no it's not a ghost squid

???-BLAQUA [Black-Aqua]
-The Sea Monk Pokemon
-Ability: Suction Cups - Serene Grace(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon are often compared with monks due to their bald shapes, their calm attitude, and their low vocalizations that sound very similar to praying. Despite their calm nature, if this pokemon are disturbed they can stir the water creating devastating waves that will sink any ship, while they fixate themselves to the spot with their tentacles to avoid being swept away by the tides. ”
    -Water Pulse
    -Ominous Wind

–>Evolves at lvl. 45<–

???-BLANKRAKEN [Blank/Blanco-Kraken]
-The Cryptic Pokemon
-Ability: Levitate- Serene Grace(HA)
-Dex: “This solitary giants prefer to be alone, so they make their homes in the colds and unexplored waters of the far south, where they can be seen both under and over water, always swimming, even on air. If this pokemon is disturbed, it will grab any ship in its way with its large tentacles and drag it down into the ocean.”
-Sig. Move: Cold Shower “The user shoots freezing water at its target. This may also leave the target frozen. If the opponent is Burnt, this attack will heal its condition”
   Type: Water
   PP: 15 (max 24)
   Power: 80
   Accuracy: 100
    -Shadow Ball
    -Wring Out

people like to assume that Vocaloid and the Gorillaz are identical, varying only in their place of origin, because of their popular holographic performances. but the majority of those assumptions come from the sole fact that they both utilize the “virtual popstar” characteristic when really they’ve vastly different…in the west, the “hologram” part of Vocaloid creation gets all the credit and attention just because its something you can see up-front and because of the pretty high production value but that’s not even what Vocaloid’s all about..

the thing that really makes Vocaloid unique is that its success is based almost entirely in its community’s passionate contributions. honestly, i find the ability of a software combined with a character design to inspire genuine creative and participatory passion within people across the world a lot more revolutionary than the discovery of a way to project an image off of a transparent screen. holograms really aren’t THAT uncommon. they’re a slightly more advanced version of the pepper’s ghost trick. they’ve been used by Tupac (2012), the Gorillaz (2005?), even Splatoon’s Squid Sisters (2016). Hatsune Miku’s first live performance was in 2009 (her initial software release in the summer of 2007). but does the success of Tupac, the Gorillaz, and Splatoon come from a global anti-hierarchical community of collaborative artists? no. Tupac is a rapper/actor, the Gorillaz is a band, and Splatoon is a video game.

now, all of these things are different in their own right. neither is “better” or “worse” than the other, they’re all different, and have different histories, are based in different media types, and messages to their respective fanbases. they all have different places in the entertainment industry, and people have their own preferences and “tastes” in entertainment media. that’s fine, to each their own. i’m sure Tupac is a fantastic rapper, i’m sure the Gorillaz is an amazing band, i’m sure Splatoon is a really fun game. Vocaloid, too, is a phenomenal culture. but none of these things are identical just because holograms were utilized by them at some point, and if their holographic performances happen to be the initiating event of further interest, let it be understood that they are merely the tip of the iceberg that is the rest of the franchise. 

(furthermore, is anybody is interested in getting a much more in-depth look on the history and success of the modern “virtual popstar” in musical, visual, and performing art, i suggest Chapters 7 (”Hatsune Miku and Japanese Virtual Idols” by Rafal Zaborowski), 8 (”Hatsune Miku, 2.0Pac, and Beyond: Rewinding and Fast-Forwarding the Virtual Pop Star” by Thomas Conner), and 9 (”’Feel Good’ with Gorillaz and ‘Reject False Icons’: The Fantasy Worlds of the Virtual Group and Their Creators” by Shara Rambarran) in the Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality by Sheila Whiteley and Shara Rambarran. )

We've all been translating the Hogwarts motto incorrectly

…and it’s so much better than you think it is.

“Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus” = “Never tickle a sleeping dragon, right, a sage albeit slightly obvious bit of silly-sounding advice, perfect for a school whose Headmaster’s opening remarks were "Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!” BUT THINK AGAIN.

Because “titillandus” isn’t actually a command but a future passive participle, or possibly a gerundive - they’re sort of the same thing. That is, it’s an adjectival form of the verb “titilláre”, “to tickle”, with implications of necessity, translating to roughly “should be tickled.”

The Hogwarts motto isn’t advice, it’s a fucking warning. This school is “a sleeping dragon (that) should never be tickled”. Viserys Targaryen wishes he was as hardcore as this school. You fuck with Hogwarts, you threaten its students, breach its walls, attack its people, and it has ghosts, moving staircases, Devil’s Snare, a poltergeist, centaurs, mermaids, a giant squid, living statues, and people - students, teachers, family - all brave, clever, hard-working, ambitious, curious, loyal, and ready to fuck with you right back. 

Random Markiplier quotes || Sentence meme
  • "Love is blind ; I think that's what they say. That's what they say right? Love is something anyway. Love is strong, love is passionate... Love is apparently Candy Crush."
  • "It's so peaceful and pretty I think I'm going to vomit."
  • "Hey lil' mama lemme whisper in ya ear..."
  • "Instructions not clear, got dick stuck in ghost."
  • "Oh I'm so boned!/We're boned!"
  • "Get your mind outta the gutter!"
  • "So... what about that?"
  • "Bing-bong! Bring it on!"
  • "Excuse me? 'SCUSE ME?!"
  • "Squeeeeeeeeeaaak!"
  • "O-whoa-K balls? In my face? Did not request balls in my fa-"
  • "To infini-nope and beyond."
  • "Can we do it? No we can't! ...Maybe. I don't know, I'm not very committed to this decision, but whatever."
  • "I want to dance like an epileptic squid on acid."
  • "F you in the A and have a nice day!"
  • "Holy balls!"
  • "OH MY NARDS!"
  • "Oh my God, I am tripping balls right now!" -
  • "That's seven, now I just need to find one more and then open the door, get on the floor, everybody do the dinosaur!"
  • "Balls to the wall!"
  • "I'm back at the red dildo! AGAIN!"
  • "Stork flies out of your vagina? Isn't that how it works? Just, "BWAKAAAAW!!!" and then all the sudden you had a baby! And a stork. Better feed that stork."
  • "What rhymes with axe? MORE axe!"
  • "Fwiffwow!"
  • "He is going to nibble on your giblets!"
  • "Don't be nibblin' on my giblets."
  • "Let me AXE you a question"
  • "I mean what's there to know? Comes out of the vagina like WHOOM BANG! Suddenly you got a baby!"
  • "So its da puun run!"
  • "I dunno if that's Masky or not but i'm just gonna call him the Lil' Douchebag!"
  • "No, thank you! I don't want any!"
  • "Shut up, nurse! I'm a doctor, of course I know what is best!"
  • "Ding-dong, damn it!"
  • "Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why...? So many times I ask this question... why?"
  • "Nope, nope, nope, nope"
  • "Little piggy, no no! Little piggy, go home!"
  • "I'm just the greatest! And the smartest, the bravest, and the handsomest!"
  • "Helloooo, baaaayby! How YOU doin'?"
  • "Let's just nope off to Fuckthatville!"
  • "To be or not to F*CK OFF!"
  • "Hello? Anyone else want to dance? ...I'm great at the tango! ...And the macarena!"
  • "Why are there nipple penises?"
  • "You sunuva bitch"
  • "I knew they would stab me in the back... I'll just have to stab them in the back... I'll stab them in the butt... That's what I'll do..."
  • "Thor! I told thee to calm thine tits! Thine tits are very rambunctious."

I had the biggest realization while playing Splatoon tonight. I didn’t realize it before but the stage, Bluefin Depot, has to have been inspired by Gunkanjima, otherwise known as Battleship Island. I realized it when I was practicing on the stage and got a good look at the background environment.

The architecture, the structures on the island, the location, it all just screams Battleship Island. The Japanese name of this stage [ネギトロ炭鉱] translates into Negitoro Coal Mine, and Gunkanjima was a Coal Mining Facility off the coast of Nagasaki, being shut down and abandoned in the mid 1970s. I mean, even the dialogue that Callie and Marie have about this place reinforces it:

Callie: “Man, this place is such a ghost town these days!”
Marie: “Totally! I’ve heard Gramps say he used to battle here.”

I’m probably talking about really obvious stuff but my god.
The realization hit me like an ink roller to the face today. It’s so cool.

love Splatoon so much.

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Violet drifted into Maurice's room with a sick grin on her face. Being a ghost had its benefits, and going through walls was one of them. Her main focus was the green squid in the room. She giggled before speaking. "Mauriiiiice....."

He froze, entire body stiffening as his eyes drifted slowly to look over his shoulder in sheer terror… 

“… V… Vivi… ?”