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thank you so much for running the blog im going through a hard time rn and it helps a lot seeing all these fluffy cuties

I’m glad it can help. I hope your hard time gets better. I’m filling up the queue today. If you (or anyone) has any requests, feel free to shoot me a message or reply here <3 

Introducing I’m gay heals

So I noticed how                I am Gay.  Sometimes    it                                                    tit               

                                            created Im Gay Heals.

  •    I am an extremelyGay individual. I will

Here’s how it works:

  1. You shoot me an e-

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Thank you guys for reading  I really gay

everyones acting like shiro would hate being ‘6’ but lets be real he would’ve utilized the shit out of it when he was at the garrison

- some garrison teacher: where’s ur homework shiro: sorry couldn’t do it im only 4 years old can’t even read words that big yet

- 100% eats out of one of those portion plates w the dinosaur designs on them and refuses to eat his meals on anything else but that

- matt: shiro its ur turn to take out the trash shiro: im 4 matt, no 4 year old can take out the trash some stranger will lure me into their white van with a lollipop. i am a young, naive 4 year old.

- takes naps in the middle of class and justifies by saying he’s technically a child and children need nap time, then begs matt to carry him back to the dorm after class is over

- shiro: i need you to help me with this
matt: im busy rn
shiro: i will throw the biggest temper tantrum of any 4 year old out there and you’re gonna have to be the one to take me on a long drive to calm me down unless you help me now

- only watches cartoon shows
• sings along really badly to every theme song
• shiro: matt ur the buster to my arthur / 
matt: im going punch u in the fuckin face

- shiro: i can’t go to sleep matt tell me a story matt: once upon a time there was a 4 year old and his name was fliro, fliro lived with his friend pat at their boarding school the marrison. one night fliro couldn’t go to sleep and wouldn’t shut the fuck up, he annoyed pat so much that pat was forced to shoot him into space. fliro lived out the rest of his life alone in space and pat got a good nights sleep. the end
shiro: i didn’t like that story tell me a new one

- garrison guidance counsellor (im assuming they have at least one): so shiro we’re here to discuss your future—
shiro, covering his ears: I AM FOUR

- onesies.

- shiro, taking a long sip out of his juice box, wearing one of those hats with the flaps that r so long they’re mittens too: did i ask for ur opinion

jungkook thigh appreciation thread

like i am a slut for jungkook’s thighs 

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dAMN hE tHICc Af

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jungkook in white pants daddy choke me pls 

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not a thigh pic bUt OfFicER jEon pLeaSE SpaNK mE

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this is changing into a sexy jungkook thread not that i’m complaining ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

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mother i have sinned 

i’m going to show y’all one of my favourites jungkook gifs prepare your panties

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he looks so manly shoot me

this saturday night on ‘ty has an idea’: the foxes playing laser tag

  • probably nicky’s idea lbr
    • “cmon guys whens the last time we played something that wasnt exy? this’ll be fun!“
    • he has no idea what hes gotten into

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girl 👧 you can say 🙊📣 that you’re not 🙅🚫 on social media 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦📶 but when we were in montreal 🇨🇦🍁 you were on that phone 👉📱checking every like ❤️ every follower 🐍🐍  every single thing whether you were reading 📖👀 the comments verbatim ✔️ or not ✖️ you knew 🕵️🔎 what was going on and ALSO when we were shooting 🎥👗 the promo for this 👇👇 show you said 📣to me you go 👉 “shea 🐍 i just wanna say 🐍🐍 if anyone 🐍 comes for nina 🐍 i told her that i will stand up for her 🐍🐍🐍 i will address 🐍 my fans 🐍 and i will make it 🐍 all 🐍 right🐍"👈 now im confused 💅☕

Things OW Mains want you to know
  • Genji: whats better than one genji and healer? four genjis and no healer
  • McCree: my aim should not be possible but it is
  • Pharah: I cannot move please do not shoot me i havent had potg in months
  • Reaper: i shop at hot topic because im too young to shop at spencer's
  • Soldier 76: my gun has built in life alert
  • Sombra: Fuck Fareeha Amari Personally
  • Tracer: It's not harrassment if the calvary's here
  • Bastion: you're dead
  • Hanzo: my aim should be way better but it isnt
  • Junkrat: disgusting
  • Mei: i am the only one who can kill you face to face and i need you to respect that and not go around my oddly placed wall
  • Torbjörn: sweden is cancelled
  • Widowmaker: my ult does almost nothing for everyone but me but i will announce it every chance
  • D.Va: they can nerf me but you cant nerf this
  • Reinhardt: charging into walls is a way to get around
  • Roadhog: the breathing on the selection screen is meant to make you uncomfortable
  • Winston: furious george goes bananas
  • Zarya: theres no reason my weapon should reach a flying farah but it can
  • Ana: fda approved tranquilzer darts for kids
  • Lúcio: i can boop you twenty feet in any direction for what reason
  • Mercy: Let Me Live
  • Symmetra: torbjorn but not Fucking Rude
  • Zenyatta: idk how zen mains stay alive but its cool

someone: inception wasn’t the greatest. the concept was cool i guess but it was kind of bor-

me: so like, anyways! u know that scene where they’re in the hotel in the dream and eames is on the floor about to put the needle in his wrist—which he was totally capable of doing by himself by the way—and arthur just fuckin, comes over, gently takes eames hand and puts the needle in for him while eames lays back and smiles up at him and is like “security’s gonna run you down hard” and arthur smiles and shoots back “and i will lead them on a merry chase” and eames huffs and says “just be back before the kick” and arthur is like “go to sleep mr eames” like what the fuck? was that eames seriously telling arthur to be careful and to be safe??? was that arthur honestly smiling back at him and saying “of course, im going to be perfectly fine” like it sounds like a conversation they’ve had before? don’t even get me started on the “EAMES? he’s in mombasa!” honestly arthur how the fuck did you know that. HOW! why was there so much subtext, c nolan? i need answers it’s been 5 years i am tired

i guess the thing that draws me to persona so much is how the themes of the games are very much tailored to humanity’s shared issues

persona 3 is a game about death, about hardship, and how you crawl out of it with bleeding hands and exhausted bones, but you still do it. its about finding the strength to continue to live even after severe hardship, and overcoming the desire to simply give up. every social link surrounds a character going through a hard time, the most extreme probably being akinari coming to terms with his own inevitable death. each character feels hopeless and wants nothing more than to give up and cease trying, but all overcome it with help from the protagonist. the end of the game sees you fight nyx, the effective personification of this desire of humanity to succumb to hardship and simply end it and die, and you overcome it with the equal of humanities desire to overcome and survive. 

persona 4, comparatively, is a game about acceptance, about recognizing your own flaws and accepting that they are as much a part of you as your skills, and coming to peace with that, and learning to not worry about what others WANT you to be, and simply be happy with who you ARE, showed best by kanjis complex about his reputation as a thug, and his actual interests being traditionally female, which he learns to just accept and embrace as himself regardless of what others think. you fight izanami, a goddess trying to enact what she believes humanity wants, influencing them to be something theyre not, when the protagonist allows humanity to choose their own fate by fighting her off. 

persona 5, however, is a game about rebellion and denial. its about seeing the hand youre dealt, and deciding, fuck this, flipping the table in the dealers face and telling him to fuck off. every character is in a situation they resent, but accept, as they feel they have no other choice. the game follows them learning that they DONT have to simply accept it, and to find the strength and drive to reject how things are, and change their own situation. in the end you literally shoot god in the face with satan, the ultimate rebel, cause god wants to kill humanity and fuck that noise son. 

idk where i was going with this but i just…. love the themes of the persona games.

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Can you tell the metronome story? Idk it

ajdlfhkajgf okay. so

in high school i was in the marching band and in my junior year i was co-section leader and i carried a metronome in my backpack to use in rehearsals after school

to preface this story, the day before The Event we had a lockdown because there was a “suspicious person” circling the building (it was a confused parent. i spent two hours in the percussion closet. can you fuckign image, with my level of anxiety. anyway) so everyone was kind of on edge

so in this particular year of high school i had math first thing in the morning, which was awful, so i liked to go visit my english teacher because she was my favourite and i liked hanging out with her in my free time. so i set my backpack down and i leave the room

it gets close to time for class to start and i start heading back to the classroom, and @starrymonk and another friend of ours come running up to me and they tell me that our math teacher thinks my backpack has a bomb in it

apparently, when i set down my backpack, the metronome was in the bottom and got turned on and started beeping

now bombs haven’t fucking beeped or ticked since the goddamn 1960s but fuck that logic, our math teacher was actually. fucking ild and had never heard of an electric metronome in her life and was shouting at students to evacuate the wing 

so im running up and trying to explain to this fucko that the beeping in ¾ time at 120bpm is not, in fact, a bomb, but a device for making sure my section is in time, but she’s fucking losing it and makes us evacuate to the cafeteria

the students in the cafeteria are losing their shit. yesterday they thought they were going to be the next victims of a school shooting and today they think they’re going to die via metronome bomb. im running around trying to find a fucking sane faculty member while simultaneously telling everyone i run into, “it’s not a bomb, it’s A FUCKING METRONOME”

i finally find the vice principal and tell him, “dude, it’s not a fucking bomb, it’s a metronome, you know me, i’m in the band, literally there are only like five hundred fucking students in this school you know exactly who i am”

so he grabs me and another staff member and we start heading back toward the wing with the fake bomb, and already the three officers that we have patrolling the school (because of the incident the previous day) and the principal are gathered near the classroom and they shout at us to stop at the end of the hall (which is no more than fifty feet from the classroom, if that, and yeah that’s totally far enough to save us in the event of a bomb going off, right)

so the vp shouts to them that i think it’s a metronome, and i’m like no, i know it’s a metronome it’s my backpack and im a band student for the love of god

so they’re like nah we’re gonna call bomb squad

so fucking, i’m sent back to the cafeteria and this is how things happen as my band director filled me in later that day

apparently, the principal calls my band director down at the opposite end of the school and he’s like “hey darren, could you identify the sound of a metronome over the phone???” and my band director has no clue what’s happening because he isn’t involved in this nonsense, he doesn’t have a class during first period and was probably napping in his office, but he’s like “yeah, probably??” and the principal holds the phone up to the noise and my band director says it sounds like a metronome

skipping about an hour of hysteria and me telling everyone repeatedly that they aren’t going to die, the intercom comes on and tells the student body to gather in the gym for an assembly, presumably so we can all die in one place when the metronome bomb goes off

i’m still telling everyone i can grab that the bomb isn’t real and we aren’t going to die, and then i sit in the bleachers, possibly the angriest i have ever been, while everyone gathers in the gym

the principal and other important faculty whoever the fuck come in and start talking about the previous day’s incident and how tensions are high, so someone may have been stressed and mistakenly thought a metronome (which he pronounced as “metrodome,” which i like to think of as a giant beeping sports stadium) was a live fucking bomb

meanwhile i see the doors to the gym open and my band director slides in. he looks around for a minute, then sees me, and fucking grins like the asshole he is and starts edging his way around the room to me

when he gets over to me, he turns to face the people talking about threats and mistakes and bullshit to cover the fact that they know nothing about music education

and then slowly and slyly he pulls my metronome out of his pocket and hands it over to me, and then separately hands me the two batteries to it and starts giggling

if you don’t believe me, i made the fucking news


Hello everyone! My name is Ezra, I’m a disabled, neurodiverse qtpoc, and I need your help! My family has an incredibly low income, and now with the welfare cuts, it is increasingly difficult to stay afloat. My mother can’t work because of disability, and the only place that would hire me with mine, I can’t start work at until September.

I currently am trying to get my cosmetology licence as well with a college credit program associated with my school. This, however, is an incredibly expensive thing to do.This is where you come in! I do commissions, I sell jewelry, stim toys, zines, and now clothing! 

Whether you buy one or just reblog, please, do not just like this. That does me no help whatsoever. If only one or two people buys this, it won’t let them ship, so the money will be refunded and I won’t get any of the payment. The source I am selling from requires a minimum of five purchases to sell. Please, please help me. If you want to commission me or buy something else, please shoot me an ask or message. 

Impatient at Best

So the party was small, only consisting of a Rogue (Me), a Knight and I believe a Cleric. We had come to a castle with a group standing out front in dark robes.

Rogue: I’m just going to hide in that tree, crossbow ready, in case a fight breaks out.

The Knight and the Cleric spend a good five minutes talking to these figures.

Rogue (to GM): Can I just shoot one of them? im bored.

The knight (ooc): Why would you do that? We are getting somewhere.

Rogue: Because I’m borrrrred.

GM: I guess you can.

Rogue: Great! -rolls nat 20-

GM, shaking his head: Your bolt goes through the heads of two of the five figures who are obviously very pissed off now.

random bios

c stewrtz 

  • do not be worried about what people think of you
  • when it’s over, leave.
  • im such a sarcastic bitch
  • go ahead. do your worst.
  • im senseless
  • too fucking cute for this
  • enjoy the silence
  • everytime you smile at me i fall in love over and over again
  • it’s awful to want to go away
  • no words can explain the way i miss you
  • my heart talks about nothing but you
  • i cant and i dont to want see another thing
  • millions of stars in the sky, but all i wanna do is stare into your eyes
  • is there no way out of the mind?
  • they say i act like i dont give a fuck, i tell them im not acting
  • if you think of pulling the trigger, keep in mind that I could still shoot first
  • three word story: pain changes people
  • i don’t need a Valentine, i need Valentino
  • i’m all yours i got no control
  • lets do what we love and do a lot of it
  • have the courage to follow your heart
  • i’ll never be good enough at anything
  • i like the storms, they let me know that even the sky scream sometimes
  • you can dye your hair, buy new clothes, you can change your shoes, rearrange your nose but it don’t change the fact that you’re ugly on the inside
  • i don’t wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck
  • if you never shoot i’ll never know

What I say: I’m fine

What I mean:

I’m really upset because when pennywise asked Georgie about his friends Georgie just said bill. This means that Georgie was probably really lonely and had no one else besides his brother. This also means that Georgie relied on Bill and Bill got used to that and gave him all of his love. This makes me even more upset because even though you know Bill is hurting bad, it makes you think a lot more about how the lack of Georgie really impacted him and his life. Also on top of this, Bill had to turn away AND shoot Pennywise’s version of Georgie who was so lost and kept saying how much he just wanted to go home. And Bill really wanted that because he hated the lack of his brothers presence in his own home. But, Bill had to be brave and take him down which just made things worse for him.


“Today in Margaret, Mamura’s Extra “Red” is released. In the appendix there will be a DVD with the cast. I watched the recording live and it seemed to be very warm hearted and fun 〜(^ ^) I drew a lot of various things, but this is really the end of Hirunaka! Thank you to everyone who read it!”


  • Yamamori’s Twitter: x
  • Translations: beaux-mont

Please credit if re-translating or taking out from source.

"Tom the Impalor"

So context this is me and my friend Toms forst time playing DnD. The first battle we have is against an orc with a pack of wolves by his side. The party focuses on the wolves where as our ranger shoots the orc with his long bow dealing decent damage. Tom pipes up “im going to impale him with my javelin” DM allows it and tom rolls a Nat 20 and impales him from his gut straight through into his skull. He then goes on to do the exact same thing later on to a bear again rolling a nat 20 and acheiving his attack.

Party, including DM: You will forever now be known as “Tom the Impalor”

Tom: its not official yet. *Rolls nat 20 impales the final boss with his javelin.*

DM: its offical.

Will’s Takeover: *very little information, no pictures of the set/cast/costumes* “I can’t/am not going to tell you guys anything you’ll have to wait and see” “im not telling you guys about my character” *mystery professionalism, cuteness, maturity etc., etc. 

Harry’s Takeover(s): “fuck it, imma read directly from the script, take pictures of EVERYTHING, like the set, where we’re shooting, my makeup, my clothes, here’s me in character, lets take a complete tour of Magnus’s loft, see everything, touch everything, see everyone” *flips off managers and proceeds to practice his lines in front of us*

Astrology Meme Time

Oops it’s half past grill your sign


  • Why are you dressed like a grandma “It’s my ass kicking outfit, bitch”
  • Surprisingly nimble and dainty
  • I sure am going to make this big mistake oh ooch ow it hurts so bad oh no  this is awful Im not stopping tho owie wowee
  • Best friends with like 8 famous people, and humble about it
  • Never really not pissed at someone


  • How many layers of mistakes that you’ve made and not talked about are you on right now “I don’t know my dude like 5 or 6” you are like a little baby
  • Germaphobe- gets really upset if you joke about it
  • Gives everyone a shot even if they are literally going to shoot Taurus in the face kind of shot like with a gun
  • Smells lightly floral at all times even in humid gross weather
  • 3 a.m. texting full conversations 


  • Essentially a very drowsy social butterfly
  • No chill but on mute
  • Would you like to go out sometime? no? okay do you know where I can get some drugs
  • Dressed to RepressTM
  • Majors in  a e s t h e t i c 


  • Not actually a mom friend like everyone thinks- more of a frantic aunty figure that stuffs strange bracelets and candies in your pockets
  • Cries when puppies appear, or really any baby animal (even just saying ‘baby animals’ can get it goin)
  • Collects things that are junk but if you call them junk you’re basically not allowed in their house anymore
  • Fiscally responsible
  • If you forget your manners they will forget you


  • I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?
  • Cat lover and walking cat mom stereotype
  • Cries if the food is too good
  • Secretly very responsible
  • Minor inconvenience- “Guess I’ll die”


  • Cries during a fist fight
  • “I hate that I work all the time” they said, picking up several extra shifts and taking over other people’s tasks
  • Paid and laid and not ur maid
  • Not as neat or tidy as expected and a lil scatterbrained 
  • Hair fetish


  • Thesaurus but also a potty mouth
  • They’re proof ppl can still be romantic even without a heart
  • *Taps head* “can’t be proven wrong in an argument if you don’t actually argue”
  • Will still show up at crucial events even if they got stabbed on the way (and on time)


  • “There will be a very slight delay-” *blinking guy gif meme*
  • Usually armed with a weapon even at the grocery store
  • “Ghosts don’t exist” they said, summoning Satan
  • With the band
  • Problematic sex life


  • “I got this” they said, and then didn’t and also died
  • Either amazing or fucking awful gift givers no in between
  • Depression is in Session
  • Wasted away again in Margaritaville
  • Tried something for the first time and totally killed it while it took everyone else years- “whaaat it’s so easy”


  • Accountant Dad
  • Knitted stuff even in summer
  • Great at most any things except handling critique
  • wtf are words do
  • Secretly loves to do risky chance taking


  • Overly forgiving of shitty exes
  • Picks up other languages like it’s no goddamn thing
  • Puts up with lots of bullshit
  • “Y'know when *describes intrinsic and esoteric construct no one can relate to* ? Haha right??”
  • Likely the gayest of the signs


  • *Internal screaming*
  • Late for stuff bc petting ppls dogs
  • Points out uncomfortable truths on the reg
  • “If you can’t summon the emotions directly from inside, store bought is fine”
  • Dirty jokes