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the last post from the apple music promo - it made me so wistful cuz they just go from laughing and catching one another eyes to just being wistful and it's something people do like you just get totally caught in one another and then you get a bit shy and in this case I dunno maybe louis was having a bit of a rough day and he smiled big for a moment... nice gif still!

My heart aches to witness the moments when Louis appears to catch himself in the middle of something — enjoyment? feeling carefree? — and his face falls after a look off-camera…

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soulmate! Vernon

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Summary: in which your eye color matches your soulmate’s hair color and vice versa

part two

  • so you live in a neighborhood that’s basically every suburban neighborhood in America ever
  • your mom has frequent business trips to SK because of her job and her side of the family is there also
  • so when summer rolls around you’re bored of suburbia
  • and decide to take an internship at your mom’s workplace in SK
  • so you pack up all your crap into a suitcase
  • and in 20+ hours it’s family reunion time
  • your aunt and uncle and cousins are happy to see you, practically jumping up and down to pick you up from the airport 
  • they prepare an apartment in Seoul nearby your mom’s office
  • and you’re like what the heck, I like the city
  • it’s always too lonely at home when your mom’s away on trips but here you have a bunch of family
  • so you decide to study abroad for the school year and enroll in a university in SK
  • and it’s good for your mass communications degree, as is the internship
  • you settle in your comfy apartment in Seoul, your mom visiting when she has business trips
  • your cousins and aunt and uncle invite you over often for home cooked meals
  • after a few days, the US is just a distant memory
  • you feel like you fit right into the city, the bustling life, the lights shining brightly, the sound of people going about their days
  • it feels like what you think is home, you were meant to live here
  • with the sudden move for the summer internship and the school year, you kind of forgot about the whole soulmate thing
  • that is until you look in the mirror in the bathroom one morning
  • and your eyes
  • they’re. freaking. pale. af. 
  • like the color of blonde hair with darker tan and beige undertones and highlights 
  • they were pitch black the day before 
  • you’re taken back but it happens occasionally when you know that soulmate of yours out there somewhere dyes their hair
  • at least they’ve been pretty consistent and didn’t dye their hair something outrageous, like pink
  • you get ready for the day already used to the new look
  • you kind of like it
  • you decide to take a walk along the Han River
  • you like going there to read on the grass or write random poems (although your years of studying language still hasn’t allowed you to find a word that rhymes well with beautiful) and listen to music
  • a mixture of hiphop, edm, and ballads
  • it’s pretty early in the morning and you walk and jot stuff down in your mini notebook as you go, breathing in the early morning air
  • but apparently paying attention to where you’re going is a good idea because both you and this person didn’t seem to realize that
  • until the both of you collide with into each other and you both end up on the ground
  • “I’m sorry!” he stands up and reaches out for your hand to help you up
  • you’re kind of just staring at him in shock though
  • because his hair… 
  • and your hair…his eyes
  • and it doesn’t take him long to stare at you wondering what’s up
  • and he sees your eyes
  • “Oh shi-” he stumbles backwards and falls back on the ground, again, across from you and you’re both just trying to process what just happened
  • so naturally you say something incredibly intelligent to make a good first impression on your soulmate
  • “did you just curse in English?” and suddenly you’re both laughing amazed at the situation
  • turns out he was too busy jamming to a song to watch where he was going
  • and you were too busy scribbling something you can’t even remember
  • it’s awkward at first, how do you react properly to meeting your soulmate?
  • but he’s endearing and drags you into a convenience store for ramen and coffee
  • “I actually prefer cheeseburgers”
  • “No way, me too.”
  • it’s like you met your long lost best friend
  • “you’re a rapper? no way!”
  • “you write? dude can I see some of your stuff”
  • “these would make lit lyrics”
  • “aw really? thanks!”
  • “wait you wrote the rap lines for this song? omg they’re so good!”
  • you’re both just sitting in that convenience store one ear bud in your left ear and the other one in his right ear
  • talking music and all the technical stuff that makes it an incredible medium for language when used correctly
  • it’s almost like you’ve known each other forever
  • you both start walking towards his dance studio cuz you got nowhere better to go for a bit
  • with the ear buds still connecting the two of you, and laughing and conversing in English
  • walk into the practice room and damn everyone goes silent and stares at you two
  • who are still talking in english
  • they are all so lost like who is this girl, vernon doesn’t bring random girls to the studio
  • except for Joshua
  • who understands everything y'all are saying
  • and has this huge smile on his face 
  • “annyeonghasaeyo” you say blushing, “ I’m-”
  • “my soulmate!“ Hansol says not containing his excitement whatsoever
  • everyone is ready to explode
  • “Jun’s was literally just a few weeks ago?wtf?”
  • it kind of already feels like a family and Jeonghan steals your phone, already putting in everyone’s numbers
  • “If Hansol is being difficult, call me, my number’s under ‘y/n’s angel’”
  • Seungkwan puts his contact name in as 'YOUR BIGGEST COMPETITION’ and jokingly makes an “I’m watching you” hand gesture
  • Hansol doesn’t get a choice, svt puts his contact name in your phone as ‘y/n’s soulmate’
  • “you better protect him"
  • “he gets lost in thought a lot”
  • “he could be drowning and probably think about what he wants for lunch and forget to swim”
  • you laugh, it’s hilarious
  • but now it’s really time to go because it’s late
  • he walks you out to the secret backdoor because paparazzi 
  • “your other member just found his soulmate huh?”
  • “fate is funny, we are seventeen, jun hyung and me met our soulmate 2017″
  • “it must if seventeen’s soulmate year”
  • you both kind of just stare at each other stupidly, both not wanting to leave
  • until you grin and laugh 
  • this sets him off into laughter
  • you tilt your head to the side like you were debating something
  • and as if it was in slow motion, you lean up and press a soft kiss to his cheek
  • immediately, his hands come up to cup his cheek shyly
  • you grin at his cuteness
  • “I’ll text you when I’m home!”
  • he watches your back view and you turning around one last time and wave at him when you see him watching
  • when your out of eye sight, he lets go of his cheek and looks at his reflection in the glass panel
  • a hint of pink lip gloss stains it

part 2

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

|| Seungcheol / Pt. 2 || Jeonghan / Pt. 2 || Joshua / Pt.2 || Jun / Pt.2 || Hoshi / Pt.2 || Wonwoo || Woozi / Pt.2 || Seokmin / Pt.2 || Mingyu / Pt.2 || Minghao || Seungkwan || Vernon / Pt.2 || Dino ||


~ admin jess & seri

Drama Group Headcanon (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

Requested: yessss

Warnings: shitty writing guys i’m sorry lmao

• It was no secret that you were a huge lover of musicals. I mean, you’ve been in the drama group for so long and always aspired to play your favourite characters in your favourite musicals
• It was also not a secret that your classmate, Jared, had a big ass crush on you
• Of course, he’s never told you and always stared in silence at you, until it got v creepy
• His friends always teased him, because he seemed so confident, but got all flustered when you would talk to him
• He’s always been too afraid to admit liking you. So, when Senior Year arrived, he knew it was the last chance to spend time with you together.
• And what did he doooo?
• He went into the drama group.
• What the heck, was your first thought. You never thought Jared, the video game / film guy would like musicals.
• “Hey, I didn’t know you were so enthusiastic about that!” - “Of course, I am! I love every musical, you know? From Hairspray to Les Mis, from Company to Wicked! Every single one!”
• u were impressed 👏
• little did u know that Jared had no idea about musicals and looked everything about them up on Wikipedia
• he’s never ever sung and stuff but for u!!! he did it
• Yadda Yadda, ur new musical was “Grease” cuz why the fuck not
• You got the role of Rizzo and somehow Jared got the role of Kenickie
• ??? how did he manage to do it, no one knows lmao
• (He was really after this role, cuz he knew that there was a lot of Kissing™ involved)
• holy shit he was so sad when the teacher said you weren’t going to practice the kissing scenes, cause now they were not v important
• While you were all professional, doing ur acting and singing thing, Jared was just in awe of u
• So, you guys just practised your stuff, your dancing
• He was insanely good at dancing, who would have thought
• His friends secretly laughed at him but they also thought how smooth™ that was
• Then: Opening Night, Premiere, whatEVER you guys call that alright
• He was so nervous
• Not bc of the singing and dancing, but more sort of kissing u
• (Eventually you two had ur first kiss on stage and Jared forgot his lines after that. You blushed slightly.)
• Throughout the whole performance, Jared asked himself how he could ask you to go to prom with him
• Suddenly he had 1 idea
• In one scene, Rizzo tells Kenickie that she is in fact not pregnant. Maybe not the best moment, but Jared knew that he had to do it in this moment.
• “Guess what, Kenick? Not pregnant!”, you yelled. “Nice”, Jared started. That wasn’t originally his line and you got confused. “Nice. Now we can go to prom together, right?”
• You were shooketh
• And didn’t know what to say lmao
• You nodded your head, being completely head over heels for him
• Both of u sort of forgot the rest of the scene, which lead to a passage of awkward silence
• Who cares, ur in love lol

“Olgaaaa, can you draw some kid!sterek? bby!derek’s birthday party with with family n friends and of course, bby!stiles is standing right beside Derek, already drooling over a birthday cake?“

@loveactually-rps so Ren i kno this aint the drooling ya meant butt i couldnt stop myself from drawing the Hales and the Stilinski couple watching bby Stiles falling asleep at his bff’s birthday party, and while Derek looked fondly at Stiles while probably muttering something like “lets stay up all night he said” then smile and mutter “thanks for being my friend this year too” and kissing Stiles lightly on the cheek to which Stiles starts to laugh, and Derek just blushes and tries to stay as stoic as possible butt Stiles knows he is embarrassed so he throws himself on Derek’s neck and kisses his cheek too “thank you for being born Derek” he says to the young wolf that buries his nose in the boys sholder and smile.

God this makes me go all feely cuz i imagine Claudia and Talia being bffs too and just coo at tiny Sterek, Laura just knows, that’s it she knows wat will happen to the boys and just smiles. The Sheriff is just awed and Peter is hurt cuz he is not Derek’s favourite anymore. Cora is just satisfied with her brilliant stickers work on her brother’s and Stiles’ face. 

Boyfriend! au - Wooseok

Ok so warning before I was told this has a different feel than my other aus but thats cuz wooseok is my bf & i have a different kind of love for him lol

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  • Ok just so yall know this is gonna be based off one of my dreams of wooseok and it was great so ur welcs
  • Now it might not sound great at first, but wooseok gonna be a fuckboy/troublemaker lol
  • Like i know wtf…..but just imagine his dark ass clothing…..& the fuckin lip ring
  • Yep that lip ring haunts me in my dreams cuz it was so hot lol
  • Ok so u & wooseok in college, u both work hard in ur majors, but in ur free time u guys are dipshits lol
  • One thing u guys like to do is prank ur friends (sorry pentagon lmao)
  • This is literally how u guys became friends lol
  • Like one night u guys both end up being at some boring lake house party
  • & u were inside for most of the night just relaxing & talking to people u know no biggie
  • But as soon people began moving inside to sleep or ;) u were like bye nasties
  • So u walked outside to see the mess of what was a party
  • …but then u see this super tall skinny guy, obviously drunk, trying to toss this other tall guy into the lake thats just laughing
  • & ur like oh shit trying to save the drunk guy from drowning lol so u grab a really large floatie, big enough for the drunk guy to lay on, and run over to them
  • & u didnt think the guy was sober enough to actually throw the other guy in the water, or realize what he was doing for that matter, but even if they both passed out right there they could drown
  • So despite u telling the super tall (& super attractive) guy he should just put him down he refuses and keeps mumbling “I…have to get…Yuto back for….putting teriyaki sauce in my drink..”
  • And ur like wtf is up with these children
  • But ur also not the type to give up a prank

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The ZARRY Rose Ring!!

So @larrytothemax and I were watching the One Direction - That Moment (Short Film) and everything is going swimmingly as we laugh at these lovable idiots… and then at around

  6:09, Zayn is wearing a ring on his left index finger as he holds the perfume!!!


INTERESTING….. looks awful lot like….


Maybe it’s always been Harry’s and he let Zayn borrow it for the video.

Or Its Zayn’s and Harry misses the shit out of him and ZARRY IS FUCKING ALIVE!!!

And my heart is cracked into thousands of unidentifiable pieces <3 <3





“I swear, I fucking hate you sometimes.” I muttered to Luke. My blood boiled incessantly as we glared daggers towards each other.

We’ve been fighting quite a lot recently. Today’s fight was no less an exception, and it was a pretty fucking stupid reason at that. We had a tiny argument over him eating all the cookies before I was able to even wake up. He knew I made it and I had every goddamn right to be mad, but the boy still acted as if I were overreacting.

“You can make more, fucker! I don’t know why you’re mad - you had some yesterday.”

We were so close to each other that I can see the way his scruff was lazily unkempt. His eyes were full of annoyance from what I can tell and I knew I looked the same.

“I’m honestly tempted to fight you.” I huff, fisting the fabric at my sides to refrain myself from smacking him.

A smirk rose on to his lips that was so sweet that it was hard to not want to deck him. “Well then, do it! Oh wait, you fucking can’t.” He turned around on his heel and made his way down to his room and I let out a frustrated scream.

Luke and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. It was the classic “friends since childhood” scenario - he did stupid shit to me once when we were little, I retaliated in a similar manner, and then we became friends. We did everything together - we went to school together, went to each other’s house everyday, and had sleepovers together (on the rare occasions my parents would let me since I had the anatomy to birth children and he had the ability to help in that—not that we would do anything like that, but still.) It was only a matter of time before we were to move in with each other.

It’s always been a perfect friendship between the two of us - we seemed to act like an old married couple in ways. But of course, people fight every so often and when he keeps eating all the damn food in the house, of course I’m going to get pissed off. Especially when the smug fucker has the audacity to defend himself.

We’ve been fighting a hell of a lot lately - especially after he broke house code for the eighth time and made a girl leave the house after he was done doing the do with her. I mean, it’s his life and I don’t give a flying fuck who he wants to shag - he could do it with Michael for all I care - but he didn’t even have the audacity to let her stay over and make her breakfast the next day.

I know it’s not even a big deal, but I know I’ve taught him better than that. He knows how to properly treat a human being and unless the girl leaves in the morning while he’s still asleep, he should do better than just kick a girl out. And again, I taught Luke to be a good human being so when I confronted him about it, I definitely didn’t expect us to get into a heated argument, one of the worst ones we’ve ever had. Even worse than the aftermath of him trying to fight my now ex-boyfriend.

We didn’t talk for a week after that cookie fight. It’s so silly that we got into an argument over food, but it’s mainly left over tension from the fight we had about him breaking the house rule that I stressed towards him when we moved in with each other over a year ago.

He constantly came home late during the week of complete silence we upheld towards each other, that is if he came home at all. I hated to say it with my ongoing anger towards the boy, but I was worried. Luke wasn’t one to be reckless but with his actions recently, he has got me pretty anxious if he’ll even come home safe or not. Of course, out of my complete egotistical ass, I didn’t voice these feelings toward him and only would ask the boys (who were the ones that were always out with him) to make sure he’s ok.

Tonight was night eight of our silent fight and he returned home drunker than the other times. I left my room when I heard the door open and Luke stumbled in along with Michael, Calum, and Ashton, who were notably more sober than the bumbling idiot that had a slice of lime in his breast pocket. They seemed to be pretty worried and I’m pretty sure it’s due to the state Luke’s in.

“Y/N… ” Calum sighed out, relieved to see me. I nod, nervousness setting into the bottom of my stomach as I watched Luke totter onto the couch with the help of Ashton.

“What happened?” I asked breathily. I move towards Luke, trying to get a better look at him.

Calum sighed and I turned back to him before he started to rub the back of his neck. “We lost him. He said he was going to the washroom and I went with him but when I was washing my hands, he walked out. It took us awhile but he was at a different bar across the street.” Calum sighed again before continuing. “I’m so sorry Y/N - just look at him. We were going to take him to the ER but he kept telling us not to, that he just wanted to come home to see you… ” Calum muttered. I nod, thoroughly worried for my friends, especially Luke.

“Do you guys want to stay over? I cleaned the house yesterday so nothing is cluttered and you guys can take the guest room and my room. I’ll stay with Luke.” I offered, not wanting to let the boys go home at this time. They shook their heads.

“We don’t want to burden you, especially with Luke in the state he’s in. But thanks anyway, Y/N.” Ashton replied, turning to look at me for a second before turning back to his friend. My eyebrows furrow.

“It’s late and you guys are staying here. Ok? I don’t want any of you getting hurt.”

We all slowly dispersed after about thirty minutes of giving Luke water and some crackers. The boys tried to convince me to let them take care of Luke but I managed to shoo them away so they could properly rest. I could manage him properly.

“Y/N, you make me sad.” Luke slurred out, twirling a piece of my hair between his fingers before he curled it behind my ear. Shivers ran down my back while his hand lingered on my neck.

“Why?” I ask quietly to make sure I won’t wake the boys up.

“Because I made you mad and that made me sad. I was like, ‘why can’t I just make her happy for once?’ then I went out to drink. I was so sad Y/N, I thought you didn’t like me anymore. I thought you didn’t wanna be friends anymore and I was sad.” He gagged slightly before continuing, "And I have a secret and it’s important but I can’t tell you it cuz if I do it won’t be a secret anymore, Y/N! You like secrets, right Y/N? Can I call you that? Y/N. What a nice name. You know what else is a good name? Landon. I like it cuz it has an L in it, like my name. When we have kids we’re gonna name them all Landon, ok? That’s a nice name, huh Y/N? Unless you don’t like it. Then I hate that name. Name’s awful.”

I uneasily giggle and cut him off. “I like the name.”

“Should I change my name to Landon so you’ll like me too?”

“I like your name too, you don’t need to change it.” I respond, wiping a wet towel over his forehead and making a gesture to make him stop talking so loud.

“You like my name more, right?”

“Of course.”

“So then we should name all of our kids Luke then, right? Wait, no, that’d be weird cuz how are we going to know which gift is which on Christmas?” I laugh again as Luke’s eyes looked worriedly into mine. I shook my head.

“Same with the name Landon, then.”

Luke’s eyes lit up and a smile rose upon his face and he nodded, “Oh, yeah. You’re so smart Y/N, what would I do without you? You’re so smart and pretty and great and I just wish you’d love me back!” My breath hitched. "Isn’t that a concept? I love you, but don’t tell anyone. Everyone knows but you so you promise you’re not gonna say anything?” I nod absentmindedly.

“Yeah, of course, bud.” It was silent for awhile after that, Luke humming the tune to some old songs of his and playing with my hands. He occasionally picked up the vomit bucket we had and hurled in it but always went back to playing with my fingers. It was when he started to shut his eyes a little longer before he reopened them that I decided it was time to go to his bed.

“Hey, Luke, come on. Let’s go to bed.” He shook his head and yanked my arm back down gently so that I was sitting back on the couch.

“I’m so tired, Y/N, but you’re so beautiful and I’m not sure if I’m ready to go to bed knowing I won’t remember this.” He muttered out. His eyes were half shut and I can tell he was sobering up by now - it has been a good couple hours since they’ve come back so it was pretty normal to happen.

My heartbeat picked up at his compliment but I kept my face neutral, as if I were tired (and I was, but I’m also very very fucking anxious too.)

“Not that you’re not beautiful all the time - fuck I wish you weren’t as exquisite inside and out so I don’t have to feel this way - but right now the alcohol is too much and the light is illuminating your face and I’m so in love.” Luke blubbered out.

“Thank you, Luke. But you need to get to bed.”

It took a bit of convincing as well as some negotiating, so I ended up having to sleep on the same bed as Luke (which wasn’t much of a bargain since I was supposed to sleep on the bed with him, but I wasn’t going to let him know that.)

Luke was a really cuddly person. Even when we were still living next door to each other, he always loved having me as a cuddle buddy. So it took to no surprise to me when Luke tugged my body close to him.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m sorry for being such an ass and coming home late every night piss drunk. I’m sorry. Do you still love me?”

“Of course I love you Luke.”

“Y/N, you don’t understand - ” He started, but I cut him off.

“Go to bed.” I was damn well curious about what he was going to say, but I didn’t want him to say shit he’ll regret saying later. So I swallowed my pride and let the thought pester me as his snores began to fill the room.




lmao im so here for bff!5sos and roommate!5sos so i made this thingy. idk if its good but i was feeling it y’know. it’s late and i should be asleep but here i am, posting this imagine at 2:43 a.m. this is sort of angst but not? what is this


I just fucking threw up and I’ve felt so ill for the past three days n I’m telling u it’s cuz I’m being taken off my Effexor but what the FUCK because I have been tapering off SO. FUCKING. SLOWLY. I was on the teeniest does ever and I feel like this? I am literally so nauseous that I fucking vomited! That’s never happened! I feel awful and I’m getting nothing out of treatment except that I laugh a lot bc the people are very kind and funny that is v nice but I want to go back to life! Every time I ask for a timeline they say “average is 45 days” and I just laugh bc I’m not fucking staying there for that long and they know that!!!! They say they don’t wanna keep me any longer than necessary but that’s bullshit!!!!!!!!!! I don’t need to be there and they’re keeping me and my insurance won’t cut and I’m so tired and feel so sick and can’t breathe and I hate my ex therapist but also desperately miss her bc she LOVED ME she loved me she’s the first maternal figure I’ve ever had who I felt the love her voice was a hug that’s!!! I’m going insane!!!!! I have vomit in my nose and everything is disgusting and I want to die!! !!!

Don’t Close (Me Out) Mountain!

Chapter 1

He was sick. 

As a dog…

HeTian closed his door before the bag could hit him. He thought of taking it back with him, but chose better to leave it there. 

And so, without the use of a dry jacket, he ran back home in the December rain, and was soaked to the bone.

So of course he started sneezing late in the afternoon. And sniffling late into the night. And coughing early in the morning…


His brain was fuzzy. Maybe he had the flu? His mother insisted that he stayed in, after all it was the last day before winter break, and it was early release anyway. She gave him some awful tasting medicinal tea, laughed at the face he made while drinking it, and gave a kiss on his head before heading out for work.

This was all HeTian’s fault. 


Really? Does just thinking about him summon him, or something? You don’t even need to draw a pentagram - no Ouija board - no sacrificial virgin - nothing?

‘Where the hell are you?’

Tap…Tap… ‘go away…’

‘You at home?’

Tap…T- He sneezedTap…….Tap…… “this all your fault,,,you and your dam jacket,,, i’m sick cuz of you so leave me alone”

‘On my way.’

What does…he mean he’s…


GuanShan swore. Waking up to the sound of repetitive knocking has to be the worst and most alarming of awakenings. 

He hardly tried to put on a shirt, and cursed from his feet touching the cold floor. He was afraid the person may have been waiting a while, and might have also even been his mother, who might’ve forgotten her keys. 

He opened the door…and was almost immediately lifted up and walked back down the hallway. 

“‘Bout time! Were you sleeping?? Where‘s your room?”

“What- HEY- BASTARD YOU CAN’T JUST COME IN HERE! And stop tracking dirt in- take off your damn shoes!!”

HeTian peaked into the first rooms on the right where the kitchen and dining room stood adjacent, “Do you want me to leave or stay? Your demands are conflicting.”


“Suit yourself~”

HeTian moved into the room on the left and lifted him slightly just to carelessly drop him horizontally. 

GuanShan stiffly braced for impact, but his back only hit his mattress and duvet.

Looking up, he could see HeTian casually surveying his room, like the asshole had been invited… 

“How warm and cozy… And this room is far more tidy than I imagined. With this level of organization, it should make it way easier finding your porn mags-”


“I’m just kidding~ and I’m not going anywhere until you’re better. This is all my fault remember? I told you I was coming in my texts.”

That sounded vaguely familiar. Did he say that? And what text messages? He searched his bed for the cracked phone until he found it under a pillow

贺天:Unread Messages (16)
贺天:Missed Calls (2)

The hell…

“How do you even know where I live?”

“Oh, I’ve known your address for quite some while. I peeked at your school file in the teacher’s office. One of the school staff owed my uncle a favor.”

“The hell are you- some kind of crazy mobster, stalker? Pullin in favors from people to find an address??”

“I’m surprised that you’re even surprised. How do you think I knew your phone number?” GuanShan open his mouth to respond…but realized he didn’t really have anything to counter with. It seemed HeTian had this information for about a week. And besides, he was too tired to argue.


“Atta boy just let the good doctor make you some soup.”

“I don’t want to hear that from someone who can’t make something as simple as beef stew.”

“Who says I can’t?”

“Your rubbish bin. Filled with your failed attempt at cooking.”

HeTian’s eyes widened. 

Oh? Well, if he didn’t want him to see that, he should’ve thrown out the trash before inviting him over to cook and clean his kitchen.

“Oh, yeah. I saw that little monstrosity… Why did you put in whole carrots-”

“Shut up.”

“Instead of cutting them-”

“Shut up-”

“-like a normal person.”

GuanShan wore a proud smirk. And if he didn’t know better, there was a tinge of pink on the otherwise composed face. It felt good having the upper-hand for once…

“…Do you want soup or not.”

The slow rhythmic pounding of an oncoming headache and fuzziness was returning to him; but at the same time he said ‘no’, his stomach growled from not having eaten anything since last night.

“Apparently you do want some. Wait a moment.”

“Mm…” Drowsiness was beginning to overtake him again...






What now??

‘Hey Redhead! It’s me, the awesome and amazingly handsome JianYi!  HeTian gave me your phone number!’


Ping! ‘
By the way HeTian’s heading over to your house. Wanted to give you a heads up!’

TAP-TAP-TAP-TAP… “you’re late in telling me that!!!!”

“Should we drop by too?”

TAP-TAP-TAP-TAP…  “NO!!! one idiot’s bad enough!” 

‘Oh, don’t be like that! He was quite worried about you!’

That reminds him… 

GuanShan backed out of the chat and to his list of contacts, and selected the one with 16 unread messages

‘Have the door unlocked for me, okay?’

‘Hey. Don’t ignore me.’


‘Don’t Close Mountain’

‘Mr. Premature Ejaculator’

‘Nothing from that last one?’

‘Hey look, a Corgi!’

‘贺天 sent a photo to you’

Call cancelled by caller

‘I’ll beat the crap out of you if that door isn’t unlocked before I get there.’

‘No seriously, come and unlock the door. I’m here.’

‘Please say something.’

‘I brought soup.’

‘Are you asleep?’

‘Are you mad?’

Call cancelled by caller

‘i’m sorry’

‘but please open the door…’

“OK, so I thought that I knew what I was doing, but I guess I’m just going to have to order some soup instead- what’re you looking at?”

HeTian caught an expression he had never seen on the near constantly irate teen before; almost…gentle. Complete with a genuine smile. He didn’t like it

“What? Ah,” he saw GuanShan’s fingers swiftly turn off the phone, hiding the contents in a veil of black, and put it down out of sight, “It’s nothing!”

He stared down at the spot where the device was hidden, shrouding in mystery who the fuck the red-haired boy was talking to.

He definitely didn’t like it. 

Everything about Lady Midnight that I feel like commenting on

(If you have not read lady midnight and you plan to, then I suggest you do not read this)

- THE PROLOGUE wow I just love Johnny Rook and Kit they are so cool and their plot line was so fun

- Emma Carstairs is literally fave I love her

- CRISTINA the real fave

- I died (pun) at vampire pizza

- basically every time someone mentioned Magnus I lost it




- MIERAN!!!! I totally guessed they would be a thing

- MARK X CRISTINA!!! I hate love triangles with a burning passion my heart is torn

- lol I love how everyone was like Perfect Diego and Diego was like wut

- I don’t ship Cristina and Diego sorry not sorry


- I love how they all have phones and Jules and Emma can drive but in tmi they didn’t know anything about technology or pop culture

- I was so sad when Mark broke things off with Kieran noooo my babies

- okay but JEMMA I ship it so hard but it’s kind of an impossible situation and I have no idea how it will be resolved

- okay I am so sorry but I ship Ty X Kit so hard it’s probably my main ship AND WE HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT BOOK TO EVEN HAVE IT DEVELOPED

- okay but it took Clary and Jace 6 books to have sex, and in half a book Emma and Julian do it on a beach?!?!


- I love how everything was based off of Annabel Lee cuz Edgar Allen Poe is amazing


- when Dru drank that awful stuff and threw up I was laughing so hard

- I don’t trust Diana I’m sorry

- I feel so bad for Julian he is basically a father and he doesn’t deserve any of this


- the worst part is Emma is completely understandable in trying to make Julian not love her anymore because she is protecting him and her from going mad so it really is a lose lose situation. But seriously Mark??? “Why lie”???? Seriously???

- okay Faerie Mark is absolutely adorable in everything he does I love him my child



- lol I totally guessed Annabel was going to come back to life


- okay I love the idea of the scholomance cuz it kinda freaks me out


- Cassie did a great job showing how the clave basically hides away anyone who isn’t the “ideal shadowhunter”

- I hate the cold peace it’s crap

- I love how the blackthorns and Emma and everyone else have such a disregard for the Law CUZ ITS CRAP

“A Long Conversation” short story:









superwholockian93  asked:

hey, Joonie, so where n how did u meet Jin? ;)

Yoongi was being really unhelpful, cuz as soon as he came out of the bathroom and saw what happened he started laughing his as off AGH! WHAT AN AWFUL MEETING!!!

But then I apologized and since I was sharing the dorm with Yoongi we all decided to just go over to our place - my shift was almost over too, and we just all hang out for the evening and yeah… 

anonymous asked:

yesterday we had a customer come in wearing a shirt with an ear of corn printed on it, and i kept thinking "Nice crop top" and then cracking up and having to go to the back XDD i know i'm awful, i wasn't trying to make fun, it just reminded me of that one tumblr post of the person who woke themselves up laughing cuz they were wearing a shirt with crop sewn onto it or w/e

Watch on

Ciao everyone. So recently this ask blog reached 200 followers. As a thank you, I did this video for you. It was awful, but I hope you all enjoy my suffering. In the meantime, I need to go find a vomit bag….

anonymous asked:

If you don't mind me asking, how could people make assumption about your overbite?

Basically, my overbite is so bad people usually rationalize that the only reason for my face to look like this is for me to be somehow mentally impaired, which I’m not, and because people assume I’m mentally impaired and people are very very awful to people who are mentally impaired, I get treated very very awfully very very often.

It’s really weird to go from the two extremes of being sexually harassed cuz I guess i look nice from behind [i absolutely despise this] to being physically shoved around and laughed at once folks see my face [i’m sadly accustomed to this]. I nearly got ran over by a car while walking the dog once, while all four passengers laughed. On another occasion, while just trying to quickly buy a couple necessities at the store, a group of strangers pointed and yelled about my face.

I’ve also had this happening to me since I was a little kid and first had just a basic case of buck teeth. I’ve had teeth literally punched out of my face because i have an overbite [thankfully they were baby teeth buT STILL OW]. As you can imagine, this makes any job that involves customer interaction an absolute anxious nightmare for me, and that people who are looking to hire tend to look me over cuz, again, people who are mentally impaired are treated awfully and that’s not right at all.

Dan’s YouNow // 25.8.15

Phil was meant to upload the fnaf4 video but couldn’t as Dan was in Sweden and Dan wanted to add in his comic sans and “trashy editing”

He loved Sweden and wished he didn’t have to leave

“Look at me with my Ribena, ready to go”

*Talking about his favourite interviews* “Nick Jonas… We bonded. We sat on the sofa next to each other for an hour talking about life. It was deep.”

“Sorry for the awful photo I tweeted. I thought, haven’t instagrammed in a while… Took my selfie, feeling snazzy… It looked good from [far away] but the closer you look the more horrific it was. Wow. The replies. I’m so sorry to everyone and myself.”

“Cuz I’m a hipster”

Q: How was your day? A: “It was a good day… Got a haircut… Got rained on” *laughs*

*Someone said congrats to Dan on 5 million* “Thank you.. That happened. Obviously I’m very happy and proud about that.” [Not the kind of person to upload a 5mil thank you video] “I dunno… Too sarcastic. Too cynical. I find it, like, I don’t want to draw too much attention to myself.” 

“But yeah… I am incredibly appreciative” [for 5 million subscribers]

*On the topic of synesthesia* No, I’m not. I don’t think so. I guess sometimes when I think of a number in my head it’s a colour. I feel 36 = Times New Roman in green.”

*On the topic of getting a dog* “I would love to get a dog but I don’t intend to… because I’m not a functional person and I can’t look after myself let alone a dog.”

Q: 2nd favourite type of dog breed? A: “I haven’t really thought about that. I kinda just decided Shiba Inu is my favourite.”

“Yeah. Caspar Lee hit 5 million subscribers. He made a thank you video… I love Caspar. I think he’s really great.”

Q: Any advice for starting college? A: “Be shockingly more social than you think you’re capable of.”

“I never did a single piece of homework in my whole life.”

“I am an optimist and I am amazing and forgiving and kind…”

“The Walking Dead is amazing…and sometimes boring”

“Radiohead speaks to me in an emotional way, like, I don’t get sad, but Radiohead goes right to my soul.”

Dan and Phil are live on the radio next Monday at 9pm

Dan isn’t doing a liveshow next week because he and Phil and “a few other guys” are going on a “spontaneous holiday” because of the book and the tour etc.  


listen to the audio version here

MATT: Hi, Colin Morgan!

COLIN: Hey, how’s it going?

MATT: Yeah, pretty good. I’m not on the radio today, Phil Taggart, a fellow Northern Irishman’s in. Have you got anything you’d like to say to Phil?

COLIN: Um… Hey Phil. Uh…

MATT: He can’t respond. This is pre-recorded, Colin.

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: Don’t make me explain the concept of time to you!

COLIN: Okay, okay. (laughs)

MATT: Cuz he’s here and he’s in the future, but we’re recording in the past.

COLIN: Oh, I see, I see. Lots of Northern Irish love to you, Phil.

MATT: Yeah, there you go. In fact, if you say ‘hello Phil’ and then ask him a question, we can leave a gap, and he can fill it in with a real bit live? So what would you like to ask Phil?

COLIN: Uh…(laughs)

MATT: The pressure’s on. What you’re - Phil, what you’re maybe sensing is that Colin doesn’t know who you are and also doesn’t care. He has no interest in asking you any sort of question. Colin, just ask a man any question.

COLIN: Hey Phil. (laughing) How’s it going?

PHIL: Well, Colin, I’m actually really annoyed that you don’t know who I am. We’re both from Northern Ireland, we used to sleep over in each other’s houses all the time, our mums are actually sisters, we’re actually related, but - ah, well, anyway, enough of that, on with the interview! (laughs)

MATT: Alright, really dug deep there. Phil! Please answer!

PHIL: I just did.

MATT: Good! Good! And that’s, uh -

COLIN: Oh, I thought it, uh -

MATT: It’s nice to know! Nice to know. I’m sure you’ll tune in when he plays this ep.

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: So Colin, let’s be aware that Humans on Channel 4 is on tonight at 9. Now I don’t think it’s weird when people come in to talk about TV shows, because the world we live in, some people will have started watching it recently, some people will be banking them, recording them, some people will be coming to it at a later date. So without giving any spoilers away, what can you tell us about the series?

COLIN: Uh, Humans is set in a parallel present. It deals with the fact that in this world that we’re in, there is a synthetic human being creation that lives in every home, and it primarily follows a family who’ve decided to take on one that has been refurbished, and that they are now discovering the effects it has on them. That’s one of the threads, and there’s many other threads within this series.

MATT: Okay, so it’s a bit like what we were promised in The Jetsons, isn’t it. That thing about having a robot help around, although obviously a bit darker than The Jetsons.


MATT: I’m quite keen on the idea of robots doing pretty much everything; what are your thoughts on that?

COLIN: I’m more of an independent person, to be honest.

MATT: I’d love that, yeah. Cuz I’ve always got a dishwasher - that’s like a little robot, isn’t it? Doesn’t have a face -

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: - but it does a job that I don’t wanna do. I’m really excited as well about self-driving cars.


MATT: Do you drive?

COLIN: I do drive, yes.

MATT: Do you enjoy it?

COLIN: I do. I love driving.

MATT: Are you just saying that cuz you want Chris Evans to hear this and get you a job on Top Gear?

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: (laughs) Ah, I find it so boring! I’d love to be able to do something else whilst I was in a car.

COLIN: What could you possibly do, like, I mean - (laughs)

MATT: (laughs) Use your imagination. I would do anything. Absolutely anything.

COLIN: (still laughing)

MATT: Get some tinted windows up, no one can see inside, I can have a great time!

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: No, you know, you can read a lovely book, or um, look on the Internet, whatever - basically the stuff you do when you’re not driving, you could do whilst you’re moving somewhere.

COLIN: …Okay.

MATT: I mean, basically, I’ve just described getting a bus, then, haven’t I?

COLIN: Exactly. (laughs)

MATT: (laughs) That does currently exist. That does exist. That’s great. Now, you won ‘Best Drama Performance’ in the NTAs for Merlin. Where do you keep your award?

COLIN: Mm, my award is back in Ireland, actually - um, with my folks.

MATT: I mean more like, specifically, like on a shelf or something like that, not just the region of the country that it’s in.

COLIN: I don’t know where they’ve put it! you know, I just assume it’s on a shelf somewhere -

MATT: What, you just dumped it on your parents? “LOOK AFTER THIS, GUYS!”

COLIN: (laughs) Yeah, you know, it’s for them, you know, as well as anyone else, and also for the people that voted to give it to me. It’s - it’s - I can’t think of a better place for it.

MATT: Hang on, Colin, are you saying that if people turn up to your mum and dad’s house, they will get a little tour where they get to see the trophy?

COLIN: Um - (laughs)

MATT: (laughs) Cuz when you say it’s -

COLIN: You say that as if it’s like a random museum that anyone could turn up to!

MATT: No, Colin, but when you say that, well, the award’s for everyone, it’s not for everyone if no one can see it. You know. It’s either your award or it’s my award as well. Can I turn up to your parents’ house and have a look at this award?

COLIN: You absolutely can.

MATT: Thank you very much. Thank you. We’ll exchange addresses and details later.

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: Now, Colin, you and I are gonna have a little round of a game which I think you’re going to find tricky. It’s called “Leave It Yeh”. Are you up for this?

COLIN: (long pause) Um…yeah…

MATT: That’s a hesitant 'yes’. I always like that. Um, we’ll find out just how ready Colin is, after this!


PHIL: Here’s part two of Matt Edmondson’s interview with Colin Morgan.

MATT: I’m still here with Colin Morgan. His show Humans is on tonight at 9 o’clock, and if you missed the series so far, check it out of 4oD right now. Colin, you ready for ‘Leave It Yeh’?

COLIN: …Yeah. (laughs)

MATT: I’m intrigued as to how you’re going to get along with this game.

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: First up: What have you been given for free, that you’ve then re-gifted to someone else?

COLIN: (without hesitation) A Red Hot Chilli Peppers CD.

MATT: Okay. So under what circumstances were you given that?

COLIN: Is this a different question?

MATT: No, it’s the same, it’s a line of questions, and then we’ll come back to the next one. It’s like a police interview! (laughs)

COLIN: (laughs) Does this count?

MATT: This doesn’t count. Under what circumstances were you given that CD?

COLIN: I think it was for a birthday present.

MATT: Oh, so not even something like, not a showbiz thing that something sent in to your agent or whatever? Someone has given you a gift thinking, “What would Colin like for his birthday? He’d love this Red Hot Chilli Peppers CD.” And you’ve gone, “Aw, thanks so much,” and then immediately given it to someone else.

COLIN: Yeah, he thought I’d like the CD.

MATT: And who did you give it to?

COLIN: A very good friend.

MATT: A very good friend. (laughs)

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: Very good. Very good. Very sneakish, isn’t it, Colin Morgan? I’ve heard that said of you.

COLIN: (still laughing)

MATT: Alright, next up. Who, in your opinion, Colin, is the better actor - Rupert Grint, or Ben Whishaw?

COLIN: (laughs) This is getting…

MATT: Feel free to use it if you want -

COLIN: Use it -

MATT: LEAVE IT YEEEEEH! You’ve got two left. I didn’t think you’d go for that one. Next up. Did you ever accidentally slip up and say ‘I don’t believe it!’ in front of Richard Wilson whilst you were filming Merlin?

COLIN: I think I did, yeah -

MATT: Did you?

COLIN: Yeah.

MATT: That’s awful. How did you react after that had happened? Did he react to it? Did he lash out?

COLIN: No, no - he was very gracious about it, actually, cuz it happens a lot, I think, for him. I mean, it’s actually, I’m afraid, is that, you do say it every now and again - ‘Oh I don’t believe it!’

MATT: People say it! Sometimes you don’t believe things! Yeah!

COLIN: Yeah! And, eh…(laughs)

MATT: It’s the sort of phrase that can lead on to you saying it again. Because you’re like, “I don’t believe it - oh, sorry, I don’t believe I said it - OH NO I’VE DONE IT AGAIN!”

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: Never-ending cycle! Over and over and over. Next up: what was the last role you turned down?

COLIN: (long pause)

MATT: I thought that was an a, uh, sort of African clicking play? Or you’re just thinking?

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: (laughs) I’ve not heard of it (clicks his tongue) before. It does sound very good.

COLIN: It’s a big role.

MATT: I mean, the script is difficult to learn -

COLIN: I’m not going to answer that one.

MATT: LEEEEAVE IT YEEEH! Did you see your ‘The Fall’ co-star, Jamie Dornan, in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey?’

COLIN: No, I haven’t. I haven’t seen anything in the cinema in a long time.

MATT: Really? I don’t think it’s out in the cinema now. And that begs the question: will you be renting it for yourself to watch at home?

COLIN: (laughs) I don’t know. I can’t say for the future.

MATT: Possibly. It depends on the circumstances, right?

COLIN: Yeah, yeah.

MATT: Jamie Dornan’s brilliant in ‘The Fall’ - as are you! Well, I’m going to step aside for a second from the ‘Leave It Yeh’ questions and ask you some questions about that, cuz I’m genuinely intrigued. He suggested that there may be another series on the way, almost definitely another series on the way, but I don’t think that’s all been quite tied up yet, I don’t think, with the BBC. Do you know anything you can tell us about the next series of ‘The Fall’?

COLIN: I don’t know anything about it story-wise. I do know about as much as you know about that - that there’s going to be a third season. I think they’re trying to work out dates and everything -

MATT: Oh, okay. So, I say, Colin, keep a bit of time free, you might be coming back for this.

COLIN: There’s been conversations, but again, we don’t know…there’s been no specifics.

MATT: Lovely! Uh, let’s move on then. What is your go-to karaoke song?

COLIN: I don’t do karaoke.

MATT: Have you ever done it?

COLIN: No. It’s not my thing.

MATT: It’s not my thing, either. (whispers) I don’t - I don’t - why do people do it? Colin, I don’t understand.

COLIN: I don’t know.

MATT: Why do you do it? What’s everyone getting out of it?

COLIN: I don’t know.

MATT: I don’t understand it either! (laughs)

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: Finally, if there is any role that another actor currently has that you would like to take from them, because you think you could do an equal or better job, what role would that be, Colin?

COLIN: I would love to do Bond, actually.

MATT: Would you do him in your own voice, or would you him in a - in an English accent?

COLIN: It would have to be an English accent.


COLIN: I think.

MATT: Cockney Bond!

COLIN: Cockney Bond. Yeah, yeah, yeah - (laughs)

MATT: (laughs) That’s what we’ve been waiting for, surely. (laughs)

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: Well, Colin, at the end of that, you only managed to use two of your ‘leave it yeh’ cards, which means you get to take one of those and use it in your own life if someone ever asks you something you don’t wanna answer, you can just say ‘leave it yeh’ and it means you get out of the situation, okay?

COLIN: Perfect.

MATT: Yeah, no worries. Oh, Colin, thank you so much for coming in to chat! Humans on the telly tonight on Channel 4. Cheers, Colin!

COLIN: Thank you.

Colin Morgan on BBC Radio 1 ‘Leave It Yeh’ part 2/4 - I Don’t Believe It!

MATT: Alright, next up. Who, in your opinion, is the better actor - Rupert Grint, or Ben Whishaw?

COLIN: (laughs) This is getting…

MATT: Feel free to use it -

COLIN: Use it -

MATT: AAAAAH! (makes a high squeaking noise) You’ve got two left. I didn’t think you’d go for that one. Next up. Did you ever accidentally slip up and say ‘I don’t believe it!’ in front of Richard Wilson whilst you were filming ‘Merlin’?

COLIN: I think I did, yeah -

MATT: Did you?

COLIN: Yeah.

MATT: That’s awful. How did you react after that had happened? Did he react to it? Did he lash out?

COLIN: No, no - he was very gracious about it, actually, cuz it happens a lot, I think, for him. I mean, it’s actually, (…?) is that, you do say it every now and again - ‘Oh I don’t believe it!’

MATT: People say it! Sometimes you don’t believe things! Yeah!

COLIN: Yeah! And, eh…(laughs)

MATT: It’s the sort of phrase that can lead on to you saying it again. Because you’re like, “I don’t believe it - oh, sorry, I don’t believe I said it - OH NO I’VE DONE IT AGAIN!”

COLIN: (laughs)

MATT: Never-ending cycle! Over and over and over.