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so, this year my goal was to get to 1k followers before the year ended (and in only 4 months), and with the help of everyone, i did it! so i said that if i reached my goal i would do a follow forever (and also because it’s the holidays). and i also made a graphic. it’s actually summer right now where i am but i thought the christmas theme would look best with snow, so i added snow. i think it’s kinda cute.

anyways, this is just a quick follow forever to appreciate all my mutuals and people who i always see on my dash, who post amazing content whether it’s gifs, graphics, edits, or just funny posts. i see all of them and i appreciate them. you guys fill my dash with only the best stuff and never fail to put a smile on my face. this year has been particularly rough for me, so all of you definitely helped making it better, and for that i really really thank you!! so here we go :-D

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bpdbork  asked:

Can u do the rfa + v, saeran, and maybe even vanderwood reacting to being with a rlly childish mc (if thats specific enough ^^;) lile an mc that loves watching cartoons and playing ds games and probably makes them play ispy everytime theyre in a car (i just thought it would h rlly cute to see all the serious members of the rfa reacting to someone rlly childish)

Boi. Why does this sound like me


  • utterly confused 
  • “MC it’s 5am why are you up?”
  • has to question why MC has to charge their DS every night 
  • ends up finding DS games all over the place
  • when he sees MC’s room he’s taken aback 
  • “Is this your childhood room MC or is this your actual room”
  • playing ispy results in sarcastic remarks 
  • he will take MC’s DS at the dinner table 
  • “we’re eating”


  • “MC playing that game all day will hurt your eyes”
  • “MC please this isn’t a time to be playing hide and seek” 
  • secretly enjoys the small childish games 
  • will end up tripping over the gaming consoles
  • so many stuffed animals everywhere 
  • he will result in buying MC a new stuffed animal as a toy 
  • they seem to like it 
  • did you say cartoons?
  • he wakes up to find MC sitting in front of the TV watching teen titans or Pokemon or something


  • cartoons??
  • at this AGE? why MC??
  • he enjoys watching them too 
  • he probably is the one that wakes MC up saturday mornings 
  • they eat pancakes while watching cartoons 
  • he will end up “accidentally” end up playing one of MC’s games 
  • “MC lemme borrow your charger” 
  • “why tho”
  • “mydsisgonnadIE”


  • MC loves games? childish games?
  • he will BUY MC the consoles and games they want as gifts when they come out 
  • as long as MC is healthy he will indulge MC’s interests
  • “MC have you gotten off that couch all night?”
  • “MC please come sleep now”
  • he is also a big baby for attention from MC
  • playing childish games he enjoys more 
  • he loves how cute MC looks when they’re concentrated on a game 
  • or when they’re watching cartoons Jumin will sit by them and work 


  • “MC why are you playing games, the coffee shop needs attention at the moment”
  • ifyouunderstandthatreferenceiwillloveyouforever
  • jaehee sighs 
  • probably takes the games away until MC does their work 
  • then on break they can play them 
  • she will most likely join in if bored enough
  • very patient with MC 
  • enjoys the childish games too 
  • it allows for very sweet moments 
  • thinks it’s endearing that MC watching such childish cartoons 


  • this boy will join MC in playing all the games they want 
  • competitive playing 
  • he usually looses 
  • will be playing LOLOL at midnight an MC is probably saving Hyrule 
  • “Is it Ganon again?”
  • childish games end up with them at a playground pretending to be knights 
  • this results in children joining in and playing along with them 
  • they trade games at times to try them out 
  • the amount of wires 


  • GAMEs!
  • they’re both up at 6am making pancakes or waffle s
  • they are prepared for every cartoon marathon 
  • they marathon cartoons constantly 
  • he lets MC borrow his laptops to kick butt on online games 
  • he ends up insisting MC sits with him if he’s hacking 
  • which ends up in him suggesting pairs for battles 
  • “you should use the boomerang”
  • the hog all the outlets 
  • they know the perfect gifts for each other 
  • they visit each other’s towns in Animal Crossing


  • the childish games are super cute 
  • however when MC plays too many video games he’ll subtly tell MC he’s going to cook
  • the promise of food is always a good distraction 
  • this results in them having food fights in the kitchen 
  • he’s nosy if MC is pairing characters in a game 
  • “MC but why not pair Camilla with someone other then the porcupine haired guy”
  • he loves the stories of the games however so he’ll watch MC play while braiding their hair or just holding them 
  • super shocked at how well the cutscenes are animated 
  • he is slightly disturbed by how realistic some games are 
  • “Wait so she was bitten by a zombie but she’s immune?”
  • “MC watch Joel’s back,I don’t need to suffer hearing his throat get ripped out again”

Imagine King George Washington frustrated by the fact that he has no actual power over his government whatsoever,

But more so by the fact that his prime minister and opposition leader, once bitter enemies, are now dating each other,

And, to add to it even more exasperation (if that’s possible), Prime minister Hamilton& Opposition leader Jefferson make a goddamn cute couple, feeding each other their lunch& flirting in the congressional chamber, right under Washington’s watchful&prying eyes.

And whenever King George’s French lover visits his court, these two would take quite some convincing to leave the room to Washington&his boy, and even then Washington would often find them peaking through his windows.

“Hamilton I swear im stripping you of your knigthood if i catch you spying on me and Gilbert again”

“And Jefferson? I thought you were to take Alexander out for dinner! Get a life, would you? And then come back here&help me with this facepage thing which i cannot for my life understand how to use!”

“And you should really compromise on the sugar tax. we cant have general knox drinking ten sodas a day.”


ok but consider this: destiel pokémon go au
  • dean bumping into cas while walking around the street looking for pokémon
  • dean and cas meeting for the first time at a poké stop and they end up getting along well so they decide to continue looking for pokémon together
  • dean being in team valor and cas in team mystic and cas keeps taking over dean’s gyms and dean is pissed as hell
  • cas using a lure and dean being able to catch a high CP pokémon because of the lure so dean comes up to thank cas personally
  • dean and cas as best friends who are competing against each other to see who can hatch their eggs the fastest (cas winning in the end is technically unfair cause he’s a goddamn runner)
  • sam accidentally hearing dean and cas groaning in the same room and sprinting away because he thought dean and cas were having sex but they actually just got cut off from pokémon go’s server
  • dean and cas as best friends hunting for pokémon together and dean keeps yelling ridiculous poké stop names out loud while cas rolls his eyes affectionately
  • “dean i thought you told me that you were going to actually jog with me for real this time” “no but cas listen there’s a pikachu just right over there
  • dean blushing violently when cas finds out that dean names all of his pokémon after classic rock bands
  • dean as a cop who has to pull cas over for driving too slow and turns out it’s because he was driving while playing pokémon go
  • cas wanting to come into a coffee shop because there’s a pokémon inside and dean is the coffee shop owner who has a “pokémon are for paying customers only” sign on his door
  • cas stubbornly sitting outside the coffee shop and using a lure to attract other trainers who eventually come just to hang around outside of dean’s shop
  • dean glaring at cas through the glass door of the coffee shop and cas smiling smugly at him


He wasn’t ecstatic to see her, per say, especially with how things went last time they’d met – but she did look rather cute, Harry would admit. The country club uniform didn’t make her dull any, only gave her a chance to appear even brighter. A smile stretching at her lips, blindingly happy as she makes way towards them. Harry can already see the look in Niall’s eyes, and hopes it doesn’t stay around long. He actually wants a game today – surprisingly – and Niall being distracted by a sickeningly sweet caddy would not fulfill that wish.

“So, I’ve never really done this before,” Y/N admits, stepping up to Harry, “Like, do I carry the ball hitters?”

“Ball hitters,” Harry repeats unamused, “You do. Where are they?”

Y/N looks at him confused, “I thought you had ‘em?”


Harry mistakes the twist in his belly for loathing

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( headcanon. ) cute girl riku?

Since petite girls that look really cute and act like the innocent type are more likely attractive to boys, riku is often thought of to be a “cute girl at all by other guys. I’m saying this cause like– most Japanese girls who are tall are mostly looked at as the (guy) friend rather than the crush.

can you just simply imagine Riku wearing boy clothes more often than girl clothes? can you imagine riku getting mistaken as a boy by other people and she doesn’t actually care what they think?

Like picture in a middle school situation especially.

A lot of boys would’ve thought Riku was cool and out going and confident!!! While on the other hand, Riku’s friends are the actually the cute ones since they were shorter, shy, and innocent than her.

But Riku didn’t care at the time since she’s always so focused on playing volleyball. Volleyball was all she ever liked doing. I think she would’ve started being more conscious of it at the start of her second year, hearing people making comments about seeing her for sure as a guy outside of school than a girl.

So if you’re thinking Riku may be a girl at the first sight or first meeting at all, then you’re pretty mistaken– unless you knew her, I preferably believe that your character would’ve seen Riku as a guy before she revealing herself as a girl.

but that’s what I think. :) I don’t think you need to follow by my saying.

im sorry but??? ge//ncy doesnt really appeal to me and i really hope they dont make it canon,,, bc even though mercy saved his life it doesnt run away from the fact that genji was extremely burdened as life went on. sure, he was grateful for mercy’s help but for a long time he thought of his body as a “curse”, since he was so different from other omnics and humans. THEN he met zenyatta, who helped genji through his burdens and taught him to embrace who he is and to be kind. if genji ran into mercy after these events (maybe they responded to recall?) i’m sure they would be friends, but seeing them as a romantic couple is kinda pushing it. im not gonna lie, at first glance the ship actually is sorta cute. but since blizz is sort of pushing the idea that genji “owes her a favor” for saving his life, that doesnt sound very healthy. i feel like zenyatta and genji would get along better since genji has been by zenyattas side for a long time, and bc that zenyatta taught him peace and kindness during his darkest times. thats just me tho,,,

Thin Walls *Part 3* (Neighbour!Luke)

so in case not eveyone saw, im making this into a small series bc well, basically i love it  

part 1 | part 2

part 4

Ever since that day when your neighbour Luke had invited you over to his place to someday listen to his music, you honestly hadn’t stopped thinking about it. 

You guys hadn’t seen each other since that one day, it had now been a week. And still you guys hadn’t had one of your shower duets. You were actually trying to avoid showering at the same time as him for the time being, because you were still slightly scared that you would hear him jacking off again.

Still, you haven’t seen much of him.

That was, until that Friday night when you heard a slight knock on your door. At first you thought that it was either one of your friends who had failed to text you before coming over, or Ms. Campbell from across the hall. Although you were surprised to see you neighbour Luke, looking nervous with his bottom lip between his teeth and bumping his feet together.

“Hey,” He grinned, looking down at you. “So,” He quickly kept talking, not giving you a chance to say anything. “I don’t know if you remember, but I said that you should come over sometime, and I don’t know if your busy now, I mean it is Friday night after all but I was thinking that maybe you would want to tonight?” He rambled, looking at you with hopeful eyes.

You let out a slightly nervous laugh, nodding. “No, my plans for the night was Netflix alone.” 

“So do you wanna, or..?” He trailed off, unsure of your previous answer. “Yes.” You said a bit too loudly. You didn’t realize that you had made it uncertain last time. “Yeah, that’d be cool.” You grinned, trying to calm yourself down. 

You told him that you’d be over in a sec, and he said that he’ll leave his door unlocked so that you could walk in when you were done. You quickly went to grab a hoodie, made sure you put deodorant on, turned the lights off and locked your door behind you.

You walked the short distance to his door, pushing it open and cautiously walking in.  His place was obviously the same layout as yours, although compared to his off white cream walls, your teal blue ones made both places look very different. 

You walked further into his place, looking at the few pictures on the walls, and looking at the way he had laid out his furniture compared to yours. Even if the apartments were pretty small, you could still manage something.

Luke emerged from behind a door, guessing it was his room because it was in the same place as where your room was. The apartment was advertised as a “two rooms one bathroom” but it was more like “one room, a tiny room and one bathroom” because the alleged “second room” was probably smaller than the bathroom. You mostly used that room to store a bunch of stuff you couldn’t find space for. 

“It’s pretty much the same as your place.” He said, watching you look around the place. You nodded, looking back at him where he was leaning against his door frame. 

“Basically. What do you use your ‘second room’ as?” You asked him, trying to strike up conversation. You knew that most people in the building complained about that room, because they thought that a human would actually be able to stay in there. 

“I store a whole bunch of junk in there.” He laughed, and I nodded, telling him I did the same thing. “I mean, it’s not he best apartment in the world.” He shrugged, continuing to speak. “It’s small and the walls are thin.” He shot you a look.

Once again, you had to bit your lip. You kept thinking back to that time you heard him. “But it’s cheap, so I can survive with the the thin walls.” 

“Yeah, that’s true. I bet you always hear my noisy annoying friends.” You told him. It was true, they liked to laugh particularly loudly. He nodded. “I’ve heard a few extra people at your place.”

He walked towards the couch, taking a seat and you followed him. You guess sitting and talking was less weird that standing and talking. “I’ve heard your friends as well. That, and your loud music.” 

He nodded, “Yeah, my friends are loud. And I do get a lot of complaints about my music.” 

The only place where you could hear the most from his place, would be bathroom. But if there was noise in the main living room area and was louder that usual, you could hear it. But the rooms were on opposite sides, so if he brought a girl home or something you wouldn’t be able to hear them. 

“Speaking of music.” You spoke up again. “I thought I was promised a live show?” 

He laughed, and shook his head. “Honestly, I feel awkward singing in front of people. I prefer the shower for that.” He gave you a small smirk.

“But seriously, you’re really good. You should be in a band or something.” You told him. “And really? Wow, I would never have pegged you as the type to break promises.” You jokingly teased him.

“I’ll keep that in mind. To be completely honest, I kinda only said that to talk to you.” 

meeting jin 150718

okay so now that i know bts is arriving in chicago i can actually tell this.

okay so my hotel was randomly assigned next to where namjoon took that kim daily and me and @24sigan were making up scenarios like what if we run into them next to the amusement park or maybe even at our hotel. so getting ready for TRB i saw a staff for trb, they had the lanyard and everything so i thought that maybe just the staff was staying at our hotel and it all was coming together but i honestly didn’t think much. and after TRB there was people with the lanyards who brought a bunch of pizzas to the 4th floor ( my mom thinks she got on the elevator with jhope who went to the 4th floor) so we thought “if a twitter update had some pizza in it we will know for sure” but they never did so we guess they weren’t staying here. the next day we were getting ready to leave back home. my mom and sister went to put stuff away in our car and went to go see how the gym looked, as they were in the elevator they said a boy wearing all hiphopish clothes stepped in and he went to the gym. as we all were stepping into the car to head home we decide to go back into the hotel to print some stuff. i was standing in the middle of the lobby on my phone just pacing around and chilling and i see this rlly cute boy comes from the gym im like hot damn and he lifts up his head and looks straight into my eyes AND ITS FREAKING JIN. his face was all oily/sweaty and he was walking my direction to go to the food area of the hotel. but as he was walking by me oh my god….. like before i actually saw his face he went near the elevators ( to confuse fans? ) and he would hide his face with his hat but as he walked passed me he looked at me in the eyes for a really long time like when he was in front of me till he couldn’t turn his head anymore as he was walking away. then i went and grabbed jxmjam and we kinda just waited because my parents wanted to get a pic even tho im sure he wouldn’t let us. then my mom was like oh im gonna go take the dog out to go to the bathroom by the swimming pool. and i think jin knew he had fans because a fan’s dad went to us and was like “did u let him get away?” ( because his kids wanted to see jin and they were eating where jin was ) and we’re like i don’t know i guess he slipped through the back.

then my mom comes in and tells me she had a convo with jin that was something like 

jin: *walks to back entrance and tries to open gate with manager beside him*

mom: *walks up to him* you have to lift it up. *lifts it up for him*

jin: oh- thank you, thank you

mom: *cooly* can i get a picture? 

jin: *suddenly gets nervous and lifts his hat down* oh no i can’t. im sorry.

mom: its cool. have a good day!

jin: thank you!

so yeah but this little smoll boi wasnt done yet. my friend called out that he was coming back in so nervous as heck, i ran to a couch to hide. he was behind his manager and walked to the elevators to go back into his room.…. not to mention he stared at my shirt because i had nothing to wear and i didnt know iD RUN INTO HIM 

edit: im just gonna add that there was some weird saesangs there who told us she followed them around so please don’t do that guys give them space.

Quick(?) Thought on Faith
  • SPOILERS FOR FAITH!!!!!!!!! And also warning for my incoherent sorrowful ramblings
  • 1) How did I survive?
  • 2)I didn't Outlander and Caitriona Balfe killed me and I know reside on some other plane of sadness and tissues
  • 3) I thought little Bree was cute before my heart was shattered
  • 4) now i feel nothing but depressed feels
  • 5)i.e. the worst kind of feels
  • 6)Even tho I was prepared, the where's my baby scene still slayed me. LIKE SLAYED.
  • 7)and no amount of Mother Hildegard saying "i'm here" will help
  • 9)"My sins are all I have left"...that's a great line and Cait delivered it so well
  • 11)I was really surprised they kept the Master Raymond scene. I thought they would cut it, but it actually worked
  • 16) MY poor sweet fergus. tbh i thought they showed a little too much of it
  • 17)"i'll add it to the list of the things I have already lost in Paris"
  • 19)Claire's dress is so beautiful
  • 20)Louis: do you want an orange before i steal your virtue?
  • 21)Claire: Sure, wouldn't want to get scurvy
  • 22)holy shit, that room is so cool, i want my bedroom to look like that
  • 23)minus the creepy guys in masks, the poison, and snake
  • 24)I mean the comte could stay if he wants...
  • 25)the crystal effect was really cool, can i just go and raid Outlander's inventory?
  • 26)Ok, i kinda felt bad when the comte died, like i know i shouldnt, he's bad...but that face tho
  • 27)king scene wasn't so bad, I couldn't stop looking at Claire's white stockings
  • 28)Jamie walking up the steps to Claire
  • 29)Outlander writers: Oh, did you forget how painful this episode is? Let me remind you
  • 30)oh how kind
  • 31)ok I can't figure out if i like the beard or not
  • 32)the ticking clock was very powerful
  • 33)do ye hate me for it and those flashbacks
  • 34)I need a fucking drink
  • 35)she had copper hair...please make this pain stop
  • 36)Claire singing to her daughter for the first and final just not ok
  • 37)Louise saying she's an is time, my dear
  • 39)Claire saying it's her fault, no my child no
  • 40)Jamie saying he wants to do something before they go home...i dont have a heart at this point, so how do i feel all this pain?
  • 43)and the last sight of them as the camera pulls away, showing claire and jamie clutching each other
  • 44) just wow. literally heartbreaking and heart wrenching perfection. bravo

anonymous asked:

Dan is going all no homo again like 2012 imo

 (i can’t remember when u sent this to me but it was in my drafts so i probably meant to reply to it a while back mY BAD also disclaimer: i’m just making observations and sharing a little thoughts on those observations. please don’t take my words as FACT or anything seriously. They are solely an expansion on “what if…?”s surrounding Dan)

i’m not really a fan of the term ‘no homo’ in regards to joking about someone’s sexuality but if you mean Dan is still denying non-heterosexual stuff or whatever like he did in 2012…i can’t really agree with you…i mean maaaybe in terms of him & phil but even then I rarely see that ‘no homo’ stuff between them nowadays - they’ve been really close and cute recently like whOA dan’s actually letting us know about his opinion/affection towards phil?? that would’ve rarely/never happened in 2012!

Ngl, I’ve been getting more i-like-boys-girls-everyone-whatever vibes from Dan recently.

He just doesn’t seem to be… gender specific?? anymore?? even when someone specifically asks him about a girl??? I remember a viewer in a liveshow asking (paraphrasing here) if he found a girl attractive with bags under her eyes but rather than sticking to talking about a girl and using usually/commonly female pronouns (she/her) he changed the language to what he finds attractive in ‘someone’ and begins to refer to that someone as ‘they’ rather than ‘she’ (or /he) which is a pretty common thing to do when a multi–person thinks about those they attracted to, not just one gender, not just one selection of pronouns…and idk he’s also been pretty vocal about attractive men recently x and never seems to answer ‘are you gay’ questions [in such disgust like he did in 2012 or] anymore

there was also this one time in a liveshow (i can’t for the life of me find where i quoted it but it was a few months ago I think) where someone said “i’m pansexual but my parents are homophobic” and maybe something about coming out and Dan sort of nonchalantly (but obvi concerned) said something along the lines of “I can’t give you full advice on this yet” and idk that really intrigued me??? of course he could have been implying he can’t give full advice because he’s never had to come out or he could have gone through something similar with his own family and his own sexuality?? who knows??

idk i just don’t see, as ppl call it, “no homo howell” these days. Ngl, I think Dan is as genuine as he ever has been!

sort of off topic side note: I think it’s actually pretty toxic to imply that dan is lying when his stories with phil or someone don’t match with our fantasies. like, it’s important be open to all possibilities of events they do choose to share with us (i.e. the ‘date night’ photo turned out to be a celebration night with the book publishers for getting the book done). especially the ones dan actually gives us.

i’m sorry this is a messy response but ah i love discussion on this so :) thanks for your message!

Happy Lucky 7 SHINee <3

I can’t believe its already been 7 years since their debut. I remember when Replay came out and I gave it a listen and liked it but couldn’t bare the thought of idol debuting my age…I def was not into cute, pretty boys back then. So it took me four years to finally see what I was missing out on. T.T I’ve only been a Shawol for 3 years but its felt like I’ve been here for the whole ride. I actually never could have imagined that I would love a group so much like I do now. 

I can’t say they saved my life but I feel like they are protecting me. Making me truly happy to be able to witness their talent, growth and so on. I seriously love them. I have never loved a group this much and it scares me sometimes cause there is always an end and its a matter of time BUT jjong keep reassuring us there isnt  an end and I love him for that. Even when the title SHINee becomes old or even forgotten I think their will always be this bond we have as SHINee World with the members that would be everlasting. 

Onew to many seems soft, kind and even a push over but thats a superficial way of looking at him. He’s goofy and clumsy even but he is completely aware of his actions. He’s a critical thinker and that is a key quality of a leader. I personally think he is one of the best leaders. Its not an easy job and the man isn’t invincible so there are times that he seems to falter but it clearly shows that during those times the members are backing him up 100%.THEY RESPECT HIM. I’m sure there were ruff patches but they worked to overcome them and Onew strives to keep the bond they have strong and clear. (he is hella smart by the way, dont think he does “dumb” things just cause they are different or weird/ ex. hints of cb)

Jonghyun will always struggle with his “cocky” image I think and he def struggles with it a lot now as he tries to clear up misunderstandings. It would be hard too if you are telling the truth but no one believes you. He is literally the most emotional member but that doesnt mean he isnt strong. Jjong has been through shit over the last few years but he’s bounced back. Times get hard for him too but he channels it in a different way…through music. Over the years we got to see him harvest his talent as a singer, song writer and composer even. We get to see a clear and true example of what its like to fulfill your dreams. He pushed us to question society, understand that being lonely isnt a flaw and that others are in the same boat. He made us laugh, cry, (get really frustrated by his perfection) and on and on. This man isn’t perfect and neither does he try to be. He strives to be the best that he can be so that others throw away those misconceptions of him and take in who he really is. 

Key stands out, so why did I cover up his true beauty. At the beginning I rarely paid any attention to him. Labeling him off as sassy and overconfident but boy was I wrong. I saw the Key that took the stage every so often, I didn’t see the Key or Kibum that seeps through much more often and is precious, unique, funny, handsome and damn talented. It would be so wrong for people to not appreciate the amount of ability this man has to “wooo” the audience with a simple his smile. If you look at Kibum and tell me he lacks in singing or dancing I will THROW U OUT! lol Key brings great dynamic to SHINee. I think when people label him as sassy or confident we tend to forget that he is Mr. Kim crybaby #2. He is actually quite secretive with is personal life and personal feelings. Having a lot of friends doesnt mean that you will have deep connections with them. I see that Kibum is very careful with his emotions and he uses Key to cover up that insecurity. I’m just glad I got to see past his Key image cause there is so much more to him. 

Minho was the first. Its really all thanks to Minho. My first bias in SHINee and the sole reason I ever gave SHINee a chance. I would be lying if I said his looks weren’t some of the reason why I liked him but I think flamers will agree that once you fall for this man there is so much you never really expect. Like the damn cuteness and pure dorky-ness. I loved that he was so competitive and head strong about what ever he did. I loved that he has goals he wanted to reach and wouldn’t give up on them. What I loved most was how he held the members, cared for them, joked with them and in general loved them. He’s much softer then his flaming charisma image but I’m sure by now you see a trend. All the members are pretty different from what they were labeled as. 

Taemin danced right into my heart. As my second bias Taemin dragged me into SHINee world. At this point it was like I didn’t even have a choice (i got a tumblr cause of him). I suppose he would be the most misunderstood member. His image is so strong that till this day some still see him as only a pretty face and dancer. They don’t give him the time to show them more. It obvious Taemin isn’t for the idol life. He lives for the music, singing, and dancing but not for all the extra stuff that follows in an idols life. As Tae grew older and he was able to express himself more it was clear to see that he was very honest with who he is and what he wants. He works hard but is only satisfied if he is working even harder. Another trend is that all members aren’t happy with staying the way they are but wanting to continue to grow, improve and learn.

This bond they have is so freaking strong, thinking bout it makes me tear up. Like I said, all things have an end but for SHINee I don’t think that will ever be. Even when they are old, retired with family and lives away from the members that bond they share will continue to SHINe. As SHINee World we must strive to keep that bond bright and SHINee also~ <3

Happy 7th anniversary SHINee, looking forward to many more years~