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the gotham girl gang because they don’t get enough love

Honestly why do Marvel and DC even keep trying, the best superhero movie ever has already been made and it’s called “Sky High”.

You cannot better perfection.

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Katherine Kane (Batwoman) is trans!!! (ps, i'm transmasc, is it alright to reblog?)

Today’s Trans Woman Of The Day Is:

Katherine “Kate” Kane A.K.A. Batwoman (DC Comics)

Late night doodles inbetween concept art and adopts. I found a really cool comic called Scooby Apocalypse and if Im correct its a DC made comic, it brings a whole new idea to Scooby Doo that I really enjoy and hope to see more of. It is a lot more grown up then the cartoon is so I dont think it would be the new thing on tv.

Scooby is my all time favorite show in the universe, If I could I would buy so much merch with just scooby on it, Im already searching for that scooby doo pop.