no idea why people think we're dating

[Totally Confirmed] How Tao Gets Away with Stuff
  • Tao: Yooo, how's it hangin Manager hyung?
  • Manager: Oh, hey Tao. Did you need something?
  • Tao: Do I need a reason to talk to my bestest of bros?
  • Manager: You want something.
  • Tao: Naw, man... it's just like... look, broseph, I know that you know that I know that we're mega tight, so let's just get real here for a minute and both agree that the whole "no dating" rule is way ridic. And, like, I think we both know Sehun is like super into me, because - let's be real, why wouldn't he be - so I was thinking -
  • Manager: No.
  • Tao: Aw, you think it's too soon? Naw, don't even sweat it. I've done all the courting and stuff. It's legit, bro. Come on, can I date Sehun?
  • Manager: Tao, you can't -
  • Tao: You're shaking your head, but in your heart I know it's a "yes".
  • Manager: No, you -
  • Tao: Man, you're the best! Thanks for supporting me. This, right here, that's why we're tight.
  • Manager: You're going to -
  • Tao: Take him to Qingdao to meet my parents? That's a great idea!
  • Manager: No, Tao, you can't do that, people might talk and -
  • Tao: So what I'm hearing you say is... it's a great idea.
  • Manager: omg
  • Tao: You're a genius, bro. I'm going to go ask Sehun out now. See ya later! Thanks for all the dating advice! -saunters off-
  • Manager: You just can't say no to that guy.