thinks it’s El or that something really bad happened and so he just drops everything and barrels in prepared for whatever it is he has to fight off. 

What he doesn’t expect to find is Mike, his face red and his head in his hands, doubled over on El’s bed. El’s got a tentative hand on his shoulder and immediately looks up at Hopper with pleading eyes when he comes in because she doesn’t know what to do to help. Hopper tells her that it’s okay and that he thinks he should talk to Mike alone for a bit. So she leaves and he sits down with Mike and just kinda stays quiet and lets him get it all out before asking what’s wrong. When Mike finally catches his breath he just spills everything without even being prompted to because it has to come out, it has to. He tells Hopper about how he’s tired of always being an outcast, a loser. He tells him how he’s tired of being bullied all the damn time and that he’s tired of his parents not knowing who he is, or even caring about trying to understand him. He tells him about how he’s felt so alone, for years, but never told anyone because he has friends and he didn’t think anyone would get how he could feel isolated even when surrounded with people.

Hopper listens to all this and his heart just kinda sinks in his chest because he didn’t know, he had no clue Mike was suffering this much, and it hurts him even more to know that no one else realized either, not even his own parents. So he does all he can do in the moment, he gathers Mike into a hug and rubs his back and tells him that’s it’s going to be okay, that he understands and that he’s always here to talk. Mike just collapses into the embrace because he’s needed this for so long, he’s been exhausted for years now and it’s more than liberating to be acknowledged and to know that someone actually does care, that someone’s really willing to listen. 

Braids 💆

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A/N: I had a lot of fun writing this! It’s the longest I’ve written on this blog and I’d really appreciate the feedback here  – I’m most likely doing a Part 2 depending on how you all like it. Enjoy :)

Harry loved family reunions.

Amongst the bickering cousins and lurid pitter-patter of children, he often found himself feeling at peace as his folks filled him in on all the stories he’s missed out on. He’d laugh about his jittery uncle who nearly burnt his eyebrows off from an old barbecue, nodding approvingly as his aunt gushes about her eight year old who’s just won the flashy new title of spelling bee champion. He likes the way they treat him too. With adoration in their eyes, resurrecting from the years they’ve watched him as a young boy (instead of the usual gaze of stardom he’s used to). He almost, if not, especially enjoys the way they admire his success, not as an ego-booster, but as a way of praising Anne for his upbringing, despite the major gossip that briefly tainted his mother’s name around her first divorce.

But even in a house packed with his most favourite people, he would always feel relatively exhausted from the length of the reunion, a full four days he’d reckoned. It was unfair really, he loved his crazy family, but he always felt like he had to put on his best face, never getting his usual dose of solitude to rejuvenate.

So when Harry first invited you to join him, he hadn’t quite expected you to be so patient with his family.

“Yes, he is very handsome,” you’d chuckle, “but we’re only friends.”

“You’re sweet, love, but I think this little girl wins the beauty contest, hmm?”

“Right, he is very good with kids.”

“M’only in uni, ma’am, so I’ve got a few good years before settling down.”

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”The spell you got on me
It’s like magic
Got me feeling like I’m fallin’ in love
Got me feeling like I’ll never give up, oh
Got me feeling like I’ll never give up on you“

This song gives me life power, which I transform into Peridoritos


My reaction to the Not Today MV Teaser

I WAS NOT EXPECTING A SECOND MV TEASER AT ALL, WE GOT 2 MV FAMMM we’re a really spoiled fandom guys… we must be thankful to bts for their hardwork and caring for Army.

The funny thing is that I was actually watching that “BTS Baepsae hip thrust 10 min. loop” vid when the vlive notif. popped up lol 

Also, that Puma ad thing is from this post that i found hilarious so i had to add it here, so creds to that acc


Spring Day / Not Today

This comic if fuuuuull of Gifs so it might take time to load them!


Teen Wolf Ladies AU: Or, the one where Beacon Hills High School is an all-girls school. And no one ever leaves or dies.

Core Four // Hale Pack // McCall Pack // Other

La Dispute

“Remember not our faulty pieces, remember not our rusted parts…”

Nine || La Dispute

Here, Hear III (2009)

Based on this post from @teapartytapioca and @shir-oh-no‘s idea of Lance giving Shiro his first kiss haha.  

“Now lean in.” Lance instructed.

 Shiro closed his eyes and leaned forward. He was expecting soft lips and hitched breathing but he was met with a firm palm on the chest, pushing him back. Shiro reluctantly opened his eyes and was surprised to see Lance smiling fondly at him. 


 "Nuh-uh-uh. You just don’t lean in, kiss the person, and then it’s over. It doesn’t work that way. You gotta build the tension.” Lance explained, placing his hand on Shiro’s shoulder. 

 "H-how should I do it then.“ God, Shiro was stuttering with just Lance’s hand on his shoulder, what would happen if he kissed him? 

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