no im just kidding

rly tho pls consider: MTT having his own family aside from Blooky. Like an actual, biologically his family…
I don’t know how, but a lot of people already go into town w/ a skeleton having kids ( I browse the internet when I’m going to bed lmao ) so why disagree w/ a robotic superstar having a family? Omg imagine him trying to keep them away from paparazzi. Imagine him being rly happy w/ them but sometimes getting frustrate because he’s new to it & sometimes just gets overwhelmed but regardless, still tries. Still does everything he can. Still protects them a lot because those are his lmao. I can go into town w/ this oh my godh elp,,,,,,

Can you imagine him getting really excited about it tho at first? Sometimes asking female muses how to do _____? MTT being a little nervous about messing up. Can you imagine him first discovering he’s gonna be a parent & can you imagine how badly he’s wanted them so just overwhelmed.

steven universe is one of the most revolutionary shows for kids out there right now honestly


todays ep was all over abusive relationships and how even when you know its bad, you still feel like you want it and how incredibly hard it is to leave. it explored both sides of abuse, being abused and being the abuser which is hardly ever shown. the way lapis handled it was amazing and im honestly just so glad lessons like this are being broadcasted to kids in such a fantastic way

commandercopper replied to your post:so you finally become a furry or what babe

gogo’s always been a huge fuckin furry

you have no proof! 

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tell me about your day pancake~ <3

nothing much has happened cos it’s only 12 plus in the afternoon here, i just had breakfast and im watching some dramas now hahaha. school doesn’t begin until 8 august so it’s party timeeee (who am i kidding im just gonna laze at home)

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I'm going to point out that you've already done more than what most tumblr users would do in your situation, admitting you fucked up and you're trying to fix things. All these anons need to stop honestly because you've more than proven you're a good person to me. Good people fuck up sometimes but it's the mark of not only a good but a mature person too when they admit they fucked up and try to fix things.

thank you.. 

like i said, i dont expect to be forgiven right away or have this just wiped off my record, but this has been a mess.

im not a survivor. i overstepped my boundary there and people got hurt. thats what happened. 

im just a kid who got a bit too cocky

I can’t believe that this Captain America 13ft tall statue will be placed in Brooklyn on August 10!!!!

I mean imagine if Bucky and Steve finding it, Steve would be just shocked and Bucky would just be smiling and all happy.

Steve looks over at Bucky, “Why are you smiling?”

“Because,” Bucky kissed Steve, “It’s about fucking time you got a statue, punk.”

what she says: im okay

what she means: why was lucaya used as a plot device if r*cas was the intended endgame from the BEGINNING??? and why did they fuck up mayas character development and have everyone tell her she was turning into riley?? getting good grades and not disrupting class isnt ooc!!!! and now suddenly her feelings for lucas are nonexistent bc she was trying be riley???? why did the writers waste about a season and a half on a triangle that couldve easily been resolved if riley and lucas actually fucking sat down and talked instead of talking about how they talk all the time??????