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I saw this lovely comic by Max, and I thought I should add a little something of my own.

They get gold rings, eventually.

How yoi plays with sports story scheme

I was wondering recently why Yuri on Ice seemed to be so different and fresh to me and why so many people get so emotionally engaged with it. There is definitely a nice animation and great characters and representation and such a beautiful love story but I felt like there was something in the narration layer that I couldn’t name until I compared yoi storyline to the most common schemes.

When you look at most of the pop cultural stories, especially those where main plot focuses on sport, you’ll see that there is that one scheme they all follow - you have a hero who has talent but lacks something (like a good mentor or hard work or confidence), he finds a motivation to win (it may be anything from parent’s death to wish to impress a girl) and he finds a dedicated coach, he trains, he loses, he learns something about himself, he wins, he gets an award. This is the basic way of constructing such stories and it’s catchy because we all want to believe that we are able to fight our weaknesses and win by ourselves. You may modify this scheme to a large extent but the main core will always be a single hero who needs to grow in order to win and actually I think that this scheme is present in Yuri on Ice but in Yurio’s not Yuuri’s story. Yurio has talent, lacks hard work and needs to learn something about himself, his skate-off with Yuuri gives him a motivation to win, he trains hard, he loses, he grows, he wins. This doesn’t make his story or his character less interesting but I wanted to give you an example of what am I talking about so I could compare it to Yuuri’s story.

So now, where is Yuuri’s plot different you could say. Well, in a way you could find all those elements in Yuuri’s story too but his development is where it all turns to be innovative. You see in the basic scheme the hero needs to learn to win by himself while Yuuri has got to that point a long time ago. He had all of that: his motivation, his hard work, most of his abilities, his own strength before he met Victor. He was fighting by himself for five years before and even if his anxiety makes him look like a weak loser it is obvious he is already beyond that “learning about myself” phase. Even this confidence Victor helps him to find he already had just hidden. Yuuri knows his emotions and some of his strengths and most of the weak points himself and either he wins or loses those minor competitions it doesn’t change him too deeply. But what Victor gives him is the belief that he doesn’t have to fight by himself anymore. Not in a “you can learn from other people” or “teamwork is important” kind of way (’cause they are still used in most of the stories) but in acknowledging that you may become better if you let someone close to you (this lesson applies to Victor to btw but he is not the main hero so I’ll skip this part). 

I won’t say this reverses the scheme completely as this is still some kind of personal development that helps to win (though the fact that Yuuri does not finally win is interesting by itself) but it definitely changes the subtext of the whole story.  We like stories about heroes fighting by themselves because we often struggle with our problems alone and we need to believe me can do it. But Yuri on Ice gives us the idea that thought you are strong enough to fight maybe you don’t have to fight alone at all. I guess this is why it has such a great emotional impact because in a world that tells you all the time that it’s only for you to win the story of someone who still needed help even if he already was strong and beautiful is really hopeful, positive and in a way more realistic then the basic “hero can only win by himself” scheme. 

There is also the whole layer of how Victor doesn’t fit to the standard portrayal of a mentor figure but I think this is quite easy to spot and maybe let’s not make this longer than it has to be but the last quick reflection I had is that the most common way of portraying romantic relationships in the sports stories is either when the hero needs to sacrifice his relationship in order to focus (which is the trope I personally hate) or when he wins the attention of his love interest by winning the final competition (so the love is somehow a reward then). What is great in Yuuri and Victor’s relationship is how Yuuri doesn’t have to win to prove his worth to Victor. Almost from the beginning, Victor knows Yuuri’s flaws and he falls for him anyway. So Yuuri is not only given support that helps him to become better but also he doesn’t need to earn that support. Which I think again is quite moving because everyone dreams of this kind of relationship. We are all scared that we are not good enough to let someone help us in the first place and this is where yoi tells us it doesn’t have to be this way.

I’m sure there are much more tropes that are reversed in yoi and there is the whole narration layer that is also quite original but as storytelling is what I have the most experience with I decided to focus on this aspect only. And I may be wrong I just like to find and discuss narration schemes so please argue if you disagree but I love the fact that even when yoi takes those basic narration schemes it uses it to send a very positive message across and for me it could be a reason why there is such an enthusiastic fandom around it - because this anime exchanges the story of fighting alone for a story about growing in a relationship though it does not change a sports story for a cheaply romantic one.

Thighs - Jeff Atkins smut

Summary : “Jeff’s seen your thighs okay. And words can’t describe how much he wants them wrapped around his head.” Basically, Jeff eating you out.  I got this idea from @tevinter-winter, so the credit goes to her for that! Check out the post I got the plot from.

Pairing : Jeff Atkins x reader

Warnings : Oral sex

Words count : 1,428

A/N : Sorry it took so long for me to post it! I had some troubles writing the end, it kinda sucks. Also, this is so long, I didn’t paid attention to the length before the end. I haven’t wrote a full smut in a while so let me know what’s wrong with it so I could make it better next time!

Originally posted by sadiaxxstylesxxstiles

I was laying on the couch, my legs over Jeff’s lap. We were at his house, his parents being away until tomorrow morning. The both of us were watching some movie on Netflix Jeff wanted to see, but I wasn’t really into it. I’ve been on my phone for the past half hour.

Jeff was so into the movie, he wasn’t really paying attention. His hands were resting on my thigh, his thumb stroking my skin lightly. I was getting inconfortable in my position and too far from Jeff as my linking, so I moved my legs a bit, this way I could cuddle up to his side. He looked down at me as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders, smiling and then kissing my forehead before focusing back on the screen in front of him.

I started to get really bored. I didn’t wanted to distract my boyfriend from his movie, as he was really enjoying it. I innocently started playing with the aim of his shirt, rolling it between my fingers, rubbing the fabric against them. I could feel the end of the movie was near, as the characters were all finding solutions to whatever situation they had going on. My free hand slid up Jeff’s side before finding his hair and playing with it, nuzzling my face into his neck.

Suddenly, his hand moved up behind my thigh and massaged my skin, some other times grabbing it. I would lie if I said it didn’t had its effect on me. I let out a soft moan against the skin of his neck as he grabbed my butt without warning. I hear him chuckle at my reaction which leads me to straighten.

“What are you doing ?” I asked smiling at him, only waiting for him to answer so I could kiss him.

“I just love your thighs.” He eyed to them, massaging them again. “They’re so soft.” I putted my legs on each side of him so I could face him properly.

“Oh, yeah ?” He nodded in respond as my face was getting closer to his, and finally our lips connected. There started the battle between our tongues, dancing in sync, with moans escaping our mouths. I pulled away for air just a second and then slowly kissed my way down his jaw, onto his neck. “Tell me more.”

Jeff moaned louder as I was sucking on his neck, determined to leave a purple mark here. “I want them-” His sentence was cut short by another moan. My core grinning on his bulge, that was getting harder with every movement I made. “Fuck- I just want to put my head between them.”

I internally froze at his words. Jeff and I were dating for a few months  and everything was amazing, but he had never eaten me out before. Not that I didn’t wanted to, oh how I wanted it, I just didn’t know how to bring it up.

“Today’s your chance then.” Our lips were back together with a heated kiss.

His hands went to my waists to help me lay down on the couch. The kiss was broken for a few seconds and he took this opportunity to attack my neck, just like I did with his a few moments before. Moans were flying out of my mouth with his hands cupping me through my shirt? I wasn’t wearing any bra under his large tshirt I had on, and he took advantage of it, sliding one hand to touch my bare skin, the other resting on my waist. He was turning me on so much. The sens of him brushing on top of my skin made me shiver, my body letting him know by tensing up underneath him followed by a louder moan escaping my lips, which caught his attention. He began to be rougher in his touch, biting my neck where he had leaved his mark while rubbing it with his tongue. I was getting impatient, feeling the hot heat between my legs burning harder with every move he made at the surface of my body.

“Jeff, please touch me.” I was so needy at this moment, needy of his tongue, his fingers, of everything he could give me.

“Anything, princess.” His kisses stopped and for a second it felt so empty not to have him against me.

He placed a lazy kiss on my lips before removing my shirt, exposing my breast to his sight. In no time, he had my left nipple in his mouth, sucking on it, massaging the other. His adorable eyes looked up to me innocently, just to witness how it got me out of my mind? He loved it, the effect he’s got on me. Seeing his abilities to make me scream for him. He didn’t waste much time after it, bringing down his hand to where I needed him the most. It only took the light contact of his hands, hovering my core to get me crying out for more friction. I started to roll my hips over his fingers, hungry for more of him.

“Someone’s eager.” He laughed while releasing my nipple with a ‘pop’, noticing my impatient behavior.

“I just need you.” As I stated my desire, my panties were slowly  being dragged down down legs, the fabric brushing against my skin causing me to shiver in anticipation.

Jeff pushed my legs apart, laying down between them, just in font of my dripping core. Looking down at him, my breath got caught in my lungs when I saw the lust in his gaze. My bottom lips was stuck between my teeth, languidly waiting for the tension to break down, those seconds seeming like forever to me. Suddenly, I could feel the warm of his tongue, delving into my folds, leading to a high-pitched moan filling the room and echoing in my ears. I could feel him lapping every corners he explored, licking all the juices coming out the second he went in contact with it.

My head collapsed against the armrest, eyes closed, picturing the work of my boyfriend between my legs. My mouth was parted open, allowing the air to pass, and also a collection of scream. I felt his fingers parting my folds just to push one in? I cried out at the mixed sensation between my legs, almost covering my mouth by how loud I was screaming.

“Oh my god, keep doing it.” I pleaded to him.

My hands went down to grab his hair, tangling on it so hard I thought I was hurting him. But that only made him moan against me, sending vibrations through my whole body. My back was arching, Jeff pushing it back down to keep me still. His hand rested on my hip, one of my mine leaving his hair to place it on top of his. He immediately moved it so our fingers will intertwined, another tender touch connecting us. As he added another finger in, my legs began to shake around his head, tightening around it and I started to see stars behind my eyelids. Electricity waves were send in my stomach making me gaps in pleasure, as I was falling apart under Jeff’s actions. Our hands unlocked and I was back at pulling his hair again. He had to keep me still and did it by wrapping both of his muscled arms around my thighs, this way I couldn’t make a move to disturb him anymore. He kept lapping on the surface of my core and every time the knot on my stomach was getting bigger.

“Jeff, I’m- I’m gonna cum.” I murmured between breaths.

He took note of it and dragged me closer to him, making me scream even more. I felt his fingers picking up the pace inside me, and it only took that for my toes to start curling up, my legs shaking harder than before. I was embracing my release, feeling it was just on the edge. Just as I let a loud moan escape my mouth, my high send vibes all over my body, tensing up. Jeff didn’t stop until I moaned softly, letting him know I came down from my release. His head popped up on top of me and he laid it on my stomach, kissing it.

“Thank you.” Was all I said, out of breath. I stroked his hair slightly, closing my eyes.

“You’re welcome, babe.” He laughed gently at my words, which made my laugh too, just before his head came to my height and kissed me with love.

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Can we get some 'foxes have a vine' action I think that would be hilarious

what do people even do on vine i don’t know i just threw every meme i could think of at this

  • wymack starts a vine account with the thought that six second videos of the foxes’ highlights sounds like a wonderful idea
  • but after spending a couple of hours just trying to get one winning shot online he thinks maybe he shouldn’t be the one to run it
  • he gives the login to dan with strict instructions, though he agrees they can upload things that aren’t just game footage
  • and she runs it sensibly for a few weeks
  • winning shots, good throws in practice, fans in the stadium doing the wave, the band playing their fight song, grinning Foxes shouting “GO FOXES!”
  • but as expected
  • it doesn’t last very long
  • after a tipsy night, dan gives the login information to the other foxes

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Infinite AU Social Media Posts: Riley’s outfit for the night

Side Note: Do you guys like me posting these visual tie-ins to the fic?  Be honest…anon is on in my ask box if you wanna be anon.  I haven’t done one in a really long time, but it’s mainly because it took me a long time to find the perfect visual for what I had in mind for her dress.  I have a few others, but I really don’t know if I’m being super annoying with these or not.  So let me know?

Three’s a Crowd (Part 13)

Originally posted by w-t-f-yes

Member: Taehyung x Reader x Yoongi

Type: Poly Au, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9.Part 10. Part 11. Part 12. Part 13.

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ContactSH and ContactJHW

I have no idea how it came to me so suddenly, and why it took me so long, but remember all that talk about how the show was merging with the real world? How the show was literally breaking the fourth wall? The newspaper announcement about baby Watson, Moriarty hacking Amazon, Sherlock on the BBC Twitter - and then us thinking that Moriarty would hack Trump’s inauguration and Piccadilly Circus?

Well, what about the Sherlock and John Twitter accounts? There’s literally so much there. Those two accounts are way too active for a few (maybe one) bored people passing the time and doing it for shits and giggles. Not to mention the meta people have already done suspecting that the accounts are being run by the BBC or someone affiliated with it. I mean, I know I’m delusional and probably grasping at straws here but literally though, why is it that next to nobody is talking about this? Humour me, please. @the-7-percent-solution @worriesconstantly @teaandqueerbaiting @jenna221b @tjlcisthenewsexy how to tag?????

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So, as far as some of your ATLA/LOK/Voltron ships go - Sokkla, Zukka, Korrasami, Klance - I just realized there is a strong color theme of red and blue. I have no idea why it took me this long to make that connection, but it just never occurred to me until now. Weird.

Holy shit you’re right!  I never noticed that before.  Thank you for enlightening me!  I guess I have a thing for purple : )

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Ziam is really truly honestly not together in this day and age and it's absolutely killing me that I can't say or do anything as to how and why I know. You know how some people have that solid information on Larry (first hand experience/legal documents/BTS knowledge)? I have the same on Ziam. Don't get me wrong, I think the idea is totally cute and I've read more Ziam fic than you can imagine Also I'm convinced they've got each other off on more than 1 occasion. But yeah- not currently together

Thanks, Ned. 

Do you know why it took me so long to look into Ziam? It’s because I live by a simple philosophy…

And I’d been whole-assin Larry for over a year by the time I figured out that people weren’t kidding about Ziam. 

The difficult thing about looking into Ziam as a Larrie is that you’re like, “How…what…how could I have been so blind?” Because Ziam was just there existing in the foreground of all the key Larry moments and when you get dickslapped by their matching tattoos, their very public declarations of love, and realness, it’s not nice. There was literally a point where I was like, “Holy fucking shit,” because, IF AT ALL POSSIBLE, there is more Ziam proof than Larry proof. 

“But Larry have matching tattoos!”

“Harry said that he and Louis were dating!”

“Louis danced with Harry!”

“Louis kissed Harry!”

“The thirst with Larry is real.”

Honestly, this photo was the first time I was like, “Hold up. Maybe these bros aren’t just bro-ing…”


Honestly…I don’t know what’s going on with Ziam right this second any more than I know what the hell is going on with my most problematic fave Louis. And I don’t like guessing. I will happily take facts and information that’s in front of me and deduce from it what I will, but it’s going to take a lot hell more than a shady anon to convince me of anything. 

I wrote this mostly just to be like, “OPEN YOUR EYES AMERICA” than to argue with this ask because it honestly seems like it was built on a foundation of sand. Also I’m not comparing it with Larry to negate anything Louis and Harry did, rather to be like, “You think these fools are extra…just YOU WAIT. YOU THOUGHT THO!” Which is why I think we need to take a moment to appreciate the captain of the ships…

Smh…fifth wheel af for seven years now. 

Same, Noll. Same. 

If y’all want more Ziam posts, I warn you it’s a very inconvenient truth, go here:

NCT reactions when their girlfriend kiss them in front of other members

Originally posted by y-ta

Taeyong : He will cover his mouth and gasped. “What’s this? What do you want now?” he asked you suspiciously. You just said that you feel like kissing him that’s all. He will nod and ask you, “Can I have another kiss then?” such a greedy brat. 

Originally posted by minhyungd

Taeil : Aww this cutie will be shy when you did it in front of the members. He will probably just kiss your hand in reply because he’s not really the type of boyfriend will have public affections. But, he do simple things like kissing your cheek if he feels like it.

Originally posted by moonyutae

Yuta : He will smile and put his arm around you, “So, do you expect me to kiss you back?” He’s actually playing a role of a typical Japanese manga and you will have to play along. “Y/N, you must really like me huh?” you just replied yes and he kiss you finally. “I like you too” he winked at you. Damn cheesy.

Originally posted by turtles-are-better-then-people

Johnny : He  really like it when you show kiss him in front of the members. It makes him more clingy to and he want to kiss every corner of you face until you are uncomfortable. The members are uncomfortable looking at you both too. He’s a giant puppy that loves you so much :”) 

Originally posted by hermosadani

Ten : He will be shy at first, but still reply you with a light kiss on your lips. He will blush but still want to look at your respond after that. When he saw you flustered, he take that you are satisfied and hold your hand after that.


Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Doyoung : Doyoung will find you cute but he will act cold like, “What do you want from me? I don’t have money to buy you stuff now” he crossed his arms. You will be sulking in the corner because of his respond but he ended being clingy to you anyway and tell you that he was just joking.

Originally posted by yoonohthings

Jaehyun : Jaehyun will be so happy when you did that and put his head on your shoulder, “Do it again, I like it” he said it. When you said no, he will put an aegyo face and beg you to kiss him again.  His cringey act makes all the members shuddere.

Originally posted by chokemewinwin

Winwin : Sicheng will blink his eyes because he is surprised when you kissed him.  he will approach you carefully and kiss your cheek. “I will kiss you for real if we are alone” he whispered in your ear. Because he’s a shy bun too :3

Originally posted by haenyan

Mark : Mark would definitely like it when you kiss him but he doesn’t know how to express his feeling. He just say thank you for giving him a kiss. Most probably give you a kiss on a cheek too.

Originally posted by exoticnctlife

Haechan : Haechan act like he doesn’t like it but actually he does. He will suddenly kiss you back and act like nothing happened. “If you want me to kiss you just say it” he said in his sassy manners.

Originally posted by catweeen

Jaemin : Jaemin is a soft bun he will definitely kiss you back but just a light peck. He will whisper in your ear with his sweet nothing words, “You smells like strawberry babe” (Dammit my imagination went too far :”D)

Originally posted by nakamotens

Jeno :  Jeno will cover his face because he embarrased when you did that in front of other members. After that, he will give you a smile and kiss you back on your cheek. He His face would be red again after that.

Originally posted by nctinfo

Renjun : Renjun will like it and give you a back hug, he will kiss your cheek and will be attached to you for the rest of the day cuz he just feel so happy that he got a kiss from you first.

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

Chenle : Chenle will stand up and feel so proud to get a kiss from you especially in front of the members. “I got a kiss from my girlfriend, jealous much?” he said cockily. Chenle just want to show  you off to everybody. A proud boyfriend. 

Originally posted by haechannie

Jisung : Jisung will be so happy that he cannot do anything for the rest of the day. He will just think about you, kissing him which in his imagination there’s a butterfly and flowers around you. It might be your both first kiss, and yea that’s why he’s so happy ^_^

A/N: and it’s a wrap >.< this reaction took me long enough to think of each members until I have to squeeze every bit of idea in my head XD to all those who want to request NCT reactions, I would really appreciate if you guys requested by unit, or a unit+other 2/3 members because it’s kinda crazy to be in 15 people’s head at one time (you get what I mean? Haha :”D) I hope you enjoy and have a great day/night peaches :D – Cuppy-nim

(p/s: It took me long enough to upload this because my internet is so freaking slow :”D)

What The Family Doesn’t Know

Pairing: Jason Todd X Reader + Batfam

Words: 825+

Request:  Could you write a story where Jason and his S/O live together but the S/O hasn’t met the batfamily (they don’t know about the S/O) and one day the batboys come over to discuss something with Jason but he’s asleep and the S/O is up and Jason wakes up to all of them talking and having fun

Warnings: light cussing?

You and Jason had been together for a year and a half. You had been living together for around six months. Over that year and a half, you had yet to meet any of Jason’s family. This wasn’t because Jason didn’t want you to, but because you didn’t want to. The Wayne’s were pretty much royalty in Gotham, so you couldn’t help but feel like you didn’t live up to the picture everyone had of someone who would be dating a Wayne. Although you had never met the others, Jason has told you enough stories that you felt like you knew them quite well.

Jason had gotten back later than normal last night, meaning you were the only one up at the moment. You were reading one of your favorite books when there was a couple of rasps at your apartment door. Placing the book on the table, you went to open the door. Three boys, that you recognized as Jason’s brothers, were on the other side of the door. You could see them trying to figure out who you were, but before you could say anything, Damian spoke.

“You must be one of Jason’s many nighttime companions.”

Dick quickly nudged the youngest boy, signaling him to shut up. Damian just looked at him with an unamused look.

“I apologize on his behalf,” Dick spoke after he finished glaring at the boy.

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High Tensions - Auston Matthews

Requested by Anon: Can you do one where the reader is Mitch Marner’s best friend but the reader an Auston hate each other (they actually like each other). They bicker a lot and then Mitch teases them into confessing. I loved your JVR one by the way!

Word Count: 1601
Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Warnings: None

I hope you enjoy the approach I took with this! (:

“I still don’t understand why you two hate each other,” Mitch remarked as you two sat curled up on the couch in Mitch’s living room chatting after not seeing each other for a while. Mitch had been on a road trip with the Leafs that felt like forever while you had been drowning in homework and midterms. But now that your midterms were over, and the boys were back, you two had a day to hang out again. The only unfortunate part was that Mitch happened to live with the one Leaf you couldn’t stand. Auston Matthews. Luckily, Matthews had gone out with some of the other guys on the team while Mitch stayed back to hang out with you.

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Dear Diary,

Today I got rid of the number/key system for source tagging. I can’t believe it took me so long. Now things will just say what source they are like a logical blog should be doing like source: thing. See how easy that is? What took us so long? I don’t know why we thought the key thing was a good idea in the first place. I hated numbers back then. I hate looking at numbers even more now.

We also reached 40k followers and none of us are really sure what to do about it.

That’s – that’s, wow, that’s high. We don’t really know what to do with a number that high. I still hate numbers so I’m pretend it’s not there and just keep making bad jokes.

The next thing I’m tackling for spring cleaning is that theme. Did you know it hasn’t been changed once since we started the blog? Someone should get on that. Or, like, maybe I should get to working on all the jokes in the drafts instead of playing ME Andromeda for the third time. Hm. More later.

Mod Megan


ᴡᴀɴᴛᴇᴅ - ʜɪᴘ ʜᴏᴘ ᴜɴɪᴛ x ᴄᴇᴄɪ // ᴠᴏᴄᴀʟ ᴜɴɪᴛ // ᴘᴇʀғᴏʀᴍᴀɴᴄᴇ ᴜɴɪᴛ

Earn Your Trust

Originally posted by bacardistyles

request: Maybe you could write something about enemies to lovers? or y/n and H used to be together but y/n had done something really bad and he makes it hard for her to earn his trust/love back?

thanks for requesting this and sorry it took me so long to write it, i hope you like it (:

“So the media dug up yours and Harry’s past and are having a field day with it?” My stylist, Jeana, said as she finished curling my hair.

I sighed. “Apparently so, but I don’t get why what happened when we were kids is even relevant now.”

“You aren’t stressing over it, are you?” She asked me, looking at me in the mirror.

I shook my head. “Not really. I haven’t even spoken to him in years. The only time I’ve seen him in person is when we’re at the same events, and he hasn’t been to any big ones since his break started.”

“He’s back now though,” Jeana’s assistant stylist, Nicolette, spoke up. “And I’m pretty sure he’s going to be at the charity event tonight.”

My eyes got wide. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

She chuckled. “Nope. You’re both celebrity ambassadors for the charity, I’m surprised you didn’t know he was coming.”

I went to rub my face out of stress and Jeana swatted my hand away. “I did not spend almost half an hour on your makeup for you to screw it up because you’re nervous about seeing your little boyfriend tonight.”

“He’s not my boyfriend!” I raised my voice, immediately regretting it. I sighed again. “Sorry, Jean, I-I just… I don’t think he wants to be anywhere near me.”

“What happened between you two anyways?” Nicolette questioned.

Just then, Helen, my manager, and my security guard named Harris came in.

“Time to go!” Helen clapped her hands together excitedly. She noticed that I wasn’t nearly as excited as she was and her smile dropped. “What’s wrong, y/n?”

I rolled my eyes. “I’ll explain in the car.”

The charity event was in full swing, the charity’s founder had already spoken and she announced that both Harry and I were here, so I knew that he had shown up. I hadn’t seen him yet, though. And the fact that I could run into him made me more anxious by the second, but not for a reason most people would think.

“You look like you’re going to puke,” Helen joked. “Just calm down, you guys will probably just ignore each other or something.”

“What if I don’t want him to ignore me?” I said, surprising her. “What if I want things to be okay between us again?”

She examined my face, making sure I was being serious. I definitely was.

Helen exhaled. “Y/n, if you want to talk to him, then do it. The worst that can happen is that he ignores you, or walks away. And yeah, that would really suck, but you’ll survive.”

“Aren’t you supposed to give me good advice?” I jibed.

She playfully shoved me, and I set off to find him. Harry would be over what happened by now, right? I mean, it happened while we were in middle school and high school, there was no way he was still holding a grudge against me. Right?

As I was looking around for him, I accidentally bumped into someone.

“Sorry,” We both said in unison, then looked at each other in shock.

There, standing in front of me, was Harry. Though he looked older that he did the last time I saw him, he still looked like the guy I’d known back in our school years. His look of shock turned to one of extreme distaste, and mine turned into a frown.

“Um, how have you been?” I tried, hoping it would make him not look like he hated me.

He laughed sarcastically. “So now you want to talk to me?”

“What are you talking about?” I said, confused.

He looked at me as if I was the biggest idiot he had ever met. “Don’t play stupid, y/n, you know what happened. And yes, it may have happened when we were younger, but you know that once people lose my trust it’s hard for them to earn it back. Much less my respect,”

All I could do was stand there, dumbfounded. He chuckled, shaking his head and walking away. He actually, genuinely hated me. I’ll admit, what I did wasn’t right, but we’re adults now. And at one point, we were best friends. How could he just treat me as if we didn’t once care about each other?

I walked back to Helen, her smile falling once she saw how disappointed I looked.

“I’m guessing it didn’t go well?” She asked.

I shook my head.

“Aw, I’m sorry,” She said as she hugged me. “Maybe you could try again? I could get his number for you, and you can talk to him and ma–”

“No, it’s fine,” I interrupted, pulling away. “He looked at me as if he hated me, I doubt he ever wants to talk to me again.”

She pulled her phone out. “Well, I’ll get it anyways and whether or not you use it is up to you.”

It had been a week since the charity event, and of course all that was on my mind was Harry. I just wanted to make things right, but how could I do that when he so obviously wanted nothing to do with me? I lay in bed, staring at his contact on my phone. Maybe I should try texting him, and if he really doesn’t want to talk then I’ll leave him alone.

I exhaled, then sent him a text.

hey it’s y/n

I locked my phone, deciding to watch tv and not get my hopes up that he’s even answer. About fifteen minutes later, my phone went off. I unlocked it and saw that he did answer me.

Great, now i have to get my number changed.

I scoffed. Was he serious? I took a deep breath, chalking his fowl mood up to him just holding his grudge still.

look harry ik i messed up and everything but that was so long ago and i’m willing to make it up to you

Hm… I don’t think I saw an apology in that.

omg stop being such a pretentious prick and let me apologize in person, i at least owe you that much

Wow, I had no idea you actually had a backbone.

But I don’t know about that, you could just be trying to mess with me.

why would i do that to you? why would i be basically begging for you to give me a chance to apologize just to screw with you? just let me try to earn your trust

I guess you wouldn’t go that far…

Fine, we can get lunch or something.

thank you, i promise all i want to do is make things right

I walked into the place we agreed to have lunch at, looking around until I found Harry sitting in a booth towards the back. I sat down in front of him, nervously looking at my nails.

“I believe you had something to say to me?” He said expectingly.

I gave him a look. “I’m not saying anything until you drop this dickhead act. This is so unlike you, and we both know that.”

He looked at me for a second, then sighed, his harsh expression softening. “Fine,”

“Anyways, I’m sincerely sorry about what happened. I shouldn’t have abandoned you like I did, and I apologize.”

He waited, as if he expected more. When I didn’t say anything else, he rolled his eyes. “That’s it? You only apologize for leaving me alone?”

“Is that not what I did?” I questioned.

“That’s not even half of what you did.” He said firmly. “I had moved to America and started seventh grade in the middle of the school year. I had no one, until you and I became friends. And towards the end of our freshman year of high school, you left me for these kids who everyone wished they were. Everyone but me, of course. They treated me like shit, y/n. And you left me for them.”

“I get that I left you, but I didn’t treat you like shit. So why do you hate me more that you hate them?” I asked.

He laughed sadly. “Don’t you get it? Not only did you abandon me, you being my only friend, you just stood there as they bullied me day in and day out, all because I was a little different. And you never once stood up for me, y/n. Not even once.”

I sat there, dumbfounded yet again. He was completely right. I didn’t stop them when they treated him awfully. I was such a shitty friend.

Tears welled up in my eyes as I watched one roll down his cheek. “I’m so sorry, Harry. I’d give anything to go back and change it.”

He shook his head as he wiped his tears away. “And on top of all of that, I had feelings for you. I still did, even after what happened. I hated that they wouldn’t go away no matter what you did.”

I looked at him in shock. “You did? Harry, I had feelings for you too. Holy shit, I was such an awful person.”

“Yeah, you were,” He chuckled. “But so was I, and I’m sorry for treating you like that.”

“It’s fine,” I waved him off. “The way you acted towards me wasn’t unwarranted. I kind of deserved it.”

Harry looked at me for a moment, then said, “Can we start where we left off? You, know, before all the drama?”

“You want us to act like we did when we were fifteen and sixteen?” I gave him a questioning look, though I was obviously joking.

He chuckled. “No, I just meant can we be super close again? Or maybe even more than super close?

I beamed at him. “Yeah, I’d like that a lot.”

if you have any ideas for other imagines you’d like me to write feel free to request them, requests are always open x

Perfect (Peter Parker x Reader)

Hey guys! I’m back for more. So, I had this one written up a while ago, but then it got deleted, and I kinda lost motivation to get it rewritten. That’s not an excuse for why it took so long, but it does explain the reason behind it a little. Anywho, this was requested by the wonderful, @phiauniverse​! Thank you so much for coming to me with the idea; I had so much fun writing it when I got back into the flow. It was an honor. I don’t know if it turned out how you wanted it, but hopefully you still like it! Welp, that’s it for tonight guys. Enjoy, Munchkins! (Requests are open, and i’ll be working in order of whichever ones inspire me the most! Send away!)

Peter knew it was wrong to judge. He’d been on the receiving end of judgements more often than not, so he knew how horrible it could feel. But for some reason, when it came to her, he just couldn’t help it. Not when she was making it so easy.

(Y/N) had been part of the team for all of three months, but even in that short time period, she’d made her presence known. But Peter supposed that was pretty easy when you were someone like her.

“Like her” consisted of hair that seemed to reject the idea of getting even a millimeter out of line, outfits that always had some shade of pink–powder pink, hot pink, pink that looked a little more fuchsia but was definitely still pink– whether it be her skirt or dress or shorts or shirt or heels, and makeup so calculated, you would’ve thought she was a statue.

Her personality was just as girly, giggling constantly, refusing to touch anything that could dirty her nails, and speaking with a voice so shrill, Peter often avoided interacting with her at all.

It seemed that everyone else felt the same.

Tony and Bruce were often busy with trying to make some sort of breakthrough in their fields, but they had still managed to find her presence unnerving. She didn’t just appear to be a slight air head, but she was also too….

Nat and Clint and even Sam were slightly more accepting having been impressed with how quick she picked up moves when they sparred, but even they couldn’t help but wince when her bottom lip jutted out in a pout at a broken nail or a scuff on her shoe. She was just so….

Steve and Bucky were the most polite, trying to make small talk and get to know her, a little more prone to the extreme femininity from their time, but there was only so much they could handle before they couldn’t deny the truth. She was far too….


Too innocent for a world that could throw an alien invasion at you one day and robots threatening to take over the world the very next. Too innocent for a world that emphasized how easily it was to suck the life out of anyone and everyone.

Only Wanda and Vision seemed to understand her, and they could often be found talking and laughing with (Y/N). Peter didn’t know exactly what about, but he did know that if he didn’t bring attention to his presence right away, he could swear her voice was less high pitched and her clothes had dark blues or greens rather than the very noticable pinks. The second they realized Peter–or anyone really–was in the room, however, the pinks reappeared in a flash, and her voice was just as high as he remembered, almost as if he had completely imagined it.

What really engraved itself in Peter’s mind, though, was how her face changed. When they realized he was in the room, her face changed into one of complete geniality. He would not have minded, as that was her normal expression, but having seen her two seconds prior, he couldn’t shake the image of serenity on her face. Now, her smile, about as large as her cheeks would allow, looked tense. Guarded. Had he not seen the look she wore only seconds before, Peter wouldn’t have noticed. That’s what disturbed him most. How much he wouldn’t have noticed.

That’s not to say she was horrible. Not by any means. She was nice and appreciative and reliable, but something about her had started to seem…Off? Well, more off than normal. Whatever it was, though, Peter couldn’t quite place.

Until today.

Today, the world had decided that the villains of choice were…. Mermaids? Real living, breathing mermaids. But as the Quinjet flew in the general area, Peter couldn’t help but notice how disturbing the army of fish people looked. Faces different shades of green with seaweed draped in ghastly ways over their body as means of clothing. Their eyes were deadly, darker than the depths of the sea, with teeth that resembled those of sharks. In their arms were what Peter could only assume were weapons.

He winced, adjusting the way his suit sat on his body.

They definitely weren't​ the mermaids he grew up thinking of.

Turning away from the window as they drew nearer, Peter’s gaze landed on (Y/N) who sat in the seat closest to the door, and around her, an atmosphere that clearly contradicted her normal happy-go-lucky attitude. Confused, Peter walked over.

“(Y/N)?” He started, his voice coming off as cautious. “This is your first mission, right? Are you nervous?”

She didn’t say anything, her gaze firmly on the floor of the jet, and for a second, Peter was certain he had seen her pale pink tank top flicker into something that looked like old stained cloth bandages. In a blink of an eye, it returned to the spotless pink garment, and he could only stare at it in amazement.

“I remember my first mission. I fought Scott. I was super nervous, too, but I couldn’t exactly say no to Tony, so I just did it, and I thought I did pretty well, so I’m sure you’ll do fine, too, for sure,” Peter rambled, the new vibe surrounding the girl making him slightly uncomfortable.

The jet shook suddenly, loud CRACKS! and BOOMS! sounding outside.

“Incoming!” Clint hissed, veering to the side to avoid anymore blows to the aircraft. “Is everyone ready?”

The team stood, ready for some action, but Peter only focused on (Y/N). She slowly stood, rolling her shoulders methodically, before her gaze finally met his. He felt his breathing falter.

Her lips were pulled back in a devious smirk. Not her usual, artificial smile. It was a genuine smirk, signs of excitement and mischief clear in it’s quirkiness. Peter was so astounded by the change that he almost didn’t notice the words that left her lips.

“Hold on tight, Spider Boy.”


He didn’t get a chance to finish his question before her hands had clasped onto his waist, and with a toothy grin, she dove out of the jet’s nearest open door, taking him along with her.

“What the f–!”

The roar of the wind drowned him out, but he continued to wriggle around in shock. From his spot beneath (Y/N), he was sure he looked like a fish out of water while she couldn’t have been more calm despite the fact that they were falling closer into the clutches of killer merpeople.

Finally, he jumped into action, his arms raising from his sides to be directed towards the jet, in hopes of maybe being able to get a string of webs to the bottom of it. His actions were quickly cut short by the feeling of something soft brushing against his arm. His brow furrowed before that something grew and suddenly, before his very eyes, a pair of large, golden wings sprouted out of nowhere​. Well, not really from nowhere.

They had sprouted from (Y/N)’s back.

Peter could only watch as the wings continued to grow, the rising sun shining pale pinks and deep purples and rich oranges on the sparkling gold feathers. Quickly, the brightly lit appendages grew to be too vibrant to look at, and he had to look away, his gaze landing on her once fashionable outfit.

The clothes had seemed to melt from her pink tank top and brown skinny jeans to cloth bandages, swaddling her in thin fading brown rags from her chest down to her mid thighs. At her waist was an array of knives, and had he not been mesmerized by the sudden transformation, he would have been getting as far as possible from the blades that looked like they could cut through flesh with a single twitch of her hips. Instead, he could only look on, mystified by what he had just seen.

Suddenly, a loud shriek broke his concentration, and the reality of the situation hit him again like a ton of bricks.

Killer merpeople. Right.

Only when the array of fish bone arrows flew in his direction did he notice the first genuine smile he had ever seen on her face.


The battle had taken 42 hours of nonstop fighting before the team had managed to beat them into damnation, or whatever that meant. As far as Peter could tell, Thor had managed to convince Loki to help Tony make some kind of portal, leading all of the merfolks to some planet that they could never escape from. Peter wasn’t exactly sure how that was possible, but it meant he could get back to the facility and finally confront a topic that had been bothering him since he fell out of the Quinjet.


But first, he decided that the team deserved sleep. 42 hours took a heck of a toll on people.

As soon as they had all rested for just over twenty-four hours, he found his way to the girl of the hour.

(Y/N) stood against the island in the kitchen, her hands wrapped delicately around a mug of what he could only assume to be a steaming cup of tea based on the subtle sweetness he could detect even from a few feet away. He watched in silence for a few minutes, but he quickly was broken from his haze by a soft voice.

“I never really liked the idea of being stared at. You can never tell what the person is thinking as they hone in on you,” she hummed, her voice soft and slow like dripping honey.

“I–well–sorry…,” Peter mumbled, his gaze dropping as he stepped further into the room. Subconsciously, he grabbed a bowl and a random box of cereal, eyes flickering between (Y/N) and his food.

Her smile was back in place, as subtly fake as ever.

“Oh, don’t worry about it, Peter. It was rude of me to say,” she appeased, kindness radiating off of her features.

“Why are you pretending to be so perfect?” Peter blurted out, suddenly unable to hold his tongue despite the way out she had so eloquently allowed him.

(Y/N) spit out her mouthful of tea, her eyes wild as she met Peter’s curious ones. Immediately, she wiped her lips, hunching over the counter for a second, her face hiding behind her perfect hair. After a few beats, she turned, her face now emotionless.

“What do you mean?”

She didn’t even try to hide the dullness in her tone, but Peter didn’t care, focused solely on the way her hair now looked slightly frizzy, her pink pajamas flickering between a glowing orange and a vibrant pink, and her makeup showing signs of exhaustion. For once, she didn’t look faultless.

Peter liked it.

“Peter?” Her gentle voice asked, and Peter jolted, frowning at the sight of the pink returning.

“You turn into a warrior angel,” he blurted, pleased at the sight of her hair beginning to have tangles as she processed his second outburst of their encounter.

Her face was blank again. “So what?”

“So…,” Peter drawled as his nerves suddenly washed over the words he hesitantly spoke. “I guess I just wanted to know…to know why?”

His words were vague, but she knew what he meant. He wanted to know why she bothered pretending to be pristine when he had watched her laugh in the face of danger as if it were an old friend. He wanted to know why she had kept her abilities a secret from the team for the short time she had known them. He wanted to know how she could handle having two completely different personalities.

But most of all, he wanted to know why she felt the need to put on a facade at all.

But she didn’t want to answer. She wanted to pretend this hadn’t ever happened. Pretend he hadn’t asked her such a personal question. Pretend he hadn’t caught on to her secret. Of course that wasn’t how it was going to play out, but she had been pretending for so long, she just wanted to allow herself to believe she hadn’t ever stopped.

So for however long it was before she spoke, she let herself pretend she didn’t feel the anxiety eating at her insides, and she let herself pretend that everything was normal. That Peter was walking on eggshells because she was smiling too brightly and not because she might draw a knife on him. Like his eyes were staring at her perfectly applied makeup and not at the very edges of her soul seeping out from her eyes. Like he was going to walk out of the room not because she had scared him away as she had numerous other people, but because her personality was too bubbly for this time of day. Because she could handle people being put off by the facade she presented, but for people to walk away because of the truth behind the facade? That was unbearable.

“I killed my parents when I was only seven,” (Y/N) finally spoke, causing Peter to jump from his spot by the fridge. “I hadn’t meant to, of course, but that’s kind of hard to explain to a judge and jury when you can’t say that your wings suffocated them in your sleep. The only reason I was let off of the charges with a few months of probation was because they found feathers stuffed in their throats. We didn’t have feather pillows.”

Peter stayed silent, approaching her like she was a wild animal that he was afraid would flee if he moved too quickly.

(Y/N) rolled her eyes at the attempt of kindness. All it really did was make her more irritated.

“I’m not gonna bite your head off if you walk up to me, you know,” she snapped, her pajamas seeming to flicker a brighter shade of orange.

Peter watched on with caution before finally standing to his full height and walking to the other side of the counter with only slight hesitation in his movements. She seemed to watch from her peripheral, and when she was pleased with where he stood, she continued.

“A family friend took me in and taught me how to control Protector–the angel warrior. Within a matter of months, she and I were on the same wavelength, and she saved me. From people that tried to take advantage of my powers and…and from myself. I–”

“But what does that have to do with why you pretend to be some innocent little girly girl?” Peter interrupted, his curiosity getting the best of him for the third time in a matter of minutes.

(Y/N) was not as amused by his intrigue.

“Would you rather be hunted for the rest of your life or change so drastically that they question whether you were even the girl they were looking for? Which one sounds easier to you?” She drawled, her voice dripping with sarcasm, eyes seeming to stare into his soul as they looked for a genuine answer.

Peter was speechless.

“Exactly,” she finally mused, hints of sadness clear in her tone. “It gets real old trying to escape death the twelfth or so time some mysterious ol’ bastard or creepy ass organization decides you are gonna be their next play thing. You manage to decide what is best to survive pretty fucking fast.”

With each word, innocence was quickly lost in Peter’s image of her, each curse slipping from her lips resulting in another strand of hair leaving her perfectly sculpted bun. As the f-bomb bit its way from her lips and a loose curl escaped the elastic and fell in her face, Peter couldn’t help but notice other changes that slowly washed over the perfect teen.

The mini Eiffel Towers, for instance, that had once occupied her bright pink pajamas shorts were replaced with poop Emojis, complimenting the orange now having washed over the fabric. Or the way her hair was now in a horribly messy bun, bed head finally catching up with the girl. Or the nail polish that had suddenly become chipped and in complete disarray. Or the freckles that he only just noticed she had from in between the patches of makeup that must have come off in her hours of sleep. Those unbelievably adorable freckles….

“What?” (Y/N) hissed, growing uncomfortable under Peter’s heavy gaze.

Peter blinked in shock, his mouth reacting before he had a chance to comprehend what was going on.

“You’re really pretty!”

Peter nearly choked on his words as they came flying out of his lips. Had he really just done that? What kind of idiot was he?! The rambling continued in his mind for what felt like ages, but a soft chuckle cut him off in a matter of seconds.

Looking up with caution, Peter’s gaze landed on an unexpected sight: (Y/N) smirking.

“Close your mouth, Spider Boy. You’ll catch flies,” she teased, pushing off of the counter. She placed her empty mug in the sink, her gaze landing on him from under her long eye lashes. “Unless you want me to be one of the flies…?”

And with a swish of her hips, she was gracefully exiting the room, not bringing any form of attention to the words that clearly had no real reason for being in their conversation, besides throwing him off. But of course, that was the point. And, who’s to say she didn’t want to actually flirt with him?

Peter watched in astonishment, his hands clenching at his sides. The subtle action resulted in a harsh burst of webbing to shoot from his wrists, sending the boy flying into the counters behind him. Groaning in pain, he quickly flung off the newly slimmed web shooters. Tony had insisted on making him a more suitable design–“You can’t walk around with these bulky cuffs under your clothes. What happens if you get attacked when you’re in your civilian form? At least a smaller model can be taken with you undetected.”

It appeared that he hadn’t been wrong; the poor boy had forgot he was even wearing them.

From down the hall, Peter heard a breathy laugh, and he didn’t need to look up to know it was (Y/N). Nonetheless, he looked up anyway, shocked to see her looking back at him. Upon seeing him notice her gaze, she quickly straightened her stance, rushing the rest of the way out of the hall. Peter grinned goofily, it never slipping from his face as he collected the webbing stuck to the floor. How could he?

After all, he’d never seen her blush like that when she was pretending to be perfect.

What We Created (8)

Sebastian Stan x Reader (pregnancy series)

Summary: A one nightstand with the one and only Sebastian Stan changes your life and his forever

Word count: 2,406

Warning: fluff, a whole bunch of fluff to make up for the angst :D

A/N: A better and longer part lol.. sorry the crap that part 7 is. The part where Sebastian and the reader kiss in bed is totally from a Stalia scene. I couldn’t resist! It was so cute! 2 parts left!

What We Created Masterlist 

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