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Here’s How it Really Happened

by: mldrgrl
Rating: PG-13 (for a swear or two)
Summary: Have to fix that terrible, terrible dialogue Chris Carter wrote for the bed scene in Plus One for being so extremely terrible and also out of character.  Yeah, you heard me old man Carter, your dialogue is out of character.  Go back to the beach and let the fandom handle things from now on because you have proven yourself incapable.

He doesn’t like sleeping alone anymore.  In the early days, before they were fugitives, before he was a dead man, before Bellefleur, when they still questioned what sharing a bed meant to their partnership, it was easier to spend a few nights apart to decompress and reflect.  Now, nearly twenty years later, it seems absurd to regress to the days that left them both lonely and unsatisfied.

He’s thinking about going back to her bed, not to wake her up for more news of case-related death, but just to remind her that they don’t have to play this game anymore, when she comes to him.  He is more than pleasantly surprised when he rolls over to face her.

“I can’t sleep,” she says, shifting her feet where she stands at the side of the bed.

“What’s the problem?”

“Something about this case is getting under my skin.”

“We’ve had stranger cases than-“

“Can you hold me?” she interrupts, a tired plea that he can’t refuse.

A half of a second passes where he entertains teasing her for a moment, his lips purse to remind her that she was about to break her own self-imposed rule about not sharing a bed while on duty, but that could backfire on him.  Instead, he draws back the covers and gives her a soft nod.

“I can do that,” he says.

As she slides into bed beside him and presses her back up against his chest, he marvels at how quickly she verbalized what she needed from him.  She never did that before, rarely even did it when they were together, so he has to admit that it gives him a bit of a thrill to know they’ve come so far, even if they have further to go.

“What’s on your mind?” he asks, once she’s finally settled herself in his arms and is fitted snugly against him.

He can hear her thinking as she breathes, contemplative, sharp exhales through her nose as she tries in fits and starts to answer him.  He waits, letting her take her time, knowing that in a roundabout way, she’ll get there.

“Do you ever think about the future?” she asks.

He estimate three, maybe four more questions before she gets to the point of what’s really on her mind.

“The foreseeable future?” he asks.  “The distant future?  Or the, what will I have for breakfast future?”

“DIstant, I suppose.  When you’re old.”

Mulder pauses just to wonder where these questions are coming from and where they’re going.  Before he answers, she continues in his silence.

“What if you meet someone younger?” she asks.  “Someone who wants kids.”

He shifts his eyes and stares at the back of her head.  “Are you trying to insinuate that I’m looking to trade you in for a newer model?”

“It happens.”

“Well, when the time comes, I see myself pushing your wheelchair down the halls of the old folks home, with my own.”

She answers with a quiet little snort.  He squeezes her hip, bunching her silk shirt in his fist and exposing a sliver of warm skin to his greedy thumb.

“You could still have that kind of life if that’s what you want,” she says.

“What kind of life is that?”

“A different wife.  Children.”

“Is that what you want?”

She answers slowly, uncertainty in her tone.  “No.”

“What’s going on, Scully?  Where are you really going with this?”

“I don’t know.  After William I used to tell myself that one miracle was enough to be grateful for. But, I also wonder…maybe I should’ve tried for another.”

“Well, what stopped you?”

She tips her head back just a little and rolls her eyes to the side, but doesn’t really look at him.  She almost laughs, but it’s not a laugh, it’s a sad noise of incredulity like he’s asked a question he should know the answer to.

“We didn’t exactly try to prevent any other little miracles,” he says.  “We could’ve actually tried, if that’s what you wanted.”

“Like you said, Mulder.  We didn’t try to prevent one.  I’m just wondering if that’s something you might regret later on.”

“The only life I want is with you.”

“What’s going to happen to us when we don’t have the files anymore?  Sooner or later we’ll retire, and then…”

“I promise you, you won’t ever have to worry that I won’t be there to offer my bulletproof theories that you fail to assail with your inadequate rationality.”

She tips her head down almost bashfully and reaches down to hold the hand still on her hip.  With just a slight tug, she brings his arm back around her and closes herself into his embrace.

“Then I’ll always be around to prove you wrong,” she whispers.


Her lips turn up in a brief smile and he kisses the underside of her ear, one of her favorite spots to be kissed.  He can’t imagine starting over with anyone else but her, but he’ll reset the pause button as many times as it takes to stick.

Scully turns suddenly, wiggling over onto her back and turning her face up to his.  He pushes the hair back from her face and traces the side of her cheek with his fingertips.

“Do you see anything different in how I look at you now than before?” he asks, imploring her with his eyes not to doubt him.  Not to doubt his love for her.

She shakes her head once.  “No, I don’t.”

“All this worrying for nothing.”

She shrugs slightly as if to say it wasn’t nothing.  He can’t understand how she could be genuinely concerned about something so unfathomable to him, but since he’s known her, she’s always kept him guessing.  She reaches up and puts her hand on his cheek, her thumb whispering along the outline of his mouth.

“Scully,” he murmurs.  “Would it be out of the realm of extreme possibility to ask if you’d consider breaking the no sharing rooms during a case rule right now?”

“That rule pretty much went out the window when you took this suite.”

“Yeah, but there’s a door between us to uphold regulations on propriety.”

“I’m the one in your bed, Mulder.  Not exactly giving a damn about propriety right now.”

“You know I love it when you get all rebellious.”

She smiles at him.  A genuine smile that reaches her eyes.  He leans over to chastely kiss her lips, but doesn’t pull back too far, just enough so that their mouths may no longer be touching, but any slight move would bring them back together.

“Fuck propriety,” she whispers.  “But, just this once.”

And that’s all he needs to hear to kiss her again.

The End

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Wait isn’t chiller a gasterblaster or at least was? Does that mean he's a sadistic floating dragon head like the rest or is he incapable of his former abilities.

Chiller is from another world where Gaster Blasters are just floating dog heads that shoot deadly lasers. They’re mentally the same as a dog over there. So when Chiller crossed over here, his body adjusted to fit the universe. He became the closest thing to what he was in the other world… a skeletal laser dog. He’s mentally still a dog, even with his newfound ability to talk. Physically he’s just another monster. In fact aside from being skeletal and able to shoot lasers from his mouth he’s about the same as any other dog monster that you might have seen frequenting Snowdin.


J'ai pardonné des erreurs presque impardonnables, j'ai essayé de remplacer des personnes irremplaçables et oublier des personnes inoubliables. J'ai agi par impulsion, j'ai été déçu par des gens que j'en croyais incapables, mais j'ai déçu des gens aussi. J'ai tenu quelqu'un dans mes bras pour le protéger. J'ai ri quand il ne fallait pas. Je me suis fait des amis éternels. J'ai aimé et je l'ai été en retour, mais j'ai aussi été repoussé. J'ai été aimée et je n'ai pas su aimer. J'ai crié et sauté de tant de joies, j'ai vécu d'amour et fait des promesses éternellles, mais je me suis brisé le coeur tant de fois. J'ai pleuré en écoutant de la musique ou en regardant des photos. J'ai téléphoné juste pour entendre une voix. Je suis déjà tombé amoureuses d'un sourire. J'ai déjà cru mourir par tant de nostalgie. J'ai eu peur de perdre quelqu'un de très spécial que j'ai fini par perdre. Mais j'ai survécu! Et je vis encore! Et la vie, je ne m'en passe pas… Et toi non plus, tu ne devrais pas t'en passer. Vis! Ce qui est vraiment bon c'est de se battre avec persuasion, embrasser la vie avec passion, perdre avec classe et vaincre en osant, parce que le monde appartient à celui qui ose, et que la vie c'est beaucoup trop pour être insignifiante.

Charlie Chaplin

The “Northern Fool” thing was clearly just a good-natured jab from Tyrion, who is serious precisely never. No one thinks the Starks (including Jon) are stupid. I’ve seen both Jon and Ned discussed as being honorable to a fault, too good to consider morally questionable, cunning plans when they might be the “smarter” course of action.

But I’ve never really seen anyone calling Jon–or the Starks in general–stupid. So these meta I see fiercely defending Jon’s intelligence to prove undercover Jon, now cleverly renamed “political Jon,” as a plausible theory are kind of unnecessary. Those of us insisting Jon doesn’t have a secret, ulterior motive don’t believe that Jon is mentally incapable of being duplicitous. We know he’s smart enough. We just also know he’s far too decent and respectful to ever consider something so disgusting :)

I had some difficulty writing the first drabble, so I decided to do both of the Kalex requests—and in a special way.

@joyfultemplar requested Kalex for the angst drabble, with “catharsis” as the theme.

This is the first part of a prequel to this double drabble.

Alex stews as she watches Kara dance; the guy with Kara looks like an utter neanderthal.

Her stomach churns when his hands dip dangerously low down Kara’s back.

Alex’s first instinct is to plow through the crowded dance floor and rip his arm off.

Instead, she shoves her way to the nearest door. Coming to Lucy’s party had been a stupid idea.

“But of course, it’s what Kara wanted.” Alex tucks her hands into her pockets, hunching her shoulders against the cool night air.

“You’ve got it bad.”

Alex jerks her head to the side.

Lucy, in her usual ripped jeans and t-shirt, is curled up on a patio chair. She shifts her legs as she brings her half-finished cigarette to her lips.

It takes a moment for Alex’s voice to work. “What?”

“You heard me, Danvers,” Lucy murmurs in a cloud of smoke.

“I… I don’t…” Alex swallows.

Lucy smirks. “Yeah, you do.”

Alex dreaded this moment of someone finally discovering her true feelings. She grits her teeth and straightens her shoulders. “So what?”

Lucy quirks an eyebrow. “Now’s your chance. Say it out loud.”

Alex’s stomach lurches. She takes in a slow breath. “I’m in love with Kara.”

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hmm crow i dare you to draw something for ur followers to prove that you are incapable of drawing. and also try to guess who sent this ;)


here u go =w=


Killers’ Aging Shown Through Their Mugshots

Richard Speck

Richard Speck was a mass murderer responsible for the brutal knife murders of eight young women aged between 19 and 24 on the night of July 13th 1966. It was on this night that Speck broke into a student nurse dormitory and systematically raped, tortured and murdered his victims.

Speck was apprehended two days later and after being found guilty of all eight murders on April 15th 1967 spent the rest of his life in prison until his death on December 5th 1991. The horrific nature of Speck’s crimes attracted nationwide attention during the summer of 1966 leading to inquiries about other attacks against women in which Speck became a suspect.

Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe aka ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’ is a serial killer who murdered 13 women in the north of England over a five year period. His attacks on women petrified the region as police were seemingly incapable of catching him. This was not least in part due to a hoax wherein a man who was not the ripper contacted police pretending he was in order to mislead them.

The nature of Sutcliffe’s crimes were brutal and disturbing. His attacks were carried out using a common hammer and screwdriver. Some of his victims survived but even those who did required extensive surgery. Most of his attacks were similar in that he would attack a woman’s head with a hammer before stabbing her repeatedly in the abdomen with a screwdriver. In some cases Sutcliffe also stomped on and kicked his victims. He remains alive in prison aged 71.

Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez aka ‘The Night Stalker’ was a serial killer who left a trail of murder, rape and violence across Los Angeles in the 1980′s. Most of his crimes were committed in a similar manner in that Ramirez would break into a home before murdering and/or raping its inhabitants.

Many of his cases betrayed an intense rage within Ramirez, his victims having been attacked in unimaginable ways. In one case, one of Ramirez’s female murder victims had her eyes cut out. In another case Ramirez strangled a teenage girl with a telephone cord until sparks began to fly from the wire. He died in prison on June 7th 2013 aged 53.

David Berkowitz

Known as ‘Son of Sam’ David Berkowitz is a serial killer who murdered six people in the 1970′s. Berkowitz’s crimes gripped New York during this period as Berkowitz was able to elude the biggest manhunt in the NYPD’s history all the while mailing letters to the media in which he mocked the police and pledged to murder even more people.

Berkowitz’s crimes were all carried out with a .44 caliber revolver. Many of Berkowitz’s targets were young women like Donna DeMasi (16) and Joanne Lomino (18). Berkowitz shot both of these girls but both survived despite sustaining life altering injuries. Berkowitz was planning a shooting at a New York disco before he was arrested. He remains alive in prison aged 64.

Writing Meme Challenge

1) How many works do you currently have in progress?

……… I don’t even know, man. 

On the top of my head, I am currently focusing on three major WIPs out of seven total, plus four ongoing RPs and various Tumblr requests. 

(If you’d like, you can see a list of my current WIPs here.)

2) Do you write fan fiction?

Heh. You could say I dabble in it.

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so a thing I noticed

so the big difference i think between the attack on Beacon and the attack on Haven is that Blake wasn’t expecting or emotionally prepared for Adam showing up at Beacon - so she panicked and started making mistakes (she let herself be baited by his ‘running’ comment, and didn’t use her semblance which would’ve given her a more even footing). Adam seemed like he was in full control of the situation and knew exactly what buttons to press to attack Blake’s psyche and traumatise her

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Ringsy Spoilers

12th - 16th february (episode 5795- 5799)

- Ringo tells Paco that he’s in love with Easy - but he doesn’t want a possible relationship with him because he thinks he’s incapable of keeping a relationship

- Ringo says nothing to Paco about his kiosk sell to Benedikt

- he decides to celebrate carnival with his friends and comes closer with Easy 💋💋💋

- Ringo and Easy have to admit that they have feelings for each other

- they’re going on a date and Ringo falls more and more in love with Easy ❤❤❤

- Ringo becomes clear that the sell of the kiosk was a big mistake - but can he make the deal with Benedikt irreversible?

- Ringo is stuck between a rock and hard place: he doesn’t want to lose Easy, but Benedikt doesn’t cancel the deal

- Ringo confesses Paco the sell of the kiosk

- Paco is stunned; he wants Ringo to tell Easy the truth

- Ringo doesn’t have the heart to do it

- instead he enjoys his time with Easy

Today someone looked at me straight in the proverbial eye and told me that ocean water in a jar is absolutely incapable of ever rotting regardless of having literal dead fish in it. I said “well, the water won’t rot, but the algae and things in it will, and it will stink eventually.” To which they answered “no it won’t, because of the salt”.

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I'm confused, being asexual just simply means having no sexual attraction or desires. It doesn't mean she is incapable of any sort of romantic attraction. V is asexual because she has no desire for sex, thats it.

I never said she was asexual though, she’s still a living thing of course she is going to experience love and strong feelings for someone but it is her personal choice to keep those feelings to herself. She has crushes on some guys but she won’t do anything about it. She doesn’t want to express her feelings but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t someday secretly hope for someone to love. 

IDK. Believe whatever you guys want to but I’m just stating the facts of V. 

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Can you talk about what you think the main themes of Baccano! (light novels) are? I mean, I know that 'coincidence' and 'villains/heroes' are probably some, but I just know there's more that I'm incapable of articulating and it's driving me a little off the wall haha

Kind of bouncing off the two you’ve articulated, I think the elements of choice and change are enormous, too–you know that post that goes around about how being a good person is a choice? I’d say that’s a major thesis of the series. Think of Czes, unable to grasp for 70 years that he’s a good person because of the choices he’s making in that time and constantly on edge until Elmer points out that he can relax. Think of Elmer, who the text emphasizes over and over has the enormous potential to be carelessly evil but who chooses smiles as his obsession. Think of Huey, deliberately choosing not to heal. Jacuzzi, choosing to be courageous in spite of his fears. Coincidence is absolutely a huge driving force in the series, but after the first volume, it’s used more to set up scenarios, and the outcomes are driven by the choices people make. Choices which, often, require effort from them and go against what would be easier for them.

In terms of change–well, there’s a lot of choice involved in that, too? I always find it interesting that it’s the Immortals who seem to get stuck in time, and the mortals (Roy and Nader are two huge ones; Chane’s another) who make conscious life changes and improve themselves. I think Baccano! does a good job of like, acknowledging the effort that takes and emphasizing the good in trying to change yourself even when it’s hard. Not every character is dynamic, necessarily, but a lot of the most unquestionable “good guys” are those who either make choices that are difficult for them when things get intense or who make efforts towards changing themselves.

And then one final thought, I don’t know if I’d call this a theme but I think one of Baccano!’s strongest suits is allowing its characters to be themselves. Respecting the choices they make as choices that make sense for them even when they may not be ideal–think of Chane’s struggle in 1935, trying to decide whether to go back to being a killing machine or stay “soft.” No one wants Chane to become a killing machine again–and the text evokes the anxiety of that being a negative direction for her to take–but her concerns and her reasoning are portrayed completely sympathetically nonetheless.

Rat (Reader x Ardyn)

A/N: Rant piece. I needed to work out some negative feelings. I still think Ardyn is incapable of caring about anything except himself, but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand.

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“Oh dear.”

You sat quietly staring out to sea, not turning your head to face the man who had appeared beside you. “Go away.”

Ardyn breathed in deeply, pausing for a moment before answering with a, “No.” He moved to sit leisurely beside you, looking out over the water.

You didn’t want to say too much. He was smart and you knew he knew you were at your most vulnerable state. The thoughts swirling in your mind were not ones you were fond of, they were truthful thoughts of how you felt, but it wasn’t what you wanted to feel.

Used. Taken for granted. Underappreciated. Unwanted. Unliked. You craved attention when you felt you weren’t the kind of person who wanted attention at all. The contrast of emotions and thoughts were vast and you knew if you said one wrong thing Ardyn would jump at the opportunity you created for him.

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hey y’all i’m bri and this is my mess valentina aka val, i can’t wait to get her dragged to the pits of hell and have tons of angst and ugh !! i’m excited (i’m horrible ) but i have her little description here ( sorry if it literally doesn’t make sense i’m still brainstorming ) if you wanna read it with connections and stuff  or read more for the summed up version

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This fandom is so miserable and negative sometimes. I can’t believe that some ppl think Tay is incapable of liking things or reblogging from social media on her own. Don’t be that account that reminds us every day that you hate the TSL app, or that you think it’s not her interacting on her own sm. Admit that you have outgrown being a stan and get on with it. I just wish ppl wouldn’t get on tumblr when they are in a piss mood.

i just like, personally don’t see the need to complain. am i happy or thrilled about everything all the time? no, not st all. but I can usually find the positives in stuff, and I also just don’t feel the need to air my grievances on my public blog 99.9% of the time when I can just text a friend.