no im not taggin it with all of em


i was tagged by @punk-lester thanks love for taggin me in many things! also im sorry for all of the tags ive never done oh my god but i do appreciate those who tag me in stuff its very heartwarming!! maybe if i can get my stuff together i can actually keep on top of em one day

Rules: Answer the 20 questions & tag 20 blogs that you want to also do this tag. 

Name: savannah

Nickname(s): savy 

Gender: female

Star Sign: gemini

Height: 5’3″ or 4 who knows 

Time Right Now: 11:20pm

Last Thing I Googled: ‘plant trays’

Favorite Bands: (oh god) RKCB, oh wonder, the nbhd, coldplay, bastille, aquilo, glass animals, lauv (i suppose these are my faves but i have no idea sometimes tbh)

Favorite Solo Artists: troye ofc, adam lambert, becky hill, chet faker, childish gambino. frank ocean, grimes, jason mraz, kendrick, the weeknd, vince staples 

Last Movie I Watched: howls moving castle i watch it too often honestly

Blog Birthday: i just checked and my first post was august 2013 

What Do You Blog About?: its supposed to be about troye clearly and it was but the content is dryyy these days so its alot of dnp and shitposting i suppose!

When Did Your Blog Reach Its Peak: its a steady incline yall

Do You Have Any Other Blogs?: ah, yes i do, too many if you ask me 

Do You Get Asks Regularly?: nah, dude, just sometimes (half the time i dont know how to answer im sorry) 

Why Did You Choose Your URL?: it was the prettiest sounding one? i wanted either something with t for troye or his middle name which is s! sivan just sounds nice yanno? it made me happy and still does! 

Following: 1523 

Posts: 114,316 (you think im joking)(im not lmao my drafts are bad too)

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff!! 

Favorite Color(s): orange 

Average Hours Of Sleep: a lot! i sleep a lot but id have to say maybe 10 or so hours a day? this includes naps, i love those

Lucky Number(s): i dont have any!!! but maybe 22 if i had to choose its a ‘passed down’ jersey number in my family

Favorite Character(s): oh god, probably calcifer from howl’s. also probably dexter (from the crime drama tv show)

What Am I Wearing Now?: black yoga pants and a pikachu t shirt 

How Many Blankets Do I Sleep With?: at least two so i can be in a blanket sandwich and be coozy but if im sleeping on a real bed the number is closer to five 

Dream Job: well im in school for forensic biological anthro so like, anything with bones dude 

Dream Trip: to visit all of my friends from all of my perviously lived places!! i would adore to see all of them again. also maybe just around the world in general?? idk

now i gotta tag people (do it if you want! no pressure friends): @liv4music4 @r0seboy @latte-howell @baneofthecosmos @you-do-you-boo-boo @mosquito-mojito @twinsivan @troyesivan45 @bubblestruggles @memephantrash @troyler-nugget @missmacdomo @hilarydcv @smolsivan @2wec @fricklefracklefrentus also whoever wants to!

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i finished it ಥ⌣ಥ
inspired by 

 BORN TO SWOON                                                                                    WORLD IS A GAY                                                                                            KISS EM ALL 1989                                                                                                  i am les bean                                                                                  410,757,864,530 CUTE GIRLS