no it's not it's not okay

Okay but can we just talk about these reactions to the Victuuri kiss?

(Left to right reaction)

Mari’s just like “my brother’s gayer than I thought wow”

Yuuko’s like “holy shit Victor fucking Nikiforov tackle-kissed my best friend”

Takeshi’s (did I get that right??) like “wait what”

Hiroko’s like “look at these two I love them”

Yuuri’s dad is like “omg its canon”

The Nishigori triplets are just [shook™]

And makkachin is just there like “look at my gay dads they’re gr8”

Y’all convinced me to post today, so here we go!

It’s the prologue to my new Junkeel AU fic:

~Cake by the Ocean~

Tags: Junkfish AU, Junkeel AU, Mermaid Junkrat, Implied/Referenced Character Death (NOT a major character!!!), Angst, Grief/Mourning, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Alpha/Omega, Implied Mpreg, Implied oviposition

I KNOW this starts out real bad, but things’ll get better, I promise :V


real talk. alright. arin hanson is really pretty. like have you seen that man’s arms? face? eyes? hair? skin? that man is so goddamn pretty.

Hexxus: “We finally made it! Now we can search for that Z-Crystal!”

???Gast: “Why am I even helping y-”

Hexxus: “SEARCH.”

???: “Got it.”

???: “On a scale from 1 to weird, I think your friend Gengar needs to see a therapist.”

Hexxus: “Don’t we all. Now where could that crystal be…”

???: “Maybe in that box that opened on it’s own?”

Hexxus: “…Yeeaaah…”

*Hexxus found the Z-Crystal!*

“Look at that. Isn’t it cool?”

???: “Kind of creepy, if you ask me. Now how are we going to-”


Hexxus: “…Maybe.”

Gengar: “…About… time…”

*Gengar was surrounded with it’s Z-Power!*

“Mega Stones are overrated anyway. Time to an Alolan Beatdown.”

Mega-Gengar: “…W-what is this? Some kind of trick? Y-you don’t… you don’t… get those AWAY from me!”