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Why don’t boomers understand

























a visual representation of my inauguration day anxiety


So this whole thing is a mess, but Mx. Zuke just made something a lot of my peers have been saying very clear: the writer’s room is a mess. The fact that they would be bold enough to write a post like that, making it clear over and over, that they were going for an arc that none of their coworkers knew anything about?? Excuse me? That’s not how this works. With 4 storyboard teams, I knew there was going to be slight inconsistency. But this? This takes it to a WHOLE new level. How do we, as fans( or just critics), expect good characterization and plot when the writers apparently don’t even talk to each other? How do the WRITERS expect good characterization and plot when they don’t talk about these things? I’m just…very shocked that a professional show is being handled like this, and I hope things change, and soon.

  • teacher: *mentions chromosomes*
  • me: nice filthy frank reference

build god then we’ll talk // panic! at the disco


So anyway in case there still are bakushima fans that aren’t reading acceptance and denial by @kisecchinosedai do a thing and go read it I’m in love with that fic

me and my little sister (she’s 12) were watching ouat and I said that I will murder the writers if the show will end without Emma/Regina hug. My sister said that maybe they haven’t hugged yet because they like like each other and are too afraid, and I was like

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My Aesthetic: things or places that defy and/or mess with your perception of reality

• dreams
• Cryptids
• cuil theory
• jellyfish
• liminal spaces
• The Mariana Trench

A little reminder

Can we be honest about PMS for a second?

It’s brutal. Maybe it’s just me. It turns me into something resembling Satan himself and I absolutely hate it. All of my emotions are running around in my head like little chickens with their heads cut off while I’m a weeping mess.

If you’re anything like me, let me remind you of a few things tonight.

  • You are not your emotions
  • Those emotions do not equal truth
  • It’s perfectly fine to cry. Even over stupid things. Even over nothing at all. It’s perfectly alright. 
  • You are not ugly
  • You are not crazy
  • This is not a forever feeling
  • If the same jeans you wore yesterday aren’t nearly as comfortable today, you go ahead and put some stretchy pants on girl. 
  • Give yourself heaps and heaps and heaps and heaps of grace

Y’all, it’s tough. I’m reminding myself of these tonight as I cry over ice cream cake that wasn’t the flavor I wanted. I’m giving myself grace and you already know I’ve got those stretchy pants on. We’ll make it, girls. 

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: in the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime the military control Liore was put under was used as a cover for making another philosopher's stone. It was essentially the same thing that happened in Ishval and everyone knew Ed caused it. Mustang tried to protect him but Scar said it right to his face. His guilt complex is too big to handle that. How did he live with himself after he learned it was his fault all those people's lives were ruined, especially when he thought he had helped them all that time. He already lives every day with the guilt of imprisoning his brother in a suit of armor, I don't think he could handle having the guilt of a second Ishval on his shoulders too. Is he able to sleep at night? My son doesn't deserve this.

“it would be so much fun.”[x]