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a sequel to between each beat are words unsaid


“Here,” John says almost as soon as Sherlock’s settled next to him. “I wanted to give you something special today. Something important. And I, uh, I think it is.” He says it with a little shrug, a tiny bit of doubt creeping in.

“It is,” Sherlock reassures him, and John huffs out a laugh.

“You don’t even know what it is yet.”


After the reception ends, John and Sherlock exchange wedding gifts. 

“Five minutes?” Chirrut demanded, jabbing a finger into Baze’s chest. He’d known the man long enough to know that he probably looked more amused than ashamed.

Sure enough, Baze wrapped his hand around Chirrut’s, drawing it up to place a scratchy kiss to the back of it. “I go where you go.” He replied.

Chirrut pulled his hand away. “Five minutes is still utterly ridiculous! Whenever I needed you you were always ten minutes away!”

Baze laughed at thay. “Chirrut, you never needed me, which is good because you were always sprinting off. At least now I don’t have to worry about that anymore.”

It seemed that being dead made Baze far more talkative than he usually was, but Chirrut couldn’t fault him for that. He really couldn’t even fault him for following him so quickly to this new world, the one that shone so brightly Chirrut could feel it in his bones.

It had only been 5 minutes, but Chirrut had felt lonelier than he had for over 20 years. After Baze had returned from his trip, they had not been separate, not even in their sleep. He had not realized how quiet the world was without Baze, even when Baze wasn’t saying a word.

“Oh, I wouldn’t say that. I think I have still have plenty of time to wander off.” Chirrut teased, but he didn’t mean it. Why would he need to wander off? There was nothing left to fight, nothing to protect Baze from. There was just a whole wide world for them to discover, together.

“Later, perhaps. But first, I think we should go find the others.” Baze’s voice was laced with sorrow. Even here, on this other side, there was something sad about the thought of their teammates joining them.

Perhaps it wasn’t as sad as it had been when they had landed, knowing that the chances were so slim, but the sorrow still hung there, like a spiderweb before the window.

Chirrut took his hand again and squeezed it gently. “Don’t worry, we won’t let them get here alone.”

Perhaps, he thought, none of them would need to be alone again.

When you see a relatable post about your OTP but OP tagged your NOTP

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Hey, I was wondering, a couple of friends and i are making OCs based off Cakes?. it's set in like..A modern kingdom. the Princess is Red Cream *Based off Red Velvet Cake*. The Cliche of The princess who doesnt want to be a princess.. A butler *No name and is based off Cheese Cake* And the Jester. *No name again and based off Angel Cake* and we were wondering if you wanted to join in with us?

Idk if I’d have time to join in with anything proper, but a cake kingdom sounds fun!

The good knight Sir Battenburg, stepping up to the plate!




Alright so there’s just been a ton of people asking for my masterlists, and I know that being on mobile makes it difficult to find the lists, sooo I decided to put all of my scenarios here on this post for all the groups I’ve written for just to make things easier. 

Also, just for future reference, if you’re on mobile, you can go to the “search” on my blog & type in the member’s name you’re looking for + “scenario” and all the things I’ve written for that member should come up [ex woohyun scenario”]

And if you’re ever looking for this masterlist, it should come up when you search “masterlist”

Alright, have a nice day, and I hope you enjoy reading~

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I came home from a library trip (two different libraries) and realised I had no place to put my library books. So now they’re awkwardly on top of some of my own books. 🙄
We are always running out of book space in my house. I think we have…ten or eleven book cases of varying sizes in my house. Two of which are mine. ….Everyone likes to read. A lot.