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It’s time to stop.

Stop apologizing for being emotionally unavailable. Stop saying you’re sorry because you’re incapable of loving anyone but yourself right now. Stop making yourself feel like the bad guy for following your gut instincts. Stop allowing others to blame you for putting your own heart first. Stop letting them make you feel bad for not being interested in things that do not help you grow. Stop looking for someone else to complete you when you are already whole on your own.

And then you can start.

Start embracing it all. Start living boldly and unapologetically. Start listening to your heart and only your heart. Start saying no more often. Start pleasing yourself instead of being hung up on what others think. Start treating yourself with the same dignity and respect you give everyone else. Start loving yourself. Start refusing to settle for anything less than the best. Start thriving in your singleness. Start shaping your life into exactly what you always hoped it would be. Start creating your own happiness.

—  You don’t have to apologize for it. // excerpt from an unfinished book #148

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I want Stabby ("Her name isn't Stabby, why do they persist in calling her that?") the snake to be a thing now and follow all the rules of Stabby the Roomba, especially her acquiring the rank of the last person she stabbed. She attends a Kage summit and manages to stab all the Kage within a few days (none of them wanted to mention the strange thing in case they were mocked) and ends up uniting the countries under one rule. Her parents dote on her and everyone's too afraid to overthrow her 1/2

She becomes the mascot of Konoha and the other Villages use her as an example of why Konoha is so crazy. “They have a snake with a kunai attached to its head with free reign over the whole village!” “Why?” “It’s Konoha.” Yes, Konoha is the Australia of the Narutoverse. Oro is completely incapable of seeing anything wrong with Stabby having her kunai and eventually that attitude extends to even the most civilian of civilians. Oh no, I want fic of Stabby now. What have you/I done to me/myself?

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. Yes, Stabby as overlord, this is something I can get behind.  💕

my parents thought they were SOOO smart and SOO great at parenting by not allowing my brother and I to use the computer or play video games or watch TV as kids (we were allowed to watch it on Friday & Saturday night only) and guess what? we grew up to be freaks. who are bad at socializing, and very very bad at technology, and incapable of catching up with our peers. Also, we both majored in English in college. Also, i’m gay. All because we weren’t allowed to use the computer. 

S’il te plait, ne le dis pas, ne dis pas que tu m’aimes, car je serai incapable de te le dire en retour, mais saches que ça ne veut pas dire que mon coeur ne fait pas des ratés quand tu me regardes, que je ne tremble pas à l’idée que chacun de nos baisers est peut-être le dernier. Ne le dis pas, je t’en prie

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do you do anything for fun? It sound boring to just sit around all day looking like you're planning a murder. Do you have a favorite drink? Favorite activity? Favorite a N y T h I n G?

“I am incapable of favoritism. That would assume that I was able to express affection towards one thing over the other, which I cannot express affection at all. So, no, unfortunately I have no favorite thing.”

Dark smiled, but his eyes looked much like death, pale and lifeless, pooling and glassy with a lack of motion that made them seem like glass, simply implanted into his sockets.

“However, my versions of fun are writing, observing art, and playing the cello. They are what provide the burst of energy I need to continue a long battle, other than meditation of course. They are not exciting to those who do not understand them, no, but they are what give me extra purpose.”

Big Brother Trouble

Big Brother Trouble

“Jack! We have to tell Conor at some point, he’s the only one he doesn’t know, and I’m tired of sneaking around,” Joe whined he was currently over at Jack’s new apartment, cooking for the younger man because he’s incapable.

“Joe you don’t understand, Conor may seem like the nice, funny guy we all know and love, but once I get involved with someone he’s like the devil I swear,” Jack shivered at the thought of all the girls Conor has managed to run off, because he didn’t think they were good enough for him.

“But Jack, Conor knows me he knows the type of person I am, he won’t run me off. The real question is, Do you think I’m good enough for you?” Joe asked as he stirred the pasta in the pot, smiling because he already knew the answer. They’ve been dating for 7 months now, Jack’s been nothing but loving and devoted to him.

“You’re way too good for me, love,” Jack enters the kitchens, wrapping his arms around Joe’s waist. “We still can’t tell Conor though.”

“Tell Conor what?” In walks the man himself eyes wide as he stares at the two men. “What’s going on here?”

Jack jerked back like he just touched boiling hot water, “Well… um you see Joe needs help reaching the cabinets,” which earned him an elbow from Joe.

“Jack and I are dating,” Joe answer honestly, and Conor’s eyes widen so much that Joe is on the verge of running because he looks like he’s going to pounce.

“For how long?” Conor’s jaw clenches tight, and Joe moves behind Jack so if Conor did decide to jump Jack was in the way of the fire.

“7 months,” Jack squeaked out, grabbing hold of Joe’s hand. “Look Conor don’t be mad, I just wanted to make sure Joe was for sure thing, and these past months have been great, amazing even. If it helps he’s the one who’s wanted to tell you since the very beginning.”

“I guess it helps a little bit, Jack we’ll talk later, Sugg if you even so much as hurt a hair on my little brother’s head then your life is going to be hell for the next 30 years,” and with that Conor left the house, clearly still angry.

“Well that went better than I hoped,” Jack let out a heavy sigh as the smell of burning food entered the apartment.

“Shit, the pasta!” The pasta was now black, and the house was full of smoke. The two quickly made work of opening all the windows and throwing out the burnt pasta.

“That’s a sign Joe, worse is to come from here,” Jack teased while fanning the smoke out his window.

“What’s that suppose to mean?” Joe didn’t believe Jack of course, what could the man be possibly talking about.

“Conor, he’s going to get you and this is only the start I promise,” Joe felt like he was shocked, he flinched at the thought of the things the younger man could possibly do to him.

“Jack are you kidding with me?”

“Sorry Joseph I wish I was, just prepare yourself for the next couple of weeks.”

Prepare himself, is exactly what Joe did as well, he steered clear of Conor the best he could, and barely did anything besides work, youtube, eat, and sleep. Unfortunately, today his day was going to be full of bad luck, Conor and Jack were coming over, to film a Boyfriend vs Brother, this should be good.

“Joe! We’ve arrived!” Jack alerted he Sugg, as he got up from his comfy spot on his couch to greet the two Maynard’s.

“Hello Conor, Love,” Jack sweeps Joe up into his arms, not giving Conor the chance to even say.

“Hello Joe,” They don’t usually so cute coupley things but it was just a spur of the moment, Jack leans forward and rubbed his nose again Joe’s gently. it’s been a good 2 days without seeing each other, they miss each other.

The moving moment quickly ends, when Conor knocks over one of the glass figurines on Joe’s coffee table, “Oops.”

You could easily tell that the man did it in purpose but Joe decided not to comment on it instead to just go and get cleaning supplies. “I’ll um be right back, please don’t touch anything else,” with that he scurried off to his supply closet.

“Conor what was that about?” Jack asked while bending down to pick up the big pieces of glass. “Why are you being a Dick?”

“It’s just a test, you say you wanted to make sure he was worth it, it’s my turn now,” Conor smiled evilly, a spark of mischief in his eyes.

“Conor no. Leave Joe alone, He’s happy, I’m happy, we’re happy, that’s all that matters right my happiness,” Jack’s mind was racing, Conor was going to do the overprotective big brother test on Joe, and he had no idea how the man is going to respond.

“Oh calm down baby brother, if he really truly wants to be with you he’ll just make sure to pass my test won’t he,” Little did the two Maynard’s realize Joe was listening in the entire time, and he was ready to take anything Conor decided to dish out.

Let The Games Begin

After cleaning up the mess, Conor decided to sit down and ask Joe all sorts of personal, pointless, and uncomfortable questions just to see him squirm, but Joe tried not to flinch. Jack was sent to the store to go get the forfeit for Joe’s video.

“How many times have you looked at someone else while in a relationship with my brother,” Conor asked looking at Joe with unreadable eyes.

“I haven’t looked at anyone the way I look at Jack since the 4th week into our friendship when I realize that I had deeper feelings for him than just friendly feelings,” Joe answered honestly, smiling as he thought of all the times he fell more and more in love with Jack.

“Have you guys had sex?”

“Yes, if you want a number I don’t know,” Joe’s face turned in unhealthy shade of red as he answered the question.

“Who tops or bottoms?” Conor felt like he had Joe on this one.

“No comment,” is all the Sugg said, before telling Conor that he needed to go to the bathroom. Soon Jack entered his flat having only one bag in his arm.

‘Shit! He’s passing these with flying colors, got to amp up the difficulty,” Conor thought while pulling out his phone.

“Jack! Cynthia’s called while you were out,” Cynthia was Jack’s best girlfriend back in high school and they’re still friends till this day. Since Jack had left his phone here when he ran to the store it was easier that make that lie up. “I answered she wants you to call her back.”

“Thanks Con,” Jack grabs his phone and heads to Joe’s room to make the call.

“Did I just hear Jack? Where’d he go?” Joe asked as he emerges from the bathroom.

“Some ex called I think her name is Angelina, he seemed pretty excited,” Conor was trying to make Joe jealous, and it seemed to be working because Joe top lip puckered out and he seemed to be pouting.

“Was she one of the good ones?” Joe sat himself down on the couch, Jack has told him about his ex before and how he used to get in relationships to get in girls pants but he did have a few that he really liked the relationship failed because of his “Fuckboy” ways.

“Angelina was amazing, she was probably one of the only ones that genuinely cared for him, no matter how many times he played her she was loyal until she couldn’t take anymore, they dated for maybe 7 months, like you guys,” Conor got all of this straight from his ass, and Joe was eating it up like it was his last meal you could practically see the boy filling up with insecurity and doubt.

“Why do you think she’s called?” Conor was beginning to feel bad, Joe may be dating Jack now but he is still his friend.

“She just likes to check up on him every once and a awhile, they’re still friends,” Conor tried to explain, wanting to tell the truth so bad.

“Okay, I’m just going to go grab the equipment,” Joe looked more like he was going to go hide somewhere and cry.

“Do you need any help?” Conor called after not really wanting Joe to be alone at the moment.

“No I’ve got it!” Jack finally came back from Joe’s room, asking his boyfriend on the way if he needed help, of course Joe said no.

“What did you do?” Jack’s words were venomous, and if looks could kill R.I.P Conor Maynard.

“I may have told a wee lie, and now he’s feeling a wee bit insecure,” Conor winced, that wasn’t a wee bit lie and Joe was definitely more than a wee bit insecure at the moment. “More
importantly who’s Cynthia?”

“My new manager, why?” Jack asked as he made slow steps towards Conor. “What was this lie that you told.”

“Well you see, I may have said you were on the phone with one of your ex girlfriends that loved you very much, but now all you are is friends,”

“Conor what the fuck man?!” Jack shouted, he didn’t usually shout at Conor for the most part, they got along really well and were always really happy when together, but Conor seemed to have crossed the line this time.

“I know it was wrong, I’m sorry, look I’ll go explain to Joe that it was a lie and I was just playing around,” Conor was trying to clear the air, his stomach rolling at the thought of Jack being angry with him.

“No, you’ve done far more than enough, next time can you just butt out of my life. Key word my life Con, I can make decisions for myself!” With that Jack stomped off leaving Conor to wallow in his guilt and sadness. He did go too far this time, especially with Joe.

Some time later, Jack and Joe have not come from Joe’s room yet. Conor got really worried when he hear yelling, then soft talking, but now it’s just quiet. It’s been a good 3 hours what could the two men possibly be doing. Sex? No they wouldn’t be that quiet.

Conor sent Jack a quick text asking him to meet with him in the living room, not wanting to go back there and interrupt something. Jack didn’t reply but it was too be expected, soon you can hear that pitter patter of feet against wood and Conor knew Jack was coming.

“What do you want to talk about?”
Jack looked like he just woken up from a nap, his hair all messy, and he has eye boogers.

“I just wanted to apologize to you, and Joe. I realize that I was trying to be a good brother but in reality I was trying to ruin your relationship with Joe because I didn’t want you to end up hurt. I know Joe’s not Catherine, I know he would never hurt you like she did but I don’t want you to ever have to go through those feelings that you did when she broke your heart,” Catherine was Jack’s first serious girlfriend they dated for over a year in high school, Jack fell in love with this girl she played them all though. Everybody thought she was a nice, smart, perfect girl for Jack, but actually she 6 months into the relationship she was cheating on Jack with someone else. Jack thought they were going to be together for a long time but in the end he was left with nothing but a broken heart.

“Con, I understand that you just want to protect me, but I’m grown now, I’m 22. You have to let me crush and burn sometimes it’s the only way I’m going to learn and grow from it. I appreciate this, and I love you for it but can I make my own love life decisions now?” Jack looked at his older brother, and the love he had for him grew, at least he knew that Conor did all of this from a good place.

“Fine, can I have a hug now?” Conor already had his arms open, and Jack was quick to embrace his brother. “I think Joe’s a keeper anyway he passed my test with flying colors.”

“I bet he did, he’s a special one I must admit,” Jack’s face heated up at the thought of his boyfriend.

“You love him don’t you?”

“I don’t know yet, for now we’re just working our way up there,” A loud shout from Joe made two Maynard’s pull away from each other. “Speaking of Joe, I do believe you owe him an apology as well.”

“Yes dad,” Conor joked before they began to walk off in direction of Joe’s room.

Conor will always protect Jack, because in his eyes Jack is always going to be his little brother that’s needs help keeping the monsters away.

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It's been a year and he hasn't told me he loves me. He told me he has his reasons for the words not leaving his mouth. I want to respect that, but I really need to hear it. For the sake of my own security I just need to hear it once. I spent years "seeing" the words in someone else's actions, only to find out they were never there. I don't know how to say this without pushing him away or scaring him or seeming desperate and wanting.

There are a few things to tackle here:

1. There’s no set time frame in which love needs to be declared in a relationship.

2. “I want to respect that” = “I don’t respect that” and you need to respect your partner’s needs especially if you’re asking them to respect yours.

3. If those needs don’t match up, if you’re both incapable of giving the other person what they need, you shouldn’t date. The solution is not forcing him to compromise his needs especially if you’re not willing to compromise yours.

4. It’s not on your partner to make up for the actions of your exes.

5. Communication is super important! After a year, if you can’t find a way to talk to your partner about this (or anything) without worrying about coming off as scary or desperate, you shouldn’t be dating them.

So the takeaway here is not that I’m telling you to break up right at this moment. Although I am telling you that if you don’t find a way to talk to your partner about how you’re feeling, without also trampling on their needs and feelings, this isn’t going to work out.

Honestly like, just jump in with a classic “we need to talk.”

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Do you ship Connall and Vaughan?

….Dude r u deliberately trying to find crackships I don’t like BECAUSE YOU’RE THREE FOR THREE AT THE MOMENT I’M SO FUCKING SORRY. 

okay, right, I’m sensing this is a bit of an unpopular opinion???? but…I do not think that Connall is a good dude? That was not the impression that I got from the book at all? I think he’s…unhealthily obsessed with and devoted to Maeve at this point? I think he and Fenrys are almost exact opposites in this? (There’s already some play there with the light and dark contrasts) but I thought it was hinted that Connall…worships/is in love with Maeve in his own twisted way? He willingly serves in her bedroom and is more devoted to her even than Lorcan because it’s in a much blinder, incapable of thinking for himself way. No doubt he’s been twisted that way by Maeve’s abuse but…the fact remains he ain’t someone I really want to ship with anyone else (even Vaughan who we know basically nothing about) 

But I’m getting less and less sure about this because fandom seems to like him and his relationship with Fenrys and now I think I read it wrongly I??? I don’t know. 


I seem to be incapable of holding friends or to build trust without lying, trying to deceive, playing a role.
Maybe for them it is like befriending a different species. Maybe they consider it deviate.
Asking “psychopaths” to be honest can be the same as asking them to spend the rest of their lives being treated like monsters.

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honestly thank u for defending gabe like... people in this fandom seem incapable of realizing that you can like 76 while realizing that gabe isnt an evil cartoon villain with no depth whatsoever

I really hate that I have to do it but it’s something I feel strongly about!!!! calling gabriel “the only unapologetically evil character” in the entirety of overwatch is such a reach and I can’t stand reading that mess

power rangers was a really cute movie but i couldn’t enjoy it because some parents are really bad at determining what is an appropriate age to bring their child to see a movie

PSA: If your child is incapable of sitting still and being quiet for two hours straight, wait until it comes out on DVD. please.

I deleted my Instagram app and I only really talk to my boyfriend n yo I’m stressed out because I am just incapable of being a professional like some ppl are depressed and they still get shit done and meanwhile I can’t take myself seriously to get shit like CVs and a real website together I just…. really am so confused by everything and idk I need this semester to just be over already so I can tap thefuck out

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Do you write from personal experience like maybe adding in bits of your own romantic life into the fics? Love Every Letter by the way. (:

Hahaha, hard no. I won’t overshare on the multitude of reasons why I don’t do relationships, but my romantic life is nonexistent. I do have fun writing about romance, and I love the idea of it, but I’m pretty sure I’m incapable of feeling the way that these characters do, even though I understand it fairly well.

And thank you v much, that fic was the longest thing I’ve ever written and I’m still proud of it. 💕

yeah i went thru the pyromania search and its like all aesthetic shit and the occasional true crime blog. 

and like even if it would be Nice for some mental illness awareness type stuff about what causes pyromania, and working to dispel some stereotypes about it. considering how incapable ND tumblr is of drawing the line of what mental illness can and cannot excuse, its probably for the best

Another reason I love Alice isn’t Dead is that the main protagonist is a black woman who gets to be lyrical, and display a wide range of emotions without demonization from the text or the fans. She has anxiety, but isn’t played off as incapable or weak.