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I hope I don’t bother you when I’m upset. I don’t usually tell people things, so I’m sorry I let everything out all at once and just hope you can make me feel better.

Make Them Kiss (Shirasuzu and Yuzuobi)

… it’s all @superhappybubbleslove‘s fault for calling my out like that.

The plan was supposed to be easy. But as any plan including Suzu and romance, it has been doomed from the beginning – and Yuzuri, after three years of blood and sweat and energy drained, stands on the verge of giving up.

Her verdict is clear.

Suzu is too clumsy for love.

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I swear the anti robron fandom crack me tf up. Like yes we know the relationship isn’t perfect. Yes we know Robert used Aaron for sex in the beginning, berated him and his mental health (cutting ) verbally, mentally and emotionally abused him.

Tied his ass to a radiator and threatened to kill him and let him believe he was responsible for a death which almost pushed him to suicide. But his breaking point was cheating?

We know no one in real life would marry a fucker like that, hell they’d be pressing charges against him. But it’s not real life, it’s a goddamn soap opera so please stop looking for fucking realism in it lol.

That’s like me watching the bold and the beautiful and believing a whole family of men would fuck one woman, have a fuckload of kids and have everybody related six different ways.

The shit ain’t real and it sure af ain’t that deep 🙄

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Every time that I feel hard to keep both college life and shitpost life I read the replies and tag comments that you guys make on my posts, it gives me life

I laugh to death at them. So all I have to say it’s thank you (except for the bots, I’m gonna find them and gonna block them)

[whispers] hey so it’s a really old post, but since i knew approximately 1.4 ppl who liked class when i made it, just… reminding ppl that i made a [playlist] that one time