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in your multistream with forks you were playing sailing songs, do you have like a rec list or something? they sounded cool and i wanted to look some up!!


heres a list of traditional sea shanties!!

shanties sound best with big groups and there are a few vids of david coffin singing shanties with a big crowd so theyre the first id recommend

the yarmouth shantymen and kimbers men my faves cause im basic as hell

there r some studio recorded shanties by the dreadnoughts / the port isaac fishermans friends / and the longest johns

and the assassins creed soundtrack i GUESS

I was a camp counselor over the summer for a School of the Arts type program and after living with 11+ art students ages 14-17 i’ve surmised two things. 

Literally, all art kids are hella queer, and they all love cheez-its.

I’m not kidding, i did bed checks the first night and there was invariably atleast 1 box of cheez-its in each room.

So that got me thinking, is this an artist thing? is it an LGBT+ thing?? 

So please reblog this with your:

• GI/sexuality, 

• whether or not you do art/love art/collect art 

• and if you love cheez-its or not.

max references

max + light 

max + dark 

i made these for personal use but i thought other cc artists might find them useful too 😭

So I heard Keith’s the original silver child and I died OTL | Redbubble


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