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I’ve been in this fandom for two and a half years now and only now do I finish my android Adventure and Fact core designs. Adventure is basically diet-Indiana Jones and Fact is… a know-it-all nerd, I guess. The motivation to finish these totally didn’t come from something I’m posting on Monday, nope that’s just silly…

Anyway, Procrastination is one helluva drug.

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female characters were treated /horribly/ in most of the past fandoms ive been in (sometimes just bc they were female/‘in the way’ of an m/m ship), i’m really glad it’s not really like that with overwatch

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Can we also talk about how Bakugou went from "weird haired guy" to "Kirishima. Change of plans". Oh man I didn't realize how much I missed the anime *cries*

BOI CAN’T WE I just spent the whole morning crying over seeing the moment Bakugou recognizes Kirishima as an equal animated nbd at all r i p me - I think this might be the first time Bakugou calls anyone by their name, actually, and I just!!! that’s because Bakugou heard Kirishima’s words and recognized him as a good partner and a worthy hero and someone whom he could respect and I’m gonna be grateful for chapter 133 for the insight on this for the rest of my always I !!!!!! have feelings g a h

Anon said: ok ok ok ok but but listen what about BAKGOU AND OCHAKO they are the most popular couple and the most cutest , i think you should try to draw them once i would love love to see this !!! of course just if you want hehe thanx

Ahhh sorry anon but I really don’t ship that - I mean, it’s true that I ship Bakugou with a bunch of people aside from my main two, but if they’re part of Deku’s group you can fairly assume they’re not between my Bakugou ships? And I only romantically ship Uraraka with Deku, Tsuyu and Iida anyway so! You’re probably not gonna see any romantic baku/ocha from me, sorry o<-<

Anon said: Since we know what Bakugou’s parents are like, what do you think Kirishima’s parents are like?

I have a similar ask somewhere asking about Kaminari’s parents as well, so I guess I’ll answer both here?? As a general rule I don’t really like making headcanons over stuff I’m sure the manga will give me in the future, so I can’t say I’ve thought about this too much - there are a few things I work under the assumption of while drawing, like for example I’m taking for granted they both have at least functional families, considering Aizawa personally visited their homes to ask their guardians about allowing them back to school, and if anything had been weird he would have noticed

I like to think Kaminari got his quirk straight from one of his two parents with no mixing happening, and got the Kaminari surname from them as well, but that’s all I ever allowed myself to settle on as far as Kami’s family goes, everything else changes based on what I need for the current scenario I’m thinking about… I do often end back on him being an only child, though - in the same way depending on how angst or lighthearted I want it to be my ideas for Kirishima’s family change a lot, but generally I think I mostly fall back on the idea of him having a big family? In a scenario like that his parents are kind and love him a lot, but having many children and needing to split their attention on all of them might cause them to overlook him a little (it would explain his obsession with being flashy, for me) then again, who knows? I don’t know how canon you can consider the infos SMASH gives, but in one of the strips Kiri mentions working part-time, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to have problems with money kinda makes me believe he might be independent from his family like that (unless he’s a rich kid, also very entertaining as a possiblity)

I’ve seen a lot of headcanons floating around about both of these guys’ families and possibly being related to villains, that would be cool too, though I’m not sure how much I believe it

I’m sorry this ended up being little to no useful at all lol as I said, I just shift between scenarios a lot - imagine settling on one and growing attached and then having to let it go once Hori proves it wrong, that’d be terrible for me

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//Funnily enough I’ve already done this before (though this version has less questions oddly). In fact for that time I was indirectly tagged by myself due to be tagged by someone who was tagged by a person I tagged on my other blog. Since I’ve already done this for Ness, which is linked here for those interested, I’ll do this one for Tracy.

What is your name?

▌What is your real name?
“Tracy Yamamoto.”

▌Do you know why you were called that?
“It was my Grandma’s middle name.”

▌Are you single or taken?
“Single. It’d be pretty weird for a twelve year old to be dating, don’t you think?”

▌Have any abilities or powers?
“Unless somehow tricking a delivery company to let a little kid be one of their phone operators for almost a year counts, then nope. Ness is the one with powers not me…”

▌What’s your eye colour?
“A bright sparkly blue.”

▌How about your hair colour?    
“Blonde. All natural too. Got it from my mom.”

▌Have you any family members?
“There’s my mom and dad, though he’s always busy at work. And Ness too of course.”

▌Oh? What about pets?
“We have a dog named King. He’s the family pet, but me and Ness like to treat him more like an older brother. Especially Ness, since he can understand dogs and talk back.”

▌That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me about something you don’t like.
"Pickles are absolutely terrible, and it’s such a drag to have to pick them off my burgers every time. I don’t know how anyone could like them.”

▌Do you have any hobbies/activities you like to do?
“Music! Jazz is my favorite, but some of the rock stuff my big brother listens to is also good. I play a saxophone in school, and once I’m out I’m going to make myself a world famous jazz player!”

▌Ever hurt anyone before?
"Physically? Only a few times. Most were accidents in gym class cause other kids weren’t paying attention when I’d serve them the birdie in badminton. The one time it wasn’t? I got in a lot of trouble for that but big brother was proud of me for knocking out that jerk with a bat, hehe.”

▌Ever killed anyone before?
“No, and I don’t plan to.”

▌What kind of animal are you?
“Some sort of song bird, I’d think cause we’re both small, cute, and musical.”

▌Name some of your worst habits.
“Instead of laying against the couch pillows I like to sit on top of them. Mom doesn’t like it but it’s really comfy!“

▌Do you look up to anyone at all?
My mom. She’s amazing.”

▌Gay, straight, or bisexual?    
“I’m not sure…”

▌Do you go to school?
“I’m twelve so I kinda have to.”

▌Do you ever want to marry and have kids one day?
“Maybe. but I’m too young to think about stuff like that.”

▌Do you have any fanboys/fangirls?
“Not yet, but once I become a famous musician I’ll have plenty!”

▌What are you most afraid of?
“…those robot-looking aliens, Ness says they’re calls Starman. All the aliens that attacked the town were scary, but Starmen were the ones doing the most damage with all those psychic meteors a nd beam lasers. I swear if big bro and the others didn’t show up when they did…”

▌What do you usually wear?
“What I have on now: my red overalls skirt dress thing…whatever it’s called, with a white shirt underneath.”

▌Do you love someone?
"My family… though I bet that’s not what you’re talking about.”

▌When was the last time you wet yourself?
“…big brother said that some questions were removed to make this interview thing more ‘safe for work’, yet this one is still here. Why?” //how did the question about favorite color get the axe and not this?

▌What class are you?
"Lower middle class, according to Ness. The reason Dad’s always working it make sure we don’t become upper lower class. You’d think all the money Ness got from fighting aliens would make us rich but it didn’t.”

▌How many friends do you have?
“I have a lot. Sally, Sarah, Jane, Picky, Carl, Josh, Penny, plus some other kids from school.”

▌What are your thoughts on pie?
"I love pie! Ness thinks cake is better but I’m much more of pie person. Apple pies and pumpkin pies are my favorites, but I could eat any pie.”

▌Favourite drink?
"Strawberry milk. Chocolate milk is great too, but I really love strawberry. Mom says I’m the only reason we have strawberry syrup in the house.”

▌What’s your favourite place?
"When me and big bro walk to school, we take a shortcut through the woods instead of walking on the dirt path between our house and town. It’s absolutely lovely there! The forest looks beautiful with the morning sunlight and the birds singing is so lovely. Sometimes on the weekend I’ll sneak out of the house and sit in the forest for an hour or two.”

▌Are you into someone~?
"I miiiight be, but I’m not telling you.”

▌Would you rather swim in the lake or in the ocean?
"The ocean, cause I love going to the beach.”

▌What’s your type?
“Again, that’s something I’m not telling you.”

▌Camping or indoors?
"Camping, cause we don’t do it very often. I like both though.“

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@thatsthat24 So I’ve been meaning to make this drawing for a while and I’ve also been meaning to test out a new art program for a while and I’m happy with both of them!

I have now watched So Much Critical Role that I’m starting to notice everyone has their own styles of rollin’ dice and they’re all real cute

- Marisha sorta just drops hers but she lifts her hand way up in the air afterward like there’s RECOIL on that shit

- Sam leaves his hand up in the air too but it’s very Gilmore-esque. Quite elegant, 9/10 for style. “Ah yes, what is this thing that I rolled - ah, ‘tis garbage”

- Liam just tips his dice over like a cat knocking something off a shelf. Sometimes he does this sneaky lil finger twirl thing. tryin 2 be stealthy.

- Once in a while Laura holds dice in both hands. prayin to dice gods probably.

- Taliesin always shakes his dice back and forth a bunch of times - obviously one must warm the dice up before rolling if one wishes to guarantee a fuckton of nat 20s (Laura does this too, but Taliesin will do it for D A Y S)

- Travis has some nasty SPIN on that throw and sometimes he puts his SHOULDERS into it dude rolls dice like a MAN doin a SPORT and I love it


Santana Lopez, the shipper


“My baby shot me down.”

Super late submission for @klangst-week: Unrequited Pining/Unrequited Love (Day 1) & Hurt/Comfort (Day 3). Click for better quality.