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i love that one scene where coran tells lance that the castle doesn’t have a siren but then immediately goes “but if you want you can make a siren sound and i’ll record you” i just…. what a dad thing to do. coran could’ve easily just said no and shut lance down because why would the castle even need a siren? but instead coran was like ‘you know what? i can roll with that. it’s a wholesome idea and it wouldn’t hurt anybody. i don’t want my son to be disappointed so if u want a siren we can make that happen’


*wheezes* (Please click for better quality…!!)

Very late, but I wanted to get this dang thing finally over and done with ;A; For Day 4 of Voltron Week: Day Off/Vacation. The Paladins have some time off so Allura starts teaching them one of her favorite Altean pastimes: dancing! 

Meanwhile Coran… the little princess he took care of is not so little any more, and all these Altean dances bring back memories and it really hits them both that they are the last to pass on their traditions to others…sorry my thoughts got a bit heavy– also! First time drawing Coran!! 

i really hate the idea on here that you can only lose weight or even just have an eating disorder if you are ~pure~ and only eat fruits and veggies and teas like no one can live like that no one can do that 24/7 that’s why y'all always end up binging because you’re not letting yourself eat what you want like i’m having a sushi roll for lunch/dinner and it’s gonna satisfy my cravings and i’m also still eating way under my calorie goal (this is the only time i’ll say it but i eat 600/700 a day now since i need more cals to help my foot heal) and my mom is getting me stuff to make chipotle guac right now so i can make guac and eat that with cucumber spears tomorrow and guess what it’s a fun meal and i’m still under in calories and i still will lose weight and not feel like i’m dying or like i need to binge like i see so many low cal ‘recipe’ accounts and it’s all like hey princess @n@ says you can only eat an apple or an orange and i see y'all do that and then end up wondering why you can’t stop binging at the end of the day and gaining weight like find what you enjoy to eat make your own low cal recipe and portion out to stay low cal or else you’re likely gonna fail there are ALWAYS healthy/low cal alternatives to your favorite meals or snacks just gotta put the effort in and plan in advance

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Hello TRASH, stay the fuck out of my Tumblr account in the future. Or you'll get reported.

Hello, dear. I know I might be TRASH, but honestly I have no idea what you meant by 'stay the fuck out of my Tumblr account in the future’, because I’m very sure I’ve never stayed in anyone’s account. What do you exactly mean? Why don’t you let me know what your account is? If you don’t want to see me on your dash, just block me. Very simple. Why bother to report? And report me to whom? And why?
Or do you mean this ‘sherlockspeare’ account is yours? But dear, I had created this account about 6 years ago, and I bet I was the first person on Tumblr who’s ever made ‘sherlockspeare’ account. Do you happen to use the name 'sherlockspeare’ on Twitter or Facebook and thought I’m copying yours? Then trust me, I’m not copying anyone’s, I’m just using the same account with my Tumblr one. Oh god, you confused me so much. Please don’t hesitate to report me if I’ve ever done bad thing to you, and please let me know why and the result.

Not trying to start discourse here but I think I figured out why antis act the way they do and I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts on it.

I have a theory that all the worst antis literally only ship what they ship because it’s not straight. Like a lot of them are misandists, I’ve noticed, who hate men so much that the idea of this kind of ship and even bisexuality is completely repulsive to them. So they put no thought into why they ship their ship, just the genders of the characters in question.

Using that logic, it only makes sense that they would call us homophobic. They can’t think outside themselves and their own reasons for shipping and they apply their own shipping logic to us instead of considering a wide variety of reasons for shipping.

Basically, since they only ship their OTP because it’s gay, we must only ship our ship because it’s straight. And no other reason. And they can’t fathom that there even can be other reasons.

Anyway, that’s what I’m thinking, let me know if I’m onto something if you like!

Why do some people hate Luke so much?

Like why do you feel so threatened by the idea of Luke and Rey having a meaningful relationship even if they aren’t related? Why do you come up with theories where Luke is an asshole or we find out Luke killed Rey’s parents or whatever just so Rey can have a reason to hate Luke? What is wrong with Rey finding her belonging with Luke? I don’t get it. 🙃

Hey there loves! So a while back I hit the absolutely mindblowing and incredible milestone of 10k followers. I have no clue why ten thousand of you have decided to follow me over the past few years but I am immeasurably grateful and humbled by it.

I want to do something for y’all and I’ve decided to try something different than I’ve done before!

I’m going to make y’all some fanmixes!

Here’s how it’s gonna work:

  • since this a thing to celebrate my followers, you must be following me
  • reblog this post before 11 pm CST on December 2nd, 2016
  • send me a message (ask or instant message) with the theme/basis for the fanmix you’d like to request
  • five people will be randomly selected to receive fanmixes

More info on the fanmixes and such!

you can request:

  • mixes based on a fic that you’ve written
  • mixes based on some random au or plot idea you have
  • mixes based on a ship (that i’m at least marginally familiar with) or a specific episode or character
  • general mixes for a mood or emotion

if you’re unsure about if your request will work, just talk to me and we’ll figure it out!

if you’d like to see a sample of my mixes, my 8tracks is here and are here on tumblr

I’m looking forward to seeing y’all’s requests and thank you SO MUCH for following me and making my tumblr experience so wonderful!

(and don’t be surprised if I end up filling more than five requests from this ♥)

Happy timezones friends! It has come to my attention that some members of a studyblr zine think I have unjustly copied their work and I think it’s time to address this! I have yet to read a full issue of their work, I have yet to speak to any of their founders or editors in chief about this issue. That being said, I will try my best to use neutral words about them concerning their identities and their personalities bc I haven’t gotten the chance to get to know them and I have no reason to call them rude or threatening. I will also try my best to only involve myself in this matter, not my staff, they don’t deserve to get caught up in this. The members of the zine’s main points are this: I am using a theme which they used to use on their website, I am using essentially the same tag line, my application page is incredibly similar in format and content, and I never spoke to the zine about it or applied once.

To the members, you’re right. It is fishy that I’m using the same theme that you all used to have and the application page being similar is definitely questionable. However, I only started viewing the academic zine recently, I never saw their use of the theme Project College uses. I’ve noticed they have a hit tracker on their website; if they search the history of their hit tracker they will see that my ip address most likely won’t show up having visited their website while they had the previous theme (unless someone else in my neighborhood read their zine). The same goes for the application page (until recently when I checked their app page to see what the similarities are). I created the application page free of input from others, I thought of the application process myself after working at a non-profit for a year and seeing how they handled applications.

Currently, Project College has no tagline, we have a description on our site that gives you a general jist of what to expect from us. I’m waiting to talk to my staff about developing a tagline. Our blog descriptions are similar, though. I’m here to promise that I won’t steal the zine’s tagline, after all, that would be plagiarism. 

The members of the zine are correct in stating that I never spoke to the representatives of the zine about creating Project College. I also never applied. I wanted to create my own niche in the studyblr community as a college student, so I did. I entirely meant for Project College to be a positive addition to the studyblr community. Don’t get me wrong, I had heard of their zine before announcing Project College. I read snippets of their issues before creating Project College to see if their content was going to be the same as what I hoped to publish. Why? Because I didn’t want to be copying their ideas. I’ve worked on two of my school’s newspapers for three years. I was also an editor for my school’s yearbook. I know the hard work that goes into publishing and I would never want to plagiarize work.

I would like to think about it like this: if I had been a member of their zine and decided to create a tangent zine specifically for college I would hope that I would have gotten support from them. So I wish for support now, if I won’t get that, then I hope they don’t try to sabotage my work or deface my public identity.

The studyblr community is not a place to threaten people or tell them to hurt themselves. The studyblr community is a safe space to embrace differences and find similarities. The studyblr community is a place for civil discourse and creative problem-solving. I am hoping to talk to the zine reps to resolve this issue.


Imma post Part 2 of “The Sound of Music” by tomorrow hopefully, but in the meantime…

How do y’all feel about Mafia AU? 

Because I’m having Ideas >.>

I can’t believe such a pure character like Ilima is starting such horrible discourse on this hell site. It’s fine to headcanon, it’s fine, do whatever you want, but this stupid feud is ruining such a cute character.

True, nothing is confirmed. Go ahead do what you want.

Headcanon them as nb.

Headcanon him as cis.

Headcanon him as a trans boy.

Headcanon is fine even after canon gets confirmed……..because it’s a headcanon and might enhance your own experience with the game but stop enforcing it on others….. Please just stop fighting, it’s stupid and ruining a great game and character that hasn’t even been released yet.

Okay take just about any soulmate AU and add this to it. When your soulmate dies, you die, and you’re automatically united with them in the afterlife even if you haven’t met them yet. 

Okay here’s the depressing viktuuri plotline. AU where Viktor kills himself before ever meeting Yuuri, so they meet in like the afterlife, and at first Yuuri’s all “ you’re my soulmate? holy shit” and he doesn’t really know why Viktor died. And Viktor doesn’t really want. to talk about it. but they sort of bond. in the afterlife. slow burn when you’re dead in heaven. and eventually. they find like. peace. and love. and are happy together. in death though. BUT IT’S ETERNAL.

I hope I do remember correctly and Valentine’s day isn’t only about romantic love

The idea for just that dumb little heart popped into my head (not for a drawing, just as a fun little…thing?) and then I decided to turn it into this drawing

Happy Valentine’s day (if you celebrate it)!

Blooming Emotion - 2

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Pairing: Arme Thaumaturgy x Erbluhen Emotion
Raiting: T
Warnings: Previous references to sex I guess?

Arme has regrets. Lots and lots of regrets. Also Dreadlord keeps the bad ideas coming.

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I want to take a moment and say thank you.

You all have no idea how much this blog and all of you mean to me. For many months now it’s been my escape. It’s been something I enjoy running. It’s a place where I can pour feelings out through words, and a place where I’m happy to encourage you all to do the same.

It’s made my life better. I’ve made some wonderful friends and talked to so many people who are so full of love and kindness. You are all so incredibly beautiful in your own ways and I can’t tell you enough how much I admire you all.

Thank you so much for reading what I write. Thank you for allowing me into your life in a way that sometimes seems so intimate.

Thank you for all of the stories you send me. Whether they’re jokes, stories about bad dates, excited ramblings of how great your day has been, or simply thoughts about how adorable Spencer Reid is, I love them all.

Sometimes being a writer means keeping to yourself for a while. It means isolating yourself in order to channel pieces of yourself into your art. But being able to come back and share what I’ve spent time making means the world.

I’m going to stop now before I get more emotional and cry because you all honestly don’t understand how touching every kind message is to me. I’m a mess but I’m forever your mess. I adore you all.

“I’m a coward… A coward who cannot even defy orders he knows he ought not follow…” 

Cecil Harvey  → Final Fantasy IV Aesthetic Board

I’ve… never done one of these before. @_@;;; This is my weak attempt at doing one for Final Fantasy 4′s Cecil because, well, I absolutely adore this beautiful half-alien needs-to-get-out-in-the-sun-more KINGLY ball of fluff, that’s why. (⁎❛ᴗ❛⁎)

Maybe… I’ll do one for Kain Highwind later.  MAYBE. I dunno. ._. Lali ho i’m lazy. 

✫ Edited by meee.

✫ Aesthetic Template by WASIRAUHLPSDS!  

✫ Images/Photographs used are credited to their original owners.