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He made her that friendship bracelet. She made him happy.

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So, this fandom being what it is, I know that there’s not a lot of love if you ship Noodle with anyone in the band. I get it. I’m not trying to make anybody deal with stuff they don’t like – I will always tag “2nu” if I upload something that is unambiguously shipping and you can blacklist. Hell, you can even block me, I won’t care. I also have no intention of putting it in the main tag. However, I’m gonna post what I want to post, so consider this your fair warning. You can respond as-needed and everybody can stay in their own lanes :P]

Everybody loves Mark?
  • Yugyeom: *sees Markhyuck in twitter*
  • Yugyeom: Mark hyung what the hell is this?? I thought you love me?! It's Markgyeom!!
  • Youngjae: hyung how could you we have a daughter! We're Markjae!!
  • Jinyoung: uh..hello no! what about Markjin?? Aka the greatest otp in the world?
  • Bambam: hello!! Markbam it is!
  • JB: wtf hell no! its Markbum!
  • Jackson: I thought it's Markson or never?!
  • Yugyeom: *clicks on the tag* Oops sorry, false alarm. Markhyuck is from that NCT group...
  • Mark: ..................................
  • *meanwhile in NCT*: MARK!! What the Fuck is a markgyeom???

I really don’t care if this is going to insult people. Feel free to hate me after you saw this, I don’t mind. I love Mercy76 , I even understand why people ship Reaper x Mercy, Reaper x Soldier or Genji x Mercy. I’m someone who’s able to tolerate every ship and I would never ever tell someone that they and/or their pairing are shit. Everybody has a different taste and that’s totally fine with me. Just live and let live. But if someone insults me and tries to tell me that I shouldn’t ship this or that pairing… well, then they cross a line.
I don’t like Pharah. Never did, she’s one of my last favourite heroes and besides that, I don’t like Pharmercy. This doesn’t mean I’m dumb, gross, an asshole or homophob. Hell, I even support Reaper76 and McHanzo, but people don’t seem to care about that. I don’t understand the whole Pharmercy-Pairing and it just doesn’t appeal to me.
But that’s not a reason for me to write hate messages, nor a reason to insult people or tell everybody on the internet how much I don’t like this ship. I don’t go to the tags to tell people how dumb they are for shipping it. No, I rather stay in my lawn, being happy with my OTPs and with people who also ship it. I don’t have the time nor the energy to insult people.
On this day, it’s a little bit different. I got another hate-mail out of the blue and I got insulted again.
It’s funny that it’s ALWAYS the Pharmercy-shippers who shit on my pairings. I even got followers who like other pairings than Mercy76 and yet they like my stuff. I’m so happy to hear nice things from them, without any kind of hate. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty angry and upset to get another message full of hate, so that’s why I made this comic. I hope some poeple can understand the way I feel, and don’t worry: I know that there are people out there who ship Pharmercy and don’t hate people for shipping anything. And I do know that there are M76 shippers who are pieces of shit. But it has only happened to me with people who ship Pharmercy, even though I don’t want to insult the whole group. It’s just about the people who hate on everything I do.

Human guides/astral tutors, for profit

Disclaimer: I am not firing shots at anybody, I’m just interested in some discussion on this.

tl;dr: Uber, but for wannabe Travellers. Yes really.

I’ve been thinking, and from what I’ve read of other people’s experiences

section 1 : General overview

so like, why aren’t there any Travelling (and in this post I mostly mean those who can Project) witches offering services to guide people over there? Not like “hey, do this meditation and I’ll meet you there” but in an actual “I’ll come get you and show you the way in” type of way. I am just not convinced that *every* person who can travel is someone who grew up doing it their whole life and didn’t have to work at it. Or those that had their third eye forced open. There have to be people who worked for it and eventually succeeded, like, statistically there has to be. I feel like pulling along another person can be done. If you can sense a person’s energy over the computer, it would stand to reason that you can probably reach them quite easily on the non-physical plane of this realm. (Especially since some witches can actually track down your energy signature in the astral just like spirits can.) Like, why not? It’s not like it wouldn’t be lucrative; there’s a bunch of us whining about our failed attempts to get over there. This is an untapped corner of the market, so to speak. Even regarding people who feel like “Well, if I bring this person to the astral and they do bad things, I’m responsible for them”, this is literally no different than what conjurers do. Conjurers call spirits to them and connect them to people here and, to a degree, are responsible for the beings they bring over here. This would (theoretically) be simpler than that.

section 2 : Why offer this service

Quick example: Let’s say you are talented at hedgecrossing. A client is asking you to guide them to the Otherside. You do some pre-flight checks (Is this person’s energy stable right now? Are they in a peaceful, safe physical environment to try right now? What are their motives for accessing the Astral Realms? Have they adjusted their wards to allow me to do this?) and everything should be good. Maybe take ‘em to an empty realm first with nothing but landscape so they won’t be in danger and have a “practice zone” to learn their astral body and what they’re capable of.

I mean, I’m pretty sure the vast majority of us fledglings wanting to Fly are not mass murderers looking to conquer and otherwise Fuck shit Up. It’s no different than when you go sightseeing in a foreign country; the safest way to be a tourist is with a guide, right? When you learn how to drive, you usually learn under someone else’s supervision, you don’t have to learn alone. In school almost every class has tests, and sure you could study alone (and for some folks that works best) but others benefit from studying together/from having that designated “smart friend” help them. I understand witchcraft and it’s associated practices are traditionally individualistic but damn, it’s 2017. Why are we struggling alone when we can have tutors? Every other aspect of witchcraft (divination, spellwork, materials, companionship) has been monetized, so I really don’t think this is a morality issue. And not everybody has a companion or familiar to Travel with.

Witchblr : Everybody is capable of travelling! ✨✨✨
Person :  But how?
Witchblr : Meditate.
Person : After that, what are the mechanics? H. O. W.
Witchblr : It’s different for everyone, just practice 😉

Not that the above is bad advice, but imagine if you replace the word “travelling” with “doing their own makeup”. Can you learn on your own? Yes. Is it easier with someone to tag in and help you? Hell yes! This philosophy of paying someone to help you is accepted in all other avenues, this is the last standing taboo or final frontier, if you will.

Again, witchblr, Y U No Do This? Is it because nobody’s thought about it, nobody’s ever attempted it, or because nobody wants to do this commercially? idgi

Tagging folks for opinions bc I really want perspective on this but everyone is welcome to respond, tagged or not. (and if you’d rather pass on commenting, that’s fine too) @spiritvexer @chaosjelly @duskenpath @ekonsine @thiscrookedcrown @thetwistedrope @hecaatia @seleneblackwell @businesswitches


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Name: Justine
Nickname: ‘’Jujube’’, ‘’Joo-joo-bay’’ according to @bisexual-poptart, Ju
Gender: Girl :)
Star Sign: I’m an Arie
Height: 5'5"
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hogwarts House: Slytherin 3:)
Favourite Animal: I really love wolves for some reasons….
Average Hours of Sleep: 7
Current Time: 9:07PM
Dog or Cat Person: DOG
Blankets I Sleep With: 3
Dream Trip: Around the world!!

Dream Job: Pathologist

When I Made My Blog: I?? Don’t?? Remember?? A bit more than a year ago I think

Followers: 525 (THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!)

Account Peak: The hell does that mean?
Why I Made My Tumblr: Because my friend had one so I made one for myself, than another Tumblr because I have a secre identity hidden from my friends LOL
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The Mysterious Miranda (Chapter 10) (Smut)


pairing: lin manuel miranda x reader, daveed diggs x reader

summary: Your cousin Anthony drags you along to one of his neighbor’s infamous parties with his girlfriend, keeping you from a night in. Mr. Miranda, the host, is a mysterious man, but that isn’t the part that gets to you.

warnings: smut, cheating, lil bit of angst, 1920s slang(??), my portrayal of a 1920s burn, lots of fluff

words: 6660 (im so sorry for so many reasons yall)

a/n: Alternatively titled: Poor Anthony™

hi guys i swear i still write stuff! it’s just been a crazy last month, but I’ve finally finished this part! I’m so sorry it took so long, I feel kinda bad about it, but I hope it was worth the wait! 

I figured out the only bright side to burning my arm this past week and treating it at home; firsthand research and experience for TMM! I learned more in 2 days than the 2 weeks I had spent researching the topic.

Thank you to @psychedemigod for keeping me company while I was writing a lot of this and helping out here and there, and thank you to @secretschuylersister for being so supportive and reading it over, leaving much-appreciated commentary.  

If you want to be tagged in the next parts, just shoot me an ask! I absolutely love to hear feedback from anybody and everybody, I can’t begin to express how much it means to me. 

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Barneymugging — Lovemaking

Now you’re on the trolley! — Now you’ve got it!

Slimp—Cheapskate or “one-way guy”.

“Her heart sank into her shoes as she realized at last how much she wanted him. No matter what his past was, no matter what he had done. Which was not to say that she would ever let him know, but only that he had moved her chemically more than anyone she had ever met, that all other men seemed pale beside him.” -F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In An Instant: Part Two

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Others I can’t remember right now

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

A/N: I’m excited guys. This should be a fun series. I will only be taking 25 tags on this series. Sorry, it just gets to crazy with a bunch of tags. I’ll try to make a masterpage with the tag list count. Let me know what you think!     xoxo - Ash

|Part One|

Originally posted by enochianess

“Where in the hell have you been, man?” Sam, Bucky’s best man, asks frantically. “I’ve been looking everywhere. You didn’t answer your phone”

Flashing his dead cell phone, Bucky shrugs. “It died. Where is everyone?” Bucky asks, peering around sparsely crowded bar.

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A/N: This was requested some time ago by the awesome @cupcakequeen1999 and now it is finally here!


 Lol! Too funny. You did my prompt perfectly! Exceeded expectations! Can you add another one to this where T'Challa, his wife (the reader), and the rest of the Avengers go to a haunted hayride attraction for Halloween and T'Challa takes one look at the attraction and he’s like “Aw, hell no” and so Loki tricks T'Challa into going BUT the ride ends up being cursed and everybody gets turned into different kinds of monsters? Bonus points if T'Challa gets turned into some sort of werecat.

Pairing: T’Challa x F!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, scary attractions. (If I forgot anything just tell me!)

Masterlist Prompt List

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I love the post about autumn that says “Bugs have returned to hell where they belong” because every year I see it and just imagine everybody in hell dreading autumn and locking themselves indoors as they wait in terror for the return of the swarm.

softkittenclouds  asked:

This is probably a weird question, but I've heard about Ice Hell through fanfiction notes and rumours. What exactly is it? Is it a group that's still going? And can anyone join? Sorry if it's silly to ask, I'm kind of late to the game on things.

ice hell formed from a frequent Cards against Humanity session that later turned into a chat, and since Shirts - our talented sin queen - had a habit of tagging her fics ‘ice hell’ because she and her friend had coined it as a term (i forgot exactly why, but it had something to do with shame [snickers]), we got named the Ice Hell Crew

everybody’s pretty busy rn, like, i’ve got college, so does kal, and so do an overwhelming bunch of us, and sometimes our schedules don’t sync up anymore (mine esp), so we just pop in for random streams or dnd skype chats or skype chats in general

ice hell’s main objective is to a) do heaven’s work and b) make each other uncomfortable by shoving their kinks into their faces

but seriously, we all got together to just write dhmis fic, and share headcanons and draw stuff and generally have fun

So I got tagged by @zelosenpai222 to do this thing. Basically, I put my Spotify on shuffle and the first 10 songs that came on tell about me, or something like that. So, here we go! (also I have no one else to tag in this ‘cause she tagged everybody I would’ve tagged. thanks fren.)

1. Party Poison by My Chemical Romance (I love this song)

2. One Hundred Sleepless Nights by Pierce The Veil

3. Goodbye Agony by Black Veil Brides (yeah I know it sounds super emo)

4. Welcome To The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance (Spotify why)

5. Start To Fall by Get Scared

6. Give 'Em Hell, Kid by My Chemical Romance (I think Spotify was in an MCR mood or something)

7. Polarize by Twenty One Pilots

8. Madness by Sleeping With Sirens

9. Sympathy by Too Close To Touch

10. Irresistible by Fall Out Boy

So yeah. That’s pretty much it. Have a nice day, everybody.

elementtimes682  asked:

So Flowerfell is gone. What are your words on it (underfart-snas i think is the blog

I am, honestly, so sad about it.

This is all the fandom’s fault. People who don’t know how to respect the author’s wishes, people that steal her work and use tag she’s really uncomfortable with. People stealing characters, kinning as them, sending hate messages, reposting… it must be hell and even though I am really, really sad about it, I respect her decision.

I also follow her friend @kazefiend and I see all the shit she has to put up with as well, for defending Sanei. Honestly, I wish everybody just stopped it already.

You ruined Flowerfell, I hope you’re satisfied.

Ready to Believe You [2/2]

Emma Swan doesn’t believe in ghosts, or magic, and she sure as hell doesn’t believe in true love, but when things start going bump in the night it’s up to three enterprising (and under-worked) members of Storybrooke’s sheriff’s department  to save the day, and hopefully find a little belief along the way.

(A “Ghostbusters” AU inspired by the 1984 movie.)

Still for @annaamell, still all credit to @trueloveswanjones for the beta and @jemmingart / @shadiestfairyaround for the beautiful cover art. Thank you so much to everybody who commented / tagged / reblogged the first part, I hope you enjoy the ending! And tagging @lenfaz because she asked and her commentary made my life complete.

T, 12k ish. Also on ao3 HERE.

They end up at Granny’s, mostly because there’s not really anywhere else to go, and anyway the grilled cheese is genuinely good. Emma does warn Killian away from the lasagne though, just to be safe.

To Emma’s intense surprise it’s actually, really, really nice.

He makes her laugh, makes her feel young and flirty, makes her want to bat her eyelashes and play coy like the girls she saw in high school. It’s a weird feeling, maybe even a bit uncomfortable, but she’s mostly shocked by how much she likes it. By how much she likes him.

(She still tucks a twenty in his jacket pocket when he goes to pay the bill. There are some things she doesn’t compromise on, and one is being able to buy her own damn lunch.)

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Idiots in Love

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N (Reader)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader get stuck in a motel after a bad “snow day”. 

Word Count: 1735

Warnings: None really. Just maybe slight language

Author’s Note: Heyyy guys!!! This is my entry for @avasmommy224 “Jenn’s Christmas Fun”. I got the Prompt: Believe and the GIF that is presented below. I hope you guys like it! I kinda struggled with this one a bit. Not gonna lie. *hides face* Feedback is always welcomed!!

Originally posted by xmas-wonderland

I stared out the window as the snow fell, covering the parking lot in a thick white sheet. Winter was being a total bitch and the fact that I had to stay in a moldy motel room with a very moody Dean, was slowly driving me insane.

“Crappy ass weather,” muttered Dean from somewhere behind me. “Couldn’t wait another goddamn day to lay it all down, could it? Nope. Had to mess with my fucking plans.”

I sighed and turned around to face him. “You know what, Dean? If you didn’t want to come on this case, you could have just said.” I crossed my arms over my chest. “I could have brought Sam along instead. He’s not that big of a dick.”

Dean scoffed. “Oh stop being so dramatic.”

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10 facts about me!

Tagged by @vanilla107

1: I was a really irritating, bratty kid that thought I was better than everybody and if I didn’t go through hell during my school life from grades 4-6, I wouldnt have become the person I am today.

2. My brother is actually the one who got me into art, especially when I thought it was lame (again I was an annoying kid) but he convinced me, and I aleventually passed him in skill and hes super proud of me.

3. I own a violin and now the basics of playing, and too lessons for a year, but had to stop cause college had horrible school hours

4. I over explain things, and ramble, as you can see. Lol

5. I used to be a MADT major but my school is stupid and changed things while I was there, so I changed majors and made it through my first year as a Graphic Designer, and am personally more comfortable in it!

6. Speaking of Graphic Design, technically it’s a plan B for my career, as I had a self discovery that what I’m meant to be is a comic creators, because of all my stories I have in my head, a past comic I had worked on for years, and currently Daemons Venatus that is a comic I’m working on with my bro, that’s starting off slow but our story is phenomenal and I’m not even trying to brag

7. I’m an extremely picky eater, with a massive sweet tooth, yet I have an okay body considering what I eat. xD

8. I can obsess over things fairly easily, sooo… Yeah lolol (I’m also very sarcastic)

9. I’m quite the tomboy because of body type, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE GLITTERY THINGS. Anything sparkly.
That’s why I adore the Disney Princesses

10. I will not stand by if someone is hurting my friends or family. I will kill you if you hurt my son’s sons sons , and also bring my children ice cream cause they need love !

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happy trans day everybody, ive been out of my parents house and on hrt for exactly 6 months and its a hell of a drug, both of them.

anyway im nonbinary and a girl and im gay, a lesbian. she/her. insurrection is imminent. please follow memes666