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This is a little long overdue but, thank you for those who came and bought my stuff at AFAID! It was lots of fun there /;w;)/

Now that we got things sorted out, the store is open again and these new items are up on Tictail so check it out! ^^ Indonesian orders can go through our FB page.

September 30, 2016
  1. Taurus

  2. Virgo
     Roasted green tea

  3. Capricorn

  4. Pisces

  5. Scorpio
     English-Japanese dictionary

  6. Cancer
     Cooling goods

  7. Leo

  8. Sagittarius
     Antique shop

  9. Aries
     Flower scent

  10. Libra
     Ticket barrier

  11. Aquarius
     Flea market

  12. Gemini

My husband was poking around on donjon today and found this magic item:

[Image Description:  Black and white text reading “1. Tome of Cat Summoning (Wondrous Item): By opening this tome and reading it for one minutes, you summon a normal cat. The cat lays upon the tome and does nothing else, but departs if removed from the tome or attacked.”]

He then made this:

[Image Description: A gif of a closed book on a table with a hand opening it. After it is opened, a white cat appears sitting on the book. The hand turns the page and the white cat disappears. After the page is turned, a black cat appears lying on the book. The hand closes the book and the black cat disappears.  The subtitle at the bottom of the gif is “The Tome of Cat Summoning”]

He is the best.

I need this so bad.


Leo looked like a Latino Santa’s elf, with curly black hair, pointy ears, a cheerful, babyish face, and a mischievous smile that told you right away this guy should not be trusted around matches or sharp objects. His long, nimble fingers wouldn’t stop moving ―drumming on the seat, sweeping his hair behind his ears, fiddling with the buttons of his army fatigue jacket. Either the kid was naturally hyper or he was hopped up on enough sugar and caffeine to give a heart attack to a water buffalo. ― The Lost Hero (Heroes of Olympus Book One)

Witch Tip #15

Before you decide to buy ritual tools and items, think about if you can make them yourself. When you craft your own tools, you are not just putting your work into them but also your soul. This can enhance your tools making them more powerful as they are intimately linked to your being. Here are some tools you can craft yourself:

  • wands
  • candles
  • oils and mixtures
  • grow your own herbs
  • jewelry such as talismans and charms
  • tea blends
  • incense
  • pentacle
  • witch boards
  • sigils
  • grimoire

sometimes i wish the voltron cockpits had a breath more personality