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August 1, 2015
  1. Libra

  2. Aquarius
     Mosquito coil
     Light blue

  3. Sagittarius
     Body sponge

  4. Aries

  5. Capricorn

  6. Virgo
     Air cleaner

  7. Taurus

  8. Scorpio
     Light blue

  9. Cancer

  10. Gemini
     Aquarium fish
     Wine red

  11. Pisces
     Green tea

  12. Leo
     A place with memories
GISHWHES 2015 List Of Items

If you can’t access the item list on the official GIsHWheS website, this right here is the rebloggable tumblr version. If (when) the official website breaks, this post is your backup. And once the hunt is over, this list will still be here for you to look at, slobber over, and hang your kale crown on. Includes item numbers and point values. I will update this post when important amendments are revealed.

Go forth, brave minons! Scavenge abnosomely!

[ see also: 2011 list // 2012 list // 2013 list // 2014 list ]

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Custom HA Item Controversy

I’ve seen this argument a LOT of times, on both aywas itself, and tumblr. So, as someone who has 596 custom HA items onsite (99.9% of them having been drawn by myself), here’s my take on the feminine/masculine/gender neutral HA clothing debate. Under a cut for those who don’t want to see any of this!

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Emergency Sales Still

Okay guys, I’m really not one to ask for charity but please reblog these to help me get them sold? :( I really can’t afford lowering the prices more but I’ll accept offers, and I also accept layaway on your own terms, so chip in if you can… I’d be indebted to you. 

comes with black resin heels + heel feet
can take more photos per your request. 

comes with custom faceup that I can wipe off
can do a new faceup for $15
can take more photos at your request. 

$580 if you buy the head and body together that WILL INCLUDE SHIPPING

$110 MINIFEE SHUSHU TAN MOD HEAD (from SP to custom OE) 
comes with custom faceup that I can wipe off
can do a new faceup for $15
can take more photos at your request



$7/ pair of glass eyes, $5/ pair of acrylic eyes, BUY ALL FOR $18

$4/ blonde + grey wig, $12 white wig, BUY ALL FOR $16



Lucky Stripes Crochet Afghan: $75.00! :)

For sale in my Etsy shop!
Ready to ship!


Dota 2 Immortal Spotlight - Trove Carafe and Lockless Luckvase

Negative Review: Noralu [#167,627]

Who: Noralu

What: Gifting Game / 50k Give/Get

Why: Did not read game rules, cluttered game thread, refused to hold up their end and give me a gift while still receiving gifts from others.

When: July 28th to July 30th


This revolves around the following forum game:  Most specifically, Rule #4.  “Please edit your claim in a timely manner.  Don’t post and then leave for two hours, that’s just being rude.”

On page 1436, I was claimed in the game by user Noralu.  At the bottom of the same page, I asked if they’d forgotten about me because it had been a few hours and I had no gift still.  Noralu asked me to message them and I did so.

At that point, they informed me that they would “try to get your gift tomorrow”.  Which, itself, is far, far beyond what the rules allow for.

After over a day passed…

I then sent them a more in-depth message about what was expected of them by participating in this game.

After still more PMs of them whining about being able to give me something “soon”, they sent me this PM: “And I’m trying to earn more money to gift you something and still have a bit left over.”

The point of the game thread is to have items or funds on hand and immediately [ie: in under 1-2 hours] buy and gift any item or items on the site valued at 50,000T or above.  This person has ended up getting multiple gifts from other players in the thread [because they kept trying to respond to me in-thread, messing up the game itself as a whole] all while never sending one single thing to me.  This has been a massive frustration and the person even said to me in another PM that they never even read the rules for the game, which only adds to my anger.

They’re now sending me message after message after message begging me not to contact FR because of this, which is now bordering on spam and harassment.

After yet more whining messages, Noralu tried to give me the gift they’d spent almost 44 hours “trying to get” for me.  And it was a pile of valueless feathers, I kid you not.  Feathers.  When I was owed a gift worth no less than 50,000T.

The owner/creator of the game told me that FR mods directed them to stay out of players’ tiffs and to have them a) work it out between themselves [which obviously wasn’t working here…], or b) take it to FR Staff.  Which I’ve done and am awaiting a response from.  The thread’s owner/creator also gave me 50,000T out of their own pocket to make up for Noralu’s refusal to hold up their end of things.


Ray of Hope Crochet Afghan: $75.00! :)

For sale in my Etsy shop!
Ready to ship!


So I’m hosting a garage sale tomorrow, and out from the junk of stuff of my sisters came these very old and in very good condition collectors items! They’re up for sale here, because if I sell them at the sale it won’t be at a correct price. Please message me which one you want and we can arrange terms.