no insects were actively harmed in the making of this picture

Actually I wanna talk about Abstract Gems and what inspired me with the respective characters, so I’m going to do that.

In general, the ideas I’m applying to everyone:

  • “Clothing” is either skin patterns or has a distinctly organic texture, because technically all Gem clothing is outgrowths of the body. (some exceptions allowed). Technically if I drew them with their weapons summoned those would also be organic outgrowths, like, Amethyst’s whip would be more of a tentacle/tail type thing. 
  • Lapis, Rose, and the Diamonds have otherworldly “eldritch” qualities. This would apply to any other absurdly overpowered Gems we might run into in this AU.
  • Physiology should reflect character’s disposition and self-image, as well as their abilities and weapon. The idea being the Gem’s body is in some ways literally built by their mind. 
  • If a corrupted form is known for the character, I try to deliberately avoid the imagery of that, to make a corruption seem like, well, just that- moving away from how they normally are. (if I was redrawing Earthlings with Abstract AU, I imagine the horns of Jasper’s corrupted form would probably push their way through her armor, fragmenting it)

Specific comments on each character:

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