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Alex: I like your pants.

Magnus: Thanks. They were 50% off.

Alex: I’d like them 100% off.

Magnus: The store can’t just give away clothes for free.

Alex: That’s not what I-

Magnus: That’s a terrible way to run a business, Alex.


2017 was officially my first year as a content creator in the svt fandom and what a year it has been !! we only have a month left and feels like the year started not too long ago. i’ve reached many personal goals, made lots of friends, improved on my art thank god, and already remade once lmao. so, thanks to all my mutuals who made this year fun, i enjoyed seeing all ur creations, getting to kno u, and overall just being around yall ٩(^‿^)۶ i hope you all have happy holidays and a lovely new year. so heres my first follow forever as some?? kind of small thank u ♡♡ - deedee

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Young - Pt. 5 [G.D mini series]


Summary: Y/N had always had bad luck finding love, but it was wrong of her to feel things for the troubled young student she was supposed to be counseling.

Word Count: 3.9k

Warnings: age gap, smut, angst, mentions of death/suicide, etc.

A/N: Ya’ll better pray before AND after reading this shit [anyway rockstar by post malone is the song for this! also my inspiration for the username since it makes me think of gray💦]

I stood there, frozen, almost completely forgetting about the fact that my ex-boyfriend was suddenly standing right in front of me, and a high school student was hiding in the kitchen after we’d just shared a hot kiss that involved too much touching. I still felt breathless, yet at the same time it was like I couldn’t bring any air into my lungs.

Connor was his name, and he was absolutely beautiful. He had a few similar features as to Grayson, and that was bad, especially when my dumb heart seemed to be reaching out for him as if it didn’t break hard enough the first time…

“Well… a-are you going to say anything?” he asked me with that big nervous smile on his face. I gulped, still not finding the strength to actually say anything. What in the hell? Why are you here? Do you really have the nerve to be stepping back into my home, back into my life after–?

“Connor…” I whispered his name, clutching the doorknob that I wanted to slam shut, but I couldn’t. He kept me in place. I couldn’t even go to pinch myself to see if this was a dream or not. It would’ve been better - because it meant he wasn’t there, I was just feeling lonely. Also, Grayson wouldn’t have done what he did back at the restaurant so he wouldn’t even be here, I was just lonely.

“Been too long…”

“What are you doing here?” I asked, shocking myself due to the fact that it felt like I didn’t even actually say that. My voice was gone.

“Thought I’d come by and see you,” he simply shrugged, going for my hand as his eyes roamed my wild attire, sending a kiss to my skin that still made fire erupt inside of me.

Realizing what I let happen, I roughly pulled my hand away. “You can’t be here.”

“Why?” he genuinely asked.

Because of what you did.

Because of how I’m feeling.

…Because of Grayson.

“Are you busy? You look like you’re going somewhere,” he asked me next, eyes trailing up. He seemed to be looking for something, and he must’ve found it as he paused and clicked the inside of his cheek.

Frowning, I turned to find Grayson standing there, practically glaring up at Connor. He was still shirtless, and that bulge of his was more prominent than ever. Or maybe that was just me.

The tension was too thick.

“Who’s that?” Connor asked me in sort of a whisper, as if Grayson would go and attack him simply for asking. It did seem that way, if I was honest. But the angry look didn’t make it any better for the spot in between my legs. “And are those my sweatpa–”

“No one. I um… just babysitting,” I said the first thing that came to mind, waving it off and not knowing how bad it actually sounded.

“Babysitting?” Connor chuckled, but he didn’t seem to find much humor in the situation. “He looks old enough.”

“Yeah, well.” I couldn’t let him think the wrong way. I could care less about him ever finding out I’d been moving on (which was sort of a lie…), he just couldn’t know I had a teenager in my house whom I had just been making out very heavily with. And if he hadn’t arrived? Possibly way more would’ve happened in that kitchen. “He’s my neighbor’s kid and he’s sick, terribly sick. Thought I’d nurse him.”

Connor genuinely smiled next, nodding. “Always helping aren’t you, Y/N.”

“I-I try…” I bit my lip, shyly rubbing at my arm. Then I scolded myself, trying not to let my guard down. “So, I think it’s not the right time–”

“Yeah, no, I understand. I just… wanted to see you. I know it’s so sudden, maybe even creepy just popping up like this without a word, especially after what I did, but…” I raised my brows at him and the way he was looking at me for a long period of time, almost in admiration, brought a shit ton of nostalgia back. “If it’s alright, I’d like to come back.”

This wasn’t a good idea. I had to tell him to leave.

“Just to talk, catch up. Nothing else.” Connor gave me those honest, sweet honey eyes, but they were the same ones that caused pain. However, what harm was there in just chatting? I was a guidance counselor - I could take advice from myself and move on from what once broke me. It’d help.

“Sure,” I all but whispered, making him smile yet again before leaning in and carefully sending a chaste kiss to my cheek before saying his goodbyes.

Only this time, I’d actually see him again. Or maybe it was all just a dream.

I shut the door after that, slowly hearing the clicking of it, and didn’t dare turn around until I heard the teenage boy speak.

“Babysitting,” Grayson had muttered, sounding pissed off - maybe even more so if that were possible. “Really?”

I was either growing mad myself or felt frustrated from what just happened with Connor being back in the picture. How the hell was I just going to pretend it didn’t happen and go back to normal? “It practically is, having to drag you here so you wouldn’t get in trouble for underage drinking.”

He made a twisted face, annoyed, yet he sounded mocking. “Sorry, had to check with mommy first?”

I crossed my arms, noticing him staring down very briefly when I pushed my breasts up. “It would’ve been much better. Maybe she could keep you in check after you deliberately ruined my date like some child would.”

Grayson scoffed, rubbing his reddening face. “More of this child bullshit.”

“Then stop acting like one,” I snapped, feeling heated as we both stood in front of each other. We were feet apart, breathing heavily, and I already knew this wasn’t going to be good. Connor had been a little distraction for a while, but that was it. “That is the only reason you get called that. Because of the way that you act.”

Grayson was now chuckling, but the smile he had on his beautiful face was devilish. “Was the person that was just kissing the hell out of you a child?”

I rolled my eyes, gritting my teeth. But he didn’t finish. He stepped closer as a matter of fact, closer with each word.

“And who was that, hmm?” I didn’t answer when he directed his next questions to Connor, who was clearly someone that once meant too much to me.

“No one.”

“Old friend?”


“No, no old loverboy.”

I was growing sexually frustrated all over again, Connor soon forgotten with the way Grayson spoke to me and the way that he looked doing it. “Shut up, Grayson.”

He was now standing directly right in front of me, and where I glared at him, he gave me those loopy eyes that drove my entire being wild. “I’d love it if you made me.”

With just listening to the way his deep voice sounded so raspy, I leaned in, brushed my hands in his brown hair, and was the one to smash my lips against his this time.

Immediately, not even a little caught off guard, he grabbed onto my waist, kissing back with full force yet also pushing me back until I hit the door with a small whine. His tongue easily slipped back inside, like he was taking his time to taste my mouth, and he wasn’t the only one groping and touching me now.

While one hand played with the ends of his hair, the other shamelessly trailed down to feel the hard muscles of his abdomen, down to softly graze my fingertips along his V-line, then pulling on the little string on the sweatpants that held them up.

Then, as secretly as possibly, I brought my hands behind my back to undo the zipper of my dress and grab at the thin sleeves to pull them down and expose my tits to him, moving forward to press my bare chest and nipples against his so he’d notice. Once he did, he pulled away with ragged breathing.

“Fuck,” he said as he stared down, watching me let the dress drop so I’d only be in my thin thong. He let out a little sound when my hand brushed against his bulge, moving his head a little so that his nose gently pressed against my cheek and he stared down at my body. Licking my lips, I brought both hands down so that my index fingers could grip onto band of the sweatpants, teasingly pulling them down.

I was only growing wetter at the sight of his erection pressed tightly against the cloth. I swore I even gasped when I saw a glimpse of his cock, bring my hand inside to grip onto him, feeling myself throb when I felt how thick he was. My thumb grazed the tip before I let him go and brought my finger up to my mouth, staring up at Grayson with innocent eyes as I sucked on it.

Flaring his nostrils, he grabbed onto my wrists to slam them against the door, coming to lean in and kiss me again. It was a quick one though, since he proceeded to go down and kiss along my neck, shoulder blade, then down between my tits before going to one and nipping at the skin.

My knees grew weak when Grayson stared up to make that eye contact he was so well at, before taking one erect nipple into his mouth. First, he used the tip of his tongue, then his teeth, and finally he was sucking with hollowed cheeks.

“Grayson,” I’d whispered, chest heaving as he continued to make his way down, making me blush when he got down to his knees in front of me. He was still kissing his way down, his huge hands softly passing by down to my thighs where he kissed each one.

I didn’t even have time to question him before he gripped my underwear and pulled it down abruptly until they were on the ground by my heels. Grayson wasted no time in gripping one of my legs to throw it over his shoulder, as his mouth came up to finally make contact with my dripping pussy.

My mouth opened wide and I threw my head back when I felt his sweet mouth on me, only making me wetter at the pleasure I was immediately brought into. I guess it was all fine with him as he practically buried his face in, using his tongue to grind it back and forth against my slick folds, slowly - so slow where I could feel the texture of his tongue. After a little while of it, he picked up his pace, went slow again, and then went to latch onto my clit before letting it go and going back to my labia. I almost subconsciously closed my legs when he quickly moved his face back and forth, even his nose slightly touching my clit as he did so.

“Ohh fuck!” I shouted out and brought my fist up to bite onto it when I was too loud, using the other to grip the messy floppy hair at the top of his head as he moved my leg further up so that he could insert his tongue inside of me as deep as he could, using his free hand to rub quick circles on my clit. I was sweating, grabbing onto one of my tits, and practically whining his name as he kept going, thrusting his tongue enough that I felt my hips grinding with his movements because it just felt so good. “Grayson, Grayson, Grayson–”

I didn’t think I’d be coming so quickly, but his mouth and his actions were like magic. I was shaking all over, going to grip his hair with both hands in attempt to maybe stop him, but it was too late. Plus, he wouldn’t let me go, he kept his grip on my flesh, making sure to get every drip of my cum.

He pulled away, his lips wet and shiny, and I got turned on even more when I saw his chin dripping. He slowly stood back to his tall figure, kissing my cheek and then going back to my lips where I tasted myself against his tongue.

I breathed him in and clung to him, my tiny hands circling around his large biceps. He pressed his body impossibly closer to mine, feeling up every part of me. His hand caught me off guard when he cupped my pussy, still a bit sensitive, and I gaped, feeling his smirk against my own mouth.

This is wrong, but feels so incredibly right.

“I really don’t have condoms, so if you want this…”

Stop it.

“No, no, you’re good.” Stop. Grayson pulled away enough to make me see his entire expression, his face sweaty and still wet from eating me out, as he cocked a brow. “Birth control, Mister Dolan…” I cupped the back of his neck and brought him close to whisper in his ear. “Now are you going to fuck me raw or not?”

Grayson moved quick as he gripped my thighs, spanking me hard enough to give me the message to jump. As I did so, I wrapped my naked legs around his waist, and then my naked body tangled with his. The breeze hit me, yet our skin stuck together as Grayson lifted my body up so he could hold me enough to use one hand. My eyes grew a bit wide, thinking he’d drop me from just using one arm to hold my entire body up, but he was strong enough. I still felt a bit scared seeing how tall and big he was, so I clung to him, wrapping my arms around his neck and giving his shoulder and neck kisses of my own whilst he put his hand down his sweatpants to grip his dick.

I let out a tiny moan, loving the wet sounds I heard when he was using his fist to jerk off a little before I felt the tip at my entrance. I held on even tighter to him, gasping once he was pushing inside, so slowly that it was killing us both. I mean, he was going in bare and hearing him ask about condoms made me know that he always used them and I was his first going in without anything to cover himself up. I liked that.

“You okay, Gray?” I asked, bringing a finger up to trace over his beautiful jawline, across his bottom lip. He looked at me, down at my own lips, then down where we were connecting.

“Yeah, stop… stop doing that,” he practically whispered, causing me to frown. I was throbbing, clenching tightly around him just as he was pushing in about halfway now, so it made him weak not being used to the feeling as he groaned. I felt just the same, trying to act calm and relax myself despite his large length.

“I’m not doing anything…”

Grayson chose to ignore me on that, fully pushing his dick inside and making me moan out loud whilst my nails dug into the skin of his shoulders. He didn’t even have time to be cocky before he was slowly moving back, before entering me once again with a much harder thrust. It was probably the entire fucking thing, or at least it felt like it.

Both of his hands were now on my ass, clutching, as he started moving at a sweet pace. It was enough for me to memorize the length of him, the thickness, and even the veins on his cock. I admired him as he gently fucked me against the door, watching the way his brows were furrowed as if in concentration, the way his eyes seemed even loopier than usual, and the way his mouth was parted with heavy breaths and soft moans escaping him.

He was so young… and I didn’t have time to scold myself either before I felt him move a little bit faster, his hips hitting mine much harder so that even the door could be heard slamming behind me.

It felt so amazing as I arched my back, the pleasure consuming me, and when I went to close my eyes, I felt Grayson grip my face with one hand - making me look at him as his cock went in and out, in and back out.

He always had such an intimidating, intense stare that had my knees weak, but this was something else. Grayson’s nearly glaring eyes were burning through mine as he placed a hand to my throat to gently choke me, making sure we maintained eye contact as he fucked me with no mercy.

I felt my next orgasm coming too quick and let out a tiny sob, tightly closing my eyes yet trying my best to keep them on his beautiful ones.

“Your legs are fucking shaking,” he commented, only keeping his thrusts going, deeper and then deeper when his hands separated my ass cheeks as best as he could so that he could feel my walls clenching and unclenching. He was not stopping, especially when we both heard these extremely wet sounds coming from me, just as my entire body began to go into overdrive.

“G-Gray!” I screamed when I felt the pit of my stomach erupt as I unexpectedly squirted all over his slick cock, causing him to pull away with a grunt as he stared down at my dripping cunt. I held onto him, surprised myself seeing as it never happened before, and let out tiny gasps.

“Holy shit,” he said as he quickly brought a hand down to move only the head of his cock against my pussy until the squirting stopped and he was swiftly back inside. The wetness between us made the slapping of our skin that much louder, and I was feeling so sensitive - but I wanted this to be everlasting.

I didn’t think I could take anymore, but he hadn’t reached his climax yet. I could tell that he wanted to, having to pause a few times with a clenched jaw so that he didn’t cum yet. I wanted to offer to suck him off, taste him and his cum, but I could barely hear my own train of thoughts.

“Come,” I breathed out, pulling on the roots of his hair as he continued to fuck me senselessly.

“You almost made me, doing that,” he said, referring to my squirting. I smirked and held on tightly to him before bringing a hand down to my clit and rubbing on it, moaning louder and louder with his name on my tongue.

“Feels so good, please, please,” I told him, feeling him lift me up a bit higher to take me off the door and practically fuck me in the air now. My legs were dangling around him as he thrusted harder and harder each time, up until he was lowering his head and groaning.

“Fuck, yes,” Grayson moaned.

I gasped aloud when I felt his cum next, heavy spurt after spurt, until there was no more and it was all inside of me - dripping down my pussy and thighs when he slowly pulled himself away.

“Shit Gray…” I said with a sweaty face. Grayson only smirked once again before placing me down to my feet, only to grab onto me before I fell due to my wobbly legs that still had my feet tucked into my tall heels. “Grayson…?”

He was still breathing as heavily as me, entire torso filled with sweat. “One more…” He gave me a kiss on the lips. “I’m fucking you on the floor from behind.”

I couldn’t say no to that.

I glanced at him, and I probably looked beaten. He helped me down to the ground where I went on my hands and knees, waiting for him to bring me another earth-shattering orgasm that would probably kill me for the night. I’d never had sex as good as this. I didn’t think I ever came this much already.

Grayson seemed to have a little plan up his sleeve, however, when he took some time and made me look back to see what he was up to. All of a sudden, I felt him grab my arms to place them behind me, tying my wrists together with my thong. He pushed my face down, making sure he didn’t hurt me, so that my cheek was pressed against the cold floor - adding something icy for the heat I was feeling all over.

Once he tied a knot tight enough on me, he kept one of his knees down but brought one leg up to balance himself as he slammed back into me. I let out a whimper since I was so sensitive, also feeling his cock twitching with the orgasm he just had as well.

He held onto the thong tied around my wrists, keeping a strong hold as he began thrusting at a fast pace, this angle helping him push even deeper to reach a certain spot. I could feel his own cum that was just inside of me spreading around his cock, his balls slapping against my clit. He jammed into me as hard as he could and all I could do was scream and ball my hands into fists.

“Oh God…” My heart fluttered when he let go of my thong to grab my hands, intertwining our fingers together as he moved his hips at a certain angle.

“Come on, angel, one more…” he said to me in the sweetest tone, and this time I came almost in a softer way. He held onto me safely as my orgasm burst through, lasting as long as ever - which only made me want more and more and more. But I was immensely tired. Grayson even stopped his movements, but I kept my hips grinding back to ride out my high, tiny moans passing by my lips.

He easily slipped out when I relaxed and stood to his feet, going to help me once again when I moved to stand on my wobbly knees that were already in pain due to the hard ground. His cock still stood high up, so with my hands still tied, I tried my best to grab him with my mouth. I got the tip, quickly sucking on it with my eyes meeting his so that he wouldn’t dare stop me - not that it looked like he would. Grayson pushed his hair back, giving it a hard grip that showcased the muscles on his arm, and gritted his teeth with a slight hiss as I bobbed my head back and forth as fast as my stamina would let me.

Breaking free from my thong, I immediately brought both hands up. I jerked him off while my mouth went to pay more attention to his tight balls, sucking on them with innocent eyes. I never removed my gaze from his, loving the way he unfolded right in front of me with sighs and moans being heard. I already tasted his cum that still spread around him and swallowed it, going to fuck him quickly with my fist as my tongue pressed against his slit.

I decided to help him visually, bringing a hand down to my pussy to spread my arousal around my fingers. I then brought my hand back up and showed him my wet fingers that I put inside of my mouth to suck on.

He did that beautiful jaw clench and came not too long after, his stomach tensing up as his cum started hitting my face and going into my mouth when I opened it up after realizing.

And as I swallowed to the last drop, I knew this couldn’t happen again. I just couldn’t find the will to care or regret it yet.


It was on the isle of Sharlayan that a small squat hovel sat, with a big round window, showing a little girl in a dusty apron sweeping inside. Her Maman hadn’t the money to buy her more than secondhand uniforms and thus she had to trade patchwork floral dresses for very serious and stately looking clothes. Of course Lafeyette didn’t feel serious nor did she feel stately. Her vest had mismatched buttons and her sleeves slid past her wrists. When she wore her coat it swallowed her like some large and terrible beast.

She had been told that her future was coming for her but she’d nary a clue when. Perhaps if she’d known today would be the day she’d have worn nicer shoes or braided her unruly curls. But she’d just recently stepped into being diurnal and her eyes hurt and her head felt stuffed with cotton. She didn’t think this sun would be the sun and thus she didn’t think to look out her big round window to see a slow approaching carriage. Yet whether she saw it or not the carriage did come.

The future announced his presence with a sharp one, two, three knocks against the hovel’s little wooden door.

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