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Words Written on Your Wrist | Soulmates! Spencer Reid x Reader | Part 2

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Soulmates! Spencer Reid x reader

Requested: Nope, I just figured I’d jump on the soulmate band wagon

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Part 2/?

       Part 1 Part 3

Words: 1699

Warnings: none

Summary: Everyone’s wrist has three words on it, the first three words you’ll hear your soulmate say. You think the idea of soulmates is just a bunch of junk, but you’re in for a rude awakening when you meet your soulmate at your new job at the BAU. Because you worry you will lose your new dream job, you keep the fact that he’s your soulmate hidden, pretending as if those three words didn’t exist.

A/N: Thank you all so much for all the positive feedback! It honestly means so much to me!! Here’s the second chapter!!

You and Rossi drove to the second dump site, going over possible theories as you navigated the foreign roads of New York. When you got to the scene you ducked under the yellow crime scene tape and took in your surroundings. It was a park, so very public. There was a bit of snow on the ground, though based on the photographs there was more when she was found.

             “She wasn’t found until the snow thawed.” You commented, “There was a blizzard the night she was dumped, which covered the body, that probably upset him, which could explain why there was the short time period between the second and third kills than the first and second.”

             “He could also be deteriorating.” Rossi added, walking around.

             “I don’t understand what message hes trying to send. He takes average middle to upper class women, holds them for a week, doing god knows what, but it isn’t torture, then stabs them, then lays them in very public places. They all had contusions on their head, so blitz attack, the unsub either isn’t very physically big or lacks the social skills to lure them.”

             Rossi agrees, giving the scene another once over before going back to the SUV. As you began driving back to the local precinct, silence took over the car and you thought that you couldn’t wait for 3 months from now when you’re settled in and part of the team. Since they act so much like a family, you felt a bit on the outside. That is, if you last three months and this soulmate situation doesn’t rear its ugly head. After a bit Rossi laughed, well not so much laughed but moer so pushed air through his nose in an amused manor.

             “You do know that the Bureau keeps record of what’s on all their agents wrists, right?” He asks, looking at you with an expression you couldn’t quite make out.

             “Yeah I know, I remember them taking a photogr- Oh. You heard, didn’t you?” Your stomach drops as you realize what he was getting at. Of course your superiors would know what your tattoos said in case there was a conflict of interest on a case or for identification purposes.

             “I did.”

             “What does this mean?” You ask, hands gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles.

             “I think that depends on how you want to handle the situation.”

             “There isn’t even a situation in my mind. Or at least I don’t want there to be. I don’t want a soulmate. I’m happy with my job the way it is and I don’t want to risk it. I’m my own person, I don’t need another half.” You say with a sign.

             “So you’re just going to let him keep thinking he’s a Glitch?” You can hear the disappointment and sadness in his voice. Of course, he would be sad for his friend, they had been working together for years.

             “I don’t know. I just. I don’t want a soulmate.” You say quietly, a guilty feeling settling in your gut. “Please don’t tell him.”

             “We’re bound by laws that say we can’t reveal what anyone’s tattoos say, it’s one of the strictest rules we have in the FBI, so I couldn’t even if I wanted to.” Rossi says as you pull into the parking lot of the local police station and you let out a sigh of relief.

             “Good, you’re back, what did you find?” Hotch asks as you walk in.

             You and Rossi go over all of the things you noticed in detail, explaining your theories. Spencer was standing in front of a white board, a map taped to it, mumbling something to himself and then writing it down on the board, and that guilty feeling started to rise again. Quickly looking away you grabbed the file for the case.

             “Y/L/N, why don’t you go talk to the victim’s partners, we have them in the interview rooms, Reid, will you join her?” Hotch asks after a moment.

             You curse internally, though you plaster a normal look on your face and nod, waiting for Reid to finish the geographical profile before you go to the interview rooms. Glancing at him you kicked yourself, you have to get over the awkward and guilty feelings, you’re going to be working with him for a long time, hopefully, so you need to get better at acting normally around him, you tell yourself.

             “Hello, my name is Dr. Spencer Reid and this is SSA Y/F/N Y/L/N,” Reid introduced you both and you shake the fiancée of the first victim’s hand.

             You two went through the motions of questions, did Angela have any enemies, what were her habits, where was he last, the works. You ignored the nagging feeling that was pulling you left, which just so happened to be the side of you that Spencer was sitting on. It was like your body was telling you to reach out and touch him, but you definitely kept your hands to yourself. Though you hate to admit you moved your chair forward and to the left a couple inches, disguising the leftward movement with the forward one. Maybe if you were closer it would get rid of that annoying feeling and you could concentrate more.

             “No, no I don’t think she had any enemies, everyone loved her. God, I loved her. We weren’t perfect together like everyone else but we loved each other, we made it work.” The fiancée went on, tears in his eyes. You frowned, what could he mean by that? 

             “Im sorry for asking this, but what do you mean?” You ask, leaning forward a bit.

             “Angela and I met in a support group for Glitches.” He clarified.

             You and Spencer nod, and you see Spencer fidget uncomfortably. After that you finish the interview quickly, moving onto the next the second victims husband. When you walked in and shook his hand you immediately noticed that his wrist was bare, and you frowned. Not only was this man a Glitch, he was a Blank. You envied him. You glanced at Spencer, wondering if he had noticed the pattern arising as well, but he didn’t seem to look at the man’s wrist at all. As you Reid was about to dismiss the man after asking all the routine questions you quickly interrupted to say that you had one more question for him.

“How did you and your wife meet?” You ask, hoping that this could give you at least some direction.

“We uh, we met at a group for Glitches.” He said as he held up his wrist you then thanked him for his time and he left.

“Both of the couples so far met at the support group, we should ask the others as well.” You say quickly, “It could be where the unsub is meeting them.”

“I agree, good catch,” Reid says with a small smile, but you noticed he didn’t make eye contact with you. 

Soon enough you found out that out of the four couples, all were Glitches, all four of the four couples met at support groups. When you explained this to the team, they immediately called Garcia asking about all the support groups in the area. Glitches weren’t that common, only about one per million people, and New York state’s population was just under 20 million people, which meant there were about 20 Glitches in total. Garcia found two support groups, both in New York City, but dozens of online forums. Together you came to the conclusion that the unsub may be a Glitch as well, possibly murdering these people because he was jealous that they were happy even without a soulmate.

“We should have two of us go undercover and go to the meetings.” Morgan suggested.

“I agree,” Rossi said next.

“I can go,” Prentiss volunteered with a shrug.

“Your script isn’t very believable as a Glitch though, Prentiss, like you said before, it is a pretty common sentence.” Morgan said with a sign, “Maybe JJ or Y/L/N could go, her is more ambiguous.”

“I can go.” Reid said suddenly, catching everyone’s attention.

“I could do it as well.” JJ gave Spencer a quick glance.

Luckily the team didn’t have to wait long because the first support group met that night at a local community center. JJ and Spencer were fit with wires, and instructed to go in with a story already set to explain how they were Glitches and that they made a pact to go to the support group together. Hotch, Prentiss, Rossi, Morgan, and you all waited outside in two surveillance vans, listening in on the wire. You watch as your teammates walk into the building, hoping that they would be able to find something out about the unsub.

“Hi, welcome to GA, Glitches anonymous, you two are new, what are your names and script so we can get you a name tag?” You heard someone greet. You stopped your jaw from dropping as your heart beat quickened, did they mean what you thought they did? Reaching up to tuck hair behind your ear you notice your hands are shaking. Glancing to your other teammates you make eye contact with Rossi for a second before you tear your eyes away.

“Excuse me?” JJ asked, Reid staying silent.

“Your script, what’s on your wrist, in order to build trust, we all write down what’s the first things we heard our soulmate say to show that we are willing to be vulnerable.” The person obviously running the support group explains.

“What if you’re a Blank?” JJ asks, obviously trying to give Spencer and out so that he doesn’t have to say what his is over the wire.

“Blanks are so rare, we’ve only had two in the 20 years we’ve been around. A lot of people like to claim their Blanks so they don’t have to write it down but we also always roll our sleeves up to keep everything out in the open. So, what are your names and script?”

“Im JJ, mine says ‘you must be’” JJ conceded, holding her wrist out.

“and you, sir?” You subly tried to take deep breaths to calm your heart. They were all in the room when you told Garcia that you love coffee, they would all know immediately.

“Uh, Im Spencer and uh,” He pauses and coughs uncomfortably, you glance to your teammates, who all look like they pity him as they listen. He had been working there for about a decade now and he never revealed what the words on his wrist said. “My script says ‘I love coffee.’”


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Hi! Can you please do a RFA+V reacts to an MC that constantly trash talks Rika please ❤️

A/N: God damn I hate Rika lemme at her ~Admin 404

if y'all are reading this and actually like Rika im sorry but she can catch these fists


           -MC please stop that

           -He like WORSHIPS his cousin

           -Even after everything is done he still does and he just

           -Why would you say such nasty things about his cousin??? MC that isn’t alright

           -Throws fits all the time. Full on will pout and throw himself to the floor until you apologize

           -HATES IT

           -Loves you, but hates the things you say about his cousin

           -He’s very loving to absolutely everyone and cannot wrap his head around why you would say such mean things about his own family???

           -You work on keeping your opinions to yourself and he’s so proud of you <3

           - but you mainly hold your tongue because you love him and yandere yoosung is scary




           -He thought Rika was really sweet!

           -Of course he was closer with V than he was with Rika and all, but he never saw a reason to dislike her

           -Every time you go to say something bad about her, he’s right there with a finger to your lips

           -“No MC, you don’t talk ill about people, it makes you ugly on the inside”

           - you talk bad about jumin though so like um should we talk about that zen

           -Now yes, you’re allowed to have you opinions, as long as you express them without hate

           -Hate is very strong, MC, don’t just throw it around

           -Eventually you just…kinda stop? Because you don’t end up saying anything anyway since he’s always right there to remind you that it’s bad to talk about people


           -She wasn’t very close to Rika (Since she joined the RFA late and all)

           -But she thought she was a nice and kind person

           - so pure so innocent

           -So when you say something negative about her the first time she’s surprised

           -First, she never expected you to be the type to talk shit about others

           -Second she just can’t see why you would say such things about Rika???

           -Most of the time she just lets you say what you want because they weren’t close enough to know what she was truly like and defend her

           -Like she can’t confirm nor deny that she’s crazy, it’s your opinion and she can’t change that

           -Isn’t the type to talk shit but she’s definitely down for a little gossip if you wanna tone it down a bit

           -As long as you take into consideration other people’s feelings  *coughYoosungcough* and don’t say anything to intentionally harm someone, whatever MC


           -“MC you shouldn’t talk like that”

           - i can talk how i wanna thank you very much mr trustfund kid

           -He obviously knows she’s done some bad things but he can’t talk ill about her

           -Sure he used to have feelings for her and all but that’s not what keeps him from being negative

           -He’s just not the type so see a point in it

           -What will talking shit bring you? What will it fix? What use is it? There is no use for it

           -You can talk all you want but most of the time he just stays quiet and lets it slide

           -But some of the words that come out of your mouth MC, how can such a pretty mouth say such dirty words

           - lets see how dirty your mouth can get, wink wonk im soRRY

           -Just please don’t say anything extremely rude, he doesn’t like it, people deserve some sort of level of respect


           -Preeeetty sure he’d hate her at the end of it all because???

           -She brain washed his brother and all this shit?????

           -No thank you

           -Wouldn’t say anything when you say negative things about her

           -Gets quiet and just nods

           -He doesn’t bring anything up but if you’re already talking about her, he’ll input his opinion if you want it

           -Actually thinks it’s a little funny? Because you’re just so feisty and just bring it up randomly

           -Y'all could be laying in bed, 2 AM, almost asleep, and you just whisper “god I hate her”

           -And he can’t help but laugh because it’s just so out of nowhere

           -Just wow MC, you can hold a grudge can’t you?


           -MC that was the love of his life at one time

           -Yes, he knows that she’s crazy but he still loved her

           -Yes, he loves you now, but still

           -He isn’t the type to hold grudges or to really talk ill about someone

           -Understands that you’re angry about everything she’s done and everything she’s put him through

           -Lowkey takes it as a compliment because wow you love me this much to hate this person

           -But is also like “MC hate is a strong word- MC YOU SHOULDN’T CALL ANYONE THAT NAME THAT IS A BAD WORD”

           - okay but listen v,,,,, am i wrong???? no i am not

           -Just quietly listens to you rant and say what you want most of the time because you’re allowed to have your own opinions

           -But you can’t help but apologize because?? He’s so sweet and it’s kind of heartbreaking to talk about his past love that way when it was very obvious he really loved her


           -“Fuck her she’s crazy” “I know right?”

           -Seriously I think he’d talk shit too

           -Like sure at one point he was like “THIS IS MY SAVIOUR” but once he’s gotten help and like out of her control

           -Wouldn’t you talk shit too??

           -At the beginning I’m sure he’d get angry and tell you to just knock it off

           -But as time goes on I think he’d start to realize how terrible she really is

           -So go ahead MC, trash talk all you want

           -He’ll just nod along or tell you some things you didn’t even know about her

           -Loves the fire you get in your eyes when you talk about it though because WOW

           -You care about him that much??? To have these feelings towards her??? That strongly???

Dear Evan Hansen Headcanons

- Jared once bought heelies because as the school funnyman it’s practically his job- but then he rolled down a ramp and crashed into a fountain

- when Connor was alive he punched a kid who made fun of his black nail polish

-Evan has both a fidget cube and spinner, but uses the cube more often. Jared used to tease him for it but then he saw how much it helped Evan and let the boy be free

-Evan has actually been handling his anxiety a lot better since the whole Connor project incident, and it makes Heidi and Jared so happy because: you’re doing great sweetie look at you go

-it took Evan a really long time to tell Jared how he actually broke his arm and when he did it was very a random very fast word vomit while they were hiking.

-Evan falling out of the tree is now the one thing Jared will not make fun of

-Jared once tried to ask Evan out and ended up screaming “YOU WANNA GO” at him and Evan instantly thought Jared wanted to fight and was Afraid

-things were incredibly awkward with Zoe for a long time. Most of the time they accidentally met in the orchard and Evan would always, without fail, start apologizing. Zoe is so used to it that whenever she sees Evan she instantly says “it’s ok.”

-Heidi takes as many days off as she can but she’s still really busy, whenever she’s home she’s making all of Evan’s favorite foods and they chill out and watch cop shows

-Heidi usually asks how Evans day went and if he’s doing ok, and Evan makes sure she’s not over exhausting herself

-One time in the middle of Evan’s routinely “I’m sorry I fucked up so bad” speeches Zoe suddenly asked “so you wrote that letter?”

-Evan didn’t go to the orchard for a week after that he was so shook

-whenever someone accidentally steps on the back of Evan’s shoes he loses his shoe, everything in his pockets, and face plants

-Jared is gonna make fun of Evan until he dies but if anyone else does Jared will personally show up to your room that night and end you

-Zoe actually helped to mend their very awkward relationship by making stupid jokes before Evan could open his mouth and after that they were able to just have a comfortable silence

-Jared is the living embodiment of “I made you a friendship bracelet” “lol that’s so stupid” “you don’t have to we-” “NO IM NEVER TAKING IT OFF”

-he may or may not have a few of Evans friendship bracelets around his ankle

-after middle school Jared actually got really afraid of being bullied, so when high school started he upped his teasing to the next tier

-Evan tries really hard to comfort Jared when he feels like shit- which is more often than you’d think- but it’s just so hard to tell when he is and he always throws it off with a dumb joke

-one time Jared teased Evan about the Connor project, and went too far, Evan didn’t speak to him for the rest of the day, Jared almost cried

- sometimes when he can tell Evan is having a rough day he invites him to places randomly- “hey so all my totally awesome friends bailed on me for the mall, and I figured you’d wanna go since you have no life or whatever”

- alternatively Evan sits by Jared and makes awkward small talk, and just gives the boy a chance to tell him what’s wrong. He’ll give him his cube if Jared seems especially anxious

-Zoe once asked Evan if anything he told her was true, and he told her about the printer story. She seemed somewhat happy that Connor cared she was in the letter.

-Zoe once stabbed Connor in the eye with mascara and still finds it one of the funniest memories of him

-Zoe is a music depression person, she sits in her room with music full blast a lot

-“wait Zoe you know that you don’t have to like forgive me and be friends with me right like that’s totally ok i know I screwed up so-” “I know, I also don’t have mourn Connor” “…so why are you at the orchard so much”

-she never explains this

-one time Jared jumped on Evans back and they both ended up in a river

-he knows Evan has the strength to hold him up and dammit he’s gonna prove it

-one of the things Evan doesn’t regret about the Connor project is his speech because he still gets messages of the video thanking him and telling him how helpful it was

-Evan really wants a hamster, like really fucking badly

-Jared constantly greets people with “sup I’m gay” or “sup Hereros”

-Jared also constantly points out hot guys in hopes that Evan will agree because he can’t tell if Evan really is bi or not he just gets bi vibes from him

-“hey can you help me find updog” “what is..updog…?”

- this happens with Bofa too

- Connor used to be the master of avoiding situations. If you tried to have a serious conversation with him he’d either distract you or you’d turn around and he’d just be gone.

- he also does this thing where he pulls his hoodie up and pulls the strings whenever he just can’t deal with how stupid this is

-Jared was the first to drive and oh god what a mistake that was, he’s terrible

-Zoe once laughed really hard and spat gum at a teacher by accident

-one time while hiking with Evan he reached over and ate a leaf and Evan can’t even look at him the same way- what is wrong with you, Jared

- operation ask Evan out part 2- Jared tried to let Evan come to him because who wouldn’t you know? Then Zoe explained that she solidified the relationship- so he took Evan to the park but ended up eating too many chili dogs and throwing up on the curve when he got nervous. He was still trying to ask him out while hurling

-Alana becomes Number One Leader, she’s great at it, she’s learned to listen to other people more often.

-she hangs out with Jared and Evan a lot, she usually organizes the hangouts

-was voted most likely to succeed in life and honestly? It was probably unanimous

- Jared and her are in the “Evan was a dick to me” club and have tshirts

- eventually they let Zoe into their club

-one time they were hanging out and invited Zoe without Evan knowing and Evan nearly jumped out a window he ran away so fast

- Alana saw Zoe’s stars on her jean cuffs and got so happy “oh my god that’s such a great idea it looks so cute!” “Oh thank you it’s just-” “do you mind if I do it too?” “Not at all but why-” “do you have a marker?”

- Evan can’t tie his shoes

- Alana ends up uploading a bunch of videos of Zoe playing songs, and they get some good attention. Zoe was shocked but Alana just explained that it was inevitable

-Jared goes through everyone’s phones and changes people’s contact names to memes

- “Evan stop apologizing so much” “I’m sorry-” “Evan no. None of that. Please” “ok ok I’m sorr-” “EVAN”

- Evan and Alana hate litter. Like a lot. Jared will never understand it but whenever the two are out they’re just picking up all the litter they find and throw it out.

-Jared once made a joke “maybe you guys should just carry around bags to carry garbage in”

-After they started doing this Jared made another joke: “why don’t you two make a recycling project”

-after Alana and Evan become save the world co-presidents Jared learned he really needs to stop joking.

-Jared cried when he graduated

Wrong Girl

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam
Words:   1006
Requested by Anonymous:  Hi I want to know if you could do a oneshot where the reader is human but Sam and dean think she’s a demon and try torture her but realizes she’s human and freaks out and try’s to make it up to her with smut please ??? If you can’t I totally understand but thank you so much P.s I love your blog so much it’s my go to spn 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️ 

Warning: mention of smut

A/N: Sorry it doesn’t have real smut…the smut slump is deep
A/N2: This is not part of the “Our Girl” series.
A/N3: If you want tagged in anything, just let me know.

         You hadn’t been yourself for a few days. The demon had completely taken over, using you to do whatever it wanted. It was on the run from the Winchester’s. You knew of them. You weren’t stupid. You had been a hunter for years.

           As soon as the demon smoked out of you, you were on the ground, trying to recoup from what had happened.

           “Got you, Bitch,” Dean’s deep voice was right above you. You had fallen into a demon trap. You couldn’t move. Not because of the trap, but because your body was in pain from being used by the demon.

           “The demon’s gone,” you said, looking up at him.

           “Right,” he rolled his eyes.

           “I promise,” you said, “It smoked out.”

           “How do you even know what that means?” he growled.

           “I’m a hunter too,” you said, trying to sit up, but your body was so weak. It was hard to do anything.

           “Like we’re going to believe that,” Sam came into the room, “Looks like we have the upper hand here.”

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Catching (Peter Parker x Reader) Hogwarts AU

Peter Parker x Fem!Reader

Part three of the Improper series

*Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3*

You sat in the Great Hall, moving your carrots around the plate with your fork. Today had been awesome. First week of school, no homework, aced that surprise Charms quiz, food served for lunch was the best so far. Today was supposed to be great, and it was, except for one small detail; Peter wasn’t sitting next to you like always. No, he was talking to Inigo down the table. You stabbed a carrot so hard the fork bent. Peter was talking to Inigo and it didn’t look like the usual conversation, entailing Inigo being a jerk and Peter trying not to punch him. This time, Peter looked happy. He was laughing and smiling and absorbing the attention like a sponge. You observed him from afar, hearing pieces of what they were talking about. “Quidditch” and “finally” were used a lot, and you stared down at the food, wishing you could sneak off to the Slytherin table and talk to Abby, Keira and Erin. If I could just crawl under the tables. You think, devising a plan. Maybe McGonagall won’t see-

Peter sat down next to you and began putting food on his plate, humming under his breath.

“You excited for the quidditch tryouts?” He asks, shoveling chicken in his mouth. Like nothing was wrong. Like he wasn’t just talking and laughing with your bully.

“Definitely. Yeah.” You answer, cheering up a bit, but not enough. The image of Peter laughing with Inigo was burned into your mind and it left bitter thoughts floating in your head. I just need to get away for a bit. You reason. Peter will understand.

“Can you cover for me?” You ask hurriedly. “I don’t want Morgan catching me sneaking off.” Peter gave you a blank look at why you would want to distract the Gryffindor prefect but you didn’t wait for his response and slinked off the bench, briskly walking down between the two tables and turning to continue towards the Slytherin table. It would have been easier to go around the other way, but that was nearest to the professors table at the front, and they could not know that you were sitting at another house’s dining table. Your friends looked confused and alarmed when they say you approach the Slytherins. Abigail frantically motioned for you to sit at the empty space between her and Erin.

“Why the bloody hell are you here?” Erin asked wildly, looking around to see if anyone knew of your table change. When she knew no one saw, she faced you, grinning brightly. Erin loved breaking rules, from scribbling on the bathroom stalls to secretly giving Professor Barton a rabbit tail and cat ears. “Did that little shit give you a hard time again?”

She was referring to Inigo of course, but instead of feeling better you saddened even more. “I think Peter-he was, I mean I’m not-” You began, stumbling over words. Huffing, you calm down and try again. “Peter was talking to Inigo…”

You finish the sentence in a dejected whisper, realizing how stupid the problem was when said out loud. “Talking to Inigo how? Like usual? Or was Inigo being an even bigger twit than usual?” Keira interrogated at lightning speed, becoming irritated and heated at the mention of the boy she hated so much.

“Please,” Abigail scoffed, rolling her eyes. “Would she really come here if it was just ‘Inigo as usual’? God Keira, think about it! Peter wasn’t just talking to him-they were having a good old time. Didn’t you see them? Peter was loving the attention, that little-”

Erin jabbed Abigail slightly in the rib to make her stop talking. “M’ sure Peter didn’t mean to leave ya out.” Erin says soothingly, slinging her arm over your shoulders. “You know he loves you very much.”

Keira smirks and Abigail snorts, which does not go unnoticed by you. “‘Course he loves me, we’re best friends.” You say slowly, narrowing your eyes at your friends.

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Thief (Part 5)

Pairing: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Swearing…. i think that might be it this chapter. 

Hope you enjoy this little chapter. If you want to read the previous chapters for thief they can be found here;;;;;
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Lincoln would heal that much was obvious with very little medical training, which was good because you had very little medical training, your skills obviously in other areas. As it was the most you could do for him was clean the blood from his wounds, bandage them and let him sleep. Regain his strength through rest.

With nothing else to do you for him you slipped from the cave only to come face to face with Octavia the young woman from before.

“You made it?”

“Clearly” you crossed your arms over your chest staring at her. “You have some sort of feelings towards Lincoln?”

She blushed turning an adorable shade of pink as she started to fidget on the spot. “He got hurt because of me”

“How exactly is this because of you?”

“He was looking after me, Finn and Bellamy they thought he was hurting me and somehow he ended up stabbed and then everything was just crazy”

Lincoln was looking after you?” Lincoln was strange in many of grounder customs but you never would have thought he would deliberately disobey them and help one of the sky people. Then again wasn’t that exactly what you were doing, you had been meeting with Finn, had been plotting against your own people. That was going to end. “Why was Lincoln looking after you in the first place?”

“I fell” she pointed towards the steep cliff near to the entrance of the cave. “I fell there and hurt my ankle, knocked myself out. Woke up in the cave. Lincoln had taken me inside and bandaged up my ankle”

“You like him?”

She was blushing again but this time not out of embarrassment. “I like him”

Sighing you rubbed a hand over your face. This could only go badly. A relationship between a grounder and a sky person. It would never end well. Ignoring the pang of your conscious that told you only hours before you’d been having very similar thoughts about this girl’s brother.

“Lincoln’s still asleep. He needs to rest but he’ll be fine. Watch him”

“You mean… you aren’t staying?”

You shook your head. “I have to go back to my own people, I won’t say anything about you Octavia Blake of the Sky people but I advise you to be very careful with this relationship whatever it is with you and Lincoln”

“Careful?” she questioned. “Why?”

“You know the answer to that already, it’s why you haven’t told your brother where you are or who you’ve come to see”

She avoided your eyes at that proving that she knew exactly what you were talking about. Moving around her she caught your wrist in her hand holding you still.

“Thank you”

“For what? Lincoln? He’s my friend there is no thanks needed”

“No not for Lincoln. For Finn, he would have died without you”

You swallowed tightly at that. He still might die, the antidote was not always 100% effective, a fact you hadn’t told to them. You hoped you’d managed to give it to Finn before the poison got too advanced into his system.

“For Finn also there is no need to thank me” you said softly, pulling your wrist out of Octavia’s grasp you melted back into the shadows of the forest.


“You’re looking better”

“I hear that’s thanks to you” Finn smiled at you from his position on the ground sat leaning against a tree. “Thank you Y/N, for saving my life”

“Did they tell you what happened?” you dropped down onto the floor beside Finn. Curious as to what the other sky people had actually told him about what happened while he was passed out.

“You mean the other grounder and you escaping again? Yeah they told me. Gave me a laugh if nothing else. Bellamy’s face when you vanished once more”

You were going to guess that Bellamy had failed to mention to his people that he had in fact caught you before leaving and that this time it was him who had voluntarily let you go, he had chosen to let you escape.

“Finn we need to talk about something… something is going to happen because of this. Anya is furious and I don’t know how long she’s going to hold herself back anymore”

“Can you stop her?”

“Me?” you questioned in shock “No, of course not”


“Finn I don’t have that kind of influence over Anya. I’m not her second or even an advisor to her war council. Sure I can try and talk to her but that may just make the situation even worse”

Finn was looking more and more dejected of which you couldn’t blame him. The tension between your two groups of people had started to reach boiling point and it didn’t seem that there was any way of solving it.

“If only we could… maybe try and get Anya and Clarke in the same place. They could talk rather than just hurling attacks at each other” you regretted the words almost instantly because Finn’s face lit up in delight.

“That’s it! It’s perfect. You get Anya and I’ll get Clarke. They can talk, we can have some sort of peace talks”

“Finn that is insane” you shook your head again “I was just thinking out loud I wasn’t serious. Did you not understand what I just said about Anya being angry beyond all belief. The only thing that putting her near Clarke would achieve is blood shed”

“But they could talk”

“Finn” you cut him off once more “she doesn’t want to talk. She wants to kill, to destroy she want’s to hurt you all as badly as you hurt us”

“So what do we do?” he asked sadly “just sit around and watch our people kill each other?”

“I don’t know if there’s anything we can do”

You carefully picked the leaf off a nearby plant, shredding the leaves into neat strips and letting them flutter down from your fingers. Your brain felt fried, you really couldn’t think of any way to try and resolve the issue, or not one that didn’t involve mass amounts of bloodshed and possible death. That wasn’t what you wanted, or not truly anyhow. The idea of all your friends dying in a battle that could achieve nothing was devastating.

Out of nowhere the face of Bellamy Blake appeared as well, you didn’t want him to die either. The idea hurt on a level you’d never felt before. You didn’t understand your feelings towards Bellamy and didn’t want to examine them all to closely at the moment but that also didn’t mean you wanted him dead.

“I can… try and talk to Anya”

“You will?” Puppy dog eyes flicked back to your own as they lit with excitement.

“I can plant the idea, I’m not saying it will work but I honestly can’t think of any other option and your right. I don’t want a war”

“I can get Clarke to agree”

“I’m sure you can” you smirked at his sudden blush and inability to look you in the eye. “It has to be just you and Clarke though Finn. If Anya agrees to this and then there’s some sort of ambush that will literally be it, no more talking and no more waiting. There will be war”

You didn’t mention that if this did turn into an ambush against your people then you’d been killed for suggesting it assumed to be in league with the sky people. It was better that Finn didn’t know anyhow.

“I can get just Clarke” he insisted mouth set in a determined line. “This can work Y/N”

“I hope so Finn, I truly hope so”

It would unfortunately take more than Finn’s word to convince Anya that this would work and whatever she would demand from you was going to be bad. Was it worth the risk? You didn’t know but what you did know was that if you didn’t try you would never forgive yourself.

Im trying to clean up my half finished fic folder lol. Here’s a thing about Ichabod and Abbie escaping the Underworld, written when we all thought Abbie was chilling with Hades somewhere Queenin’ it up and shit LOL.

Straight Ahead


The King of the Underworld was sort of a prick. Abbie thought this but would never say it out loud, fearing he had ears everywhere. This was his domain after all. But she thought it furiously.

Only a prick would “Eurydice” her like this, not letting her look at the face she’d been aching to see for so long. But at least he let her leave. There was that. But still the rules remained; If Ichabod even turned to look at her she would stay here, forever.

She tightened her grip on his large hand, her heart jumping when he squeezed back with his elegant fingers, lightly calloused from a life of taking up arms against threats.

They travelled for some time in relative silence, each wanting to say everything to each other but not knowing where to start.

Abbie had missed him terribly. She missed his self righteous rants, the way his forehead wrinkled and his eyes widened and oh my god his eyebrows…she could wax on and on about how much she missed the stiff arch of his thick brows raised high on his face as he complained.

Crane was unusually quiet now that she thought about it. She usually couldn’t get him to shut up. Was this really him? Maybe Hades was fucking with her. She expressed this idea to Crane and he echoed her sentiment.

“What do you propose we do about this Lieutenant ?”

She considered thoughtfully for a moment and then said, “Tell me something only I would know. That’s how I figured out the Fake You from the Real You when I was trapped in Purgatory.”

“Would you like to go first?”

“Nah, you go. I have to think of something first.”

“As you wish…Oh for God’s sake!”

Ichabod swiped at a hell beast, stabbing it through with a sword made of very hard-to-procure Stygian Iron, never once letting go of her hand. Abbie was impressed. She was also a bit aroused too, if she was honest. She tamped down hard on her bottom lip, trying to put away such thoughts for a more suitable time and place.

Ichabod took a moment to gather himself and replace his sword in its sheath before they began walking again.

“You wash your hair on Sundays and you always wear a ratty New Edition shirt, that I’ve tried many a time to get rid of…”

“I KNEW you tried to throw it away! “Mistake” my ass!”

“That frock has every manner of hole and bleach stain on it. I do not know why you insist on keeping it.”

“Exactly because it’s so messed up. I don’t have to care about it getting ruined because it’s already ruined” she laughed at his low grumbling.

“Ok…my turn…” Abbie thought a moment, “Oh! You sing Beyonce songs while you shower,” Abbie smiled as she heard a surprised squeak from his mouth, “Flawless seems to be a favorite.”

“Long Live The Queen.”

Abbie buried her laughter into the back of his coat. She dropped the hand holding his to grip his waist. She told herself it was to steady herself while she cackled, but no, that wasn’t it at all.

She liked the feel of him beneath her fingertips. She liked having reasons to touch him. Her heart quickened, remembering his head against her breast, her lips on his forehead.

His hand covered hers. He didn’t turn his head. She knew he wanted to.

“You like to order pepperoni pizza, but you never eat the pepperonis,” Ichabod stroked the smooth skin of her small hand and she found herself snuggling into his coat even more, “I always find them casually placed next to my slice when I’m not paying attention.”

She shrugged, “I like the way they make the cheese taste but I don’t like them. You like everything. Well at least food wise. I’ve never seen you turn down a meal,” she smiled, “Where do you put it all?”

“My brother used to say it all went to my forehead.”

Here in the dank, dark pits of Hades’ territory they were laughing, navigating their way out thanks to a map so graciously provided by the King of the Underworld himself.

“Mm let’s see…Oh! your favorite Disney Princess is Tiana, Belle is a close second.”

“I do quite admire Miss Tiana’s determination and drive . It is a quality I most appreciate in a woman.” His nervous energy seemed to go right to his fingers, they could not stop twitching and moving against her own, interlacing and caressing. And so her body moved on its own, feet lifting up onto her toes and her lips pressing against the exposed patch of his neck, her nose nuzzling in the thicket of his hair, breathing in the scent of her shampoo which he always stole. She pretended to mind, but she didn’t really.

“Thank you.” She said quietly into the shell of his ear. He shuddered and she saw the goose flesh pop up on his neck.

“You run your fingers through my hair when you think I’m fast asleep during movie night.” He whispered quietly. They were in different territory in more ways than one, as they neared the river Styx. This was not just a fun little game anymore.

“ I knew you weren’t asleep. I always know. I just like the way your hair feels against my fingertips…” She demonstrated, raking a small hand through, relishing in the feel of his scalp scratching beneath her nails. He swallowed loudly, stumbling into the boat, holding onto her hand tightly as she climbed in behind him.

“I’m going to kiss you breathless once we escape this place.” He stated matter of factory as he dropped her hand and grabbed the oars attached to the boat and began rowing.

“Oh you better.” She smiled slyly.


Title: Playing Doctor

(gifs belongs to of-badges-of-guns <3)

A/N: It ended up being longer than expected but thats good, right? Lol. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Requested by: Anon - “im not sure if you watched the season 3 finale or not, but imagine being there for Pride after he finally takes down Hamilton. Cleaning him up and fixing the stab wound that he COVERED WITH DUCT TAPE WOW and just being a shoulder to cry on”

Word Count: 831

Pairing: Dwayne Pride x Reader

“Y'shouldn’t have'ta do this, [Y/N].” Pride mumbled, his face a picture of pain while you gently soaked his duct-tape covered stab with a warm, damp cloth. It would make it easier to pull the duct-tap off. Pride was laid out on your dining table. It didn’t seem right to take him back to NCIS, or the hospital not when you were capable of taking care of him and his wounds.

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In a remote area filled with lush green grass and foliage layed a snoozing young pirate under a tree. Even though the day seemed peaceful all around him, he was not at ease. He was in a cold swear fingers twitching as the poor skeleton struggled to get sleep. Unfortunately, his fever did not appear to help him as well, the curse spreading throughout his body. At the same point in time a black cloaked figure was sneaking through the trees, a dagger in there hand. There mission was to a certain pirate, and from so locals near by they heard them say he was usually out here. They kept walking forward, looking around and trying to stay as quiet as possible.
The pirates eyes shot open upon hearing a faint rustle in the distance. his eyes went from red to a demented purple as a creepy smile grew on his face. He pretended to be asleep, waiting for his persuer to get closer.
The figure soon spotted him and slinked closer tightening the grip on there dagger. As they did so the pirate nasty grin widens, his cursed arms slowly shifting into jagged claws. The person looked around making sure no locals were present, when they looked back at the pirate they noticed his arms shifting. They backed up a bit mumbling something before slinking up. They stayed alert for anything possible.
Suddenly the pirate turns and slashes his claws, the person dodged before lunging at them. The pirate smirked and dashed around them, once the figure hit the ground they were pinned to the ground. “Well well… If it isn’t my first meal of the day~♥” he hissed, licking his sharp teeth.
The person stared at them, “you can try.. but I’m not that much of an easy catch~” the person said sounding female. She put her foot up to his chest and kicked him off getting up quickly. “Oof!” The pirate stumbled back but managed to get back on his feet as he slid back. “Is that so~” he chuckled, “well then… I guess it doesn’t hurt to EARN your meal…” He dashed forward quick as an shadow.
The person hopped over him then turned slashing at him with the dagger, he barely dogged only to get slashed by shirt. “TSK!” He shifted his claws into a sword and clashes with the dagger only for the person to jump back a good distance. She shoved some hair back into her hood, “comon pirate boy..” he dashed forward moving like a shadow. “Typical Huntsgirl~” he then jumps at her slashing at her shoulder, she ducked out of the way the sword only snagging her cloak, she wiped around and threw the dagger at him.
He looked shocked as the dagger lodged into his chest, he stumbled across the dirt hissing. He tried to remove the dagger as the person walked up pulling out another dagger from her boot. “Well well..~ let me help you there..” she stabbed the other dagger into his chest. “Hack!” He felt a pain surge through him as another dagger was stabbed into his chest. His eyes went from purple to blue, “I…” He slowly looks down and stared daggers then to the hunter. “Well…. Well played..” he said still trying to remove the dagger.
She patted his shoulder as the other hand reached down and pulled out one of the daggers. “Aw hun..~ I’m sure everything will be fine~” she stabbed it into his shoulder before walking off, hoping he’ll bleed to death.
He started coughing up blood. the stabs were in too deep and his ribs. He gave up pulling the daggers after using up what’s left of his energy. He didn’t have much energy left from being sick and very tired. He stared up at the sky and forced up one last smile “………Papyrus….” His smile melted into a frown as tears begin to well up in his eye sockets. “Im sorry……” He started to cry his heart out as he slowly turn to nothing but black dust. All that remained of him was his clothes, bandana and a picture of him. papyrus and Gaster, smiling at the camera with the words scribbled on it ‘Don’t forget…’

CTK: @perfectshadow06

Special thank to~
Perf for rping the idea out and @nighthowl3 for being a beta reader, and then both for sanity x’D

Have a great day!


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  • wowza
  • so youngjae died around the nineties and he seriously a c t s like it
  • still has the middle part with the weightless hair, likes denim on denim, probably has fond memories of tupac (he didn’t take certain news about him very well either rip)
  • hes been a ghost for quite a while so he’s seen a lot and he’s very knowledgeable about this new world he “lives” in but honestly since he only hears whatever from the people that live in the apartment he haunts his perception on some concepts are,,, skewed
  • basically hes either listening to twelve year old little boys yelling over a headset in call of duty or listening to a grandmother on the phone with her pre teen granddaughter who’s obsessed with this guy named jeon jungkook?? lmao youngjae watched the grandma google him a few minutes after she ended the call and honestly what’s up with the coconut hairstyle deep down he’s super jealous like this kid has more muscle than he did at his age
  • you moved into the house that he’s been haunting finally, after a kind old couple insist they’d feel better somewhere bigger and it’s perfectly sized for a twenty something in college
  • rent is okay, location is okay, and there’s even a cute boy who lives across the hall from you so it’s really a win-win-win
  • only thing is the couple stresses that sometimes the lights flicker around evening time, they can hear someone’s voice singing through the walls (at your petrified expression they quickly offer that it might be a neighbor), and that it always gets strangely cold in the kitchen past 10 pm
  • you think this is a given bc like, its an old af building and it’s been around for so long so it’s probably nothing bad. you can deal with that for what it’s worth
  • the cute boy who lives across from you is named yugyeom
  • hes a sophomore at your college and a dance major so he’s pretty much always in sweats and always drinking out of a bottle of water and more often than not his hair is plastered to his forehead with sweat
  • but he still looks so good wow
  • anyway yugyeom agrees to help you on the day you move in bc “neighbors help neighbors!!!” and youre really about to tell him no thanks don’t strain yourself cause he already looks deadbeat tired from dance practice but he says it with the cheesiest grin and he’s already got three boxes in hand and oh, he looks great from this angle pls continue
  • yugyeom ends up helping you move in way less time than you would have alone so you’re left with a few hours to spare before you tuck in for your first day of school tomorrow, lounging around on the couch as you procrastinate putting together your coffee table
  • (yugyeom offered to do that too but his eyelids were practically dropping so you gave him some brownies you baked while he bench-pressed your box of textbooks and he was knocked out cold in his apartment five minutes later)
  • you’re like just about to get up and do it when you notice that you’ve left the oven on
  • you rush into the kitchen to shut it off when you feel an icy breeze dance across your back and you’re like umm wtf
  • you recall being told it gets particularly cold around 10 but it’s barely 8 at night
  • you brush it off and shut off the oven, heading over to the living room to get to work
  • by the time you get the table together, it’s well dark outside and the moonlight is the only thing lighting your way through the house so you go to plug in a miscellaneous lamp
  • seconds after flipping the switch, youre met with a wide grin on the other side of the lampshade and a warm “hi!”
  • you nearly piss your pants screaming
  • there’s a (very cute) random guy in your apartment that you never noticed before and he’s screaming too and wow it’s not the time to mention it but this guy’s vocals are pretty solid
  • once you’re all screamed out, you just stare at the guy in shock as he does the same
  • “who are you?” you ask, reaching around you for a weapon
  • “youngjae! im your roommate!”
  • this guy is too cute to be crazy but alas
  • so you obviously explain like yo i didn’t sign for a roommate 
  • his smile comes back tenfold and he holds out a hand, “im the resident ghost of this apartment so don’t worry, no papers to sign”
  • you’re somewhere between shocked and really intrigued bc for sure he looks pretty pale in the lamp light but ghost?? as if
  • “prove it” you say it without thinking, suddenly not liking the options of how he’d exactly prove it
  • sure enough he picks the most dangerous option when he looks at your hand, which is clutched around the discarded screwdriver you had used to build your coffee table “stab me!”
  • you have like an out of body experience after he says this
  • you look down at your hand and you stare at the screwdriver, closing and opening your eyes a few times to center yourself
  • finally you look back up and he’s definitely still there, definitely still smiling and definitely still waiting for you to drive a fucking screwdriver through his chest
  • “that’s… this is a really weird way to get someone to kill you, you know. like. buddy" 
  • youngjae realized you’re not gonna go through with it on your own so he just kinda grabs your hand holding the screwdriver and boy is his hand cold as fuck
  • you wanna offer him a blanket or something but then he yanks your hand forward and the screwdriver is hilt deep in his heart
  • you gasp out in horror but he looks absolutely fine, helping you pull the screwdriver out and you note with awe that not only is there no blood, there’s no wound. he’s even giggling and rolling back on his butt as he watches your expression “see? dead as a doorknob. anywho, i usually like to get to know the people who live here gradually. you know, see what they like to watch, what they like to eat, who they bring home-” “WHAT” “i promise im not a peeping tom!! i usually stay in my corner of the kitchen and stuff but sometimes i get curious. i disappear when it gets inappropriate though”
  • soon youngjae is spilling how he died back in march 1996, when there was a fire in that part of the building. most of the floor was destroyed but gradually they had built it back up by the end of the decade and youngjae’s ghostly life came to be around that time
  • youngjae was also both happy and sad that he had been the only casualty and had he not gotten separated from his roommate he might’ve made it out
  • his story is brief but it still makes tears prick at the sides of your eyes
  • “i get kinda lonely when no one lives here, but the last couple was super sweet. they were pretty considerate about my tendency to fluctuate electricity and they always appreciated my singing" 
  • you’re somehow settled with the whole thing by this point, your interest piqued as you ask youngjae to sing for you
  • hes really shy and if he had any blood flowing through him, your sure he might blush
  • he eventually sings for you though, a lullaby his mother taught him apparently 
  • his voice is melodic and thanks to the fact that he’s a ghost, his voice carries in an otherworldly way that has you almost hypnotized
  • his voice was melancholic but sweet, slowly lulling you as you lay on the floor beside him, your eyes dropping shut
  • youngjae doesnt notice you’ve fallen asleep until he hears your light snores, and he smiles fondly at you before scooping you up and taking you to your bed, making sure to tuck you in tight and to turn off the lights "goodnight (y/n), sweet dreams”
  • you wake the next day warm, well rested, and totally convinced that youngjae was a dream until you look down and there he is, at the foot of your bed, curled around you like a puppy with eyes wide open and he greets you peppily "morning! you’re late for integral calculus”
  • you’ve never run so fast in your life
  • but sure enough youngjae becomes a part of your daily life
  • he wakes you up for school, warns you about dangers in the apartment you’d otherwise be clueless about, and helps you cook
  • his favorite thing is food and he’s always trying to cook
  • he shows you all the recipes he’s learned from every resident who has ever lived there, including one from a past college student who learned how to stir fry with ramen noodles, an onion, and some left over chicken nuggets from mcdonald's 
  • bc youre always so stressed from school, he finds singing you to sleep puts you out way quicker than anything else
  • gets jealous whenever yugyeom visits
  • OK BUT LIKE he pouts so bad whenever yugyeom comes over, especially when he’s half naked which is all the time
  • “why is he here again” “youngjae the power’s out at his place and he needs to finish an essay for school” “WHY CANT HE JUST DRIVE TWO MILES TO THE NEAREST STARBUCKS LIKE A NORMAL PERSON”
  • one time you and youngjae we’re spending “quality friend time” baking cupcakes when yugyeom came over after practice dripping in sweat with just a tank top and shorts on asking for a cupcake and even smirked at you and went “these are nowhere as sweet as you” and youngjae nearly beat him to death with a baking pan but thankfully yugyeom didn’t notice you lean your hand against the floating pan in panic
  • you’d rather not have ghost yugyeom haunting you too lol
  • uses outdated phrases to talk to you sometimes
  • “how do i look in this dress, jae?” “rad as always, dudette 😎” “you’re literally asking to get punched youngjae”
  •  you jokingly tell youngjae hes a bad influence on you bc he always manages to keep you up to like 2am and he takes it the wrong way and is like “:(( do you want to stop talking to me? should i leave you alone?” and you’re like nO OH YM GDO I DIDNT MEAN IT LIKE THAT I LOVE YOU
  • and then youngjae blushes super hard like “you love me?”
  • and you realize your mistake
  • “I-i mean… what i meant to say was-”
  • he just smiles and winks at you “im just teasing, you’re such a square”
  • deep down even though he’s laughing it off he really wishes he was alive so you could see him that way
  • bc god does he daydream about kissing you when you’re walking around in your underwear, toothpaste all over your mouth and sleep still in your eyes
  • he wishes he could touch you without you jumping in reaction to his cold temperature
  • he wishes you could look at him as more than just some ghost who’ll pass on one day
  • he realizes that the reason he can’t necessarily move on is because he hasn’t quite found someone who won’t leave him behind
  • he feels like you could be it
  • he hopes you are because he never wants to forget you
  • but he hopes you aren’t because once he finds his purpose, he’s gone
  • “i hope you never leave” he admits one night, laying beside you in bed as you smile sleepily at him 
  • “even when i’m married with kids older than i am now?”
  • he bites back a bitter laugh, shutting his eyes so you don’t see the sad shine in them
  • “…yeah, even then”

other ghost!got7


imaginary friend!mark





+ Issac Lahey- Teen Wolf 

 author’s note: so im typing this on my phone but I will go back later to edit this and make it less shitty. long live issac lahey even though he isn’t “gone”. sorry if this is on ur dash and it’s very long to scroll through. 

 Prompt: the reader saves issac from a the impending doom of bullies. fast forward one bite later, suddenly he doesn’t seem to need help anymore. 

Nonchalantly, you back up against your locker and watch as Jackson shoves a boy into the boy’s locker room, with a few other jocks chuckling and following behind. 

You barely catch a small glimpse of the boy with a black eye, bruise on his right arm, dry blood on his lip, and a scar on his cheek. 

 "Do you know him, Scott?“ You nod your head at the broken boy being pushed into the locker room. 

"Yeah, Issac Lahey… oh shit.” Scott mutters before jumping up quickly and running into the boys locker room. 

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anonymous asked:

Could you please possibly do the rfa+v+unknown finding out mc died during child birth(thanks in advance)

im apologize for the wait, but i made myself cry while writing it so

small amounts of blood warning?

~fem MC


  •  all he could hear was shouting
  • shouting from the other side of the door
  • he should be in that room….
  • the nurses shoved him out, told him to wait outside
  • so he waited
  • he waited and waited
  • he chewed his nails down till his fingertips bled
  • for hours he waited, stomach twisting in knots
  • his child was being born, for christ sake. he should be there 
  • “Mr. Kim?”
  • he stands up so quick a few other people in the waiting room flinch
  • “please come with me”
  • Yoosung follows the nurse, excitement coursing through his veins
  • he cant believe this, it feels like a dream
  • he’s finally starting a family with the woman he loves
  • would the baby look like him? or her? boy? or girl?
  • he could barley contain himself, walking through the halls of the hospital
  • he could see it now: MC might look a little rough when he saw her
  • but she was going to be in bed, holding their child
  • she’ll probably look like an angel…
  • his angel
  • but when he comes into MC’s room
  • she not there…
  • a nurse who was sitting on the bed stands and hands Yoosung a baby wrapped in soft pink cloth
  • he smiles at Yoosung
  • “congratulations Mr. Kim. it’s a girl”
  • he takes the baby but doesnt look at her yet
  • “where’s my wife?”
  • the nurse’s smile falls off of his face
  • “i’m very sorry, we did all we could…”
  • Yoosung feels a lump for in his throat
  • d…did all they could….?
  • “i’m afraid your wife didnt make it through childbirth”
  • no, no
  • this cant be happening
  • this isnt real
  • he drifted off in the waiting room and he’s dreaming
  • …right?
  • Yoosungs vision blurs as tears come to his eyes
  • wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up
  • Yoosung sits on the hospital bed, his daughter still in his arms
  • he looks down at her, tears streaming down his cheeks
  • she looks at him, her face expressionless
  • “are….are you real?”
  • he whispers to her
  • Yoosung places his index finger into the palm of his daughters tiny hand
  • her whole hand wrappes around his finger, squeezing it
  • “my daughter…our daughter”
  • Yoosung closes his eyes
  • his body shudders with sobs as he sits in the bed, crying with his daughter cradled in his arms
  • he opens them again
  • “funny, i’m crying more than my newborn daughter”
  • as Yoosung looks at her, he notices her eyes are the same deep hazel color as MC’s
  • she’s got her mothers eyes…
  • Yoosung feels as if someone just stabbed him in the gut
  • but he has a daughter now
  • a daughter!
  • a beautiful daughter…she’s so beautiful
  • Yoosung just lost the woman he loved the most, more than anything in the world
  • but he has someone new to love now
  • he has to stay strong, for MC
  • he wont let her down
  • “i love you so much, Ji Yeon”


  • Zen was really about to punch a doctor in the face
  • when things started getting intense while MC was giving birth, one of the nurses asked him to leave
  • “why the hell should i leave?! i’m her husband, for crying out loud! you leave!”
  • MC gripped his hand as hard as she could
  • she was screaming and begging the nurses to let him stay
  • “Zen! no! please, dont leave me Zen!”
  • Zen tried his hardest to hold onto MC but was ultimately forced out of the     room, his wife slipping out of his grasp
  • the nurses try to get him to wait in the lobby area, but he refuses
  • he’s staying put right outside the door where he can hear everything
  • they arent going to keep him out of the loop, not if he can help it
  • the voices are muffled but he can still barley make out words
  • push, pu–
  • sounds normal
  • –e’s not resp–ding
  • what, what the hell?
  • get her t- the ER
  • the ER????
  • it’s no use
  • alright, he’s sick of being on the outs
  • Zen bursts into the room
  • he finds MC on the bed, blood soaking her lower half and the bed underneath her
  • he runs to her side and grabs her hand
  • “Z….Zen…?”
  • he frantically responds, squeezing her hand more
  • “its me, Zen. im right here baby. i’m right here. just hold on, alright? just hold my hand”
  • she could barley keep her fingers wrapped around his
  • “i..i dont..”
  • “sweetheart, save your strength, alright? just keep holding my hand”
  • “i have…a name…”
  • “oh, y-you picked a name?”
  • “Zen, call our baby girl…Chaeyoung”
  • Zen smiles, tears forming in his eyes
  • “thats a beautiful name, MC”
  • “i’m…sorry…”
  • Zen leans forward and squeezes her hand again, pleading with her to hold on. telling her she doesnt have to apologize. 
  • she tells him she loves him one last time and closes her eyes
  • her hand relaxes in Zens
  • “sweetheart, no…”
  • he brings her hand to his forehead, body shaking with sobs
  • “sweetheart…no…”
  • Zen was sobbing when he heard the sound of a baby crying
  • he looked up, wiping tears away to clear his vision
  • a nurse was standing, holding his child in a pink flowery blanket
  • “i think she wants to meet her father”
  • Zen looks up, tears streaming down his face
  • sh…she…?
  • he stands and takes the baby into his arms
  • he wipes away more tears
  • “it’s nice to not have to cry alone, today…”
  • the baby stopped for a moment to look at him with her deep red eyes
  • “i knew you’d be beautiful”
  • his daughter reaches out to him, and he lets her grab onto his finger with her little hand
  • “we can do this together, Chaeyoung”


  • the drive to the hospital was rough for MC, but even still, Jaehee cant help but crack a smile every once in awhile on the way there
  • she’s been waiting for this day for years
  • its taken so much to get here
  • hundreds of dollars, more than a few nights spent crying, a long hard process involving sperm donors and what felt like thousands of doctors appointments
  • but after everything her and MC have been through
  • the day is finally here
  • the day she starts a family with her lovely, lovely wife
  • the happiest day of her life
  • Jaehee knows the yelling and pain should probably be stressing her out but she cant help but feel anything but excited
  • we’re going to have a baby…we’re finally going to have a baby
  • when her and MC got to the hospital, she was rushed away but Jaehee was left behind
  • she was honestly furious but everything was so chaotic and she didnt want to get in the way…
  • this wasnt good. why wouldnt they let her near MC?
  • why are they trying to take her away from the moment she’s been waiting for for years??
  • Jaehee sits in the waiting room, trying to hold back tears
  • soon her wait will be over
  • soon she’ll be with her love, and her newborn baby
  • soon Jaehee will be with her family
  • another half hour passes by before a nurse comes into the waiting room
  • “is Mrs. Kang here?”
  • she stands
  • “i’m Ms. Kang. how is MC? can i see her?”
  • “if you’ll join me in the hallway, miss, i have something to tell you”
  • the nurse tells Jaehee about what happened to MC while she was giving birth
  • the nurse told Jaehee that MC had passed away
  • passed away…?
  • Jaehee’s vision was instantly blurred with tears and she knelt down on the ground
  • she lifted her hands to cover her mouth as her body started to shake with sobs
  • passed away
  • she’s gone
  • her best friend
  • her shining light
  • her inspiration
  • the mother of her child….
  • gone
  • the nurse leans down
  • “when you’re ready, you can see your son, Ms. Kang. he’s a very healthy baby. i’m sorry for your loss”
  • Jaehee looks up, wiping tears away from her eyes
  • “did you say…son?”
  • Jaehee feels a warmth grow inside of her as if her shining light was returning
  • she starts to sob again, but this time she smiles, too
  • she has a son…
  • she has a family


  • he’s going to be a father
  • oh my god its really happening
  • he’s going to be a father!!
  • and his MC is going to be a mother!!
  • they mother of his child!!
  • his very own child!!
  • driving MC to the hospital, Jumin finally understands why people say the day their child was born is the happiest day of their life
  • he always thought nothing would top the day he married MC
  • but right now, he feels so excited he might explode
  • when they get to the hospital, MC is yelling in pain and Jumin just kind of says to the entire room
  • “my wife is giving birth, someone help us please”
  • him and MC are taken into a room where the baby will be delivered
  • she lays down on the bed, gripping Jumin’s hand
  • “Jumin, i dont know if i can do this”
  • oh, oh he’s read about what to do here
  • “sweetheart, you can do this. i’ll be right here the whole time cheering you on. you just push and squeeze my hand, okay?”
  • she nods up at him
  • the nurse starts telling MC to push, and Jumin feels her squeezing his hand
  • he encourages her
  • suddenly the nurses in the room start saying things he cant understand and one of them starts pushing him out
  • woah, no way
  • Jumin has never left MC before
  • he’s always kept her close
  • there was no way in hell he was going to leave her now
  • he tries to ask whats going on but the nurses just continue to urge him out
  • he tells MC not to worry and that he’ll be standing right outside the door
  • Jumin feels like he’s going to vomit
  • he can hear some muffled noises through the door
  • he can hear a baby crying through the door
  • oh my god
  • thats his baby
  • Jumin opens the door of the room
  • he sees a nurse with his baby, blood, and MC laying in her bed
  • her eyes were closed
  • she wasnt moving
  • “Sir, please wait outsid-”
  • “what…what happened in here?”
  • Jumin looks around the room, anger burning in him
  • this better not be what he thinks it is
  • this…..this cant be what he thinks it is….
  • “your wife…she didnt make it”
  • Jumin looks at MC laying on the bed, her image blurred by forming tears
  • “are you…”
  • he goes to MC’s bedside and grabs her hand
  • he whispers to her, pleading 
  • “dearest, you have to wake up. our baby is here”
  • “he’s here”
  • one of the nurses says, and hands Jumin a baby wrapped in light blue cloth
  • Jumin takes the baby in his arms, tears streaming down his face
  • he looks at his son
  • “MC, you have to wake up and see our baby boy”
  • he can barley choke out words through his sobs
  • “he’s got eyes just like yours….”
  • Jumin reaches out and brushes some hair out of MC’s face
  • “you have to wake up and pick a name with me…”
  • Jumin decides to pick a name that serves as a tribute to the person who brought him and MC together
  • a friend who helped him become the happiest he’s ever been
  • a good friend, who’s life was cut short by cruel fate
  • “welcome to the world, Jihyun”


  • “whats wrong babe? are you having another contraction?”
  • “yea…”
  • “oh my god”
  • “what??? why do you look like you’ve just seen a ghost?”
  • Seven drives 90 in a 60 mph zone on the way to the hospital and MC threatens to kill him id they get pulled over
  • a few years ago he never thought this would be possible
  • he thought he was going to spend his entire life alone, feeling meaningless, feeling hidden, feeling replaceable
  • family was a luxury he couldnt afford
  • but now he’s driving his wife to the hospital, and she’s pregnant, and she’s about to give birth and
  • oh my god???
  • today, Sevens wildest dream come true
  • he’d love to go back in time and see the look on his face if only he could tell himself “in a few years you’re going to be a dad”
  • he laughs just thinking about it
  • all your dreams come true today, Saeyoung
  • he bursts into the hospital, yelling
  • he feels like he could run a marathon
  • when MC is about to start the process, he asks her a question
  • “alright, you ready?”
  • “no”
  • “me either”
  • “lets do this”
  • MC starts yelling when its time to push and Seven gets nervous and starts yelling too and the nurses have to tell him to shut up
  • after a few minutes the nurses start urging him to leave the room
  • “Seven, its alright, you can go. we’ll be together soon”
  • “MC i cant leave you now. i wont”
  • she grabs Seven’s hand and kisses it
  • “trust me”
  • Seven reluctantly leaves
  • he should be in there, cheering MC on….
  • Seven paces in the hall
  • until after what feels like 5 hours, a nurse emerges from MC’s room
  • “Mr. Choi?”
  • “whats up? any news?”
  • “well…i’m sorry to let you know that MC didnt make it through the delivery process”
  • Seven stares at the nurse for a good few seconds, then shakes his head
  • wh-what?
  • “what?”
  • “you’re the father of a healthy baby girl, Mr. Choi, but your wife passed during childbirth. i’m very sorry for your loss”
  • Seven leans against the wall, eyes fixed on the ground as his world turns into a blur
  • “are you…are you fucking serious right now..?”
  • “i’ll give you some time”
  • the nurse goes back into the room, and Seven starts whispering to himself
  • “this cant be happening this cant be happening this can be happening”
  • with every time he repeats the phrase, Seven feels his gut twist more and more, and his body crumples to the ground
  • he suddenly repeats the phrase once with a loud voice, and pushes the wall
  • a pain runs all the way up his forearm as his fist comes into contact with the wall
  • he punches it again
  • and again
  • until the skin on his knuckles breaks
  • maybe he can never be happy
  • maybe he wasnt meant to have a good life
  • maybe he was meant to stay in the shadows forever, as someone people only knew temporarily
  • “Mr. Choi?”
  • he stands and turns to see the same nurse standing with a baby pink bundle of blanket in her arms
  • “i thought you might want to see your daughter”
  • “my-my daughter?”
  • Seven takes the bundle from the nurse and looks at his sleeping baby girl, sniffling
  • she has some brown hair
  • and a tiny little nose
  • and Seven cant help but smile, looking at her
  • “well, hello there m’lady”
  • he whispers, and wipes a tear away from his cheek
  • “you kind of look like your mom…”
  • “thats a compliment, trust me”
  • Seven takes his fingers and places it into the tiny palm of his daughters hand, letting her fingers curl around his
  • “i’m going to miss her so much but….we have each other now, right?”
  • she continues to sleep, her little mouth hanging open slightly
  • Seven giggles and wipes away another tear
  • “i’ll take that as a yes, sweetheart”


  • he is so nervous about today
  • he’s read so many books
  • and so many articles
  • but now its really happening
  • on the car ride he stars mumbling to himself
  • “breathe, V, breathe”
  • “hey, shouldnt you be trying to calm me down? i’m the one giving birth today!!”
  • V laughs a little and grabs MC’s hand
  • “you right, sweetheart. i guess i’m just really nervous”
  • “i’m nervous too, but we can do this together, just like we’ve done everything else”
  • V pulls up to a red light and quickly leans over to kiss MC on the cheek
  • “you’re right. lets do this together”
  • V grabs MC’s hands to help her out of the car, and they dont let go of each other for a second
  • that is, until V is forced to leave MC during childbirth…
  • he wasnt the type to pick a fight, but this was just too important to him
  • no more mister push over
  • he’s going to be there for the birth of his child
  • he grips MC’s hand tightly while nurses advise him to wait outside
  • “i’m not going anywhere”
  • “V…”
  • V gets on his knees and holds MC’s hand with both of his, bringing it close to his mouth
  • “sweetheart, dont strain yourself, please. theres nothing these people can do to make me leave you. not now”
  • “i’ll be…fine…”
  • he cant,he cant do this
  • how does she know? can she be sure she’ll be fine??
  • he doesnt want to lose sight of her for even a second
  • “can you trust me, Jihyun?”
  • he closes his eyes and kisses MC’s hand
  • “yes, i can trust you. i’ll see you on the other side, alright?”
  • “yes, we’ll see each other”
  • as soon as V leaves the room he feels like he’s going to vomit
  • he hates this he hates this he hates this more than anything
  • how is she doing? is she in pain? well of course she is..but is it a lot? is someone giving her their hand to squeeze? she should have someones hand to hold. it should be his. oh god.
  • why is this taking so long? is she alright?
  • oh god, dear god if you are there please let her be alright
  • okay V stop freaking out. dont do this, she’ll be fine
  • will she?
  • is she?
  • at that moment, a nurse emerges from the room
  • oh god, no
  • he pushes past her and goes into the room
  • V finds MC laying on the bed, blood covering her lower half and a lot of the bed
  • so much blood…
  • he takes one look and closes his eyes, covering his mouth
  • theres no way this is real. it cant be real. its not real not real not real not real not real not real
  • V falls to his knees beside MC’s bed
  • “my…flower…”
  • he looks up, though he can hardly see anything through the tears forming in his eyes
  • “…are you really gone?”
  • V feels a hand on his shoulder and turns to see a nurse holding a baby blue blanket
  • “Mr. Kim, its a boy”
  • V holds out his hands to receive the baby
  • the little one looks up at him, showing off his big, brown eyes
  • V laughs a little bit and rubs the babies hand in between his fingers
  • “you look just like your mother…”
  • he’s laughing because him and MC always fought over who’s eyes the baby would have
  • he would pretend that blue eyes were best, and MC would say that nothing beats a pair of dark, chocolate eyes
  • he giggles to himself again
  •  V whispers to the baby in his arms
  • “i know we’ve just met, but i hope you dont mind if i tell you i love you”
  • the baby stares blankly
  • he rubs his nose against his sons playfully, smiling
  • “i love you, i love you, i love you!!”


  • shit,SHIT
  • its really baby time
  • Saeran cant believe this is happening
  • he never would have thought in a million years that he would do something so normal as drive his pregnant wife to the hospital
  • but it doesnt feel normal
  • it feels like the most incredible, most special day of his life
  • he’s totally got this
  • he is calm, cool, and collected
  • Saeran looks at his speed and realizes he’s going 20 over the speed limit
  • totally cool and collected.. ..?..
  • dOH GOD
  • on the way inside MC tells Saeran that he’s squeezing her hand too hard
  • “sorry sorry sorry”
  • “you dont have to apologize three times, Saeran”
  • “sorry”
  • when they get to the hospital, MC is wailing in pain
  • the sound of her pain is like nails on a chalkboard for him
  • “dont worry, we’re almost there. just hang on a bit longer”
  • when the nurses see how severe MC’s pain is, they suggest Saeran stay out and wait while they deliver the baby
  • he is really about to fight
  • as soon as a nurses suggests it, him and MC both say “hell no” in unison
  • “him and i are a package deal. always have been, always will be”
  • Saeran smiles for a second at the reference to when they met, and the RFA got stuck with him and MC as a result
  • the nurses keep insisting
  • MC and Saeran keep insisting
  • long story short security gets involved
  • Saeran is forced to wait in the hall until the nurses think its a good time for him to come in
  • he can hear yelling
  • he can hear MC
  • and then suddenly
  • he cant.
  • Saeran presses his ear against the door to try and get a better listen
  • still no MC….
  • he knocks on the door as hard as he can
  • “hey, am i allowed to return to my family or what?? i wanna see my baby!”
  • a nurse comes out of the room, holding a baby in a soft, yellow blanket
  • “congratulations, Mr. Choi. its a girl”
  • Saeran tries to look past the nurse while the door closes behind him
  • “what…what about my wife?”
  • “i’m…i’m so sorry”
  • he pushes the baby toward Saeran, so Saeran takes it into his arms
  • but he doesnt look at the child
  • he stares straight ahead
  • “she’s….”
  • no, oh go no
  • this isnt happening
  • she cant be
  • he looks down for a second at the child, then takes a few step backwards to lean against the wall 
  • he slides down, sitting on the floor as the tears spill from his eyes
  • he looks straight ahead at the door
  • the door to the room MC died in
  • died….
  • is she really dead?
  • he cant imagine someone as warm and bright as MC ever dying
  • death was a cold, pale thing
  • it just wasnt right. its not right for her
  • Saeran was shaking, when a small sound stopped his train of thought
  • he looked down at his daughter
  • she had little wisps of brown hair and bright, minty eyes
  • Saeran looked at her
  • he just…looked
  • he didnt think about anything, he just looked at her
  • “you’re…you’re my daughter”
  • the baby reached out to him, so he brought his face toward her little hand
  • she clumsily touched his nose, making tiny baby noises
  • Saeran closed his eyes and smiled
  • “you’re my daughter. mine. my daughter. can you believe it?”
  • the girl reached out to him again
  • “yea, me either…”
  • he continued to talk to the baby, wiping tears away from his eyes
  • “but you know what? i really love you. i love you more than anything”
  • he closed his eyes and brought the child close to his chest
  • “dont worry, MC. i’ll take good care of our daughter”

whooo, that was a wild ride. i really hope you liked reading that

Period Pains//Im Jaebum

Originally posted by bunminsook

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Your period cramps have become unbearable, and Jaebum is doing all he can to make you feel better.

Author’s Note: YAY FOR JAEBUM FLUFF. WOOT WOOT. This scenario is for my favorite Jaebum stan of all time, @imsarabum i love you very very much and i hope you smile lots and lots when you read this, yay~

xoxo Sara

Your period had always been bad. Most times, you would be able to push through it, bearing through the constant worry that plagued your mind, if you had maybe leaked through your bottoms. But this time, the pain was absolutely unbearable. You felt as if your being stabbed multiple times in the stomach, the searing, sharp pains not allowing you to move from your spot on the couch.

Jaebum had been at work very easily that morning, allowing him to come home early, which he never really did. He had stopped by the corner store near your shared apartment to pick up a few things for you. He called you as he searched the aisles, humming softly to himself as he sorted through the boxes of chocolates, searching for your favorites.

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Shouldn’t 11

Characters:  Dean, Reader, Cas, Sam

Summary:  Dean acted on his feeling for the reader even though he shouldn’t. Things get ugly. Now the reader has been locked in a coma. What happens next?

Warnings:  None

Word Count:  899

A/N:  Wow, this has been journey and taken quite a few twists and turns.Thanks for coming along for the ride. This is technically the last chapter, but stay tuned for the epilogue.

Tags are at the bottom.  

Shouldn’t 11

“Cas?” you gasp, feeling his hand in yours. Cas is here. His hand in yours feels solid and warm, grounding. You did it. You broke through the warding. The relief is immense and you choke back a sob.  

“(Y/N),” he says, pulling you to your feet, “I need you to focus. The warding that remains - it’s making it difficult for me to be here.”

“What?” you ask, trying to clear your head. “Oh,” you reply, dragging the back of your free hand across your cheeks, wiping away the tears. Taking a deep breath in, you try to reign in your emotions. “What do I have to do?”

Cas grips your hand tighter. “We need to find a door. Can you do that?”

“A door?” you repeat. You feel as if you’ve gone daft, parroting everything Cas says. The emotional roller coaster that you’ve been on has left you drained.

“Not a literal door,” he explains patiently. “We are deep in your subconscious, and we have to find a way out. You have to find a way out,” he amends. “I can help you along, but only you can find the path.”

Shakily, you gather your wits and steel your resolve. “What do I do?”

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anonymous asked:

Sirius figuring out that Lily likes James and dropping not so subtle hints everywhere

  • ‘Davis I’m afraid there is no point asking evans out her heart belongs to anothDEER’
  • ‘so emus was telling me you like POTTERy lily. Are you having a stroke because you are kicking me under the table an awful lot’
  • ‘Mckinnon do you think guys with glasses are hot because Evans does’
  • ‘lily… I see you’re looking into the Quidditch changing rooms….. I wonder why…. Ahh…. you were just making sure no one had slipped over…. Of course… my mistake…..’
  • ‘I’m asking for a friend but prongs, would you make out with someone with red hair? Green eyes? Very sarcastic? What’s wrong with you evans I’m asking for my friend fily svens who likes james stop pincHING ME’
  • ‘make out with someone GO’ *shoves james into lily* START NOW’
  • ‘Oh no professor I don’t think I could be Evans’s partner for this lesson because she’s into more gangly four-eyed nerds with crazy hair if you get my drift’
  • ‘psst professor I meant JAMES if you weren’t sure- oh okay you’re giving me detention anyway great’
  • ‘I’m very sorry Carla but I can’t let you go over to james…. Yes I know you want to screw him but I owe Evans a favour so you can go and screw Lupin instead. Trust me you’re getting a good deal okay Potter has a weird nose and lupin has an excellent one I’m saving you from disappointment’
  • ‘let play fuck, marry kill except evans has to both fuck and marry Prongs’

‘phew thank god you guys finally started going out I couldn’t keep that secret much longer’

Just Roommates: Part 2


HEY GUYS! A big hug and a bigger thanks to everyone who liked my story.

Check out part 1.

Here is part 2! 

Plot- Jungkook as your roommate + College adventures lol. 

Characters- Reader, Jungkook. 

Word count- 1.5k+ 

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3  Part 4  

casual texting shit- part 1, part 2  



Anything in the world would have been fine, but living in the same apartment as a GIRL was just a no for me. The reason why I had moved into an apartment was so that I could avoid being around the campus girls. But look at me now, I’m crying into a pillow, seeing a girl almost naked in my house. I’m so mad at everyone. They said that they will send in a ‘nice roommate’ who is perfect for my lifestyle and comfort… but no one told me that when I meet that person first will be like this. I want to die.

“I’m sorry are you okay?” a surprisingly soft noise and a warm hand lands on my shoulder. I got startled at the touch and quickly sat up straight.

“Uh I think so- never mind- I-I-I f-freaked out.” I stammered hard. From the corner of my eye I saw her, she was still in her towel, I noticed her eyes… they were very deep and from candle light reflection made them even more deep. I could feel her empathising with my situation from the look on her face.

“So, did I… I mean I should have waited and had a talk with you- “I cut her off and gave her my jacket looking away. “You will catch a cold.” I went into my bedroom without any delay or talks. I couldn’t have her sat there like that, talking to me. It was just really weird. I open my windows to just see how dark it was outside. This ‘Girl-Phobia’ of mine was really getting me to the edge. 

After all, I am a 19-year-old with raging testosterone.

I was blanked out at the thought of living with the opposite gender. Things could be just fine or maybe just so much worse. Either way, I was going to suffer.

It was 10pm and I was hungry fuck. I exit the room to see that girl was sat by the window in our living room, looking a bit sad. Now obviously, I had to do something about the person living with me being sad. Not going to lie, she was kind of cute.


“Um, so, hi.” I awkwardly went up to her and just spat the most awkward greeting of my life.

“Oh, hey.” She looks up at me, fixing her hair and face and gave me a cute smile.

Aiggoo. Wae?!

“Earlier was really awkward and bad, so sorry about that.” I tried to makeup and apologise.

“That is fine I guess. I’m Y/N, by the way.” She told.

“I’m Jungkook. You’re new, here right?” I asked her trying to keep it chic.

“Oh, yeah I am. I think you helped me earlier today?” she said.

“Did I? I don’t know, I think I did, but, I don’t know, well, I must have, I’m too nice you know.” WTF JEON JUNGKOOK DA FUQ YOU SAYING?

“Haha, oh god, I think it was you so thanks!” she gave me shy look.

“You’re welcome, y/n.” I went to shake hands with her.

As I was proceeding towards her, I tripped onto the cushion and fell all over her.


I was on top of a girl, ashamed and feeling awful af. She smells amazing though. OKAY WHAT-

“I’m so sorry! Oh, my god!” I locked my eyes with her as I apologise. I could almost feel her boobs which wasn’t helping at all. But I had to compose myself up. It was 10 seconds later, before I could get up off her and leave back to Korea. I felt my stomach rumble. She covers her face up and giggles in second-hand embarrassment.



“Jungkook” he is. And he is literally on top of my soul right now. Jesus fucking Christ, I could see his muscular arms and those clavicles and that slaying jaw line and that fucking face of his-


I had my eyes locked with his but my eyes were silently scanning him through, in those 10 best seconds of my life so far. I was surly heated up a little, but god, HIS STOMACH WAS HUNGRY, SO WAS MINE!


“Ahem, Jungkook.” I awkwardly spoke.

“Aish.” Typical Korean boy; He gets up off me and fixes his grey t-shirt.

We didn’t speak for like, 5 minutes. We were just sat there, in a dark room with candles and silence.

“Excuse me.” he barely heard him as he quickly left the apartment.

I just laid down on the mattress and had a mild thought on how cute this boy was. He didn’t seem like Jimin at all assuming how they could even be friends at all. I lay on cold mattress contemplating on what had just happened. I turned on some music for distraction and soon after went to pee.

It was 12 am almost and as I got out of the washroom, I noticed a pizza box. As I went near, I saw a little letter kept underneath. I was blank for a moment. I opened the letter and read it,

~~~~“Hi. So, I’m sorry about everything. I never planned on getting things so awkward on meeting my roomie for the first time. I hope I didn’t freak you out too much TT TT. 

Since you are my roommate now, have my contact- 0xxx0x00x0. And remind me to give you the keys later :).

p.s. this is my little apology delivery. Please eat well and dress warm for the night, y/n. 


I clutched my heart and almost stabbed myself with those words in the heart.

CAN THIS MAN BE ANYMORE SEXY?! WELL, I MEAN NICE?! I was just worried for nothing. I was pretty sure he got uncomfortable too. This gesture of his made me feel all warm inside and things were no longer feeling strange from what happened earlier. I hope everything goes well.

“I wonder if he has eaten or not?” I say to myself as I stuff my mouth with the as delicious pizza as himself. Jesus Christ.

I read that letter about 15 times before saving his number in my phone. I kept the letter safe inside my diary and recalled the whole day in words. Soon after I went to sleep peacefully.




I saw the balcony glass door was ajar. I rubbed my eyes before focusing on what was going outside.



“Oh mah gerd.” I screamed internally on seeing him wearing a vest, bandana and shorts and flexing those arms as he did the shoulder press exercise.

I went closer to see the proper image and only saw something inevitably hot. How his sweat was dripping down his neck to his chest and god had given me the chance of seeing his dark eyes being really charismatic. asdfghfjgkhlj. If this is what I was going to wake up to every morning, then I ain’t even complaining no more. 


Without making a sound, I moved away, not letting him know that I was lurking on him. I quickly freshened up and took a shower. I straight up went to the kitchen and thought of returning the favor, I guess. I made us both, toast, omelettes, some pancakes and orange juice. What a typical breakfast though.

“Woah, Y/N!” Jungkook exclaimed from behind me.

“You scared me!” I was trying to stay calm there.

He just giggles at the little table all full with food.

“Care to have some?” I offered him a seat which he gladly took.

“Yah, this is great!” his face had the sexiest look besides looking like a child in that moment.

“Thanks. And, thanks also for yesterday.” I told him.

“I think we’re good now?” He asked as he offered me a bite of his pancake. I just nodded and took the bite.


“Ah~ I’m so full. Thanks again, Y/N! I will go wash up now.” He says before walking towards the washroom. 

After a few seconds of him leaving, I widen my eyes in realization.



This girl is really sweet! She made me breakfast. I think I will survive living with her. It doesn’t seem too bad. But I can’t let her know that I am actually uncomfortable and really intimidated by her presence. And I have major issues with her being a girl JFC. The letter really helped me when I utterly had words to say. No need to worry JK, let’s go and have a shower. Chill man.


As I entered the bathroom and was about to turn the water on, the sight I got greeted with was Y/N’s “woman stuff” and by that, I mean, serious woman stuff.

Please kill me.

Did I just see a fancy black lacy bra and its matching underwear, owned by my roommate of 12 hours?

Living with a girl was going to get a bit untamed.


Thanks, y’all for reading. <3 xD PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU LIKED IT OR NAH. TX.

(Part 3: coming soon!)

I’m In Love With Your Best Friend // Caspar Lee

​Can you write a caspar imagine where y/n and caspar and secretly dating because she’s joe’s sister. And joe finds out? Your imagines are so cute by the way<3 xoxo

“I want to take you out on a date”, Caspar said suddenly. I lifted up my head from his shoulders and paused Stranger Things.

“Caspar, what are you — “, he cut me off.

“We’ll be careful, I promise. I really feel like taking you out, we haven’t been able to do that yet”, he sighed.

“You know why, we can easily be spotted by a fan, or run into someone we know. I know it’s tough but you know how Joe’s like. I need to tell him first”.

“We’ve been secretly dating for three months now. Come on Y/N, having dinner at my place isn’t a proper date. I want to take you out, let me plan something please”, he pulled a cute puppy dog face. How can I resist that? I kissed his lips and sighed.

“Okay my love”, I got back into a comfortable position, laying my head on his shoulders and resuming the Netflix show.


Caspar wouldn’t tell me at all what he’s decided on doing. He wanted to surprise me. Even though I don’t like the idea of not knowing what’s happening, I rolled with it since I can tell it made Caspar so happy and excited. After I left his apartment that night, he texted me telling me to get ready by tomorrow at 6pm. That morning, all I felt was butterflies in my stomach. This was the first time Caspar and I would officially go on a date. Well, in public. We’ve had heaps of ‘dates’ in his apartment, having a candle lit dinners. This was brand new to me, doing my makeup and getting all dressed up, ready to go out on a date. Sure I’ve been on dates before, but never with a boy I truly loved. And the problem is, he’s my brother’s best friend. The reason why we’ve kept it a secret for so long, is Joe. We just aren’t ready to come out and tell him, ‘hey your younger sister is with your best mate’. Every time I come close to telling him, I feel really nauseous and quickly back out. It won’t make things any easier knowing I’ve delayed telling him for so long. But being in love with Caspar makes it all worth it.

By 6pm, my makeup was done and I was dressed in a long sleeved tight black dress that sat above my knees with skin coloured stockings underneath. I wore heels that weren’t too high, and threw on my favourite Burberry coat my sister Zoe got me as a present, knowing it would be freezing tonight. I sat on the couch in my living room waiting for Caspar.

“Don’t be so nervous, you look absolutely beautiful. Everything will be fine”, my best friend who I also shared my apartment with said. She and Josh Pieters are only people who know about my relationship with Caspar.

“I just hope nothing goes wrong”, I sighed. The doorbell then rang.

“Oh, he’s here!”, she whispered.

“Thanks so much for doing my makeup tonight”, I said hugging her before she went to her room.

“No need to thank me again. Good luck babe, hope you have an amazing night!” she said before leaving to her room and closing the door behind her.

I breathed in, then out before I opened the door. There, Caspar was holding a bouquet of roses and his hair slicked to the side. He looked very handsome in his black skinny jeans, white shirt and a black blazer. “Hello there handsome.”

“You look so breathtaking”, he said grinning.  

“You too.” He handed me the flowers and I kissed him. I put the roses on the kitchen table, grabbed my handbag and keys then left.

We went to a quiet restaurant and had dinner. We laughed nearly the entire time, having an amazing time. Once we were done, Caspar and I walked around hand in hand just admiring the beauty of the night.

“It’s so cold”, I said, breathing out seeing my cool dragon breath. Caspar then started shrugging off his jacket.  

“Caspar… I’m literally wearing a coat”, I said.  

“But in the movies, the guy always gives the girl his jacket when she’s cold”, he said.

“That’s because she’s never wearing a jacket”, I laughed. “But thank you my love”.

We went into the main streets of London and waited for our uber to come. I felt like I was floating on cloud 9 that I totally didn’t notice the group of girls taking photos of us. 


The following day, I was hanging out at Joe’s place. He said he’d wanted to cook lunch and catch up with me. We ate in silence, which is strange since he’s very talkative.

“Why so quiet?” I said, my eyes focused on the TV playing Suits.

“Are you dating Caspar?”, he asked.

I coughed out my food, his words taking me by surprise. “Wha— “

“Don’t play stupid, Y/N. There’s photos floating around of you and Caspar together. Are you dating him or not, please tell me the truth”.

I looked into his eyes, looks like our secret is coming to an end. “Yes”, I whispered. “For three months now.”

“What the fuck! Why didn’t you not tell me? Did it not occur to you, or to even that bloody stupid boy that you’re dating my best friend?! How could you guys just stab me in the back like this?” Oh boy…

“Joe, please it’s not like that. I’ve been meaning to tell you but I’ve been so terrified. Please calm down” I begged.

“Y/N, how can you tell me to calm down, do you not understand my one of my best mates that I lived with has been seeing my sister behind my back!?” He yelled.

I felt my eyes beginning to water up. “It just happened Joe, I can’t control who I fall in love with.”

“You two are in love?” he stopped pacing up and down. “You know Y/N, if you were just honest from the start then I probably would’ve been more accepting. Still angry, but more accepting. I don’t know if I can trust you anymore.” He said sadly. He put on his shoes. “I need to clear my head” he then left and closed the door behind him.

I called up Caspar and told him everything, it’s a wonder how he understood me whilst I was sobbing. He immediately came to Joe’s place.

“I feel so guilty, but I deserve it. Why wasn’t I just honest from the start?” I sighed. Caspar played with my hair and kept whispering comforting things.

I then heard the front door open. I stood up from the couch and walked to Joe. “Joe, please listen. I know you don’t trust me, and I know I don’t deserve your trust, but please know how truly sorry I am, for keeping this away from you.” His eyes then darted behind me. He glared at Caspar then looked at me. “But I’m not sorry I’m in love with him. I’m not going to be sorry for who I love”.

“I don’t like the idea of you two dating, but I can’t stop either of you. I’m not going to stand in the way of your relationship. Just keep in mind, it might take me a while to adjust to this”. He waved his hands around. “I’m sorry you felt terrified to tell me, Y/N.” 

“I’m so sorry Joe”. I said.

“Just, whatever happens in the future, just please be honest from the start. I don’t want to ever find out news like this from photos online and lose my shit,” he forced a smile.

I squeezed Joe into a tight hug. “I love you”, I told him and he replied back with an ‘I love you too’.

“I know where you live, I’ll break the shit out of you if you hurt her. And I mean it”, Joe said to Caspar and Caspar nodded. I smiled to Caspar, feeling relieved this is finally out into the open. I just hope this doesn’t greatly impact their friendship. 

hope you guys enjoyed it! its like 2am now and im so tired. but i really wanted to put this one up, i really liked the idea. thank you to the person who requested this! i couldnt resist the date idea. i just love caspar. i’ve got more than a few requests in my ask rn so ill try and finish them as soon as i can. for now… goodnight! 

happinessisawarmpau  asked:

Dry humping J-hope ? Please I love your blog so much but every time that Im in my iPod unfollow the blog but I love you guys so much

Aww cutie thank you <3 We love you too! My hobie feels these days are killing me

Oh dear you are so sweet, of course I’ll do it! I hope you enjoy it ;D

Here for the rest of the series

Warning: Explicit Content

Dry Series; J-Hope

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Restless Heart Part 3

Characters : Jared x Reader

Song : Volcano by Emily Hearn

Summary : You and Jared were nothing more than just friends. For years, you two were all you’ve got. Until the day Gen appeared on the show, and changed everything. And though, you were used to him dating other people, things changed when you found out he was engaged to her.

A/N : I am sorry.

Read Part one - Part Two - Part Three

Originally posted by jared-jensen-misha-mark67

The night was a blur. You could only remember bits and pieces of it. As if someone had cut out parts of a movie and made you watch it.  

Your head was pounding profusely as the light from the sun peaked through the drapes that hung over the window. It seemed brighter than usual, and it made your head hurt even more. 

As you groggily fluttered your eyes open, you couldn’t help but notice something out of the ordinary. 

The fabric of the sheets draped over your body. You were in nothing but your black laced panties and your bra. But you weren’t quite sure as to why.
The bed shifted and a soft grunt filled the air, catching your attention. 

You turned to see the stranger who laid perfectly still beside you, your eyes grew wide and your breath hitched.

“Jensen?” You forced out. 

His eyes fluttered as he stretched the morning away. His gaze met your for a moment, and he smiled. Not even a second later, the realization of the situation dawned on him, making him jump up and out of bed. 

His eyes were wide. Wider than yours and he looked as if he were about to pass out. 

You held the covers close to you, feeling guilt and regret wash over you.
“What the hell happened?!” You muttered. 

He shrugged his shoulders, paving the room, back and forth as he ran his hand through his hair. 

You felt at ease when you noticed he was still in his boxers. 

“I don’t know. All I remember was talking to Jared about you and then-“ 

"Wait, about me? Why?” You interrupted. 

Jensen stopped in his stance, and met your gaze. He knew exactly how Jared felt about you. He knew before Jared knew himself. But seeing you there, in bed with your hair a mess and almost naked, he couldn’t bring himself to say it.
“I-I don’t remember.” He lied. 

You felt your lips drop into a frown and your stomach churn. After the conversation you two had, you couldn’t help but think only negatively.  

“Dammit.” Jensen groaned, rubbing his temples. “Everything is so screwed up." 

You sat up, holding the sheets over your chest. "Maybe nothing happened.” You whispered. 

“Yeah, maybe. Hopefully.” Jensen muttered. 

He retrieved his clothes, and slipped them on. 

You did as well, throwing your hair up into a messy bun. You found your phone, face down on the floor by the foot of the bed. 

You shook your head. Must have been one hell of a night. As you turned the phone on, you couldn’t help but feel a sudden relief as you read your unsent message to Jared. 

‘I can’t do this no more. I love you Jared and you are big part of my life. I don’t want anyone but you. J is here passed out drink and all I want is you to be here instead.‘ 

And that’s when you remembered. Jensen was letting you cry about Jared to him. Which is why he walked you back to the hotel. You were a drunken mess.
You had dropped all the water had given you to drink, on your clothes. Which was why you stripped down. And J, well he sleeps in his boxers. Something’s he’s always done. 

As Jensen scurried through the hotel, looking for his other shoe, you were finally able to breathe. 

“Nothing happened.” You stated, flashing a smile. 

He shot his gaze to you, furrowing his brows. “Are you sure?" 

"Yea, you were only being an amazing friend.” Your lips curved. “Nothing happened." 

He let out a long sigh of relief, and smiled. "Oh thank god!" 

You playfully swatted his arm, and acted upset. "Hey! You’d be lucky to have me thank you very much!" 

Jensen belted out into laughter, throwing his hands in surrender. "T-that’s what I meant!" 

You felt your stomach constrict from laughing with him. And as you were coming down, you rested your head on his shoulder. "Thanks for being here for me.” You muttered. 

You couldn’t see, but Jensen was smiling. He loved you more than you knew. And all he ever wanted was for you to be happy. “I’ll always be here for you.” He whispered, pressing his lips to your head. 

There was a slight knock at the door, causing you both to jump.
Jensen made his way over, and opened the door. 

Jared met his gaze, furrowing his brows immediately as he glanced back at you then to Jensen once again. 

“Good morning.” Jensen smiled. 

“Good morning!” Gen squealed, as she bit on her lower lip, raising her eye brows. 

Jared pursed his lips, looking back at you. Anger and pain struck through him. As if he were stabbed repeatedly in the back. 

His throat was knotting up, making it hard for him to breathe, and his eyes welled with tears he battled to keep from falling. 

“Jared and I were just stopping by to see if you wanted to have some breakfast.” Gen cackled, intertwining her fingers with Jared. 

You felt your stomach churn and your heart drop as you gazed over their hands. 

You could tell just how upset Jared was when you looked at him. You were sure he wasn’t too happy seeing you in Jensen’s hotel room. 

“Yea! I’ll met you both down there.” Jensen smirked. 

Gen looked over his shoulder, and met your gaze. “You’re welcome to come too hun!” She exclaimed. 

You were too overwhelmed to even speak. So you only nodded, and forced a crooked smile. 

Jared shared one last glance with you. His eyes were glossy and his face was still and clenched. 

Jensen noticed the tension building up by the second. And though he wanted to assure Jared nothing happened, he wasn’t sure where to even start. 

As the door was slowly closing, you propped up on your feet. “Can I talk to you?” You had no control over your words. They just spilled out.  

Jared pursed his lips, and cleared his throat. “Not right now.” He lightly snarled. Enough to notice the anger behind his voice. 

Gen looked up at him, flashing a soft smile. “Go and talk to her. I’ll meet you downstairs.” She propped on her tip toes and pecked his lips. Making you cringe. 

Jared was about to protest, but couldn’t bring himself to argue with her.
Jensen cleared his throat, and grabbed his shoes. “I’ll go with you.” He muttered to Gen. 

It was just you and Jared now. The tension was so thick, you could cut it with a knife. 

He closed the door behind him, and crossed his arms over his chest. Standing as far away from you as he could. 

He glanced at the bed, feeling his stomach churn from the thought of you and Jensen. 

You weren’t sure where to begin. And all you wanted to do was run over to him and kiss him. 

“So you give me a shitty letter yesterday, and today you sleep with my best friend.” He stated. 

You were taken back by his statement, furrowing your brows. “Jared, nothing happened between J and I. I promise." 

He rolled his eyes and let out an annoyed huff. 

You were overwhelmed with everything. And honestly, you couldn’t take it anymore. 

"Nothing happened because even when I was drunk all I wanted was you!” You blurted out. “Dammit Jared, I love you so much. It literally hurts. I mean, there isn’t a moment when I’m not thinking about you!" 

Jared swallowed hard, lingering on your every word. 

"I love you, and im always going to love you! But I don’t want to love you! I just want to be happy. I don’t want to look at you when I know I can’t be with you.” You felt yourself give in, letting the tears and emotions take over. “Being just your friend is killing me." 

Your words caused an achy pain through his chest. Like his heart was slowly being ripped to shreds. 

He never knew how broken you were. How much you were hurting. This whole time, he only ever thought about he felt. 

His throat was throbbing as the knot grew. "I-I’m sorry.” He forced out. His tears shedding from his glossy eyes. 

Your lips quivered as your breathing fell uneven. 

The room was silent, with a few sniffles here and there. He needed you. He needed you in a way he has never needed anything. He needed his hands on your body. His lips on your mouth. He needed the taste of you. But he just couldn’t bring himself to move. 

The sound of his phone, broke the silence. It was a text from Gen, letting him know they had a table. 

You propped up on your feet, and swung your purse over your shoulder. Wiping your tears away, you took in a deep breath and forced a smile. You walked over to him, making him stand still as his breath hitched. 

You lightly pressed your lips to his cheek, causing a shock to ignite in both of you. 

“I love you Jared, but I can’t do this anymore.” You whispered. 

In that moment, you slipped out of the hotel room. Feeling as if your legs weighed a ton as you battled with yourself to not look back.  

“I-I love you too.” Jared exhaled to himself, as the door slammed shut.  

And just like that, he lost it. 

[one-shot, prompt fill] {cis-swap} golden girl

Title: golden girl

Rating: R (i dont recommend reading this if youre like……. 5)

Warning: AProvocativePhil

Genre: cisswap, smut

Pairings: phan yes

Characters: meme boy meme dad and christos but like… as cis girls

Summary: “she’s literally over there, Chris. She’s right behind you and I can see her and her small skirt and her crossed legs and I can literally see her underwear—ow!”
prompt fill for “psssssh what do you mean this uniform doesn’t fit me au”

A/N: a cisswap phan collab between @lesteresce​ / @lacydan​ and i !! i’ve been meaning to want to collab with this fetus child for ages after i read her fic “i could adore you” but i didnt know what plot i wanted and then they wrote a smut fic about @littlebabyhowell​ and@bunnydan​ and i was like “where does this kid’s talents end” bc that was the b est fem smut i’ve read in my entire existence holy cow

A/N 2: i was suffering from writer’s block then i found this prompt i forgot where it came from yes and hte gf was like “write it pls” idk if they wanted me to project my pent up frustration from them or they genuinely liked the prompt but yes i wrote the first half projecting my hatred towards my girlfriend and esme bb wrote the smut anywa y im talking too much lets go ~

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