no im not hung over an ex

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OK SO FIRST I DIDNT GET WHY YOU WERE PISSED OFF BUT THEN I SAW THE EPISODE AND- *deep breaths* I have squealed through 6 episodes of ji wook giving her the puppy dog eyes and now he's rejecting her? Bruh everyone on this planet can see that you love her. Also idk why but im so salty that he's still hung up over the ex but still rejects eun hyuk. I mean. Eun hyuk showed so much more remorse than Yoo jung ;-; thank you for reading this rant *returns to the shadows*

ok this is going to be pretty long, so i’ll just add the read more lmao keep in mind that this is just my opinion i don’t wanna start anything

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i just found a post my petty ex made, trying to make me feel jealous (i wasn't stalking him it just came up on my dash). i left him almost a year ago. he's still hung up over me. last night, i asked out my crush, the first person i've dated since i broke up with my ex. he's already a much better person than my ex could ever be. while my ex is over there trying to make me jealous and feel like i've lost it all, i'm over here, moving on and being happy. :)

!!! bless!!! im so glad you moved on and are happy!!! i wish you all the happiness and love in your relationship ahh!!!

tab time!!