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im laying in bed, the light that comes from the cracks of my blinds are tinted blue and I can hear the rain pitter patter across my roof and sound into the air - i feel sleepy and that if I were to get out of bed, that would be a sin

but even now, i must sin and finally wake up and get ready for the day

/I hope that everyone else will be ready for their day and if not, they will have the strength and motivation to be able to get through it - I believe in you all. <3/

A False Sense of Security
  • Sherlock: *strolls into the lab; yawning* Morning... *kisses Molly's cheek*
  • Molly: *blushing* Wow... a 'morning' and a cheek kiss.
  • Sherlock: *yawns again* It's been a long night. Mrs. Johnson's results in?
  • Molly: Yeah, hang on *moving to her desk* So, who died?
  • Sherlock: *rubbing his neck* Six students were found brutally murdered in a house on the outskirts of their University campus.
  • Molly: *sifting through papers; intrigued* what happened?
  • Sherlock: *rolling his shoulders* Upon further investigation, we found instructions informing them the door would be locked behind them and their mission was to find the key. They were pitted against each other, mental trickery and cunning wordplay. One of the professors owns the house. A social experiment gone wrong. He tried to pass it off as a student party horror show *shaking his head* Tedious.
  • Molly: *flipping through the file; smiling* Well, Mrs. Johnson is no horror movie massacre.
  • Sherlock: *sighs* Good.
  • Molly: *reading*
  • Sherlock: Well?
  • Molly: *shakes her head* You were right. Asphyxiation caused by tetrodotoxin. Japanese fugu, wasn't it?
  • Sherlock: *nods* Exactly. Thank you, Molly. Now I have a husband to arrest *leaving the lab*
  • Molly: *beaming* Anytime.
  • Sherlock: *stops at the door* Oh by the way, I'm in love with you *smiles; leaves*
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: *drops the file*

anonymous asked:

I don't even know why I suggested Batoto. I forgot that you don't really keep up with ongoing manga/anime (other than anything Dragonball and now JoJo) so having a dedicated site to read manga off of doesn't really do you any good. I don't really understand why having to register an account is a bad thing but to each his own.

OK, here’s my problem: How can you “forget” when I laid out the parameters in the very post you responded to?

I get that people around here want to help, but this is the scenario I keep running into:

Me: Well, I’m hungry, but I’m definitely not going to Burger King, because the last time I went it took them a half hour to make my food, even when there were no other customers in the store.  Come to think of it, there’s never anybody at the local Burger King, even when the McDonalds across the street is jam packed.  Pretty sure something’s up. 

“Helpful” Person: Burger King’s good, you should go there. 

This isn’t about whether (X) is a good (Y).  This is about reading comprehension.  This is about me already addressing (X), and someone ignoring that statement.  Basically, I have to assume that you either aren’t reading what I wrote, or you did read it, and you’re deliberately screwing with me.  Frankly, both of those things piss me off. 

The way I look at it, the whole point of blogging is that I can speak my mind and very passively develop an audience.  I’m not forcing anyone to read this right now, and if you’ve zoned out or scrolled past this sentence, there’s nothing I can do about it.  And that’s the way I like it, because it means that anyone who does read my stuff genuinely wanted to read it.  There’s no higher honor for me. 

But if you’re going to respond to my stuff without reading it, I’m going to be upset.  Because you could have ignored it completely and said nothing, and I would have been none the wiser. 

Instead, you’re basically telling me “Hey, I saw your thing about Burger King, but I only read half of it, because fuck you.  Anyway, here’s my ill-formulated pro-Burger King argument.”  Then I get my jimmies rustled, and you’re like “Whoa, sorry, I forgot…”  You didn’t forget; you just weren’t paying attention.  And that’s fine, except you’re going out of your way to tell me that you’re not paying attention.  Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining. 

On working with other people’s patterns.

I was just looking at a pattern on Etsy, and I saw that some of the reviews weren’t very nice. In fact some were rather rude about the pattern, and despite the listing saying that it was an advanced pattern, the negative reviews were people having what sounded like novice issues.

This is not a dig at novices or beginners, I’m just going to write a little bit about tips for working with patterns.

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just slightly obsessed with spaceboy!dan and plantboy!phil!!  
please don’t repost!!
more phanart

Preference: You Get Shipped With Another Member

Requested by: julia640
Can’t stop, won’t stop guys. Send me more requests here though since I’m constantly bored and Tumblr isn’t blocked at school 


You had the habit of scrolling down your tag on Tumblr which was usually a rather mellow affair. It was filled with pictures you and your boyfriend had posted on Twitter and Instagram (Usually followed with a caption that said “lOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE IM SCREAMING”) and some flattering (and also unflattering) selfies of yourself. But instead, you found this. 

When Cole comes home, carrying a bag of takeout, he finds you sitting on the couch, staring at the computer in a state of deep confusion. Slightly worried, he walks over and glances over your shoulder. 

It was a picture of you and David.


“Whoa."His voice breaks you of your stupor and you immediately panic, slamming the laptop shut. 

"I was just on Tumblr and I found this and I didn’t know people shipped me with my best friend but its photoshopped which is pretty obvious since that’s me from a picture of me and you-”


“And like I don’t even like David like that okay, that’s really gross and it’d be like liking my brother and-”

“Babe, calm down.” You finally freeze and turn to stare at him, wide-eyed, only to see that he’s laughing at you. The nerve of him. “I think its funny. Besides, David isn’t the one that gets to go to kiss you in about five seconds so I think its fair.”


Whenever Dana got mad, you always knew. He pretended that he was fine and waved off anyone’s attempt at asking him just why he was huffing at everything anyone said to him. After five months of dating him, you’d gotten pretty good at dragging the truth out of him but this was pretty ridiculous. 

“I don’t like Gabe, trust me,"You sigh as you stand in front of him sitting on the couch, hands on your hips in a vain attempt to look assertive. "If I did, that’s where I’d be. But nope, I’m here with you and I always will be.”

“i get that, its just…"He waves helplessly at his phone and you let another sigh as you pick it up and look at the twitter account he had been looking it. It was a fan account about the relationship between you and Gabe which had always been platonic. There were pictures of all the times you’d forced him to take one with you and twitter conversations between you two but they were taking them all the wrong way. Romantic instead of of a deep friendship. 

Taking a deep breath, you sit next to him and put your chin on his shoulder, looking at him patiently. "Just what, Dana?”

“He’s older and when we were friends, you always talked about how you liked older guys and he’s smart and mature and I don’t know. I guess I’m wondering why you’re sticking around here with me when you can so easily have him.” He wasn’t looking at you, stubbornly looking away, and you reach up and place a hand on his cheek, gently moving his head so he was meeting your eyes. It always broke your heart when you saw him being insecure. Insecurity wasn’t befitting for someone like Dana Vaughns.

“Hey, I love you. OK, you. Not Gabe, not anyone else. It’s just you for me.”

All he did was nod and give you the tiniest of smiles. 


“Honestly, I feel like you should be taking this more seriously,"You roll your eyes at your boyfriend who was currently rolling around on the ground, trying his best to calm down. You guys had been scrolling down (Really, more like stalking) the tag when you had found a fanfiction about you.

And Cole.

Not Will.


He had immediately insisted on reading it and you had tried to stop him since honestly, you’d much rather live your life not knowing what a fan wrote about a relationship between you and your boyfriend’s bandmate. He had ignored you and decided to read it out loud, doing his best impersonation of you and Cole. He’d done pretty good until the part came where you confessed your eternal affection for the blond in the pouring rain. 

Immediately, he had caved and started laughing uncontrollably to the point that he fell off the couch. 

"It’s well-written,"Will manages out, his face a bright red with tears leaking out of his eyes. You huff. "Wait? It is! Even though its way off base with the whole rain thing. You hate getting wet and cold without a life threatening situation.”

You sigh. At least someone found this amusing. 


David wasn’t a jealous person persay. He was usually calm and chill about these sorts of situations but this was sort of pushing it.

“Really?"He snorts as he scolls down the Tumblr tag on his phone while checking the tweets on his computer. You sit next to him, vaguely amused, but mostly wanting to get back to the Spiderman marathon you guys were in the middle of. "You and Will? As if.”

“He’s a nice guy,"you feel the urge to defend your friend and he huffs, his whole body dramatically moving.

"Yeah, he's too nice. Probably into really kinky things.”

“He’s your friend, David,"you sigh, leaning against his shoulder to watch just exactly he was looking at. He was really overreacting. Will and you both liked Chipotle to the point that it probably wasn’t healthy and seeing as even your boyfriend got tired of being dragged to the place (Even though he wouldn’t say it), you often went together. 

Most of the fans were chill about it and treated it like it was. A friendship. But there was always that small sect of over the top fanatics that made it weird for everyone else. While there weren’t that many, there was some posts and tweets speculating that maybe there was more.

"I wouldn’t date him you know,"You say, giving David a kiss on the jaw. He stills. "It’d be too much like corrupting a puppy.” Another kiss. “I like my boyfriends to have experience.”

He moves quickly, flipping you over so that you’re on your back and he’s looming over you. The laptop and phone fall to the ground. “Glad we’re on the same page.”

You grin.


“Seriously?"Gabe stares down the post as if it’s personally offended him and you can’t stop laughing, not able to take this seriously at all. It was just a collage of pictures of you and Dana, both separate and together, and there were hearts in random spots with sparkles thrown in.

Frankly it looked like something your three-year-old sister would do in Paint but still. It was enough to get your dumb boyfriend all riled. 

"They know that we’re the ones dating, right?"He asks, furrowing his brows, and you start laughing harder. 

"Duh,"you finally calm down enough to say, your voice coming out breathless. "I’m the reason there’s actually an overdose of your selfies." 

"Then why this?"He waves his hand at the post and you roll your eyes, getting over how funny this situation was really quick. Sometimes, Gabe was loads more mature than you yet other times you were the one who had to bring him down to Earth and explain things. 

"Because its fun. Fans ship people together all the time,"you shrug. "I don’t throw a fit every time there’s a post shipping you with Will or Cole." 

He lets out a sigh, giving you a look. "That doesn’t count.”

“It totally does!"You protest. "You’ve got masterposts of every time you’ve ever touched or every kinda gay thing you’ve ever done with each other. All I’ve got is a collage with Dana. I can pull some u-”

“Lets go to the movies!"He immediately, cutting off your sentence, and you start another laughing fit. 


Winter 2015.

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theytookmywingsaway  asked:

Hey there, it's me again! :) Hope you're not bored with my requests yet, but I really enjoy your writing and I was hoping maybe you're in the mood for a new blurb? So I was wondering if you could write one where Y/N is nervous about Harry seeing her naked for the first time. It doesn't really have to be in a situation like sex for example, it can be just during simple daily task, like changing/using the bathroom... What do you think about it? :)

Hi! Sorry this took sooooo looooong! I’ve finally got back into the writing groove. Hope you like this. I tried to keep it a bit light-hearted.


Even with an umbrella, you managed to get soaked from the rain. It seemed to be coming down in buckets as you and Harry ran down the sidewalk toward your building. He held the door open for you as you struggled to close your umbrella before walking inside. You both shook your hair, droplets of water scattering around you.

When you unlocked your door and stepped in, you announced the need for dry clothes. Harry said he’d make some tea while he waited for you. You felt bad that he had to slosh around in his wet clothes, so you went to the bathroom and returned with a towel.

“Thank you,” he grinned, taking it from you.

You stood watching him for longer than you intended as he dried his hair with the towel then shook it like a dog.

“What?” he asked when he caught you staring.

“Nothing,” you blushed. Then you turned and headed for the bedroom.

You got undressed, tossing your wet clothes in the laundry hamper. Then you grabbed a towel for yourself, rubbing it over your soaked hair and then down your body. The warmth of the towel felt nice so you repeated the motion several times until the chill had dissipated. You had just opened your dresser drawer to retrieve a clean pair of panties when you heard a voice behind you.

“Tea’s ready,” muttered Harry.

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saddest scene ever | s04E06 - Neo-Versailles