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little klance thing i’m hung up on today:

“listen, Keith. we can’t just go in and blow things up like a psycho. planning is important.”

and he was super impressed and proud when lance presented his plan!

but not only that, Keith took it to heart:

“i don’t understand your plan but i’m gonna make my own one”

“are you seeing this, lance?”

“lance, i did it, i made a plan!” 

“isn’t that amazing, lance?”

“i’m so proud of myself rn, i listen to advice”

“i’m gonna go up this ladder and sneak towards my target, be proud of me, lance!”

BTS Reactions: Cock Warming (M)

Authors Note: This is my first reaction writing :)) Hope you’ll enjoy! 

He at first was a bit assistant, finding it rather odd. It came up while you were giving him a soft back-hug as you surprised him during cooking. After you whining for a while and him finally giving in, you couldn’t wait any minute longer. You turned off the fire and dragged him into your shared bedroom. It didn’t take the both of you very long to become fully naked.

Even though he was first against it, he still looks visibly excited as you see his cock standing tall.

You swung your leg over his hips, positioning above his member and then finally sinking down. Jin let out a loud groan, feeling overly bliss because of the feeling of you wrapping around his cock. Though his urges to fuck you, he kept still, wanting to follow up to your request.

At first it was uncomfortable, his urges almost getting the best of him, but after a long minute he finally calmed down and got used to the feeling. You bend down, laying down against his chest as you concentrated on his breathing. He finally understood how this could be pleasing. He felt connected and your walls feel so warm around him, it almost feels relaxing.

Jagi, we should do this more often.’

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Yoongi (Suga):
He was the one to come up with the idea. You were both lazying in bed, watching a movie. Yoongi just felt the sudden urge to feel close to you, to feel your warmth against him. He had explained the term of cock warming and you were first a bit confused to why he wouldn’t just want to have sex with you. But after he explained his reason, you were quick to accept the offer as you got curious to see how it feels.

You luckily were already in just panties and his shirt, so much effort into the undressing part wasn’t necessary. After you took your panties off and he pushed his sweats down to his ankles, he sat up against the headboard and waited for you. You sank down on his cock, back facing him and when you were fully filled up, you held your position. It feels foreign to the both of you and you just wanted to move, but you held still.

After a while it got more comfortable and you leaned back against his chest as you began watching the movie again.

This feels nice.’ He says, kissing your neck out of affection. ’I just wanted to feel you closer to me.’ He sighs, relaxing into the bed.

You will fuck me after this right?’

Of course, everything for my princess.’

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Hoseok (J-hope):
It was his idea at first, but it happened to be a big hell for him. It was during a movie night with the rest of the boys. Both you and Hoseok were horny the moment you walked in, just getting out of a heavy make-out session. Hoseok then suddenly got the magical idea to get some blankets and having you to sit on his dick while the movie plays on, wanting to tease you but also wanting to feel you close against him. He wanted to try it out, since he had read it somewhere.

He quickly got a blanket before the others came to the living room, since they were preparing some food. He pulled your panties down as he got seated on the couch and it made you gasp. He pulled his cock out and immediately sank you down on him. He quickly covered the both of you up and there you both sat, heavy breathing and an uneasy feeling inside of you.

Though he got used to the feeling, every time you moved to get some popcorn, he felled the urge to fuck you. He would push up slightly when he got impatient, making you quietly moan. It only took him 15 minutes until he couldn’t control himself anymore and got the both of you into the bedroom to fuck you all night.

I couldn’t control myself anymore baby, but by the wetness of your pretty little cunt it seems like you couldn’t too.’

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Namjoon (RM):
Why can’t I move jagi?’ He whined, very confused to why you didn’t want him to go on. You just kept pleading for him to stay still, but Namjoon knew for sure that if he did not move right now, it would mean blue balls later on.

Baby, it’s called cock warming.’ You try to explain, but he was having non of it. He needs to fuck his pretty girl right now or he is going to go crazy.

We can do that some other time baby, I need to fuck you.’ He whines again as he made a small move, making him immediately groan into your ear. You cursed as the warm air reached your neck and eventually let him rock his hips against you. Your idea needs to wait for a little while, ah well.

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You came home, threw your jacket and shoes to the side and walked straight up to your boyfriend. He is sitting on the couch, headset on his head and speaking through a small speaker attached to his headset. You roll your eyes as you see how concentrated he is at his game, even this concentrated that didn’t hear you come home.

You pushed him back slightly, making him gasp while looking up at you shocked. You pushed down your panties under your skirt, stepping out of them after they fell on the ground. He still looks confused, but slightly turned on too.

Jimin! Fuck where are you? I’m dying here!’ You here Jungkook yelling through his headset. You nod at him to go on playing as you worked on his jeans, zipping open the zipper and pulling out his cock. You climbed on top, straddling his hips as you sank down onto him in one go. He whimpered, holding his breath as he waited for you to move, but you didn’t do anything and asked him to continue playing as you cuddled closer to him.

He followed your order, curious to what you are planning, but you didn’t do anything. After a while he was playing his game again, you sunken down on his member and clinging onto him. He was furiously playing, trying to win but also to make as less motions at he could possibly afford.

It’s called cock warming.’ You suddenly noted, making his attention to go back to you.

It’s hot.’ He says while covering his speaker. He gave you a passionate kiss. ’But I’m still going to fuck your brains out after this level, since you’re being a bad girl.’

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Taehyung (V):
Your eyes shot open, being waken up by a sudden relation of feeling something inside you, wiggling around. You slightly turn to look at your… sleeping boyfriend? Your eyes trail down to the part where the both of your were connected and you see how his boxers are only slightly pushed down and your panties are pushed aside.

Taehyung?‘He only crawls closer to you, letting out a slight growl by the friction, but he doesn’t move. He sighs into your ear, arms pulling you close against him.

I’m warming my cock with your pussy, baby.’


It’s called cock warming and I wanted to try it.’

You just looked at him, checking if he wasn’t joking, but he just kept his posture. You shrug, being used to his crazy ideas and laid back down. It was eventually getting comfortable for you as for him and somehow, the both of you drifted off back to sleep.

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You carefully tried to take out his dick, not wanting to wake up his sleeping figure. He groaned slightly as you pushed his dick inside you, pushing up against him to sick deeper. He is spooning you even closer to him as he finally wakes up, confused to why his dick is inside of you. You only kept still, waiting for his reaction, but to your surprise he didn’t do anything.

Are you trying to cock warm me?’


He sighs and a smile was visible on is face. He found it somewhat cute to see you like this, wanting to try different things, but sneakily. He actually has been wanting to try this too and it’s already quite pleasing to him. It feels warm and comfortable to be this close to you.

'How in the world did I find such a girl.’

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It’s not Thanksgiving anymore, but I wanna share what I’m grateful for.

I’m grateful for the fact that he exists, y’knowwhatImean? He’s helped me through some pretty rough times, and I know a lot of people say that, and I know my voice has gotten lost among the crowd, but I’m still here, still watching. I’m laughing with him, crying with him, and taking his words to heart. I’ve been able to turn my life around in the past few months, which is way more progress than I’ve made in years. It’s almost as if Sean himself has sat down in front of me and told me to get my shit together, and it’s been amazing.

Celebrating one year of Jack, from November of ‘16 to October ‘17. Guy has a contagious smile and has helped so many people, it’s so cool!

Here’s to another coming year of Jacksepticeye! Thanks buddy! You’re the best. 


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hi lottie. my girlfriend broke up with me yesterday, and i’ve been crying since. do you think you could write me a little classic, soft kylux drabble? i’d appreciate it so much. 💕

It’s so rare that he wakes before Hux that Kylo would say he’s neglected to appreciate Hux’s beauty during sleep.

They lay beside each other, faces together, Hux still wandering in his dreams whilst Kylo blinks awake, unable to tear his gaze away from the general’s face. Hair tousled, lips relaxed from his usual sneer, and frown lines nonexistent on his pale skin, Kylo can’t help but smile warmly, basking in the restful glow of Hux’s mind as he dreams.

Hux, for all his intellect and sharpness and his keen gaze, fails to see his own beauty. Kylo blinks as though taking a snapshot of the view in front of him and commits it to his memory, never wanting to forget the image of the great Starkiller relaxed in peaceful sleep. Those lips, Kylo focuses on, that’ve brought death to millions on a single order now part slightly, letting heavy breath escape, pink and soft, kissable. Looking like no foul word could ever pass such gentle curves.

It’s the illusion of softness with Hux that never fails to draw Kylo in like a lost sailor to a lighthouse.

“Mmm. Ren?”

Kylo comes back to himself quickly when he hears Hux’s husky voice talking to him, gruff from lack of use. His General shifts and gives a quiet moan as he shuffles closer to Kylo, eyes drifting closed again.

“Go back to sleep,” Kylo whispers quietly. He strokes his hand through Hux’s hair and kisses his forehead, listening to the calmness of Hux’s mind for once. “It’s still too early for your shift.”

“I thought I heard you talking,” Hux says, frowning. “I could hear your voice. I swear it.”

Kylo is sure he hadn’t been speaking aloud but decides not to question it any further; Hux is already drifting off.

“Dreaming about me whispering sweet nothings to you, General? I’m flattered.”

“Ha. Don’t be, Ren. I woke up to tell you to shut up and let me sleep,” Hux smiles, and Kylo feels his hand brush against his stomach.

Under the covers, their hands intertwine, fingers locking together slackly as sleep reclaims Hux.

It’s another few hours until they’re due up and awake so, for now, Kylo pulls the blankets back over Hux’s body and tucks him in, making sure he’s wrapped up warm against the coldness of space before leaning to kiss him on the cheek; a light touch of his lips against Hux’s lightly freckled skin and it’s enough to make Kylo feel like it’s the first time he’s kissed Hux, he’s still falling in love with him.

And as he settles back down beside Hux, Kylo wonders if he still is.

The little flutters in his tummy tell him yes.


After yet another series of hijinks gone wrong at Pirate’s Swoop

George: So, really— no one wants to confess? Aly?
Aly: It wasn’t me!
Alanna: Aly…
Aly: It wasn’t!
George: So no one—including Aly—wants to admit they did this? I’m giving you one more chance to confess, then I’m grounding everyone, including your mom and Neal!
Alanna: George!
Neal: No, it’s okay. I didn’t have any plans.
Alanna: George, come on. It was Aly. Or maybe Alan.
Alan: [gasps] How dare you! It had to be Aly.
Aly: Unbelievable. So everyone thinks I did it? Then I must be guilty. That’s how it works, right!?
Alan: Yep. Perfect system.
(Source: Bob’s Burgers)

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Olicity Week: Day Four

Day 4 (November 23) - Favorite Touch(s)
Felicity hugging Oliver’s arm in Broken Arrow (3x19), and bonus points for kissing it in My Name is Oliver Queen (3x23) and Green Arrow (4x01).

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Because first of all, the first one is when Ray is watching her and realizes that she loves Oliver. And in the other two, Oliver is just trying to talk to his friends and Felicity’s like, “ok you talk, I snuggle.”

Did I miss any? No? Am I weird for liking this so much? Yes? FINE.