no im not hung over an ex

always an us.

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pairing: derek hale x reader

prompt: derek screws up so you leave and find a FWB. derek shows up to show you who you really belong to.

warnings: SMUTTY AS FUCK. swearing. ass-play. dom/daddy derek

the constant sound of a pen scribbling on paper was starting to get on your nerves. derek sat on the far end of the table with his face buried in his notes as he looked over the book in front of him like he had been all day.

you couldn’t help but stare at him, you didn’t know if you were secretly admiring him or if you wanted to strangle him, either way you were glaring holes into the side of his face.

“why are you staring?” derek asked, looking up at you, his bright green eyes burning into you.

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My (now ex) bf literally hung all over me all the time (like I actually couldn't eat with his arms around me 🙄) and one time I didn't go to class cause I overslept my alarm and he texted me a million times in less than two hours, freaking out cause I wasn't answering my phone. I was asleep.

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