no it's not! it is her nephew =d

so…what I’m expected to expect is that jon and dany will meet once to form an alliance but jon has to skip north to nab a wight, comes back, sees dany again, and because they oh-so-tragically don’t learn the truth in time and they’re oh-so-tragically attracted to eachother, they bone?

how about no

(Stolen Century Spoilers!!!)


What if the bell was Barry’s relic (Makes sense its domain being necromancy) and the first wish it granted the eleven or twelve years ago they created it when they got to this planet was his and Lup’s desire to have a child together. A human/half-elf , not a lich. So he’d be unaffected when Lucretia deployed her shield (which I think is what killed Barry when he remembers falling and being dead before he hit the ground, It could be part of what killed Lup.)

This leaves behind an orphaned baby boy, with chaos in his genes. A boy who’d grow to show his father’s unquenchable scientific curiousity and his mother’s smooth talking daredevil nature and incredible intellect.

A good good boy. A kind smart boy. Perhaps even…
A boy detective?

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As someone who helps raise my 3y nephew , listening to y'all talk about how cute Alex is when she's doing the devil's work is infuriating! Like is not cute! (It totally is but you don't encourage it, its so hard to keep a straight face sometimes) I imagine lexa laughing and Clarke scolding both of them

Lmao I get you but we make her the little devil bc otherwise it’s not fun. If she were normally raised it’d be like: 

Alex was reading her book, peacefully petting Fish on the rug. 

“Alex, did you do something you weren’t supposed to?” 

“Yes, momma. I read in the advanced section of the library today at school.” 

“Alex, think about what you’ve done.” 

@eximperial replied to your post:  I have a hard time seeing EoY being ok with H8 separating KoA and Mary for each other, especially after the strife she went through as a child. Being with her mother probably got her through everything during the War of the Roses. Perhaps she’d try and persuade Henry to let her secure a match for Mary with his consent? It would depend on how much H8 would have trusted EoY at that point. No one can say for sure.

right, but if she had relaxed her position and accepted an annulment he probably wouldn’t have seen her as a threat any longer. and that separation might not have happened in the first place. 

it entirely depends on the nuances of the situation. idk why he wouldn’t trust her, tho; she would probably have his best interests at heart. 

but i get that...this post was referring more over frustration over reading people say that if she survived eoy would hate him because that seems unrealistic to me given the information we have re: their relationship. 


A collection of drawings of my new ocs Sasha and Sacha ;D

Some info on them: They were robot “twins” purchased to be bodyguards for “the boss” and her beloved nephew Tom. When she introduced the robots to her nephew she told him their model numbers Sascha 003 and Sascha 004, and since he was a child at the time he misunderstood and thought both of their names were Sascha. So they were then officially named Sasha (the girl) and Sacha (the boy). Sasha and Sacha lived many years with them until a virus swept through the world, causing robots to turn on humans and kill them. The twins were unaffected since the virus was passed through the internet and they were illegal robots to begin with and were not allowed to connect with the internet. The virus eventually gets suppressed and all human-like robots are officially outlawed. Tom panics, thinking his aunt will turn them in so he runs away with Sasha and Sacha.

I’ve got mORE I COULD SAY but I’ll stop with that ;D I think i want to do kind of a mini comic series with them? i’ll be tagging all stuff as “project sascha” if you want to keep up with it :DD

“Pretty Little Liars” Theories

I believe that Wren and Ezra are the twins who happen to be Bethany’s brothers, a.k.a: the girl who was actually in Alison’s grave; the one who Melissa killed in order to protect her sister Spencer. Wren is A and Ezra has a huge role on his behalf.

You’re thinking: Hmm, a little weird but here’s why..

In the last episode of season 5, those boys from the film that Spencer stumbled upon did not look like twins, but maybe they are just not Jason and another one of Ali’s unmentioned brothers?

Ezra has been withholding really important information of A’s alibi and has done this many numerous times throughout the series. I believe that he knows who A is! It’s his brother and he is willing to let everyone go down..(even Aria) order to protect Wren.

**They look alike, have the same interests…but I will get to that shortly.**

Back to the film that Spencer found in season 5 episode 25 of the “Delaurentis” family from way back when…this could possibly be a huge distraction to us all!!

I mean, we already assume that the baby is Alison and the boys are Jason and Charles simply because Mrs. D is present, but did you pay attention to the fact that she didn’t mention any name? She introduced them as the “boys.” It’s only natural for us to assume because her face was of familiarity. I firmly believe that Marlene King (The top writer of Pretty Little Liars) was counting on Mrs. D to become as an easy distraction/recognizable face and put her in the film to mislead us…HUGELY. So of course, we think that Charles is a Delaurentis sibling because we saw Mrs. D.

The age of the baby DOES NOT match the age of Alison’s age. Ali is 7 yrs. younger than Jason, but these boys who were revealed in the film COULD NOT have been 7 yrs, old. There’s no way. Maybe like 5 is much more appropriate to assume?

IF this is the case, then that age is a suite because if these boys do happen to be 5, then Bethany’s age adds up impeccably. Which in turn, means that Bethany CAN be the little sister…since she is actually two years older than all of the liars!

In regards to Mrs. D and Bethany’s secret relationship with one another, Mrs. D wanted Bethany to call her..her Aunt. The liars find out that Mrs. D had been spending more than just some paid visits with Bethany; more like a lot of quality time and some really expensive gifts! (Custard…the pony, and so forth.) If Bethany and Mrs. D were related, then it makes perfect sense for Mrs. D to hold her niece at the horse farm.

So I really do believe that the person behind the camera in this discovered film in A’s Vault could be Mrs. D’s brother or sister, filming her newborn niece and her twin nephews with Mrs. D!

Actually it’s funny how clever this film is and its actually quite crucial for this scene because it reveals that A is the same age as Jason. They have to be (obviously because again…of this film), and the only two other men who are of the same age is Ezra and Wren, but as soon as we saw Mrs. D right away, we automatically ARE ASSUMED to believe that A is Alison’s brother which rules out both Ezra and Wren immediately.

And I know, Ezra hooked up with Alison previously before Aria…Wren hooked up with Melissa and Spencer! Well, no matter who we want to suspect is A…we will always run against the incest barrier won’t we? That’s another DISTRACTION in the making from the writers of this series.

Now, I know this all may be hard to believe, but almost every dollhouse clue points towards these guys…some of the clues towards both Ezra and Wren at the same time actually!

**And yes, before I continue…I freaking love this show! Not that it was obvious or anything. I have watched this 3 times through up until the last aired season.**

Well, you know how they say that while watching shows/movies/etc, you can spot background clues on show props? For instance, magazines, posters, character apparel, really anything! This show doesn’t rule that out!! The clues are all there that my theory is a possibility.

**Im going to name some that point to both Wren and Ezra TOGETHER.**

Clue 1: The love thy neighbor poster! Wren actually had the same poster with the same slogan in his old apartment where he brought Spencer for the night when she was completely drunk out of her mind.  Now, I didn’t know what this meant and I looked it up on google. The results on google was showing this phrase as an album title of the band, “I AM EZRA!” If that isn’t a freaking clue, I don’t know what is.

Clue 2: The train set in Charles playroom where Mona directed the Liars to in his lair in episode 25 of season 5! There was a painting of a train which was seen in “Ezra’s” cabin in season 4 (I can’t remember which episode though.) Quotation marks around Ezra’s name you ask? It was actually Wren’s cabin, and I will get to that later on. If you remember, Ezra’s “son” Malcolm and him used to play with a train set in his apartment that seems oddly identical to me in Charles playroom when Mona handed out to the liar’s the Prom invitations from the mailbox? I think. Haha. It showed the train from the view of Charles camera he had planted.

Clue 3: The plane that was in Charles vault! I believe that this was giving us a head’s up about when Wren traveled from England to the U.S. to England again. And it just so happens that Ezra actually had a poster of a plane in his apartment that I actually thought was really cool because it was actually the Wright Brother’s plane. Anyway, it has been shown numerous of times throughout the series. Now when I say Charles vault…I mean when Spencer found the film. If you pay close attention, you will see a plane hanging from the ceiling.

Clue 4. Logically, we can assume that only one of these guys can be Charles. However, they can both be an A team because if you will remember…throughout the series the liar’s have always wondered if A was just one person or a team! So, I think that’s another clue I think.

Clue 5. Also, I seen a picture not too long ago from Marlene (the writer of this series) that she posted on twitter and instagram that was from a snap. (Yes, I follow her.) It was a black and white picture that read…1+1= A! SPOILER ALERT! Lol.

Clue 6. There were paintings that showed up in Charles vault as well as on the walls in the background of the scene as well. Maybe twin bother’s and a little sister? If the baby WAS Bethany, then she has to be the one with the older brothers, NOT Alison. Maybe these brother’s showed up to “A"venge her death; to inflict harm in return because Melissa killed her! Which actually concludes why I think Melissa will eventually die.

* Charles’ playroom: The picture of the green, red, and blue framed picture of 3 stick figured bodies.

* Charles’ vault: The framed same colored hand prints near the Modeled family. Haha, and if you’ll pause it…blue and green hand print count is 5    and the red is 3. I think this is partially backing up my age theory that I shared in the beginning!

Clue 7. So, I really do think that because of Bethany’s appearance in the beginning, this is why Ezra and Wren come to Rosewood! Something happened to this family that tore them all apart back when (shortly after that video was filmed that Spencer seen.) The vault is just seriously filled with memories of Charles family because he clearly and naturally misses them. So can we just put quotation marks around Charles as well?! Lol, it’s obviously Wren guys!!

Clue 8. The parents could have suffered from some serious mental problems. Maybe they were abusive towards there children so children’s services took them away? Maybe it is also true the the Delaurentis family could not take in 3 more children, so they decided to put the niece and nephews (Bethany, Ezra, and Wren) up for adoption? And if you’ll also realize, Ezra, Wren, and the Delaurentis family all come from wealth; yet again another similiarity and clue that they could all be family. But so does Spencer. Hmm…

Clue 9. Now as far as Radley is concerned, it’s basically one of the main frames of this series. A mental institution!! So don’t you find it very odd how Wren decided to work at Radley when he came back to the U.S.? Maybe because we find out in season 5 that Bethany had been shipped there because she was so troubled. Also, I think that he may have wanted to use Mona as his "Puppet Master’ or train her to become his "Priestess.” The reason behind this theory is that I looked up on google what Wren actually means and it’s origins. One of the things it had said was, “A maiden trained as a priestess in Marion Zimmer B"RADLEY’S”  Avalon series.“ Maybe the authors and director of Pretty Little Liar’s was trying to twist this fact around to make it suite the series? Either way…pretty freaking clever! Lol.

**When Ezra and Wren came to Rosewood, don’t you think it’s odd how Ezra went straight for Aria and how Wren went to Spencer THROUGH MELISSA? Odd to say the least! Again…maybe another "A"venging move on THEIR part!**

Ezra later says that he hooked up with Aria strategically for his crime novel that he had constructed about the liars. He used his passion for writing as an excuse for the crime he wanted to inflict onto them. Speaking of Ezra’s so called "research,” it was some pretty damn good strategy just for a book. Like Spencer said in season 5, “I forgot about how enthusiastic you were about watching things,” to Ezra!

Dude, it was beyond any logical way of writing just a book! Lol. The need of the hidden cameras? For instance, the one of the furnace vent planted in front of his apartment door, and the distant, but secretly near shot of the girls up close and personal. Yeah, he was dedicated alright. Little too much. Haha.

**And may I say that Mona may have acquired Ezra’s strategies. Maybe through Wren. Yet again, this may be how Wren and Ezra are so much alike..enough to share to same ways and hand it on down to Mona to become their Puppet Master?

Clue 10. Shortly after Aria found out Ezra’s “true” motives for getting involved with her, Hanna snags the journal that they eventually find in Ezra’s lair and Aria scans it, traumatized by the notes he jotted down. For instance he wrote, “Aria and her friends blinded Jenna in a prank gone wrong. Alison was the instigator. Possible MOTIVE for her murder. SOMEONE seeking revenge, but who? A boyfriend? Toby?”

**Okay so, maybe he didn’t know this early on who the culprit could be, but he had his intuitions. Maybe he did actually know? It’s all kind of sick and twisted anyhow.**

But you know what, Ezra has been spying on the girls for years and despite through all of his research he couldn’t find out who “A” was? Haha, SUCKS TO SUCK. Seriously, give me break!! LIES.

Clue 11. He gathered a huge amount of photos together in his lair and tried to piece it all together. Spencer obviously just suspected Wren to be the average beach boy while Aria stumbled upon a photo of Ezra’s EVIDENCE BOARD that “proves” he spied on Wren too, but is that true? Or did he take shot of the two in a different location? It really can’t be because the picture that Ezra had showed Wren and Spencer secretly kissing at…Radley? Actually, if you’ll remember correctly, it was infront of an art gallery. The same one that Spencer’s make-me-feel-good and backyard tenant guy Johnny gets his vandalist art back from! So Ezra is clearly a smart guy…some serious Photoshop skills. Or the liars are just stupid or too spooked at that moment to pay attention to such small detail like that!

Clue 12. When Hanna opens up the wardrobe in Ezra’s lair. When the hell does Ezra EVER where a black suit on occasion? In contrast to Wren, who wears them all the time! Lol. For instance, for his dress code at Radley and past dates with Spencer and Melissa.

Clue 13. Soooooo, the cabin is Wren’s!! Ezra said in season 4 when he introduces Aria to the cabin that he checks on it from time to time when his friend is out of the country! I find that funny because at this time, Wren is supposedly in England. So yeah, they know one another!! At the end of a scene, it shows Wren drawing Jenna in a red jacket. We can be sure that Wren also drew that train displayed in the cabin as well. Also, the first thing that Ezra does is offer Aria some tea. Isn’t that a British drink? “Tea Time,” as Mona put it in Charles’ Playroom!!

Clue 14. In season 5, Ezra stated that he had never heard of the name Varjak? Common, Ezra. You’re a novelist remember, or are you too caught up in your MOTIVES that you let that one slip? When Ezra first met Alison when he was still in college, he called Ali his Holly Golightly. He did read Breakfast At Tiffiany’s. Varjak is one of the main characters in that book. He is covering for his brother…again. Aria ends up in jail, and yet Ezra remains silent.

Clue 15. It is clear that when the liar’s go to Ravenwood in search for Ali, A was the gas mask man who ended up trying to attack Spencer, but failed in doing so.  Interestingly enough, Ezra and “Charles” are wearing the same costumes in this episode. TWINSIES! Lol.

Clue 16. The night before, im assuming Wren actually called Ezra once he got back? Because in the next episode, they are both stalking the liars once more, but more intensely that night through Ravenswood.

Clue 17. In season 5, when Spencer and Ezra are off to themselves Spencer asks him what he actually wanted to write about and he said, “Well…my family! My brother, me, what happened to me parents divorce, my mother and father of who I thought they were to who they really are, and I was going to figure it out all on paper, but….I couldn’t.” So Spence, maybe you’re not as smart as you think, Dollface!

**And obviously clue 17 is the foundation of how I put all of it together! 3rd time’s a charm. The drama…the avengful hearts, the up-close-and-personal crap! It makes so much sense to me now.**

Yeah, this took me a while to write this all down, but I wanted to share my thoughts. I hope that some of you reached this far. Thank you for reading. Seriously, I appreciate it! :)))

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The video was already debunked, it's a video of a random infant, posted by a fake Briani account who has @'d a fake Thelad91- Louis account. This just proves that there isn't a baby, since Fizzy can't even recognise her 'nephew'. I'm just laughing and chilling, this is a mess

Yeah this is really messy.

And I don’t want to spend all day talking about it but it’s important to point out that they’re involving other people’s babies because that’s just not okay.