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Things to Know If You're Playing Pokemon Yellow for the 1st Time

(Most of these apply to Red and Blue, as well)

-Gotta talk to your Pikachu every once in a while.
-DON’T. Lose. To. Eevee. Pikachu takes that very personally.
-Your bag is tiny. Gone are the days where you could stuff every single thing you find in there.
-ALWAYS remember how much space you got left in your PC box. Yes, you absolutely must switch them MANUALLY before you go out on a trip, otherwise you’ll get to the legendaries and miss out on catching them because the stupid box is full. Yes, this happened to me.
-Pokemon capture - especially the rare ones - is hardest in Red, Blue and Yellow. I’m not kidding. Particularly the legendaries. Catching Pokemon in X and Y is effortless by comparison.
-Got an ITEMFINDER? Congratulations. Unless your superior eyes can see things beneath the infrared wavelength, that device is useless.
-The EXP share is about the most annoying item you will ever collect in this game. Why? I won’t spoil that one for you.
-For a particular reason… the hardest gym leader you’ll come across is ironically the very first one - Brock.
-Get enough Repels for when you visit the caves if you don’t want a nervous breakdown. Why? Zubat. How? You’ll see.
-Yellow is the only Pokemon game where you canNOT evolve your Pikachu into a Raichu. The only way to do so, is to trade that Pikachu away.
-If you lose any battle, you lose one half of your money. It’s a shark tank out there in RBY

Pokémon GO - Potential Features?

Imagine coming back from long trips and telling friends about Pokémon you found and trainers you met.

And as far as features go, Pokémon GO has the potential for:

•VS SEEKER - Proximity detector to tell you when trainers are nearby (like a “discovery mode” you turn on like Bluetooth)
•PalPad deal where you can trade Game Center/Play Store credentials to stay connected with any trainer you meet
•If you have a game, instant friend code trading
•Real, honest to goodness Passerby Analytics!
•And maybe, and I’m not sure how it’d be done, some secret bases??
•Trainer badges (for completing events probably)
•Itemfinder/dowsing machine?? Find Pokéballs and Items!
•Imagine a ranking system where you get ranked globally, nationally, and regionally. You could well be the champ in your town! Or you might look for people ranked higher than you to beat the stuffing out of them!

And the possibility for events!

•"(virtual) Team rocket is snooping around your city! Find and battle them to learn what they’re up to!“
•A virtual Pokemon center has been set up in your town, go there to meet other trainers! (Meet and greets)
•Remember the Deoxys movie? Imagine fending off some Deoxys clones while looking for the real Deoxys? Or avoiding Unown while looking for a legendary dog/Ho-oh/Lugia?
•"A (virtual) Pokémon champion is in your city! Battle them and get a prize!”
•Item-based events! (There is a rumored evil spirit in your area, find the SilphScope and find out what it is - Pokémon or actual spirit?) or (Find a fossil in your area and take it to be revived!)
•Again, possible secret bases??

And I think we ALL know there will be money-grabbing in the app (and that’s fine by me, a Pokéball costs like a dollar in RL currency - and there will likely be a free way of getting items), but I wonder if they’ll ONLY use Pokédollars? Some apps have two currencies - one that you get for free in-app and the other you buy.
Which brings up the next question: DO WE GET POKÉDOLLARS FROM TRAINERS WE BEAT?


50 more unique pokemon questions
  • 1: are any of your favorite Pokemon your favorite color?
  • 2: did you enjoy HGSS' whole walking-with-pokemon thing?
  • 3: under options, what's your usual battle style, Switch or Set?
  • 4: do you use L=A?
  • 5: what was your first favorite type, and is it different now?
  • 6: do you like originals or remakes?
  • 7: in xyoras, are you usually connected to the internet or not?
  • 8: do you buy both versions?
  • 9: if Pokemon decided to make DLC, what kind of content would you want?
  • 10: what's your longest battle streak in the post-game battle area thing? (tower, subway, whatever)
  • 11: do you enjoy the challenge of catching legendaries?
  • 12: what was your first level 100?
  • 13: if you could make a pokemon region, what real-world location would you base it on?
  • 14: do you want to be a gym leader/E4 member?
  • 15: if you did run a gym, describe how it would look, what type you'd use, and what your pokemon would be!
  • 16: have you ever used a cheating device?
  • 17: what name do you refer to professor oak's grandson by?
  • 18: what system was your favorite to use?
  • 19: have you ever won the lottery?
  • 20: did you enjoy voltorb flip?
  • 21: do you like inverse battles?
  • 22: what's your favorite move?
  • 23: is there a pokemon you don't like because it has given you a lot of trouble?
  • 24: have you ever purposely done a glitch in your game?
  • 25: what's your opinion on bootleg pokemon products?
  • 26: what protag was the best dressed?
  • 27: what site do you prefer to get information from? (serebii, bulbapedia, etc?)
  • 28: are you jealous when another region gets an event that your region doesn't?
  • 29: we know Norman runs a gym, but where do you think the other protags' fathers are?
  • 30: do you check garbage cans?
  • 31: do you use the itemfinder a lot?
  • 32: is there an animal you wish they would make a pokemon out of?
  • 33: do you like nicknaming pokemon? why or why not?
  • 34: do you remember your first pokemon's nickname, if you nicknamed it?
  • 35: what was your first trainer's name?
  • 36: pokemon Colosseum and XD used double battles as its main battle style. Do you wish another game would do a similar thing?
  • 37: what's your favorite battle background?
  • 38: do you like using the GTS?
  • 39: did you enjoy gen 5's dream world?
  • 40: do you enjoy Global Link's little minigames?
  • 41: if you could bring back an old feature(s), what one(s) would you bring back?
  • 42: what's your favorite minor character?
  • 43: do you watch pokemon LPs or streams?
  • 44: if they decided to put off making the next generation for a few more years and put out more new games for the current generation, would you be okay with that?
  • 45: do you prefer the mach or acro bike?
  • 46: if you do a lot of breeding, what is your egg hatcher Pokemon?
  • 47: has the battery died on any of your old game carts?
  • 48: what's your dream pokemon crossover?
  • 49: how often do you see the FREEZE condition? it's not that frequent, is it?
  • 50: if you could design your own move, what would it be like?
Oh, for fuck's sake.

There are TONS of valuable items hidden underwater in ORAS; I’ve already found Heart Scales, medicine like Iron/Calcium/Carbos/etc, and oh yeah, a freaking Meadow Plate (the irony of something called the Meadow Plate being at the bottom of the ocean is not lost on me). However, I found all of these items by blindly clicking on spaces that are dark (light spaces will just take you back up to the surface). Do you know why I can’t just use the Itemfinder?


So, so cruel of you, Nintendo ;__; What treasures am I missing?